North-West-Delhi Pincodes

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Pincodes of North-West-Delhi

North-West Delhi, a dynamic district in India’s capital, is known for its diverse residential neighborhoods, bustling markets, and educational institutions. This area combines modern urban development with cultural heritage, offering a unique living experience. Key attractions include the Pitampura TV Tower and historical sites sprinkled throughout the district. North-West Delhi is also home to various shopping complexes, parks, and recreational areas, catering to a wide range of interests. The district’s vibrant community life and economic activities make it a popular choice for residents and businesses alike. North-West-Delhi Pincodes are essential for efficient postal services and navigation, ensuring seamless connectivity in this diverse and evolving part of Delhi.

North-West-Delhi Pincodes

Here is a list of North-West-Delhi Pincodes

1Adrash Nagar110033North West delhiDelhi
2Alipur110036North West delhiDelhi
3Anandvas Shakurpur110034North West delhiDelhi
4Ashok Vihar110052North West delhiDelhi
5Auchandi110039North West delhiDelhi
6Badli110042North West delhiDelhi
7Bakhtawar Pur110036North West delhiDelhi
8Bakoli110036North West delhiDelhi
9Bankner110040North West delhiDelhi
10Barwala110039North West delhiDelhi
11Bawana110039North West delhiDelhi
12Begumpur110086North West delhiDelhi
13Bhalaswa110033North West delhiDelhi
14Bhorgarh110040North West delhiDelhi
15Budh Vihar110086North West delhiDelhi
16Chand Pur110081North West delhiDelhi
17Delhi Engg. college110042North West delhiDelhi
18Dr.Mukerjee nagar110009North West delhiDelhi
19G.T.b.nagar110009North West delhiDelhi
20Ganeshpura110035North West delhiDelhi
21Gheora110081North West delhiDelhi
22Ghoga110039North West delhiDelhi
23Gujranwala Colony110009North West delhiDelhi
24H.S.sangh110009North West delhiDelhi
25Haiderpur110088North West delhiDelhi
26Hareveli110039North West delhiDelhi
27Hiranki110036North West delhiDelhi
28Holambi Kalan110082North West delhiDelhi
29Inderlok110035North West delhiDelhi
30Jahangir Puri a block110033North West delhiDelhi
31Jahangir Puri d block110033North West delhiDelhi
32Jahangir Puri h block110033North West delhiDelhi
33Jat Khore110039North West delhiDelhi
34Jaunti110081North West delhiDelhi
35Kadipur110036North West delhiDelhi
36Kanjhawla110081North West delhiDelhi
37Kanya Gurukul110040North West delhiDelhi
38Karala110081North West delhiDelhi
39Katewara110039North West delhiDelhi
40Keshav Puram110035North West delhiDelhi
41Khampur110036North West delhiDelhi
42Khera Kalan110082North West delhiDelhi
43Khera Khurd110082North West delhiDelhi
44Lad Pur110081North West delhiDelhi
45Lampur110040North West delhiDelhi
46Majra Dabas110081North West delhiDelhi
47Mangolpuri A block110083North West delhiDelhi
48Mangolpuri I block110083North West delhiDelhi
49Mangolpuri N block110083North West delhiDelhi
50Mangolpuri S block110083North West delhiDelhi
51Maurya Enclave110034North West delhiDelhi
52Model Town ii110009North West delhiDelhi
53Model Town iii110009North West delhiDelhi
54Mubarak Pur dabas110081North West delhiDelhi
55Mukhmelpur110036North West delhiDelhi
56N.S.mandi110033North West delhiDelhi
57Nangal Poona110006North West delhiDelhi
58Nangal Thakran110039North West delhiDelhi
59Narela110040North West delhiDelhi
60Narela Town110040North West delhiDelhi
61Naya Bans110082North West delhiDelhi
62Nimri110052North West delhiDelhi
63Nirankari Colony110009North West delhiDelhi
64Nizampur110081North West delhiDelhi
65Onkar Nagar110035North West delhiDelhi
66Palla110036North West delhiDelhi
67Pehlad Pur110042North West delhiDelhi
68Pooth Kalan110086North West delhiDelhi
69Pooth Kalan resettlement110086North West delhiDelhi
70Pooth Khurd110039North West delhiDelhi
71Power House110035North West delhiDelhi
72Prashant Vihar110085North West delhiDelhi
73Punjab Khor110081North West delhiDelhi
74Qutabagarh110039North West delhiDelhi
75Rampura110035North West delhiDelhi
76Rani Bagh110034North West delhiDelhi
77Rani Khera110081North West delhiDelhi
78Rithala110085North West delhiDelhi
79Rohini Courts110085North West delhiDelhi
80Rohini Sector 15110089North West delhiDelhi
81Rohini Sector 5110085North West delhiDelhi
82Rohini Sector-7110085North West delhiDelhi
83Samai Pur110042North West delhiDelhi
84Sarai Rohilla110035North West delhiDelhi
85Saraswati Vihar110034North West delhiDelhi
86Satyawati Nagar110052North West delhiDelhi
87Shakur Basti depot110056North West delhiDelhi
88Shakur Pur i block110034North West delhiDelhi
89Shakurbasti Rs110034North West delhiDelhi
90Shalamar110088North West delhiDelhi
91Shalimar Bagh110088North West delhiDelhi
92Shastri Nagar110052North West delhiDelhi
93Singhu110040North West delhiDelhi
94Siraspur110042North West delhiDelhi
95Sri Nagar colony110034North West delhiDelhi
96Sultanpuri B block110086North West delhiDelhi
97Sultanpuri C block110086North West delhiDelhi
98Sultanpuri F block110086North West delhiDelhi
99Tajpur Kalan110036North West delhiDelhi
100Wazir Pur iii110052North West delhiDelhi

About North West Delhi

North West Delhi is one of the administrative districts within the National Capital Territory of Delhi, which is located in India. It’s a region that falls under the governance of Delhi’s administrative structure.


The administration system in Delhi dates back to 1803 when it came under British control and became part of British Punjab. Delhi had a Deputy Commissioner who held revenue and registration powers and oversaw urban administration. Before independence, Delhi had a Chief Commissioner as the administrative head, and the Deputy Commissioner reported to them. There were three Assistant Commissioners responsible for various tasks.

After independence, changes occurred with powers shifting to new Departments, reducing the DC Office’s role. The executive and judiciary were separated in 1969, and in 1978, the Delhi Police Act placed Delhi under the Commissioner of Police system, transferring most District Magistrates’ powers to the Police Commissioner. Law and order, as well as licensing and entertainment matters, were also handled directly by the Police.


North West Delhi is surrounded by the Yamuna River in the northeast and bordered by North Delhi to the east and southeast. It’s also adjacent to West Delhi in the south, Haryana’s Jhajjar District to the west, and Haryana’s Sonipat District in the northwest and north. On the other side of the Yamuna River, it shares borders with Uttar Pradesh’s Bagpat District and Ghaziabad District in the northeast.


In the 2011 census, North West Delhi had a population of 3,656,539, making it the 78th most populous district in India out of 640. The district was quite densely populated, with about 8,298 people living in every square kilometer. The sex ratio in North West Delhi was 862 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate stood at 84.66%.

Regarding language, during the 2011 census, 86.10% of the population spoke Hindi, 4.04% spoke Punjabi, and smaller percentages spoke languages like Urdu, Bhojpuri, Haryanvi, and Maithili as their first language.


In administrative terms, the district is split into three subdivisions: Saraswati Vihar, Rohini Sub City, and Kanjhawala.


What is North West Delhi famous for?

North West Delhi, situated in India, is a city within the larger Delhi region. This city boasts several popular attractions like Adventure Island and Tiger Safari India, making it a worthwhile destination for visitors. It's a part of Delhi, India.

Which area comes under North Delhi?

To the east, North Delhi is bordered by the Yamuna River and the Central Delhi district, while to the west, it's adjacent to North West Delhi. Administratively, the district is divided into three parts: Model Town, Narela, and Alipur.

What is under North West?

It includes seven states: Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, and Zamfara.

Which is the best area to live in North West Delhi?

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