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Pincodes of East-Delhi

East Delhi, a vibrant part of India’s capital city, is known for its bustling residential and commercial areas. Characterized by a mix of modern developments and established neighborhoods, it offers a diverse urban experience. This region houses popular markets like Laxmi Nagar and vibrant food streets, reflecting Delhi’s rich culinary culture. East Delhi is also home to numerous educational institutions and parks, making it a lively area for families and students. The region’s infrastructure supports various businesses and services, contributing to its dynamic economy. East-Delhi pincodes are crucial for efficient postal delivery and navigation, facilitating smooth communication and connectivity in this lively part of Delhi.

East-Delhi Pincodes

Here is a list of East-Delhi Pincodes

1Anand Vihar110092East DelhiDelhi
2Azad Nagar110051East DelhiDelhi
3Babarpur110032East DelhiDelhi
4Balbir Nagar110032East DelhiDelhi
5Bhajan Pura110053East DelhiDelhi
6Bhola Nath nagar110032East DelhiDelhi
7Brahampuri110053East DelhiDelhi
8Chilla110091East DelhiDelhi
9Dayalpur110094East DelhiDelhi
10Dilshad Garden110095East DelhiDelhi
11Distt. court (kkd)110032East DelhiDelhi
12G.T.b. hospital110095East DelhiDelhi
13Gandhi Nagar110031East DelhiDelhi
14Gandhi Nagar bazar110031East DelhiDelhi
15Geeta Colony110031East DelhiDelhi
16Ghazipur110096East DelhiDelhi
17Ghonda110053East DelhiDelhi
18Gokal Puri110094East DelhiDelhi
19Goverdhan Bihari colony110032East DelhiDelhi
20Govind Pura110051East DelhiDelhi
21Himmatpuri110091East DelhiDelhi
22Jafrabad110053East DelhiDelhi
23Jagjit Nagar110053East DelhiDelhi
24Jhilmil110095East DelhiDelhi
25Jhilmil Tahirpur110095East DelhiDelhi
26Johripur110094East DelhiDelhi
27Kailash Nagar110031East DelhiDelhi
28Kalyanpuri110091East DelhiDelhi
29Kalyanvas110091East DelhiDelhi
30Karawal Nagar110094East DelhiDelhi
31Khazuri Khas110094East DelhiDelhi
32Krishna Nagar110051East DelhiDelhi
33Laxmi Nagar110092East DelhiDelhi
34Loni Road110032East DelhiDelhi
35Loni Road housing complex110093East DelhiDelhi
36Man Sarovar park110032East DelhiDelhi
37Mandawali Fazalpur110092East DelhiDelhi
38Mandoli Saboli110093East DelhiDelhi
39Maujpur110053East DelhiDelhi
40Mayur Vihar ph-i110091East DelhiDelhi
41Mayur Vihar ph-iii110096East DelhiDelhi
42Nand Nagri a110093East DelhiDelhi
43Nand Nagri c110093East DelhiDelhi
44New Seemapuri110095East DelhiDelhi
45New Usmanpur110053East DelhiDelhi
46Nirman Vihar110092East DelhiDelhi
47Old Seemapuri110095East DelhiDelhi
48Patparganj110091East DelhiDelhi
49Raghubar Pura110031East DelhiDelhi
50Rajgarh Colony110031East DelhiDelhi
51Ram Nagar110051East DelhiDelhi
52Rohtash Nagar110032East DelhiDelhi
53Sabhapur110094East DelhiDelhi
54Seelampur110053East DelhiDelhi
55Shahdara110032East DelhiDelhi
56Shahdara Mandi110032East DelhiDelhi
57Shakarpur110092East DelhiDelhi
58Shastri Nagar110031East DelhiDelhi
59Shivaji Park110032East DelhiDelhi
60Sonia Vihar110094East DelhiDelhi
61Surajmal Vihar110092East DelhiDelhi
62Telewara110032East DelhiDelhi
63Trilok Puri110091East DelhiDelhi
64V.K. nagar110095East DelhiDelhi
65Vasundhra Enclave110096East DelhiDelhi
66Vishwas Nagar110032East DelhiDelhi
67Vivek Vihar110095East DelhiDelhi
68Yamuna Vihar110053East DelhiDelhi
69Yozna Vihar110092East DelhiDelhi

About East Delhi

East Delhi, a district in India’s capital, lies along the western bank of the Yamuna River. To the north, it’s next to North East Delhi, while on the east, it borders Ghaziabad District of Uttar Pradesh. Further south, it’s adjacent to Gautam Buddha Nagar District, also in Uttar Pradesh. For administrative purposes, East Delhi is split into three areas: firstly Gandhi Nagar, then Preet Vihar, and finally Mayur Vihar.


East Delhi District has a long history, dating back to when people lived only on the Yamuna River’s west side due to fears of pirates and invaders. Consequently, Delhi developed predominantly on the river’s west banks. Then, between 1980 and 1990, the area experienced a significant increase in population. As a result, a bridge called ‘Trans Yamuna’ was built to connect the east and west sides of the river. Subsequently, the area was officially named ‘East Delhi’. Now, this district is bordered on the east by the Yamuna River, and surrounded by other districts on its remaining sides.


The Yamuna River splits Delhi into two parts, and the area on the eastern side is called ‘East Delhi’ or the ‘Trans Yamuna’ area. This region is next to Uttar Pradesh, including Noida and Ghaziabad. Previously, East Delhi had old residential areas with narrow lanes, but the State Government worked hard to improve it. They fixed the roads and developed new commercial and residential spaces. Today, East Delhi has become a modern area with fancy neighborhoods and commercial zones. It now offers world-class amenities like upscale restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping malls, a big change from its past. This ongoing development makes East Delhi an increasingly popular and important part of the city, especially for tourism.



Based on the 2011 census, East Delhi’s population is 1,709,346, ranking it 284th among India’s 640 districts. It has a high population density, with 27,132 people per square kilometer. In terms of gender ratio, there are 884 women for every 1000 men, and the literacy rate is 88.75%. Most people in East Delhi, about 82.54%, follow Hinduism. Following that, Islam is the next most practiced religion, with 10.46% of the population. Additionally, Sikhs make up 3.1% and Jains account for 2.7% of the population.



There are three main sub-divisions in East Delhi: Preet Vihar, Mayur Vihar and Gandhi Nagar


Which area comes in East Delhi?

For administrative purposes, East Delhi is split into three parts: Gandhi Nagar, Preet Vihar, and Mayur Vihar. As per the 2011 census, it has a population of 1,709,346 people living in an area of 64 square kilometers. This means there are about 22,639 people for every square kilometer in East Delhi.

Why is East Delhi famous?

East Delhi is famous for mixing old and new cultural traditions. It has a rich history and is filled with many religious and cultural sites. These include temples, mosques, and gurudwaras.

Is East Delhi good place to live?

East Delhi is a newer area of Delhi and offers more budget-friendly housing. It has a combination of places to live and work, along with many local markets and shopping malls. The area is also well linked to other parts of Delhi and has a good transportation system.