Budgam Pincodes

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Budgam Pincodes​

“Budgam Pincodes” is your ultimate guide to the intricate network of postal codes in Jammu and Kashmir’s Budgam district. With over 700 unique codes, it unveils the district’s vast geography and diverse communities. Each pin code represents a unique area, showcasing the rich blend of cultures and landscapes, from serene valleys to lively townships. Whether for logistics or exploring the district’s diversity, “Budgam Pincodes” is the go-to directory. 

Budgam Pincodes

Here is a list of Budgam Pincodes

1Abhama191112BudgamJammu And kashmir
2Arath191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
3Arigam191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
4Bandgam191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
5Bandipora191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
6Beerwah193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
7Bogam Batapora191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
8Brinjan191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
9Budgam191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
10Chadoora191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
11Chanthan Checkpora193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
12Char-sharief191112BudgamJammu And kashmir
13Chattergam191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
14Chewdarah193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
15Dachan193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
16Darwan Nawgam191112BudgamJammu And kashmir
17Gariend191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
18Gogjipathri191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
19H Panzu193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
20Hamhama190021BudgamJammu And kashmir
21Hanjura191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
22Hardudalwan191112BudgamJammu And kashmir
23Hayatpora191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
24Hyderpora190014BudgamJammu And kashmir
25Ichgam191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
26Iskanderpora193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
27Jawalapora191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
28Kachwari191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
29Kandoora193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
30Kanihama193401BudgamJammu And kashmir
31Kawoosa Khalisa193401BudgamJammu And kashmir
32Kenidajan191112BudgamJammu And kashmir
33Kenihama191515BudgamJammu And kashmir
34Khag193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
35Khan Shaib191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
36Kralpora190019BudgamJammu And kashmir
37Krim Shore191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
38Lalgam191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
39Lalpora193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
40Later Chadoora191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
41Nagam191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
42Narhal193401BudgamJammu And kashmir
43Natipora191515BudgamJammu And kashmir
44Nowgam191515BudgamJammu And kashmir
45Ompora191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
46Otligam193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
47Pahroo192121BudgamJammu And kashmir
48Pakherpora191112BudgamJammu And kashmir
49Peth Kanihama193401BudgamJammu And kashmir
50Peth Makhama193401BudgamJammu And kashmir
51Poshkar193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
52Qumroo193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
53R N hall191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
54Raithan191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
55Raiyar193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
56Rangar191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
57Rangreth190007BudgamJammu And kashmir
58Ratsoon193401BudgamJammu And kashmir
59Sagam191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
60Sail193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
61Sanat Nagar190005BudgamJammu And kashmir
62Sanoorkalipora193401BudgamJammu And kashmir
63Shogapora191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
64Sholipora191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
65Shonglipora193411BudgamJammu And kashmir
66Sk Airport190007BudgamJammu And kashmir
67Soibugh191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
68Suraryan191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
69Wanpora191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
70Watakala191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
71Wathura191113BudgamJammu And kashmir
72Watterhail191111BudgamJammu And kashmir
73Zugu Khyran193411BudgamJammu And kashmir

About Budgam District

Budgam district, situated in the contentious Kashmir region of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, holds significant administrative importance. Established in 1979, this district has its administrative center in the town of Budgam. What distinguishes Budgam from other districts in the Kashmir valley is its remarkable demographic composition, as it boasts the highest population of Shia Muslims in the region. This region’s history is intertwined with the complex geopolitical landscape of Kashmir, where territorial disputes and political tensions have persisted for decades. Budgam district, with its diverse population and unique cultural heritage, plays a pivotal role in the broader Kashmiri context


In ancient times, Budgam was part of Baramulla, Srinagar within Anantnag. Known as Tehsil Sri Pratap or ‘Pargana Deesu,’ Budgam’s history thrives. Chronicler Khawaja Azam Demari noted dense population, homes so close a goat traversed rooftops from south to north, possibly inspiring the name ‘Big Village.’ Mahmood Ghazni, Ranjit Singh, and Chinese traveler Hien Tsiang attempted entry via Budgam. Budgam town, now the district headquarters, preserves this rich past. The region’s significance spans eras, witnessing the passage of historical figures and serving as a pivotal route for notable travelers, etching its legacy in Kashmir’s narrative.


According to the 2011 census, Budgam district in India had a population of 735,753, roughly equivalent to the nation of Guyana or the US state of Alaska. This ranked it 494th among all districts in India. The district boasted a population density of 554 people per square kilometer. Over the decade from 2001 to 2011, it experienced a population growth rate of 24.14%. The sex ratio in Budgam stood at 883 females for every 1000 males. The literacy rate was 56.08%, with males at 66.30% and females at 44.85%, showing an improvement from 2001. Urban areas had higher literacy rates than rural areas.


Budgam is nestled at an elevation of 5,281 feet above sea level, positioned at 75 degrees East longitude and 34 degrees North latitude. The terrain in this region is characterized by a diverse landscape, with a combination of mountains and plains. The southern and southwestern sectors are primarily mountainous, featuring rugged terrain, while the eastern and northern areas offer a more level expanse. This geographical diversity adds to the charm and uniqueness of Budgam’s natural surroundings.


Budgam district, situated just 11 kilometers from the Union Territory capital, Srinagar, was established in 1979, formerly part of Srinagar district. In earlier times, it was a component of Baramulla district, with Srinagar itself within the Anantnag district. Known as Tehsil Sri Pratap back then, historical records also mention it as Pargana Deesu or Deedmarbag. Budgam shares boundaries with Baramulla and Srinagar to the north, Pulwama to the south, and Poonch to the southwest. Initially comprised of eight blocks in 2008, it now encompasses seventeen blocks, each including various panchayats, such as Beerwah, Chadoora, Khag, and others.


What is Budgam famous for?

Budgam is renowned for its scenic beauty, historic sites like Yusmarg, and its significant cultural and religious heritage.

What are the areas of Budgam?

Budgam district in Jammu and Kashmir includes areas like Beerwah, Chadoora, Khansahib, and Charar-i-Sharief among others.

What is the meaning of Budgam ?

"Budgam" means "a place of high altitude" or "a place where high land is visible" in Kashmiri language.

What is the forest area of Budgam?

The forest area of Budgam spans approximately 127 square kilometers, contributing to its natural beauty and ecological diversity.

Which is the first tourist village of Budgam ?

Doodhpathri is renowned as the inaugural tourist village of Budgam in the scenic landscape of Jammu and Kashmir.