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Pincodes of North-Delhi

North Delhi, a significant district in India’s capital, is a blend of historical sites, educational institutions, and bustling markets. It’s home to landmarks like the University of Delhi, attracting students from all over the country. The region boasts historical treasures such as the majestic Red Fort and Jama Masjid, alongside vibrant shopping areas like Chandni Chowk. North Delhi is known for its rich cultural diversity, reflected in its food, festivals, and architecture. The area’s dynamic character is complemented by its business and residential communities. North-Delhi Pincodes play a vital role in maintaining efficient postal services and navigation in this culturally rich and diverse part of the city.

North-Delhi Pincodes

Here is a list of North-Delhi Pincodes

1Baratooti110006North DelhiDelhi
2Birla Lines110007North DelhiDelhi
3Burari110084North DelhiDelhi
4C.C.i.110007North DelhiDelhi
5Chandni Chowk110006North DelhiDelhi
6Chawri Bazar110006North DelhiDelhi
7Civil Lines110054North DelhiDelhi
8Dareeba110006North DelhiDelhi
9Delhi Sadar bazar110006North DelhiDelhi
10Delhi University110007North DelhiDelhi
11Distt Courts110054North DelhiDelhi
12Gulabi Bagh110007North DelhiDelhi
13Jagatpur110084North DelhiDelhi
14Jawahar Nagar110007North DelhiDelhi
15Jharoda Majraa110084North DelhiDelhi
16Kamla Nagar110007North DelhiDelhi
17Malka Ganj110007North DelhiDelhi
18Padam Nagar110007North DelhiDelhi
19Patrachar Vidyalay110054North DelhiDelhi
20R.C.a.o.110007North DelhiDelhi
21Rana Pratap bagh110007North DelhiDelhi
22Roop Nagar110007North DelhiDelhi
23Roshan Ara road110007North DelhiDelhi
24S.T. road110006North DelhiDelhi
25Shakti Nagar110007North DelhiDelhi
26Timarpur110054North DelhiDelhi

About North Delhi

North Delhi is one of the administrative areas in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India. Alipur serves as the district’s main administrative center. It’s situated between the Yamuna River on the east and Central Delhi district, and it’s also bordered by North West Delhi district on the west.


The way Delhi was governed started in 1803 when the British took control, and it became part of British Punjab. In the Delhi district, there was a Deputy Commissioner who was the top district officer and had authority over revenue and registration. They also oversaw urban administration as the President of the District Board and the Municipality.

Before independence, Delhi had a Chief Commissioner as the head of administration, with the Deputy Commissioner reporting to them. There were three Assistant Commissioners who shared responsibilities, like handling revenue and criminal appeals, municipal and minor criminal cases, and managing the Municipality.

After independence, the District Administration changed due to the transfer of powers to newly created Departments. Two significant changes weakened the role of the DC Office. First, in 1969, the executive and the judiciary were separated. Then, in 1978, the Delhi Police Act placed Delhi under the Commissioner of Police system. This shift gave most of the District Magistrates’ powers to the Police Commissioner as per the Cr.P.C.


In the 2011 census, North Delhi had around 887,978 people. In terms of population rank in India, it was 468th out of 640 districts. The district was quite densely populated, with about 14,973 people living in every square kilometer.

The new North Delhi district has a population of 1,405,723, with 88.00% of people living in urban areas. The sex ratio is 852 females for every 1000 males.

In terms of language, at the time of the 2011 census, 85.84% of the population spoke Hindi, 4.71% spoke Punjabi, and there were smaller percentages speaking languages like Bhojpuri, Haryanvi, Bengali, and Urdu as their first language.


The North district is divided into three parts:

  1. Alipur
  2. Model Town
  3. Narela   

These districts align with the Police Districts. A Deputy Commissioner leads this district, and they have an Additional District Magistrate, Sub Divisional Magistrates, Tehsildars, and Sub-Registrar working under them. The District Administration handles a wide range of tasks, including legal matters, revenue courts, issuing important documents, and property registration.


Is North Delhi posh area?

While South Delhi is known for its upscale neighborhoods, ongoing real estate development and investments by developers have also led to the growth of posh areas in North Delhi and West Delhi. Model Town in North Delhi is one such upscale locality.

Is Delhi in North Side?

Delhi holds a vital position as a northern Indian state, despite being a union territory. It's considered one of the key northern states of India. Delhi's significance stems from its role as the capital of India and its central role in the country's administration.

Which parts are in North Delhi?

In North Delhi district, there are three main sub-divisions: Sadar Bazaar, Kotwali, and Civil Lines. Sadar Bazaar is a lively market in North Delhi where you can find both everyday items and fancy goods at affordable prices. The main highlight of this area is the North Campus of Delhi University.