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Kupwara Pincodes: Located in the picturesque valley of Kashmir, Kupwara district boasts a range of distinct pincodes that facilitate the identification and distribution of mail and services in the region. From the bustling center of Kupwara town to the serene corners of Handwara and beyond, each area bears its unique pincode, streamlining the local postal and administrative operations. These pincodes intricately map the diverse locales, enabling efficient communication and accessibility within Kupwara’s breathtaking landscape, fostering connectivity amidst its lush greenery and tranquil vistas.
Kupwara Pincodes

Here is a list of Kupwara Pincodes

1Aloosa193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
2Batagund193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
3Batergam193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
4Batpora193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
5Budnambal193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
6Chamkote193225KupwaraJammu And kashmir
7Chandigam193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
8Cheerkoot193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
9Chowgal190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
10Chowkibal193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
11Dardpora193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
12Dever Inderbugh193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
13Drugmulla193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
14Dudi Machil193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
15Gazriyal193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
16Gloora193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
17Gogal193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
18Gugloosa193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
19Gulgam193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
20Haihama193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
21Hajitrah193225KupwaraJammu And kashmir
22Halmatpora193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
23Handwara190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
24Haril193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
25Hayan193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
26Jaggerpora193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
27Kachhama193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
28Kakroosa193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
29Kalamchakla193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
30Kalaroose193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
31Kandi190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
32Karihama193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
33Keran193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
34Khumriyal193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
35Kralgund193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
36Kralpora193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
37Krusan193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
38Kuligam193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
39Kupwara193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
40Lalpora193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
41Magam190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
42Maidanpora193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
43Manzgam193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
44Meelyal193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
45Nachian193225KupwaraJammu And kashmir
46Nagrimalpora193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
47Natnusa190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
48Nowgabra193225KupwaraJammu And kashmir
49Nowgam193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
50Owoora193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
51Panzgam193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
52Pazipora193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
53Puhroopeth193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
54Putushay193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
55Sahipora193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
56Sarkuli193222KupwaraJammu And kashmir
57Satkuji190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
58Shatgund193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
59Shilhal190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
60Sogam193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
61Tad193225KupwaraJammu And kashmir
62Tangdhar193225KupwaraJammu And kashmir
63Tarathpora193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
64Teetwal193225KupwaraJammu And kashmir
65Tekipora193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
66Trehgam193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
67Turkapora190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
68Vernow193223KupwaraJammu And kashmir
69Villagam193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
70Wader Nichama190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
71Wadipora190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
72Wagat190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
73Warsun193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir
74Yaroo193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
75Yunis Wahipora193302KupwaraJammu And kashmir
76Zachaldara190001KupwaraJammu And kashmir
77Zurhama193224KupwaraJammu And kashmir

About Kupwara District

Kupwara, situated in the Kupwara district within the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, embodies a significant urban center. As both a city and the district headquarters, it holds a pivotal role in the region’s governance and civic affairs. The Municipal Council of Kupwara operates as an Urban Local Body, comprising elected representatives responsible for overseeing the city’s municipal functions. This governing body assumes authority over essential civic amenities, urban planning, and local administrative tasks crucial for the smooth functioning of the municipality. By facilitating elected members to manage and address the city’s needs, the Municipal Council of Kupwara plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for its residents.s inhabitants within the Kupwara district.


Established in 1979, the district emerged as an independent entity from the pre-existing Baramulla district. Its genesis saw the division that led to the formation of Kupwara District, with Kupwara Town designated as its central administrative hub. This administrative restructuring aimed to enhance local governance and cater specifically to the distinct needs and development aspirations of the region. The separation from Baramulla District marked a pivotal moment, granting Kupwara District autonomy and administrative sovereignty. Since its inception, Kupwara District has evolved, embracing socio-economic progress while navigating its unique challenges. With Kupwara Town at its helm, the district embarked on a journey of self-governance, focusing on tailored policies and initiatives, fostering community development


As per the 2011 India census, Kupwara recorded a population of 21,771 individuals. Among them, 15,120 were males, constituting 69% of the population, while 6,651 were females, making up 31%. In the age group of 0 to 6 years, there were 2,093 children, with 1,082 being males (52%) and 1,011 females (48%). The literacy rate for those above six years old stood at 86.6%. Among them, males had a literacy rate of 91.9%, significantly higher than females at 73.5%. These statistics shed light on the demographic distribution, emphasizing a gender imbalance in literacy rates while highlighting the population structure across various age groups within Kupwara as documented during the 2011 census in India.


Covering 2,379 square kilometers (919 sq mi), Kupwara district shares borders with Bandipora district in the east, Baramulla district to the south, and Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir to the north and west. Predominantly rural and agricultural, this district encapsulates a serene landscape shaped by its agricultural essence. Its expanse signifies a balance between the tranquility of rural life and the geographical boundaries that define its connections to neighboring regions. With its pastoral charm and natural beauty, Kupwara epitomizes a blend of rural simplicity amidst the delineations that mark its territorial bounds.


Kupwara district in Jammu and Kashmir comprises several administrative units delineating its organizational structure. It consists of two Sub Divisions: Karnah and Lolab. The district further breaks down into 16 Tehsils, including Kupwara, Handwara, Drugmullah, Trehgam, Kralpora, Sogam, Lalpora, Machil, Keran, Langate, Kralgund, Ramhal, Zachaldara, Karnah, Villgam, and Kalamabad. These Tehsils are subdivided into 24 Development Blocks and encompass a network of 356 Gram Panchayats. Moreover, the district hosts five Assembly Constituencies: Karnah, Kupwara, Lolab, Handwara, and Langate. The healthcare infrastructure comprises seven Sub-District Hospitals strategically located in Kupwara, Kralpora, Tangdar, Sogam, Kralgund, Langate, and Zachaldara, ensuring access to medical facilities across the district.


What is Kupwara famous for?

Kupwara is renowned for its scenic beauty, apple orchards, saffron cultivation, and proximity to the Line of Control.

Is Kupwara in Ladakh?

No, Kupwara is not in Ladakh. It's a district in Jammu and Kashmir but not part of Ladakh region.

How many kilometer is Kupwara from srinagar?

Kupwara is approximately 90 kilometers away from Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir in India.

How many feet from sea level is Kupwara ?

Kupwara is approximately 5,600 feet above sea level, contributing to its elevated and picturesque terrain.

How many blocks are in Kupwara?

Kupwara district in Jammu and Kashmir consists of 24 administrative blocks within its territorial jurisdiction.