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Pincodes of Diu

Diu, part of the Daman and Diu union territory in India, is a small island known for its beaches and historical sites. It was once under Portuguese rule, which is evident in its architecture and culture. Diu is famous for its forts, churches, and clean beaches like Nagoa Beach. It’s a peaceful place with a relaxed atmosphere, attracting tourists who enjoy its beauty and history. The local economy is mainly based on tourism and fishing. Diu Pincodes are important for the postal system, helping people send and receive letters and packages easily in this beautiful island town.

Diu Pincodes

Here is a list of Diu Pincodes

1Bucharvada362570DiuDaman And diu
2Diu362520DiuDaman And diu
3Diu Zampa362520DiuDaman And diu
4Fudam362520DiuDaman And diu
5Ghoghla362540DiuDaman And diu
6Wanakbara362570DiuDaman And diu

About Diu

Diu is an island in Gujarat that is located approximately 21 km along its coast, somewhat off the shore of Kathiawad, close to the Port of Veraval. It is roughly 768 kilometres away from Daman, the capital of the recently established Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu. Diu is surrounded on three sides by the Arabian Sea and to the north by Gir-Somnath and Amreli District of Gujarat.

Two bridges connect it to the mainland. It is 4.6 kilometres long from the north and south’s extremes and 13.8 kilometres wide from east to west. Six metres above sea level is the altitude. In general, the topography is simple. The hills reach up to thirty metres in height.


The Indo-Greek monarchs Eukratides (c. 171–150 B.C.), Meanandar (c. 115–90 B.C.), and Appollodotes II appear to have ruled the District from the first century B.C. to roughly A.D. 50. The district appears to have been governed by the Kshaharatas in the first century, who had already established their dominance over Saurashtra and the western portion of India. Diu was a part of the kingdoms of dynasties that ruled across Gujarat and western India for more than a millennium. In the first ten years of the fifteenth century, Diu was controlled by the final Vaja dynasty monarch of Somnath Patan.


At 20.71°N 70.98°E is Diu. The island is 15.0 square miles, or 38.8 square kilometres, in size and is located at sea level. With an average annual rainfall of 560 millimetres, or 22 inches, all but 25 millimetres (1.0 in) fall between June and September, Diu enjoys a hot, semi-arid environment.


23,991 people called Diu home as per the 2011 Indian Census, living in 5,249 households. 51.6% of the population was female and 48.4% was male. The average literacy rate in Diu was 92%. Ten percent of the population in Diu is younger than six years old. In Diu, people speak Hindi, Gujarati, Portuguese, and English.


What is Diu known for?

Located at the easternmost point of Diu Island, the town of Diu is renowned for its historic Portuguese cathedral and fortification. This town is a fishing village.

Does Diu have railway station?

Diu lacks a train station of its own; the closest one is 90 kilometres away at Veraval. To go to Diu from Veraval, hire a taxi. Additionally, Diu has its own airport, and there are daily flights from Diu to Porbandar and Mumbai.

Is Diu a part of Gujarat?

Diu is island situated slightly off the coast of Kathiawad near the Port of Veraval in Gujarat with a coastal length of 21 kms. and is at a distance of about 768 kms.

Which is better Goa or Diu?

Goa may provide plenty of sun, surf, food, and a vibrant nightlife, but if you're sick of Goa's excess, you should be in Diu. You should definitely plan an island getaway to Festa De Diu this winter—it's Asia's longest beach celebration. Alright, so I love the beach.

Is Diu similar to Goa?

Diu is not the place for you if you have been to Goa and are thinking of doing something similar. The most fascinating thing about Diu is that it's not Goa, which is the one thing you need to keep in mind. It moves at a slower pace and is far more carefree, innocent, and serene.