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Pincodes of Karbi Anglong

Karbi Anglong, in Assam, India, is known for its diverse culture and breathtaking landscapes. As the state’s largest district, it boasts dense forests, rolling hills, and rich biodiversity, including rare species like the hoolock gibbon. Home to the Karbi, Dimasa, and other indigenous communities, it’s a mosaic of unique traditions, languages, and festivals, like the colorful Rongker and Chomangkan. The district’s economy is primarily driven by agriculture and forest resources. Karbi Anglong pincodes play a vital role in connecting its remote and urban areas, ensuring efficient postal services and communication across this culturally and ecologically rich region.

Karbi Anglong Pincodes

Here is a list of Karbi Anglong Pincodes

1Amguri782410Karbi AnglongAssam
2Amlakhi Bazar782461Karbi AnglongAssam
3Amonigaon782481Karbi AnglongAssam
4Amrang782440Karbi AnglongAssam
5Amtreng782450Karbi AnglongAssam
6Anjukpani782139Karbi AnglongAssam
7Baghmari782462Karbi AnglongAssam
8Baghpani782441Karbi AnglongAssam
9Baithalangsho782450Karbi AnglongAssam
10Bakalighat782482Karbi AnglongAssam
11Baligaon Tiniali782481Karbi AnglongAssam
12Balipathar782470Karbi AnglongAssam
13Bargaon782425Karbi AnglongAssam
14Barjuri782139Karbi AnglongAssam
15Barlongpher782447Karbi AnglongAssam
16Barpani782450Karbi AnglongAssam
17Bheleoghat782441Karbi AnglongAssam
18Biswanathpathar782441Karbi AnglongAssam
19Bobilgaon782481Karbi AnglongAssam
20Bogijan782490Karbi AnglongAssam
21Bokajan782480Karbi AnglongAssam
22Bokajan C f782490Karbi AnglongAssam
23Borbali782481Karbi AnglongAssam
24Borthal782485Karbi AnglongAssam
25Chakihola782475Karbi AnglongAssam
26Cherakani782441Karbi AnglongAssam
27Dakhin Dighalipar782481Karbi AnglongAssam
28Daldali782470Karbi AnglongAssam
29Danghap782441Karbi AnglongAssam
30Dayangmukh782440Karbi AnglongAssam
31Deihari782490Karbi AnglongAssam
32Deithor782480Karbi AnglongAssam
33Dentaghat782441Karbi AnglongAssam
34Deopani782470Karbi AnglongAssam
35Dewanbasti782462Karbi AnglongAssam
36Dhansripar782470Karbi AnglongAssam
37Dilaji782462Karbi AnglongAssam
38Dillai782480Karbi AnglongAssam
39Dillai Parbat782480Karbi AnglongAssam
40Diphu782460Karbi AnglongAssam
41Diphu Bazar782462Karbi AnglongAssam
42Diphu Govt.college782462Karbi AnglongAssam
43Disama782462Karbi AnglongAssam
44Disobai782482Karbi AnglongAssam
45Diyungbra782440Karbi AnglongAssam
46Dokmaka782441Karbi AnglongAssam
47Donkamokam782485Karbi AnglongAssam
48Duarbamuni782441Karbi AnglongAssam
49Dwajungphang782470Karbi AnglongAssam
50Eradighalpani782481Karbi AnglongAssam
51Forest Bazar782440Karbi AnglongAssam
52Gautambasti782480Karbi AnglongAssam
53Golaibasti782480Karbi AnglongAssam
54Hamren782486Karbi AnglongAssam
55Harlongpher782447Karbi AnglongAssam
56Hidibonglong782481Karbi AnglongAssam
57Hidipi782480Karbi AnglongAssam
58Honkram782450Karbi AnglongAssam
59Honlokrok782485Karbi AnglongAssam
60Howraghat782481Karbi AnglongAssam
61Jaljuri782485Karbi AnglongAssam
62Japrajan782470Karbi AnglongAssam
63Jengkha782440Karbi AnglongAssam
64Jirikinding782440Karbi AnglongAssam
65Jongpha782490Karbi AnglongAssam
66Kachupukhuri782482Karbi AnglongAssam
67Kailajan782480Karbi AnglongAssam
68Kajesara Matikhola782441Karbi AnglongAssam
69Kalanga782485Karbi AnglongAssam
70Karagaon782480Karbi AnglongAssam
71Kathterongaon782136Karbi AnglongAssam
72Khanduli782486Karbi AnglongAssam
73Khatkhati782480Karbi AnglongAssam
74Khengergaon782447Karbi AnglongAssam
75Kheroni782440Karbi AnglongAssam
76Kheronigaon782461Karbi AnglongAssam
77Kuligaon782480Karbi AnglongAssam
78Laharijan782480Karbi AnglongAssam
79Langbangdingpi782482Karbi AnglongAssam
80Langcholiet782447Karbi AnglongAssam
81Langhin Manikpur782441Karbi AnglongAssam
82Langhin Tiniali782441Karbi AnglongAssam
83Langlakso782441Karbi AnglongAssam
84Longnit782461Karbi AnglongAssam
85Lorenthepi782482Karbi AnglongAssam
86Lurulangso782462Karbi AnglongAssam
87Mahendijua782461Karbi AnglongAssam
88Mailoo Bazar782446Karbi AnglongAssam
89Manja782461Karbi AnglongAssam
90Menmeji782435Karbi AnglongAssam
91Morakordoiguri782480Karbi AnglongAssam
92Nailalung782447Karbi AnglongAssam
93Neparpatty782470Karbi AnglongAssam
94Okrang782481Karbi AnglongAssam
95Padumpukhuri782441Karbi AnglongAssam
96Paharguri782450Karbi AnglongAssam
97Palakamati782481Karbi AnglongAssam
98Panditghat782481Karbi AnglongAssam
99Panjaborpathar782450Karbi AnglongAssam
100Panjuri782441Karbi AnglongAssam
101Parakhowa Bazar782441Karbi AnglongAssam
102Phanglangso782462Karbi AnglongAssam
103Phangtrengphang782485Karbi AnglongAssam
104Phulani782441Karbi AnglongAssam
105Pub Silputa782482Karbi AnglongAssam
106Rajapathar782481Karbi AnglongAssam
107Rangapahar Siding782470Karbi AnglongAssam
108Rengkimi Village782462Karbi AnglongAssam
109Rongkhelon782462Karbi AnglongAssam
110Rongkut782481Karbi AnglongAssam
111Rongplimplam782461Karbi AnglongAssam
112Samaguri Bazar782482Karbi AnglongAssam
113Samelangso782441Karbi AnglongAssam
114Sangsiga Bazar782440Karbi AnglongAssam
115Sarihajan782480Karbi AnglongAssam
116Satgaon782485Karbi AnglongAssam
117Shyampathar782482Karbi AnglongAssam
118Sildharampur782441Karbi AnglongAssam
119Silputa Tiniali782482Karbi AnglongAssam
120Tarabasa782482Karbi AnglongAssam
121Taradubi782485Karbi AnglongAssam
122Taralangso No 1782447Karbi AnglongAssam
123Tengelijan782470Karbi AnglongAssam
124Tengralangso782450Karbi AnglongAssam
125Teteliguri782482Karbi AnglongAssam
126Tikahill782450Karbi AnglongAssam
127Tumpreng782485Karbi AnglongAssam
128Udali No 1782482Karbi AnglongAssam
129Umcherra782486Karbi AnglongAssam
130Umpanai782410Karbi AnglongAssam
131Umswar782410Karbi AnglongAssam
132Uttar Borbil782481Karbi AnglongAssam
133Vitorkaliani782490Karbi AnglongAssam
134Watijor782446Karbi AnglongAssam
135Wirwar782441Karbi AnglongAssam

About Karbi Anglong

One of Assam’s 34 administrative districts is Karbi Anglong district in India. The district’s administrative centre is located in Diphu. The Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution states that the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council is in charge of district administration.


Karbi Anglong, which covers an area of about 10,434 square kilometres, is distinguished for its varied topography. The district is primarily steep and mountainous, with picturesque valleys, deep forests, and verdant vistas. This area includes a portion of the well-known Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides habitat to a variety of flora and fauna.


The principal industry is still agriculture, with the main products being the production of rice, tea, fruits, and vegetables. The district’s economic potential are further enhanced by the presence of mineral resources such granite, limestone, and coal. Furthermore, the handloom and handicraft sectors—which are renowned for their exquisite patterns and skillful workmanship—are also very important to the regional economy.


Numerous indigenous tribes, including the Karbi and Dimasa, live in the territory and each one has managed to preserve its own distinctive cultural identity. The main ethnic group, the Karbi tribe, makes a substantial cultural contribution to the area. Their colourful festivals, folk dances, and handicrafts all showcase their rich cultural past.


The district is a popular destination for nature lovers and thrill seekers due to its many picturesque locations and tourism attractions, such as Rongkhang, Singhason, and Rongtheang. It might be a popular tourist destination because of the beautiful scenery, waterfalls, and animal sanctuaries.


Despite its natural beauty and cultural richness, Karbi Anglong faces developmental challenges, including inadequate infrastructure, connectivity issues, and insufficient access to basic amenities in some areas. Efforts toward infrastructural development, education, and healthcare are ongoing to uplift the living standards of the residents.


Is Karbi Anglong is a state?

As a result, Karbi Anglong was officially recognised as a distinct district on the Assam map, with its headquarters located in Diphu. According to the Indian Constitution's Sixth Schedule, the district is granted autonomy. It is Assam's largest district.

What do the Karbi people eat?

There were non-vegetarian Karbi tribes in the Kamrup district. During mealtimes, foods including rice, leafy green vegetables, fresh fish, dry fish powder (hukoti), dry fish (oakreng), and meat are frequently consumed.

Can I buy land in Karbi Anglong?

The autonomous council has banned the sale, purchase, mortgage, lease, barter and gifting of land from non-tribal to non-tribal and tribal to non-tribal in any nature

Where did Karbi came from?

Karbis represents one of the prominent indigenous tribes of Northeast India, with unique traditions and cultures distinct from other ethnic groups of the region. They are believed to have migrated from the Kuki-Chin area in Western Myanmar.

Who is the father of Karbi Anglong?

Semsonsing Ingti was an Indian writer and social and economic reformer who lived from 1910 to 1948. Because of his efforts to bring the Karbi, an indigenous ethnic group in Northeast India that is centred in the state of Assam, together, he has been referred to as the "Father of the Karbi people." In his prime, he went by Lametpo as well.