Kathua Pincodes

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Kathua Pincodes​

Kathua Pincodes encapsulate the varied tapestry of this enchanting region. From the bustling urban centers to the serene hamlets, each pin code delineates a unique facet of Kathua’s landscape. Navigating through the numeric coordinates, discover the heart of the city and its surrounding areas, each code unlocking a different neighborhood with its own charm and character. Whether you’re immersed in the vibrant markets or strolling through the quiet residential quarters, Kathua’s pincodes serve as the key to unraveling the diverse tapestry of this locale, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of life within each distinct pocket of this picturesque region.

Kathua Pincodes

Here is a list of Kathua Pincodes

1Airwan184151KathuaJammu And kashmir
2Amla184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
3Babey184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
4Babia184148KathuaJammu And kashmir
5Badnote184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
6Baggan184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
7Bandhar184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
8Banhore184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
9Bani184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
10Banjal184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
11Barnote184143KathuaJammu And kashmir
12Barotta184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
13Barwal184143KathuaJammu And kashmir
14Basantpur184152KathuaJammu And kashmir
15Basoli184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
16Bathodi Duggan184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
17Beradhani184143KathuaJammu And kashmir
18Bhaddu184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
19Bhoond184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
20Billawar184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
21Budhi184143KathuaJammu And kashmir
22Chadwal184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
23Chakra184148KathuaJammu And kashmir
24Chalog184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
25Chandwan184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
26Changran184104KathuaJammu And kashmir
27Chann Rorian184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
28Chhapaki Kalan184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
29Chiliari184145KathuaJammu And kashmir
30Daggar184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
31Dhamal184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
32Dhamma184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
33Dhar Dugnoo184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
34Dhar Mahanpur184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
35Dharalta184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
36Dialachak184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
37Dilwan184102KathuaJammu And kashmir
38Dinga Amb184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
39Draman184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
40Duggan184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
41Dulangal184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
42Durang184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
43Farnot184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
44Fatehpur184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
45Flote184143KathuaJammu And kashmir
46Galak184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
47Garh Samnabanj184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
48Garha Satura184142KathuaJammu And kashmir
49Ghagwal184141KathuaJammu And kashmir
50Ghatti184143KathuaJammu And kashmir
51Gitti184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
52Govindasr184102KathuaJammu And kashmir
53Gurah Kalyal184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
54Gurah Mundian184142KathuaJammu And kashmir
55Hamirpur184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
56Haripur Patil184148KathuaJammu And kashmir
57Hatli184152KathuaJammu And kashmir
58Hiranagar184142KathuaJammu And kashmir
59Hutt184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
60Huttar184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
61I/e Kathua184102KathuaJammu And kashmir
62Jakhbar184104KathuaJammu And kashmir
63Jandi184142KathuaJammu And kashmir
64Jandrota184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
65Janglote184103KathuaJammu And kashmir
66Jarai184102KathuaJammu And kashmir
67Jasrota184143KathuaJammu And kashmir
68Jatwal184141KathuaJammu And kashmir
69Kahna Chack184148KathuaJammu And kashmir
70Kanthal184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
71Karanwara184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
72Karroh184152KathuaJammu And kashmir
73Kathua184101KathuaJammu And kashmir
74Katli184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
75Khanpur184148KathuaJammu And kashmir
76Kharote184102KathuaJammu And kashmir
77Khokhial184151KathuaJammu And kashmir
78Kirian Gandial184152KathuaJammu And kashmir
79Kishanpur-i184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
80Kishanpur-ii184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
81Kohag184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
82Kothera184104KathuaJammu And kashmir
83Kotpunnu184151KathuaJammu And kashmir
84Krishnanagar184111KathuaJammu And kashmir
85Lahari184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
86Lakhanpur184152KathuaJammu And kashmir
87Lakhri184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
88Logate184104KathuaJammu And kashmir
89Lowang184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
90Machhedi184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
91Maghloor184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
92Mah184152KathuaJammu And kashmir
93Mahanpur184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
94Malhar184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
95Malti184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
96Mandli184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
97Marapatti184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
98Marheen184148KathuaJammu And kashmir
99Marhoon184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
100Marta Nagrota184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
101Mehtabpur184102KathuaJammu And kashmir
102Mela184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
103Mini Sectt kathua184104KathuaJammu And kashmir
104Mukwal Chinji184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
105Muni184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
106Nagrota Gujroo184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
107Naran184141KathuaJammu And kashmir
108Palli184143KathuaJammu And kashmir
109Parliwand184101KathuaJammu And kashmir
110Parnala184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
111Parole184151KathuaJammu And kashmir
112Phinter184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
113Plahi184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
114Plassy184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
115Poonda184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
116Prangoli184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
117Raikoota184141KathuaJammu And kashmir
118Rajbagh184143KathuaJammu And kashmir
119Rajpura184145KathuaJammu And kashmir
120Rakh Lachhipura184104KathuaJammu And kashmir
121Ramkot184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
122Rehan184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
123Roulka184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
124Sabar184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
125Said184141KathuaJammu And kashmir
126Saidpur184151KathuaJammu And kashmir
127Sailna184203KathuaJammu And kashmir
128Sananghat184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
129Sandhar184201KathuaJammu And kashmir
130Sanjimore184148KathuaJammu And kashmir
131Sanoora184141KathuaJammu And kashmir
132Seswan184144KathuaJammu And kashmir
133Sherpur184142KathuaJammu And kashmir
134Sitti184206KathuaJammu And kashmir
135Sukrala184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
136Sundla184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
137Surara184141KathuaJammu And kashmir
138Thall184202KathuaJammu And kashmir
139Thein184152KathuaJammu And kashmir
140Thial184205KathuaJammu And kashmir
141Tridwan184152KathuaJammu And kashmir
142Uchapind184205KathuaJammu And kashmir

About Kathua Pincodes

Nestled in the heart of the contested Kashmir region, Kathua emerges as the pulsating nucleus within the Jammu division of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir. Serving as the administrative epicenter of Kathua district, the city unveils its essence through 27 intricately woven wards forming the Kathua Municipal Council. Along the arterial NH-44, Kathua stands as a vibrant tableau, boasting a dynamic industrial precinct and an adjacent military cantonment. Functioning as a pivotal transit hub for the state’s industrial tapestry, Kathua thrives with a sprawling foundation comprising a textile park, a Biotechnology and Pharma industrial and research park, a robust cement industry, and a multitude of thriving medium-scale MSMEs.


Kathua’s history, though not fully documented, traces back to Jodh Singh, a renowned Rajput who migrated from Hastinapur to Kathua 2000 years ago. His sons established Taraf Tajwal, Taraf Manjali, and Taraf Bhajwal, giving rise to the Tajwalia, Bhajwalia, and Khanwalia Rajputs. “Kathai,” later called Kathua, evolved from their confluence. Ancient Greek historians noted the mighty republic of Kathaioi along the Ravi River, akin to present-day Kathua, famed for its valor against Alexander’s invasion. Dogri and Pahari dominate while Hindi, English, and Urdu prevail in education, with Urdu as the official language, defining Kathua’s cultural tapestry.


Kathua, a vibrant locale, shelters a populace of 59,688, dominated by 31,717 males and 28,149 females, boasting an 888 women per 1000 men sex ratio. With 86.46% literacy, 46,359 are literate while 13,507 remain illiterate. Urdu and English grace official documents, yet Dogri and Hindi resonate as the vernaculars. Hinduism flourishes as the primary religion, embraced by over 91%, while Sikhism, Christianity, and Islam claim 4.75%, 1.09%, and 2.68% respectively, painting Kathua with a rich religious mosaic.


Kathua, positioned at 32.37°N 75.52°E, sits at an elevation averaging 393 meters (1,289 ft), embraced by three rivers. The Ravi flows 7 km (4.3 mi) south, while the Ujjh lies approximately 11 km (6.8 mi) ahead on the Jammu Highway. Alongside a polluted khad, dividing into Parliwand and Orliwand, the city grapples with sewage issues. Surrounded by the snow-capped Sivalik hills to the north, the plains house Kathua. The proximity of the vast Ranjit Sagar Lake, 25 km away, tempers its climate. Situated 88 km south of Jammu, Kathua boasts diverse landscapes, from riverbanks to distant cooling lakes, shaping its dynamic environment.


Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir, thrives on a multifaceted economy. Agriculture dominates, cultivating crops like wheat, maize, and rice, supported by horticulture—producing apples, cherries, and saffron. The district boasts industrial growth, particularly in the Basohli Industrial Complex and Kathua Industrial Growth Center, fostering manufacturing units for textiles, plywood, and agro-based products. Trade flourishes due to its strategic location bordering Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, facilitating commerce. The service sector, including tourism and government employment, contributes significantly. Kathua’s economic tapestry weaves agriculture, industry, trade, and services, fostering a diverse and resilient financial landscape amid the stunning vistas of Jammu & Kashmir.


What is the old name of kathua ?

Old Kathua was known as "Duggan," a historical appellation that referred to the region before it adopted the name Kathua in later years.

What is kathua famous for ?

Kathua is renowned for its historic temples like Mata Sundrikote and its scenic beauty along the banks of the Ujh River, attracting tourists for its cultural and natural heritage.

Is kathua city or town ?

Kathua is a town in the Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It serves as a municipal committee and a hub for various economic and administrative activities in the region.

What is the religion of kathua ?

Kathua is religiously diverse, primarily inhabited by Hindus, followed by significant Muslim and Sikh communities, contributing to the district's rich cultural and religious tapestry.

What language is spoken in kathua ?

Dogri, Punjabi, and Hindi are predominantly spoken in Kathua. Dogri, being the official language, holds prominence alongside Punjabi and Hindi spoken by a significant population.