North-Goa Pincodes

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Pincodes of North-Goa

North Goa, a region in the state of Goa, India, is renowned for its lively atmosphere and stunning beaches like Baga, Calangute, and Anjuna. Famous for its vibrant nightlife, bustling flea markets, and water sports, North Goa is a favorite among tourists seeking both relaxation and adventure. The area reflects a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, seen in its architecture, cuisine, and festivals. North Goa’s scenic beauty extends beyond its coastline to include historic forts and serene backwaters. The region’s dynamic character and tourist-friendly amenities make it an unforgettable destination for travelers from around the world. North Goa pincodes are integral to the state’s efficient postal network, ensuring smooth mail delivery and navigation across its picturesque beaches, vibrant towns, and cultural landmarks.

North-Goa Pincodes

Here is a List of North-Goa Pincodes

1Advalpal403503North GoaGoa
2Advoi403530North GoaGoa
3Agarwada403512North GoaGoa
4Aldona403508North GoaGoa
5Alto Betim403521North GoaGoa
6Alto-porvorim403521North GoaGoa
7Anjuna403509North GoaGoa
8Arambol403524North GoaGoa
9Arpora403516North GoaGoa
10Assagao403507North GoaGoa
11Assonora403503North GoaGoa
12Baga403516North GoaGoa
13Bambolim Camp403201North GoaGoa
14Bambolim Complex403202North GoaGoa
15Bastora403507North GoaGoa
16Batim403108North GoaGoa
17Betim403101North GoaGoa
18Betki403107North GoaGoa
19Bicholim403504North GoaGoa
20Bicholim Industrial estate403529North GoaGoa
21Birondam403506North GoaGoa
22C.C.altinho403001North GoaGoa
23Caisua403509North GoaGoa
24Calangute403516North GoaGoa
25Calvim403523North GoaGoa
26Camurlim403507North GoaGoa
27Canca403510North GoaGoa
28Candepar403406North GoaGoa
29Candolim403515North GoaGoa
30Cansarvornem403512North GoaGoa
31Carambolim403110North GoaGoa
32Caranzalem403002North GoaGoa
33Carapur403505North GoaGoa
34Carona403523North GoaGoa
35Chimbel403006North GoaGoa
36Chorao403102North GoaGoa
37Colvale403513North GoaGoa
38Corgao403512North GoaGoa
39Corjuim403508North GoaGoa
40Corlim Ie403110North GoaGoa
41Cotorem403506North GoaGoa
42Cudne403505North GoaGoa
43Cumbharjua403107North GoaGoa
44Curca403108North GoaGoa
45Darbandora403406North GoaGoa
46Dhagalim403513North GoaGoa
47Dodamarg403503North GoaGoa
48Fontainhas403001North GoaGoa
49Goa -velha403108North GoaGoa
50Goa University403206North GoaGoa
51Guleli403506North GoaGoa
52Gurim403507North GoaGoa
53Ibrampur403503North GoaGoa
54Kerim403505North GoaGoa
55Malar403403North GoaGoa
56Mandrem403527North GoaGoa
57Mandur403104North GoaGoa
58Mapusa403507North GoaGoa
59Mapusa I.e.403507North GoaGoa
60Marcaim403404North GoaGoa
61Maulinge403504North GoaGoa
62Mauzi403506North GoaGoa
63Mayem403504North GoaGoa
64Menkurim403513North GoaGoa
65Moira403507North GoaGoa
66Morjim403512North GoaGoa
67Morlem403505North GoaGoa
68Mulgao403503North GoaGoa
69N B verem403109North GoaGoa
70Nachinola403508North GoaGoa
71Nagargaon403506North GoaGoa
72Nagzar403512North GoaGoa
73Nanora403503North GoaGoa
74Nanorem403506North GoaGoa
75Navelim403505North GoaGoa
76Nerul403114North GoaGoa
77Neura403104North GoaGoa
78Nio Dona paula403004North GoaGoa
79Onda403530North GoaGoa
80Onda I.e.403530North GoaGoa
81Oxel403517North GoaGoa
82Ozari403513North GoaGoa
83Pale403105North GoaGoa
84Panaji403001North GoaGoa
85Parra403510North GoaGoa
86Parxem403512North GoaGoa
87Penha De france403101North GoaGoa
88Pernem403512North GoaGoa
89Piedade403403North GoaGoa
90Pilar403203North GoaGoa
91Pilerne403114North GoaGoa
92Pilgao403504North GoaGoa
93Pillem403406North GoaGoa
94Pirna403513North GoaGoa
95Pissurlem403530North GoaGoa
96Pomburpa403523North GoaGoa
97Ponda403401North GoaGoa
98Poriem403505North GoaGoa
99Poroscodem403512North GoaGoa
100Porvorim403501North GoaGoa
101Pratapnagar Harvale403505North GoaGoa
102Querim403524North GoaGoa
103Qurinpani403524North GoaGoa
104Reis Magos403114North GoaGoa
105Revora403513North GoaGoa
106Ribandar403006North GoaGoa
107Saipem403515North GoaGoa
108Salem403503North GoaGoa
109Saligao403511North GoaGoa
110Salvador De mond403101North GoaGoa
111Sancordem403406North GoaGoa
112Sangolda403511North GoaGoa
113Sanquelim403505North GoaGoa
114Santa Cruz403005North GoaGoa
115Sanvordem403506North GoaGoa
116Secretariat403521North GoaGoa
117Sem Saligao403511North GoaGoa
118Shiroda403103North GoaGoa
119Sinquerim403515North GoaGoa
120Siolim403517North GoaGoa
121Sirgao403503North GoaGoa
122Siridao403108North GoaGoa
123Sirsaim403502North GoaGoa
124St Inez403001North GoaGoa
125St. lourence403204North GoaGoa
126Succour Pssk403501North GoaGoa
127Surla403505North GoaGoa
128Tamboxem403512North GoaGoa
129Tarvalem403103North GoaGoa
130Thana403506North GoaGoa
131Tivim403502North GoaGoa
132Tivim Ie403526North GoaGoa
133Torxem403512North GoaGoa
134Tuem403512North GoaGoa
135Tuem I e403512North GoaGoa
136Ucassiam403507North GoaGoa
137Usgao403407North GoaGoa
138Valpoi403506North GoaGoa
139Varconda403512North GoaGoa
140Velguem O403506North GoaGoa
141Velha-goa403402North GoaGoa
142Virnora403512North GoaGoa

About North Goa

One of the two districts that make up the Indian state of Goa is North Goa district. The district, which occupies 1,736 square kilometres, is bordered to the north by the districts of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg in the state of Maharashtra, to the east by the district of Belgavi in the state of Karnataka, to the south by the district of South Goa, and to the west by the Arabian Sea.


All of today’s northern provinces were a part of the Bijapur Sultanate when the Portuguese arrived in AD 1510. Following their successful victory, Portugal seized Ilhas and Bardez, and the area is now known as Velhas Conquistas. The remaining area was eventually ruled by the Maratha Kingdom of Sawantwadi until AD 1783 following the fall of the Deccan sultanates and the establishment of the Marathas in the late 1600s.

For the Hindus, Muslims, and newly converted Christians who were fleeing the Portuguese Inquisition occurring in Goa, these areas were considered safe havens. As part of the late eighteenth-century Novas Conquistas, the Portuguese seized these lands. They were ruled by the Portuguese until 1961, when India conquered them.


Panaji, the capital of the state of Goa, serves as the district’s administrative centre. The district is a part of the Konkan, a larger geographical area. District collector Mamu Hage, IAS is her name. Three subdivisions, Panaji, Mapusa, and Bicholim, as well as five talukas, Tiswadi (Panaji), Bardez (Mapusa), Pernem, Bicholim, and Sattari (Valpoi), make up the district. In January 2015, the Ponda taluka was moved from the North Goa district to the South Goa district.


North Goa has 8,18,008 residents, almost equivalent to the population of the US state of South Dakota or the nation of Comoros, according to the 2011 census. As a result, it is ranked 480th in India. There are 471 people living in the district per square kilometre (1,220/sq mi). Between 2001 and 2011, the population growth rate was 7.8%. North Goa has an 88.85% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 959 females for every 1000 males. The district’s population is composed of 2.15% Scheduled Castes and 6.92% Scheduled Tribes.


Anjuna Beach, Candolim Beach, Mandrem Beach, Calangute Beach, Morjim Beach, and Arambol Beach are just a few of the beaches that make up North Goa. Other tourist destinations are the temple of Boghdeshwara, the church of Mae De Deus, and Fort Aguada. North Goa’s Chorao and Divar Island are islands that can be reached via ferry.


Why is North Goa famous?

Aguada Fort, Chapora Fort, and the well-known St. Alex Church in Calangute are only a couple of the tourist attractions in North Goa.

Is North Goa better or South Goa?

Both North and South Goa provide cosy places to stay. Nonetheless, South Goa is home to some of the state's top resorts and upscale hotels. In one of these villas, you can simply unwind and enjoy some quiet days away from the bustle of the city.

Which is the best area to stay in North Goa?

After Candolim and Sinquerim, the next best place to visit and stay in North Goa is Calangute and then Baga. Calangute and Baga are both coastal towns but they are better known for their beaches.

Which part of Goa is expensive?

The northern region of Goa is typically seen to be more costly than the southern region in terms of cost. The northern regions—Baga, Calangute, and Candolim, for example—are popular travel spots that draw many of tourists all year long.

Is Panjim in North or South Goa?

This is the district of North Goa and the capital of Goa. It is located along the "Mandovi" River's banks. Bridges connect it to the mainland. History: There are numerous theories as to where the name Panaji, or Panjim, originated.