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Doda pincodes encompass a diverse range of areas within this picturesque district nestled in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir, India. These pincodes demarcate various locations within Doda, facilitating postal services and organizing the district into distinct administrative zones. From the serene landscapes of Bhadarwah to the bustling townships like Doda itself, each pincode represents a unique geographical or administrative area, fostering connectivity and correspondence across this breathtaking region. These pincodes serve as vital markers, delineating the expanse of Doda’s cultural richness, historical significance, and natural splendor, encapsulating its essence within numeric codes for logistical ease.
Doda Pincodes

Here is a list of Doda Pincodes

1Aftee182205DodaJammu And kashmir
2Alambas182145DodaJammu And kashmir
3Assar182143DodaJammu And kashmir
4Badhat182204DodaJammu And kashmir
5Baggar182143DodaJammu And kashmir
6Bajarni182202DodaJammu And kashmir
7Banihal182146DodaJammu And kashmir
8Banoon182203DodaJammu And kashmir
9Batote182143DodaJammu And kashmir
10Batroo182145DodaJammu And kashmir
11Beoli182202DodaJammu And kashmir
12Bhaderwah182200DodaJammu And kashmir
13Bhagwa182202DodaJammu And kashmir
14Bhalla182201DodaJammu And kashmir
15Bhalra182221DodaJammu And kashmir
16Bhartund182148DodaJammu And kashmir
17Bhatni182144DodaJammu And kashmir
18Chachwa182144DodaJammu And kashmir
19Chakka182143DodaJammu And kashmir
20Chambalwas182146DodaJammu And kashmir
21Chanderkot182148DodaJammu And kashmir
22Chanichinta182200DodaJammu And kashmir
23Chareel182146DodaJammu And kashmir
24Chattarsori182221DodaJammu And kashmir
25Chhatroo182205DodaJammu And kashmir
26Chilli182203DodaJammu And kashmir
27Chingam182205DodaJammu And kashmir
28Chirala182201DodaJammu And kashmir
29Chouri182203DodaJammu And kashmir
30Dachhan182205DodaJammu And kashmir
31Dalwah182144DodaJammu And kashmir
32Deedah182144DodaJammu And kashmir
33Dessa182202DodaJammu And kashmir
34Dhandal182147DodaJammu And kashmir
35Dhara182201DodaJammu And kashmir
36Dharamkund182144DodaJammu And kashmir
37Dhesa182203DodaJammu And kashmir
38Doda182202DodaJammu And kashmir
39Dool182204DodaJammu And kashmir
40Dul Hasti project182206DodaJammu And kashmir
41Duligam182146DodaJammu And kashmir
42Galhar182204DodaJammu And kashmir
43Gandoh182203DodaJammu And kashmir
44Gandri182144DodaJammu And kashmir
45Ganika182147DodaJammu And kashmir
46Ghat182202DodaJammu And kashmir
47Goha182201DodaJammu And kashmir
48Gool182144DodaJammu And kashmir
49Gulabgarh182204DodaJammu And kashmir
50Gundna182202DodaJammu And kashmir
51Halla182148DodaJammu And kashmir
52Hoochak182145DodaJammu And kashmir
53Humble182201DodaJammu And kashmir
54Ind182144DodaJammu And kashmir
55Inderwal182205DodaJammu And kashmir
56Inharrah182203DodaJammu And kashmir
57Jakyas182203DodaJammu And kashmir
58Jodhpur182202DodaJammu And kashmir
59Jogote182201DodaJammu And kashmir
60Jora182203DodaJammu And kashmir
61Kainthi182148DodaJammu And kashmir
62Kaljugasar182203DodaJammu And kashmir
63Kandni182204DodaJammu And kashmir
64Kanga182144DodaJammu And kashmir
65Kaskoot182146DodaJammu And kashmir
66Kastigarh182147DodaJammu And kashmir
67Katyara182200DodaJammu And kashmir
68Khalaini182201DodaJammu And kashmir
69Khari182145DodaJammu And kashmir
70Khorial182145DodaJammu And kashmir
71Kilhotran182203DodaJammu And kashmir
72Kishtwar182204DodaJammu And kashmir
73Kukerwas182204DodaJammu And kashmir
74Kundi Karol182148DodaJammu And kashmir
75Kursari182221DodaJammu And kashmir
76Kutal182204DodaJammu And kashmir
77Mahu182146DodaJammu And kashmir
78Maitra Bazar182144DodaJammu And kashmir
79Malanoo182203DodaJammu And kashmir
80Malhori182201DodaJammu And kashmir
81Malhota182201DodaJammu And kashmir
82Malhoti182221DodaJammu And kashmir
83Maligam182145DodaJammu And kashmir
84Malindal182201DodaJammu And kashmir
85Mandel182204DodaJammu And kashmir
86Mangat182146DodaJammu And kashmir
87Mangota182201DodaJammu And kashmir
88Manlnai182201DodaJammu And kashmir
89Mohalla182201DodaJammu And kashmir
90Mugal Maidan182205DodaJammu And kashmir
91Mundhar182147DodaJammu And kashmir
92Nai Bhalara182201DodaJammu And kashmir
93Neel182146DodaJammu And kashmir
94Neera182148DodaJammu And kashmir
95Nodinalla182203DodaJammu And kashmir
96Nowpachi182205DodaJammu And kashmir
97Padar182204DodaJammu And kashmir
98Palmar182205DodaJammu And kashmir
99Paristan182145DodaJammu And kashmir
100Pechhal182204DodaJammu And kashmir
101Peera182148DodaJammu And kashmir
102Pogal182145DodaJammu And kashmir
103Porandhar182146DodaJammu And kashmir
104Premnagar182201DodaJammu And kashmir
105Puldoda182201DodaJammu And kashmir
106Ramban182144DodaJammu And kashmir
107Ramban Kutchery182144DodaJammu And kashmir
108Ramsu182145DodaJammu And kashmir
109Ranka182143DodaJammu And kashmir
110Roat182201DodaJammu And kashmir
111Rukali182201DodaJammu And kashmir
112Samthi182143DodaJammu And kashmir
113Sanasar182143DodaJammu And kashmir
114Sangaldhan182144DodaJammu And kashmir
115Sarthal182204DodaJammu And kashmir
116Sawni182148DodaJammu And kashmir
117Shiva182201DodaJammu And kashmir
118Sidgi182205DodaJammu And kashmir
119Sindra182201DodaJammu And kashmir
120Sungli Sartingal182200DodaJammu And kashmir
121Tagood182205DodaJammu And kashmir
122Tarigam182145DodaJammu And kashmir
123Thakrai182205DodaJammu And kashmir
124Thathar182146DodaJammu And kashmir
125Thatharka182144DodaJammu And kashmir
126Thathri182203DodaJammu And kashmir
127Thopal182143DodaJammu And kashmir
128Topnel Chuchter182143DodaJammu And kashmir
129Trewan182201DodaJammu And kashmir
130Tringla182143DodaJammu And kashmir
131Trungal182143DodaJammu And kashmir
132Udrana182221DodaJammu And kashmir
133Udyanpur182202DodaJammu And kashmir

About Doda Pincodes

Doda District, nestled in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, exudes natural splendor and cultural richness. Spanning majestic mountain landscapes adorned with dense forests and serene valleys, it stands as a haven for diverse flora and fauna. The district’s cultural tapestry weaves together various communities, celebrating traditions through vibrant festivals and local crafts. Doda’s charm lies in its tranquil lakes, gushing rivers, and snow-capped peaks, inviting adventurers and nature enthusiasts. With historical significance echoing through ancient temples and archaeological sites, Doda epitomizes a harmonious blend of nature’s grandeur and cultural heritage, offering a picturesque vista and a glimpse into its storied past.


Doda’s early history remains obscure, lacking detailed records of its rulers. Various groups, like the Ranas, Rajas, and independent chiefs, including Jaral, Katoch Rajas, and others, sporadically ruled the area. Maharaja Gulab Singh conquered Doda in 1822, making it Kishtwar’s winter capital. The Fort of Doda, one of Jammu’s seventy forts, played a pivotal role in history. It served as an administrative center, storing arms and provisions, erected as a defense against potential Bhaderwah Rajas’ assaults. Built with unbaked bricks, the fort stood tall with walls four feet wide and dome-like towers. Demolished in 1952, the Government Boys Higher Secondary School now stands in its place.


As per the 2011 census, Doda district boasts a population akin to Malta, totaling 409,936 individuals. This positions it at 556th among India’s 640 districts. The population density stands at 79 inhabitants per square kilometre (200/sq mi), with a notable growth rate of 27.89% between 2001 and 2011. Doda exhibits a sex ratio of 922 females for every 1000 males, although this ratio fluctuates across different religious communities. Additionally, the district showcases a literacy rate of 65.97%.


Doda, nestled in Jammu and Kashmir, flaunts diverse geography. Its terrain encompasses lofty mountains, including parts of the Himalayas, with the majestic Chenab River coursing through its valleys. The district is adorned with lush forests, predominantly oak and pine, while its landscape displays a blend of picturesque meadows and rugged slopes. Doda’s climate varies, featuring cold winters and pleasant summers. With its strategic location amid towering peaks and verdant vistas, the region offers a breathtaking panorama and serves as a gateway to numerous trekking trails and natural wonders within Jammu and Kashmir.


The administrative landscape of Doda District encompasses 406 villages and is divided into three subdivisions: Doda, Thathri, Bhaderwah, and Bhalessa (Gandoh). Comprising eighteen tehsils, including Marmat, Kahara, Bhella, Bharth Bagla, Chirala, Chilly Pingal, Gandoh (Bhalessa), Gundna, Phagsoo, Kastigarh, and Charrote, this region showcases diverse settlements and organizational units contributing to its socio-cultural tapestry. Each tehsil plays a crucial role in the district’s governance, contributing to the vibrant mosaic of communities and providing essential administrative and infrastructural support. This intricate network of subdivisions and tehsils reflects the multifaceted nature of Doda District’s governance and community dynamics.


Why is doda famous ?

Doda is renowned for its scenic beauty, religious sites like the Machail Mata temple, and cultural richness in Jammu & Kashmir.

What language is spoken in Doda district?

The primary languages spoken in Doda District include Kashmiri, Urdu, Dogri, and Bhadarwahi dialects among others.

Is Doda largest district in Jammu and Kashmir?

No, Doda District is not the largest district in Jammu and Kashmir; it's one of the larger districts, but not the largest.

How far is Doda from Srinagar?

Doda is approximately 165 kilometers away from Srinagar, the distance varying based on the specific route taken.

When was Doda formed?

Doda District in Jammu and Kashmir, India, was established in 1948 following administrative reorganization after independence.