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Leh Pincodes​

“Leh Pincodes” offer a comprehensive directory for the picturesque region of Leh. Our website meticulously lists all the distinct postal codes within Leh, simplifying location-based searches for residents and travelers alike. With a concise collection of codes, users can effortlessly pinpoint exact destinations, facilitating smoother deliveries, accurate navigation, and efficient correspondence. From the bustling streets to the serene landscapes, “Leh Pincodes” serves as a reliable resource, presenting essential postal codes crucial for accessing various areas across this stunning Himalayan terrain. Explore, discover, and navigate Leh effortlessly with our user-friendly platform.
Leh Pincodes

Here is a list of Leh Pincodes​

1Alchi194106LehJammu And kashmir
2Bazgo194105LehJammu And kashmir
3Biama194106LehJammu And kashmir
4Chamray194201LehJammu And kashmir
5Chuchot Gongma194101LehJammu And kashmir
6Chuchot Shama194101LehJammu And kashmir
7Chuchot Yokma194101LehJammu And kashmir
8Chuchul194101LehJammu And kashmir
9Chuglamsar194104LehJammu And kashmir
10Chumathang194201LehJammu And kashmir
11Diskit194401LehJammu And kashmir
12Dumkhar194106LehJammu And kashmir
13Durbuk194101LehJammu And kashmir
14Faing194101LehJammu And kashmir
15Gia Meru194201LehJammu And kashmir
16Hanoo194106LehJammu And kashmir
17Hemis Changa194201LehJammu And kashmir
18Hemis Shukpacahan194106LehJammu And kashmir
19Hemiya194201LehJammu And kashmir
20Horzey194101LehJammu And kashmir
21Hunder194401LehJammu And kashmir
22Igoo194201LehJammu And kashmir
23Kairay194201LehJammu And kashmir
24Karoo194201LehJammu And kashmir
25Khalsi194106LehJammu And kashmir
26Khardong194401LehJammu And kashmir
27Kubat194401LehJammu And kashmir
28Kungyam194201LehJammu And kashmir
29Lamayuru194106LehJammu And kashmir
30Leh194101LehJammu And kashmir
31Leh City194101LehJammu And kashmir
32Likir194106LehJammu And kashmir
33Matho194101LehJammu And kashmir
34Ney194101LehJammu And kashmir
35Nomoo194101LehJammu And kashmir
36Nurla194106LehJammu And kashmir
37Nyoma194101LehJammu And kashmir
38Panamik194401LehJammu And kashmir
39Saboo194104LehJammu And kashmir
40Sakti194201LehJammu And kashmir
41Sasapol194106LehJammu And kashmir
42Shara194201LehJammu And kashmir
43Shey194201LehJammu And kashmir
44Skurbuchan194106LehJammu And kashmir
45Spituk194101LehJammu And kashmir
46Stok194101LehJammu And kashmir
47Takmachik194106LehJammu And kashmir
48Temisgam194106LehJammu And kashmir
49Terchey194401LehJammu And kashmir
50Thiksay194201LehJammu And kashmir
51Tia194106LehJammu And kashmir
52Tiger Sumur194401LehJammu And kashmir
53Turtuk194401LehJammu And kashmir
54Wanla194106LehJammu And kashmir

About Leh District

Leh, a vibrant city nestled in Ladakh, resides amidst the captivating Kashmir region’s disputed lands. Serving as Ladakh’s largest city and a shared capital, Leh boasts historical significance as the former capital of the Kingdom of Ladakh. Its iconic Leh Palace mirrors the style of Tibet’s Potala Palace, inviting comparisons in construction. However, while Leh Palace shares similarities, it stands distinct, lacking the grandeur and historical eminence of its Tibetan counterpart. Situated at an elevation of 3,524 meters (11,562 feet), Leh is linked to Srinagar via National Highway 1 and to Manali through the Leh-Manali Highway, enriching its connectivity amid awe-inspiring terrains.


Leh had long been an important center on the busy commercial routes that connected Tibet, Kashmir, India, and China via the Indus Valley. Caravan routes brimmed with a diverse load: salt, grains, precious pashm wool, Tarim Basin charas, indigo, silk yarn, and magnificent brocade from Banaras. Leh’s historical thread discovers after the 10th century, despite hints of a Chinese trading route in the Kushan era. A descendant of Langdarma, Skyid lde nyima gon founded the realm by using a light hand to dominate Western Tibet. The massive sculptures at Shey, the towns and castles left behind by Nyima gon, provide witness to a time when Buddhism overcame the anti-Buddhist rule of Langdarma.


With 30,870 residents in 2011, Leh’s gender distribution was impacted by government workers, traders, and temporary laborers, with 70% of the population being male. With male literacy at 94.89% and female literacy at 78.85%, the 90% literacy rate above the national average. The language of Ladakh’s ethnic Tibetans is Ladakhi. The incorporation of Ladakh by Kashmir is linked to the presence of Muslims, who have migrated there mostly because of tourism. Despite its small size, Ladakh sees a lot of tourism; in 2010, there were 77,800 visitors, up 77% from 2005 to 2010. Domestic Indian tourists account for the majority of this development, which indicates a strong trend.


Standing at the edge of the Indus River, Leh enjoys a picturesque location surrounded by peaks that climb 3,500 meters above sea level. Nanga Sago is the tallest of these titans at nearly 5,500 meters. The highways that connect the city’s vital areas, Srinagar-Leh (434 km) and Leh-Manali (428 km), are only open seasonally and provide limited access. Local roads in the Indus Valley are usually still accessible throughout the winter months, even though there isn’t as much snowfall as there is on the routes between Srinagar and Manali. The valley roads of Leh frequently continue to run despite the winter’s hold on the main roads, providing constant activity in this hill country.


Under the direction of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC), which consists of 26 elected members and 4 nominated members, Leh’s government is run. The Chief Executive Councillor is in charge of this administrative body, providing direction and control. The Deputy Commissioner of Leh, who also serves as the LAHDC’s Chief Executive Officer, is further interlaced in this system. At the moment, Santosh Sukhdeve has the rank of Deputy Commissioner, which gives him considerable influence over district matters and allows him to actively participate in the region’s complicated political system.


Which is the best month to visit Leh?

The best month to visit Leh is from April to July due to favorable weather and accessibility.

What is special about Leh?

Leh captivates with its Himalayan beauty, ancient monasteries, vibrant culture, and adventures amid stunning landscapes.

What is the hottest month in Leh?

July typically marks the hottest month in Leh due to its peak summer temperatures.

Can we see snow in Leh in July?

Snow in Leh during July is rare due to warmer temperatures, but some higher-altitude areas might retain snow patches.

Is leh part of kashmir ?

No, Leh is part of the larger region of Ladakh, distinct from the Kashmir region in Jammu and Kashmir.