Gandhinagar Pincodes

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Gandhinagar Pincodes

Below are the Gandhinagar pincodes, they are vital for mail delivery and locating areas within the district, ensuring efficient communication and services. Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, is known for its well-planned layout and green spaces. It’s a political and cultural hub with important government buildings and cultural institutions. The district is also home to educational and technological institutes, contributing to its modern character. Gandhinagar’s pincodes are vital for mail delivery and locating areas within the district, ensuring efficient communication and services.

Gandhinagar PIncodes

Here is a list of Gandhinagar Pincodes

1Adalaj382421Gandhi NagarGujarat
2Adrajmoti382640Gandhi NagarGujarat
3Ajol382810Gandhi NagarGujarat
4Alampur382042Gandhi NagarGujarat
5Aluva382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
6Ambapur382421Gandhi NagarGujarat
7Ambika Society kalol382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
8Ambod382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
9Amja382735Gandhi NagarGujarat
10Amrajinamuvada382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
11Amrapur Gram bharti382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
12Anguthala382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
13Anodia382855Gandhi NagarGujarat
14Badpura382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
15Bahiyal382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
16Balva382655Gandhi NagarGujarat
17Bapupura382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
18Bardoli-koti382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
19Baria382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
20Basan382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
21Bhat382428Gandhi NagarGujarat
22Bhoyan moti382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
23Bhoyan Rathod382422Gandhi NagarGujarat
24Bilodra382810Gandhi NagarGujarat
25Borisana382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
26Boru382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
27Chadasana382810Gandhi NagarGujarat
28Chamla382433Gandhi NagarGujarat
29Chandkheda382424Gandhi NagarGujarat
30Chandkheda Society area382424Gandhi NagarGujarat
31Chandrala382321Gandhi NagarGujarat
32Charada382810Gandhi NagarGujarat
33Chekhala Pagi382321Gandhi NagarGujarat
34Chhala382321Gandhi NagarGujarat
35Chhatral382729Gandhi NagarGujarat
36Chiloda382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
37Chiskari382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
38Crpf Campus g nagar382042Gandhi NagarGujarat
39Dabhoda382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
40Dashela382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
41Dehgam382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
42Delvada382810Gandhi NagarGujarat
43Devkaran Na muvada382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
44Dhamasana382740Gandhi NagarGujarat
45Dhanap382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
46Dharisana382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
47Dholakuva382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
48Dingucha382740Gandhi NagarGujarat
49Dolarana Vasna382320Gandhi NagarGujarat
50Fatepura382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
51Galudan382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
52Gandhinagar382010Gandhi NagarGujarat
53Ghamij382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
54Giyod382321Gandhi NagarGujarat
55Golthara382735Gandhi NagarGujarat
56Hajipur382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
57Halisa382321Gandhi NagarGujarat
58Harkhji Na muvada382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
59Harsoli382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
60Hathijan382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
61Hilol382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
62Indrapura382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
63Indroda382007Gandhi NagarGujarat
64Isand382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
65Isanpur-dodia382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
66Isanpur-mota382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
67Itadar382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
68Jakhora382320Gandhi NagarGujarat
69Jalia No math382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
70Jamiyatpura382423Gandhi NagarGujarat
71Jamla382735Gandhi NagarGujarat
72Jaspur382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
73Jawaharmarket Dehgam382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
74Jethlaj382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
75Jindva382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
76Kadjodara382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
77Kadodara382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
78Kalol382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
79Kalol Desaivada382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
80Kalol Gandhi road382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
81Kalol Industrial estate382725Gandhi NagarGujarat
82Kalol Society area382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
83Kanipur382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
84Karoli382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
85Kasturba Vidyalaya382007Gandhi NagarGujarat
86Kasturinagar382423Gandhi NagarGujarat
87Khadat382855Gandhi NagarGujarat
88Khanpur382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
89Kharana382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
90Khatraj I e382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
91Khoraj382735Gandhi NagarGujarat
92Koba382007Gandhi NagarGujarat
93Kolavada382051Gandhi NagarGujarat
94Kotha382735Gandhi NagarGujarat
95Kudasan382421Gandhi NagarGujarat
96Lakroda382835Gandhi NagarGujarat
97Lavad382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
98Lavarpur382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
99Lekawada382042Gandhi NagarGujarat
100Lihoda382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
101Limbodra382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
102Lodra382835Gandhi NagarGujarat
103Madhavgadh382320Gandhi NagarGujarat
104Magodi382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
105Mahudi382855Gandhi NagarGujarat
106Manekpura382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
107Mansa382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
108Mansa Bazar382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
109Masang Moti382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
110Mokhasan382740Gandhi NagarGujarat
111Mota Jalundra382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
112Motipura382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
113Mubarakpura382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
114Nana Jalundra382321Gandhi NagarGujarat
115Nandol382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
116Nardipur382735Gandhi NagarGujarat
117Navanagar382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
118New Sachivalaya complex382010Gandhi NagarGujarat
119Padusma382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
120Palaj382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
121Paliyed (veda)382735Gandhi NagarGujarat
122Palsana382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
123Palundra382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
124Pansar382740Gandhi NagarGujarat
125Parbatpura382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
126Parsa382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
127Patna Kuva382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
128Pethapur382610Gandhi NagarGujarat
129Pindarda382610Gandhi NagarGujarat
130Piplaj382610Gandhi NagarGujarat
131Piyaj382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
132Por382421Gandhi NagarGujarat
133Prantiya382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
134Pratapnagar382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
135Pundhara382855Gandhi NagarGujarat
136Pundrasan382422Gandhi NagarGujarat
137Rakhial382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
138Rakhial Rs382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
139Ramnagar382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
140Randheja382620Gandhi NagarGujarat
141Rangpur382835Gandhi NagarGujarat
142Raysan382007Gandhi NagarGujarat
143Ridrol382835Gandhi NagarGujarat
144Rupal382630Gandhi NagarGujarat
145Sadra382320Gandhi NagarGujarat
146Sahebji Na muvada382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
147Saij382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
148Salki382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
149Samau382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
150Sametri382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
151Sampa382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
152Sanoda382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
153Santej382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
154Sardhav382640Gandhi NagarGujarat
155Sargasan382421Gandhi NagarGujarat
156Sector 16382016Gandhi NagarGujarat
157Sector 17382016Gandhi NagarGujarat
158Sector 19382021Gandhi NagarGujarat
159Sector 21382021Gandhi NagarGujarat
160Sector 22382024Gandhi NagarGujarat
161Sector 23382024Gandhi NagarGujarat
162Sector 24382024Gandhi NagarGujarat
163Sector 28382028Gandhi NagarGujarat
164Sector 29382030Gandhi NagarGujarat
165Sector 30382030Gandhi NagarGujarat
166Sector 6382006Gandhi NagarGujarat
167Sector 7382007Gandhi NagarGujarat
168Sector 9382007Gandhi NagarGujarat
169Serisa382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
170Shahpur382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
171Shertha382423Gandhi NagarGujarat
172Shiholi Moti382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
173Siawada382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
174Soja382735Gandhi NagarGujarat
175Solaiya382810Gandhi NagarGujarat
176Sughad382424Gandhi NagarGujarat
177Thermal Power station382041Gandhi NagarGujarat
178Tintoda382422Gandhi NagarGujarat
179Udan382315Gandhi NagarGujarat
180Unava balva382650Gandhi NagarGujarat
181Uvarsad382422Gandhi NagarGujarat
182Vadodara382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
183Vadsar382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
184Vadsar Air force382721Gandhi NagarGujarat
185Vadvasa382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
186Vagosana382845Gandhi NagarGujarat
187Valad382355Gandhi NagarGujarat
188Varsoda382835Gandhi NagarGujarat
189Vasan382650Gandhi NagarGujarat
190Vasna sogthi382308Gandhi NagarGujarat
191Vasna Rathod382305Gandhi NagarGujarat
192Vasnachaudhary382321Gandhi NagarGujarat
193Vavol382016Gandhi NagarGujarat
194Veda382855Gandhi NagarGujarat
195Veda (paliyed)382735Gandhi NagarGujarat
196Vidhansabha382010Gandhi NagarGujarat
197Vihar382810Gandhi NagarGujarat
198Zundal382421Gandhi NagarGujarat

About Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s capital, is situated about 23 km north of Ahmedabad. It occupies a strategic location in the industrial corridor connecting Delhi and Mumbai. The city rests on the west bank of the Sabarmati River, approximately 545 km from Mumbai and 901 km from Delhi. Gandhinagar is also home to the famous Akshardham temple. The city was designed to reflect Indian heritage, especially as Gujarat is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. Therefore, Indian town planners Prakash M Apte and H. K. Mewada, who trained with Le Corbusier in Chandigarh, were chosen for its planning.


As per the 2011 Indian census, Gandhinagar’s population was 208,299, with males making up 53% and females 47%. The city boasts a high average literacy rate of 90%, with 91% of males and 89% of females being literate. About 11% of Gandhinagar’s population is children under the age of 6. Additionally, over 95% of the residents in Gandhinagar follow Hinduism.


Gandhinagar is about 81 meters (266 feet) above sea level and is located on the Sabarmati River’s banks in north-central-east Gujarat. The area surrounding Gandhinagar, covering 20,543 km², is recognized as the Gujarat capital territory. The city itself covers 326 km². The Sabarmati River often dries up during summer, reducing to a small stream. Notably, Gandhinagar is known as India’s tree capital due to its extensive greenery, with 54% of its land covered in trees.


The district of Gandhinagar has two sub divisions: Gandhinagar and Kalol. There are 4 talukas in the sub-divisions. Gandhinagar has Gandhinagar and Dehgam as Talukas, while Kalol has Kalol and Mansa for talukas.


What is Gandhinagar famous for?

The impressive Akshardham Temple, constructed using 6,000 tons of pink sandstone, is a central feature of Gandhinagar and the most significant temple of its kind in the area. Additionally, the city boasts the unique Indroda Nature Park, the only dinosaur museum in India, which is often called the "Jurassic Park of India."

Why Gandhinagar is capital not Ahmedabad?

Gujarat's capital was initially Ahmedabad, but due to the state's development, there was a need to manage Ahmedabad's growing population density. To address this, Gandhinagar was established as the new capital of Gujarat. This decision led to the foundation of Gandhinagar on 2 August 1965, ensuring a more balanced distribution of administrative functions and population.

Who is Gandhinagar named after?

Gandhinagar is named after Mohandas K. Gandhi, a prominent figure in India's independence movement. The city was developed in 1966 to replace Ahmadabad as the capital. By 1970, state government offices had moved to Gandhinagar, which then grew into a key commercial and cultural hub in Gujarat.

What is the main food of Gandhinagar?

Enjoy a traditional Gujarati thali in Gandhinagar, featuring a variety of local snacks. These include Chakri, Dhokla, Khakra, Fafda, Sev, Khandvi, and Khaman, all of which are popular and customary dishes in the area.