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Pincodes of North Cachar hills

North Cachar, known as Dima Hasao, in Assam, India, is a district set in the Eastern Himalayas, known for its stunning landscapes, dense forests, and rich tribal cultures. Its administrative center, Haflong, a picturesque hill station, along with other areas in the district, utilizes North Cachar Hills pincodes for efficient postal services. The district is a haven for indigenous communities, each with distinct traditions and languages. It attracts tourists with its unspoiled rivers, lush tea gardens, and tranquil natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a blend of nature and culture. The North Cachar Hills pincodes play a vital role in ensuring efficient mail delivery and navigation across this picturesque and culturally rich region of Assam, India.

North Cachar Hills Pincodes​

Here is a list of North Cachar hills Pincodes

1Assam Quary788931North Cachar hillsAssam
2Bagetar788820North Cachar hillsAssam
3Bandarkhal788818North Cachar hillsAssam
4Baro Mulkoi788818North Cachar hillsAssam
5Borolabang788931North Cachar hillsAssam
6Christiankempai788819North Cachar hillsAssam
7Dautohaza788830North Cachar hillsAssam
8Dehangi788819North Cachar hillsAssam
9Dezabra788832North Cachar hillsAssam
10Dibari788819North Cachar hillsAssam
11Dintharveng788819North Cachar hillsAssam
12Dittakcherra788818North Cachar hillsAssam
13Diyumbra788931North Cachar hillsAssam
14Dwarband788113North Cachar hillsAssam
15Electric Veng788820North Cachar hillsAssam
16Fengpui788819North Cachar hillsAssam
17Garampani788931North Cachar hillsAssam
18Govindanagar788931North Cachar hillsAssam
19Gunjung788819North Cachar hillsAssam
20Haflo R.s.788820North Cachar hillsAssam
21Haflong788819North Cachar hillsAssam
22Haflong Bazar788819North Cachar hillsAssam
23Haflong Ptc788820North Cachar hillsAssam
24Hajang788831North Cachar hillsAssam
25Hange788830North Cachar hillsAssam
26Hangrum788830North Cachar hillsAssam
27Harengajao788818North Cachar hillsAssam
28Hatikhali788832North Cachar hillsAssam
29Hazadisha788831North Cachar hillsAssam
30Impui Hindu788830North Cachar hillsAssam
31Jatinga788818North Cachar hillsAssam
32Jatinga Tenali788819North Cachar hillsAssam
33Kanaan788819North Cachar hillsAssam
34Kanabasti788819North Cachar hillsAssam
35Kaprey788831North Cachar hillsAssam
36Kharthang788818North Cachar hillsAssam
37Khejurbond788834North Cachar hillsAssam
38Khognam788830North Cachar hillsAssam
39Laisang Bagan788830North Cachar hillsAssam
40Langting788832North Cachar hillsAssam
41Langting Hasin788832North Cachar hillsAssam
42Lasang788830North Cachar hillsAssam
43Lodikachari788108North Cachar hillsAssam
44Longkhu788931North Cachar hillsAssam
45Mahur788830North Cachar hillsAssam
46Maibong788831North Cachar hillsAssam
47Mailongdisha788818North Cachar hillsAssam
48Mandardisha788832North Cachar hillsAssam
49Manigipur788831North Cachar hillsAssam
50Michidui788819North Cachar hillsAssam
51Mouthoi788819North Cachar hillsAssam
52Mupa788832North Cachar hillsAssam
53Nablaidisha788831North Cachar hillsAssam
54Narainpur788818North Cachar hillsAssam
55Narsingwari788819North Cachar hillsAssam
56Panch Kilometer788931North Cachar hillsAssam
57Pangmoul788830North Cachar hillsAssam
58Redzol788818North Cachar hillsAssam
59Sangbar788931North Cachar hillsAssam
60Santilla788819North Cachar hillsAssam
61Saran788830North Cachar hillsAssam
62Sarkari Bagan788820North Cachar hillsAssam
63Simtuilong788831North Cachar hillsAssam
64Sonpijang788819North Cachar hillsAssam
65Topadisa788820North Cachar hillsAssam
66Tulpoi788830North Cachar hillsAssam
67Umrangshu788931North Cachar hillsAssam
68Venzaul788830North Cachar hillsAssam
69Wardendisha788831North Cachar hillsAssam
70Zion788820North Cachar hillsAssam

About North Cachar Hills

Assam, India’s North Cachar Hills District is a special and lovely district that has been refereed to as Dima Hasao since 2010. Assam’s neighbouring districts and the state capital are also easily accessible from Dima Hasao. It is regarded as the pivot between the Brahmaputra and Barak valleys due to its geographic location.The Dima Hasao district headquarters, Haflong, which is also regarded as Assam’s only legitimate hill station, is 333 km southeast of Guwahati and accessible by a number of transportation options.


The district office is situated at Haflong. With a total area of 4,888 square kilometres (1,887 sq mi), Dima Hasao district is Assam’s second-largest district after Karbi Anglong. Karbi Anglong district and Nagaland border the northeast of Dima Hasao District; Manipur borders the east; Hojai District borders the north; West Karbi Anglong district borders the northwest; Meghalaya borders the west; and Cachar district borders the south.


The bulk of people in Dima Hasao work in agriculture and related fields, making up the bulk of the country’s agrarian economy. Oranges, pineapples, and other horticulture items can be grown in the mountainous terrain. The development of eco-tourism has received attention recently as a way to strengthen the regional economy.


The tribes and ethnic groups that make up Dima Hasao include the Dimasa, Zeme Naga, Hmar, and Kuki. Each tribe adds its own customs, celebrations, and languages to the district’s cultural fabric. Bushu-Dima and Harni-Gobra festivals, which highlight the district’s rich cultural diversity, are enthusiastically observed.


The mysterious ‘suicide of birds’ that occur in the village of Jatinga between September and November are well-known. At that time of year, a lot of tourists come to see the phenomena. The town of Maibang is well-known for its rock-cut temple, which is made of a single, triangular piece of black sandstone. Within is the Hindu goddess Mahamaya, also known as Ranachandi.


What are Northern Cachar Hills?

Another name for North Cachar Hills is Dima Hasao. The district office is situated at Haflong. 2,13,529 people live in the district, which has a land area of 4888 sq. km (as of 2011 Census).

What is the new name of North Cachar Hills District?

The Dima Hasao Autonomous Council, often called the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC), is an autonomous district council located in the Indian state of Assam.

What tribes are in North Cachar Hills?

Several tribal communities, including the Mikirs, the Dimasa Kacharis, the Nagas, the Kukis, the Hmar, the Garos, the Khasi and the Jatyantias, the Mizos, and others, call the United Mikir and the North Cachar Hills District home.

What is the highest peak in North Cachar Hills?

The Barail is the highest hill range in Assam. It includes the North Cachar Hill Reserve Forest (RF) of Cachar district, Barail RF of Cachar and North Cachar Hills districts and the unclassified forests stretching from the Simleng river valley in the west to Laike in the east (in North Cachar Hills district).

Which Neolithic site has been found in the North Cachar Hills?

Daojali Hading is a neolithic site located in the state of Assam. It is located in the North Cachar Hills area. This site has yielded stone and fossil wood axes, adzes, chisels, hoes, grinding slabs, querns,and mullers.