Kinnaur Pincodes

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Kinnaur Pincodes

Discover the Kinnaur Pincodes diverse regions at “Pin Code of My Location,” your ultimate destination. In Anantapur, nestled within Andhra Pradesh, explore an impressive 902 pin codes. This showcases the robust postal network and rich regional tapestry within this southern Indian district.

Kinnaur Pincodes

Here is a list of Kinnaur Pincodes

1Akpa172116KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
2Asrang172109KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
3Barang172107KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
4Bari172115KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
5Batseri172106KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
6Bhaba172118KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
7Bhaba Nagar172115KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
8Brua172105KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
9Chagaon172104KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
10Chango172111KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
11Chansu172106KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
12Charang172109KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
13Chaura172101KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
14Chitkul172106KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
15Chota Khamba172101KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
16Dubling172111KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
17Duni172108KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
18Giabong172110KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
19Hango172112KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
20Jangi172109KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
21Kalpa172108KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
22Kamroo172106KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
23Kanam172110KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
24Karcham172105KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
25Katgaon172118KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
26Khawangi172107KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
27Kilba172105KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
28Kothi172107KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
29Kunnu172109KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
30Labrang172110KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
31Lippa172109KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
32Liyo172112KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
33Meber172107KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
34Mirro172104KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
35Moorang172109KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
36Nako172111KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
37Namgia172111KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
38Nathpa172115KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
39Nesang172110KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
40Nichar172103KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
41Nigulsari172101KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
42Pangi172107KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
43Panvi172104KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
44Ponda Solding172115KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
45Pooh172111KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
46Pooh Gaon172111KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
47Powari172107KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
48Purbani172107KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
49Rakchham172106KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
50Ramni172104KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
51Rarang172116KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
52Reckong Peo172107KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
53Ribba172116KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
54Rispa172116KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
55Roghi172108KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
56Ropa172110KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
57Rupi172101KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
58Sangla172106KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
59Sapni172105KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
60Shalkhar172111KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
61Shiaso172110KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
62Shong172105KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
63Speelo172110KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
64Sumra172111KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
65Sungra172115KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
66Sunnam172110KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
67Tapri172104KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
68Taranda172101KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
69Thangi172109KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
70Urni172104KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
71Wangtoo172104KinnaurHimachal Pradesh
72Yulla172104KinnaurHimachal Pradesh

About Kinnaur District

Kinnaur district, part of Himachal Pradesh in India, comprises three administrative divisions (Kalpa, Nichar, and Pooh) with six tehsils. Reckong Peo serves as its administrative center. The esteemed Kinnaur Kailash mountain, a Panch Kailash site, rests within its bounds. Known for its tranquility, as of 2011, it ranks as Himachal Pradesh’s second least populated district, following Lahaul and Spiti.


Kinnaur, once part of Chini Tehsil in Mahasu district, became its own district on May 1, 1960. Initially, it formed the northeastern realm of the Bushahr principality, centered at Kamru, later relocating to Rampur Bushahr. Post the Kannauj Empire’s decline, Kamru’s rulers expanded, founding Bushahr and including Kinnaur forcibly. Post-independence, Kinnaur remained part of Bushahr until its dissolution. Scarce historical records leave Kinnaur’s early history shrouded in legend and myth, limiting references to the Kinnaur/Kannaura people and their territory.


As per the 2011 census, Kinnaur district, with a population of 84,121, holds the 620th position in India among 640 districts. It maintains a population density of 13 individuals per square kilometer (34/sq mi) with a growth rate of 7.61% from 2001-2011. The district showcases a sex ratio of 819 females per 1000 males and an 80% literacy rate, with the entire population residing in rural areas. Scheduled Castes constitute 17.53% and Scheduled Tribes account for 57.95%. At the time, 72% spoke Kinnauri, 16.65% Hindi, and 7.03% Nepali as their primary language.


Nestled amidst towering peaks, Kinnaur, a district in India, spans altitudes from 2,320 to 6,816 meters (7,612 to 22,362 ft). Despite its petite population, it holds grandeur. Kinnaur’s renown springs from the revered Kinnaur Kailash, a sacred Hindu mountain. This majestic peak stands in proximity to the Chinese border, adding to its mystique and allure.


Kinnaur’s economy primarily revolves around agriculture, horticulture, and tourism. Agriculture is significant, with crops like apples, apricots, chilgoza (pine nuts), and other fruits grown in terraced fields. Horticulture forms a crucial part of the economy, with apple orchards being a major source of income for locals. The district also engages in activities like animal husbandry and traditional handicrafts. Additionally, tourism contributes to the economy, drawing travelers with its scenic beauty, ancient monasteries, and the spiritual aura of Kinnaur Kailash, thereby supporting local businesses like hotels, guesthouses, and adventure tourism services.


What is special about Kinnaur?

Kinnaur captivates with its towering mountains, including the sacred Kinnaur Kailash, lush orchards, vibrant culture, and a serene blend of spirituality amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Which is the best village in Kinnaur?

Selecting the best village in Kinnaur is subjective, but Kalpa stands out for its stunning vistas, apple orchards, ancient temples, and the serene Kinnaur Kailash backdrop.

Who is the god of Kinnaur?

The primary deity of Kinnaur is the Kinnaur Kailash, a sacred mountain revered as the abode of Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology.

What is the famous food of Kinnaur?

Kinnaur is known for its delectable local cuisine featuring dishes like Sidu (stuffed bread), Chilra (pancakes), and various preparations of locally grown fruits like apples and apricots.

Which fruit is famous for Kinnaur?

Kinnaur is renowned for its exquisite apples, celebrated for their taste and quality. The region's apples are prized for their crispness, flavor, and vibrant appearance, drawing admiration worldwide.