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Pincodes of Kaimur bhabua

Kaimur Bhabua Pincodes: Explore the diverse localities of Kaimur Bhabua through our comprehensive collection of pincodes. From the bustling urban areas to the serene rural landscapes, our website, “Pincodes of My Location,” provides a detailed list of postal codes that simplify navigation and logistics in this region. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, finding precise locations becomes effortless with our user-friendly interface. Kaimur Bhabua Pincodes cater to the needs of businesses, individuals, and tourists, ensuring accurate and efficient communication.

Kaimur (bhabua) Pincodes

Here is a list of Kaimur bhabua Pincodes

1Adhaura821102Kaimur BhabuaBihar
2Akhini802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
3Akhlaspur821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
4Akhtiarpur821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
5Akorhi821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
6Amaon821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
7Awarainya821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
8B. khas821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
9Badauha821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
10Badupur821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
11Bagarhi802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
12Bararhi821103Kaimur BhabuaBihar
13Baraura821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
14Bare821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
15Basahi821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
16Belondi821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
17Bhabua821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
18Bhadoula821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
19Bhagwanpur821102Kaimur BhabuaBihar
20Bheria821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
21Bhitti821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
22Bhorari821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
23Bisodihri821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
24Biur821103Kaimur BhabuaBihar
25Chainpur821103Kaimur BhabuaBihar
26Chakedihra821102Kaimur BhabuaBihar
27Chand821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
28Chandesh802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
29Chhata821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
30Chhewari821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
31Chhotka Amaon821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
32Chhotki Kulhariya821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
33Dadar821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
34Dangri821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
35Darauli821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
36Darwa821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
37Darwan821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
38Derwan821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
39Dewhalia821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
40Dhawpokhar821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
41Dumaraith821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
42Durgawati821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
43Fakhrabad821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
44Gehwa821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
45Goi821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
46Harnathpur821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
47Hatta821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
48Jaitpur Kalan821102Kaimur BhabuaBihar
49Jamalpur paturi821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
50Jamurna821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
51Jandaha821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
52K. kalyanpur821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
53Kabilashpur821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
54Kaithi821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
55Kajura821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
56Karamnasa821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
57Karari821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
58Karji821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
59Karmhari802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
60Kaser821102Kaimur BhabuaBihar
61Kasthari821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
62Kathej821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
63Kathrain821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
64Katra Kala821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
65Kewarhi821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
66Khaira821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
67Khajura821102Kaimur BhabuaBihar
68Kharenda821102Kaimur BhabuaBihar
69Khnethi821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
70Khurmabad821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
71Kilani821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
72Kolhua821102Kaimur BhabuaBihar
73Kuddi821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
74Kudra821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
75Kudra Bazar821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
76Kurasan821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
77Kuriari821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
78Lohdan821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
79Mahila802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
80Mahuari821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
81Mahuwaf821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
82Manihari821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
83Masaurha821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
84Mion821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
85Mohan Darwan821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
86Mohania821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
87Mokari821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
88Mudhi821103Kaimur BhabuaBihar
89Mujan821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
90Muthani821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
91Nasej821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
92Nateya821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
93Noan802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
94Odar821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
95Orrah821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
96Pachilikhi821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
97Padri821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
98Pahariya821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
99Panapur821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
100Panjraon802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
101Parbatpur821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
102Pipra Sakarwar821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
103Pipriya821105Kaimur BhabuaBihar
104Piyan821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
105Ramgarh821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
106Ratwar821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
107Rudrawar Kala821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
108Ruppur821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
109Sahu Ka mahua821110Kaimur BhabuaBihar
110Saitha821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
111Salathua821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
112Satowanti802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
113Saukhara821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
114Shahbajpur821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
115Shiorampur821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
116Sikandarpur821103Kaimur BhabuaBihar
117Sirhira821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
118Sirsi821106Kaimur BhabuaBihar
119Sondhi821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
120Sonhan821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
121Sukul Pipra821109Kaimur BhabuaBihar
122Surware Ke bararhi802218Kaimur BhabuaBihar
123Taraitha802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
124Telari821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
125Thakura802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar
126Torni Lahera821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
127Turki821108Kaimur BhabuaBihar
128Ujari Sikathi821101Kaimur BhabuaBihar
129Umapur Saraiya821102Kaimur BhabuaBihar
130Upari802132Kaimur BhabuaBihar

About Kaimur (Bhabua)

Kaimur district is in Bihar,  and is one of its 38 districts. Its main office is in Bhabua. Initially, until 1991, Kaimur was a part of Rohtas District. Also, before 1764, it belonged to Ghazipur District and was under the rule of Kamsaar Raj. After that, it became part of Chainpur Estate and remained so until 1837.

Kaimur district was created on March 17, 1991, after separating from Rohtas district. Initially named Bhabua district, it was later renamed to Kaimur district in 1994.
Right now, Kaimur district is part of the Red Corridor. On the other hand, it holds great importance for Hindus because it is home to the Penitential of Atri, also known as Attri Rishi. Additionally, it features one of India’s oldest temples, Ma Mundeswari, which attracts many tourists.

Kaimur district covers 3,362 square kilometers. Geographically, it has two main parts: the hilly area, known as the Kaimur plateau or Rohtas plateau, and the plain area. The plain area, on the west, is bordered by the Karmanasa and Durgavati rivers. The Kudra river flows on its eastern side. To the north, Kaimur is bordered by Buxar district in Bihar and Ghazipur district in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.). Rohtas district in Bihar is to the south, while to the west, it is bordered by Chandauli and Mirzapur districts in U.P. The district of Rohtas in Bihar also lies to the east.
Kaimur district is covered with a big area of forest, about 106,300 hectares in size. Within this forest is the Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to animals like tigers, leopards, and chinkaras. Also, there are waterfalls in the district, including the Karkat Waterfall and Telhar.

Based on the 2011 census, Kaimur district has 1,626,384 people living in it, placing it at 307th out of 640 districts in India. The district has a population of 488 people per square kilometer. In Kaimur, there are 919 women for every 1000 men, and 71.01% of its people can read and write. Also, 4.03% of the population lives in cities.
During the 2011 Census in India, it was found that in Kaimur district, 90.55% of the people speak Bhojpuri as their main language. Additionally, 7.11% speak Hindi and 2.13% speak Urdu as their first language.

Kaimur district is divided into 2 sub divisions Bhabua and Mohania which is further divided into 11 community development blocks. 

Bhabua Division

  1. Adhaura
  2. Bhabua
  3. Bhagwanpur
  4. Chainpur
  5. Chand 
  6. Rampur

Mohania Division

  1. Durgawati
  2. Kudra
  3. Mohania
  4. Ramgarh
  5. Nuaon


What is Kaimur famous for?

Kaimur is well-known for its limestone.

Which waterfall is in Kaimur district?

The Telhar waterfall, a well-liked attraction, is located in Bihar's Kaimur district. It sits on the Rohtas plateau, near the Durgavati River, close to Bhabua.

Which lake is in Kaimur district?

The lake in Kaimur (Bhabua) district is called Anupam lake.