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Pincodes of Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the capital city of both Punjab and Haryana states in India, is known for its well-planned urban design and unique architecture.Chandigarh Pincodes Its postal code system comprises various sectors, each with its distinct pincode. For instance, Sector 17, a bustling commercial hub and one of the city’s landmarks, has a pincode of 160017. This code plays a crucial role in mail delivery and location identification, ensuring efficient postal services in the city. Chandigarh’s pincode system reflects its organized layout, with each sector contributing to the city’s harmonious coexistence of residential, commercial, and governmental functions.

Dantewada Pincodes

Here is a list of Chandigarh Pincodes

3Airforce Highground160004ChandigarhChandigarh
9Bus Stand160017ChandigarhChandigarh
11Dadu Majra colony160014ChandigarhChandigarh
14Engg College160012ChandigarhChandigarh
15Govt Press chandigarh160018ChandigarhChandigarh
17High Court160001ChandigarhChandigarh
18Ind Area chandigarh160002ChandigarhChandigarh
20Maloya Colony160025ChandigarhChandigarh
22Manimajra Mt160101ChandigarhChandigarh
23Mauli Jagran160102ChandigarhChandigarh
24Mhc Manimajra160101ChandigarhChandigarh
25New Ind area160002ChandigarhChandigarh
26New Sectt chandigarh160001ChandigarhChandigarh
27Raipur Kalan160102ChandigarhChandigarh
28Raj Bhawan160019ChandigarhChandigarh
29Ram Darbar160002ChandigarhChandigarh
30Sector 10 (chandigarh)160011ChandigarhChandigarh
31Sector 11( chandigarh)160011ChandigarhChandigarh
32Sector 12 (chandigarh)160012ChandigarhChandigarh
33Sector 14 (chandigarh)160014ChandigarhChandigarh
34Sector 15 chandigarh160015ChandigarhChandigarh
35Sector 16 (chandigarh)160015ChandigarhChandigarh
36Sector 18 (chandigarh)160018ChandigarhChandigarh
37Sector 19 (chandigarh)160019ChandigarhChandigarh
38Sector 20 (chandigarh)160020ChandigarhChandigarh
39Sector 21 (chandigarh)160022ChandigarhChandigarh
40Sector 22 (chandigarh)160022ChandigarhChandigarh
41Sector 23 ( chandigarh)160023ChandigarhChandigarh
42Sector 26 (chandigarh)160019ChandigarhChandigarh
43Sector 27 (chandigarh)160019ChandigarhChandigarh
44Sector 29 (chandigarh)160030ChandigarhChandigarh
45Sector 30 (chandigarh)160030ChandigarhChandigarh
46Sector 31 (chandigarh160030ChandigarhChandigarh
47Sector 34 (chandigarh)160022ChandigarhChandigarh
48Sector 35 (chandigarh)160035ChandigarhChandigarh
49Sector 36 (chandigarh)160036ChandigarhChandigarh
50Sector 40 (chandigarh)160036ChandigarhChandigarh
51Sector 44 (chandigarh)160047ChandigarhChandigarh
52Sector 46 (chandigarh)160047ChandigarhChandigarh
53Sector 47 chandigarh160047ChandigarhChandigarh
54Sector 8 (chandgarh)160009ChandigarhChandigarh
55Sector 9 (chandigarh)160009ChandigarhChandigarh

About Chandigarh

The Indian states of Punjab and Haryana have their capital at Chandigarh District, also referred to as the “city beautiful.” It is a well-known union territory. The first planned city in India, Chandigarh was created by renowned French architect Le Corbusier. The city’s urban planning and architecture are well-known around the world. It is a representation of planned urban development because to its grid-based structure, wide highways, expansive green areas, and modernist architecture.


Chandigarh, a union territory, is unique in that it is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. The Punjab and Haryana High Court, various government offices, and administrative buildings are located in this significant political and administrative hub.


Chandigarh exhibits a dynamic cultural life that combines modernity and ancient Punjabi customs. The city observes a number of holidays, such as Chandigarh Carnival, Lohri, and Baisakhi. It is renowned for both its exciting nightlife and its colourful food culture, which combines a variety of North Indian cuisines.


The economy of Chandigarh is broad and includes industries such as trade, IT, and government services. The city boasts a highly developed infrastructure, with good public transport, road connectivity, and urban amenities. Its educational institutions and numerous IT enterprises also contribute to its economic success.


With 1,055,450 people living there as per the 2011 India census, Chandigarh has a population density of roughly 9,252 (7,900 in 2001) people per square kilometre. The population is made up of 45% females and 55% men. There are 818 females for every 1,000 males in the sex ratio. There are 880 females for every 1,000 males in the child-sex ratio.

With male literacy at 90.81% and female literacy at 81.88%, Chandigarh has a higher effective literacy rate than the national average (86.77%) based on population aged 7 and above. 10.8% of people in the population are younger than six. In 2011, the population of Chandigarh made up 0.09 percent of all Indians.


What is Chandigarh famous for?

Le Corbusier, a renowned French architect, designed Chandigarh, the ideal city for India's first prime minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru. Situated in the picturesque foothills of the Shivaliks, it is regarded as one of India's greatest examples of twentieth-century modern architecture and urban planning.

Is Chandigarh in Punjab or Haryana?

The area known as the Chandigarh Capital Region (CCR) or Chandigarh Metropolitan Region (CMR) consists of the union territory city of Chandigarh as well as the nearby cities of Panchkula, Pinjore, Kalka, and Barwala in Haryana and Mohali, Kharar, Zirakpur, and New Chandigarh in Punjab.

Is Chandigarh in Delhi or Punjab?

The majority of the Chandigarh Capital Region, commonly known as Greater Chandigarh, is made up of Chandigarh. It also includes the nearby satellite cities of Mohali in Punjab and Panchkula in Haryana.

Is Chandigarh capital of 3 states?

Punjab's capital is Chandigarh. Punjab and Haryana share Chandigarh as their shared capital. Because Chandigarh is a well-planned city, it is highly well-known.

What are the lungs of Chandigarh?

Leisure Valley, sometimes referred to as Chandigarh City's "lungs," is the most visited tourist destination.