Kullu Pincodes

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Kullu Pincodes

Explore Kullu Pincodes,  The picturesque valley, rich in history, unfolds through 165 distinct pin codes, highlighting the extensive postal network in this Himachali realm. From the serene landscapes to bustling townships, each pin code narrates a unique tale of the region’s geographical and cultural diversity. Discover the heart of Kullu through these codes, connecting you to its various corners with precision and ease. Welcome to the comprehensive guide, “Kullu Pin Codes,” where the beauty of the valley converges with the efficiency of its postal system 

Kullu Pincodes

Kullu Pincodes

1Akhara Bazar175101KulluHimachal Pradesh
2Anah175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
3Anni172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
4Archandi175104KulluHimachal Pradesh
5Arsu172002KulluHimachal Pradesh
6Babeli175138KulluHimachal Pradesh
7Bachoot175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
8Bahang175103KulluHimachal Pradesh
9Bahu175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
10Bajahara175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
11Bajaura175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
12Bandrole175128KulluHimachal Pradesh
13Banjar175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
14Banogi175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
15Baragaon175129KulluHimachal Pradesh
16Bari175101KulluHimachal Pradesh
17Barshaini175105KulluHimachal Pradesh
18Barua175103KulluHimachal Pradesh
19Bathad175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
20Beoni172002KulluHimachal Pradesh
21Bhalan175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
22Bhalyani175102KulluHimachal Pradesh
23Bhekhali175101KulluHimachal Pradesh
24Bhrain175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
25Bhuntar175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
26Bhutti175102KulluHimachal Pradesh
27Biasar175128KulluHimachal Pradesh
28Bradha175105KulluHimachal Pradesh
29Bran175131KulluHimachal Pradesh
30Brehin175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
31Chakurtha175106KulluHimachal Pradesh
32Chanon175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
33Chehni175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
34Chettar175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
35Chheur175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
36Chhiyal175131KulluHimachal Pradesh
37Chowai172032KulluHimachal Pradesh
38Dalash172025KulluHimachal Pradesh
39Deem172002KulluHimachal Pradesh
40Dehar172025KulluHimachal Pradesh
41Deori172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
42Deotha175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
43Dhara175105KulluHimachal Pradesh
44Dhaugi175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
45Digerh172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
46Dobhi175129KulluHimachal Pradesh
47Doghari175102KulluHimachal Pradesh
48Dugilag175102KulluHimachal Pradesh
49Duhad172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
50Durah172033KulluHimachal Pradesh
51Dyar175141KulluHimachal Pradesh
52Fozal175129KulluHimachal Pradesh
53Gad172032KulluHimachal Pradesh
54Gadagushaini175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
55Gaidhar175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
56Garsa175141KulluHimachal Pradesh
57Ghat175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
58Ghatu172023KulluHimachal Pradesh
59Gushaini175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
60Haripur175136KulluHimachal Pradesh
61Hurla175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
62Jadoli172023KulluHimachal Pradesh
63Jagatsukh175143KulluHimachal Pradesh
64Jalugraon175105KulluHimachal Pradesh
65Jaon172002KulluHimachal Pradesh
66Jaree175105KulluHimachal Pradesh
67Jia175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
68Jibhi175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
69Kais175101KulluHimachal Pradesh
70Kalath175131KulluHimachal Pradesh
71Kalwari175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
72Kamand172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
73Kandagai172025KulluHimachal Pradesh
74Kandugad172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
75Kanoun175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
76Karana172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
77Kararsu175101KulluHimachal Pradesh
78Karjan175136KulluHimachal Pradesh
79Kasladi175105KulluHimachal Pradesh
80Kasol175105KulluHimachal Pradesh
81Katrain175129KulluHimachal Pradesh
82Khakhnal175143KulluHimachal Pradesh
83Khalwan175106KulluHimachal Pradesh
84Khanag172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
85Kharga172201KulluHimachal Pradesh
86Kharihar175126KulluHimachal Pradesh
87Khokhan175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
88Khunachi175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
89Khunn172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
90Koil172023KulluHimachal Pradesh
91Kothi172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
92Kullu175101KulluHimachal Pradesh
93Kushwa172201KulluHimachal Pradesh
94Lagouti172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
95Larenkelo175104KulluHimachal Pradesh
96Larji175122KulluHimachal Pradesh
97Luhri172001KulluHimachal Pradesh
98Madana175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
99Majhan175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
100Malana175105KulluHimachal Pradesh
101Manali175131KulluHimachal Pradesh
102Manglore175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
103Manikaran175105KulluHimachal Pradesh
104Mohal175126KulluHimachal Pradesh
105Mohani175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
106Naggar175130KulluHimachal Pradesh
107Neol175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
108Neoli175138KulluHimachal Pradesh
109Nigan172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
110Nirmand172023KulluHimachal Pradesh
111Nishani172002KulluHimachal Pradesh
112Nither172033KulluHimachal Pradesh
113Nohanda175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
114Olwa172025KulluHimachal Pradesh
115Palach175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
116Palchan175103KulluHimachal Pradesh
117Pangaon175129KulluHimachal Pradesh
118Panjali175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
119Patlikulh175129KulluHimachal Pradesh
120Peej175101KulluHimachal Pradesh
121Peog172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
122Piplage175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
123Poshna172001KulluHimachal Pradesh
124Prini175143KulluHimachal Pradesh
125Puid175101KulluHimachal Pradesh
126Purani Manali175131KulluHimachal Pradesh
127Raison175128KulluHimachal Pradesh
128Raman175130KulluHimachal Pradesh
129Reila175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
130Sachiyani175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
131Sainj175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
132Salwar175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
133Sarahan172002KulluHimachal Pradesh
134Sarchi175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
135Sargha172201KulluHimachal Pradesh
136Seobag175138KulluHimachal Pradesh
137Shairi175125KulluHimachal Pradesh
138Shalang175102KulluHimachal Pradesh
139Shamani172002KulluHimachal Pradesh
140Shamshi175126KulluHimachal Pradesh
141Sharvi172023KulluHimachal Pradesh
142Shawad172026KulluHimachal Pradesh
143Shiah175141KulluHimachal Pradesh
144Shirad175128KulluHimachal Pradesh
145Sojha175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
146Suchain175134KulluHimachal Pradesh
147Sultanpur175101KulluHimachal Pradesh
148Sush172025KulluHimachal Pradesh
149Tandi175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
150Thela175141KulluHimachal Pradesh
151Tunan172001KulluHimachal Pradesh
152Tung175123KulluHimachal Pradesh
153Urtu172023KulluHimachal Pradesh
154Vashisht175103KulluHimachal Pradesh

About Kullu District

Kullu, nestled in Himachal Pradesh, borders Shimla, Mandi, Kangra, and Lahaul-Spiti districts. Its vast Kullu Valley traces the Beas River, ranging from 833m at Aut to 3330m at Atal Tunnel South Portal near Rohtang Pass. Kullu town, on the Beas’s right side, serves as its administrative center. The district encompasses tributary valleys like Parvati, Sainj, and Tirthan. The economy thrives on horticulture, agriculture, tourism, and traditional crafts, enriching not just the Kullu Valley but also surrounding regions.


Historical mentions of the Kullu valley trace back to Hindu epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranas. In the Vedic era, it housed small republics known as “Janapada,” successively ruled by the Nanda, Mauryan, Shunga, Gupta, Pala, and Karkoṭa Empires. After a period under King Harshavardhana, the region fragmented into local powers led by chieftains, including Rajput principalities. Subsequently, these were annexed by the Mughal, Maratha, and Sikh Empires, reflecting a diverse and dynamic history of conquests and regional shifts.


In the 2011 India census, Kullu housed a population of 437,903, comprising 225,452 males and 212,451 females, with a sex ratio of 942 females per 1000 males, surpassing the national average. The district boasts an average literacy rate of 79.40%, with male literacy at 87.39% and female literacy at 70.91%. The local language spoken is Kullui, reflecting the cultural fabric of the region, nurturing a diverse linguistic heritage among its populace.


Kullu, at 1,278 m (4,193 ft), rests by the Beas River, with the Sarvari tributary leading to Lug-valley’s unexplored terrains. Eastward, a mountain ridge hosts Bijli Mahadev, Anant Nag, and Peej temples. The Manikaran Valley lies beyond, alongside the Parvati River, merging with Beas at Bhuntar. Southward stretch towns like Bhuntar and Aut, connecting to Anni, Banjar, and Sainj Valley. Historically accessible from Shimla and Kangra, Kullu also leads to Manali, Rohtang Pass, and Beas River’s source at 13,500 ft. Further, Lahaul-Spiti, via Atal tunnel, exhibits a stark climatic and cultural shift with Tibetan influences.


Agriculture and horticulture form the primary livelihood sources in Kullu. Terrace farming yields wheat, maize, and vegetables, while apple cultivation is profitable. Climate change impacts these activities. Cannabis farming, despite being illegal, has been a significant income source. Forests offer timber, non-timber products, and medicinal herbs. Though mineral-free, hydroelectricity thrives with projects like Parbati. Historic migration routes exist for transhumant communities. Tourism drives livelihoods, impacting the ecology. Handloom production of Kullu shawls is notable. Service sectors like tourism, education, and floriculture show promise, given limited industrial growth due to geographic constraints.


Why is Kullu famous?

Kullu is renowned for its stunning landscapes, notably the Kullu Valley, vibrant cultural heritage, adventure sports, and thriving apple orchards, attracting tourists and adventure enthusiasts worldwide.

What language is spoken in Kullu?

The predominant language spoken in Kullu is a dialect of the Western Pahari language called Kullui, while Hindi is also widely understood and used for communication.

Is Kullu different from Manali?

Kullu and Manali are distinct yet closely connected; Kullu is the district encompassing the larger region, while Manali is a popular town within the Kullu district.

Why Kullu is called Valley of God?

Kullu earns its title, "Valley of Gods," due to its revered landscapes, spiritual significance, and historical mentions in Hindu epics, invoking a divine aura amidst its breathtaking natural beauty.

What is the Speciality food of Kullu?

Kullu's specialty food includes dishes like Dham (a traditional meal), Sidu (stuffed bread), and Babru (black gram stuffed bread), showcasing the region's unique culinary heritage.