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Poonch Pincodes​

Poonch Pincodes: Lying in the scenic valley of Jammu and Kashmir, Poonch has a wide variety of pincodes that define its area. Each code, which ranges from the lively 185101 to the serene 185121, indicates particular regions. Poonch pincodes on our platform, “Pincodes of My Location,” offer a seamless resource for both locals and visitors, enabling exact location identification for postal services, navigation, and community. Discover the many sides of Poonch by cracking its many pincodes, each of which reveals a different aspect of this amazing place.

Poonch Pincodes

Here is a list of Poonch Pincodes

1Ajote185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
2Arai185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
3Ari185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
4Bafliaz185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
5Bandi Chichian185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
6Bedar Balnai185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
7Bhata Dhurian185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
8Chandak185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
9Chandi Marh185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
10Chatral185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
11Chella Dhangri185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
12Chhajla185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
13Chuggan185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
14Degwar Maldalyan185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
15Dhara Dhullian185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
16Dharamsal Mendhar185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
17Dharana185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
18Dhargloon185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
19Draba185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
20Fatehpur185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
21Gagerian185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
22Galhuta185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
23Gunthal185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
24Gursai185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
25Gursai Mohri185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
26Hari185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
27Hari Budha185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
28Hari Marhote185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
29Harni185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
30Jara Wali gali185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
31Jhulas185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
32Jugal185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
33Kalaban185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
34Kalai185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
35Kasbalari185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
36Khanetar185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
37Lassana185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
38Loran185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
39Madana185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
40Magnar185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
41Mandi185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
42Mandi Sangwali184121PoonchJammu And kashmir
43Mankot185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
44Naka Majari185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
45Nangali Sahib185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
46Ochhad185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
47Palera185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
48Poonch185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
49Poonch Fort185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
50Prat185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
51Sagra185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
52Sakhi Maidan185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
53Salunian185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
54Salwah185111PoonchJammu And kashmir
55Samote185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
56Sanai185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
57Sangiote185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
58Sangla185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
59Sathra185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
60Sawjian185102PoonchJammu And kashmir
61Seri Khawaja185121PoonchJammu And kashmir
62Shahpur185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
63Shindra185101PoonchJammu And kashmir
64Sialan185121PoonchJammu And kashmir

About Poonch Pincodes

Poonch, a district in the Jammu division of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, hides away within the disputed Kashmir region and carries a lot of history with it. This beautiful region was divided in two after the India-Pakistan war in 1947–1948. Its headquarters, in the town of Poonch, is separated on three sides by the Line of Control and is a symbol of determination in the face of geopolitical difficulties. Poonch, whose pincodes outline a territory rich in historical and geographical significance, is an equilibrium of cultural legacy and territorial narratives, with one portion having been absorbed by Pakistan and the other incorporated into the former state of Jammu and Kashmir.


The history of Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district is broad and varied. The area was once a part of the strong Kushan and Mauryan empires, giving it a long history. It was ruled by a number of kingdoms during the Middle Ages, including the Mughals and Afghan kings.

Poonch saw the independence struggle as well, with the residents taking an active part in the Free Kashmir movement. Poonch suffered violence and uprooted during British India’s partition. 

Poonch district is presently concentrated on development and tourism promotion, highlighting its historical value and natural beauty, despite its dangerous past.


Poonch district in India, according to the 2011 census, homes 476,835 individuals, akin to Suriname’s populace. Positioned at 548th among 640 districts, it holds a density of 285 residents per square kilometer (740/sq mi). Over a decade (2001-2011), its population surged by 27.97%. The sex ratio stands at 893 females per 1000 males, varying across religions, with a literacy rate of 68.69%. Notably, 90.45% of Poonch is Muslim, while Scheduled Castes and Tribes comprise 0.1% and 36.9%, respectively. These statistics paint a mosaic reflecting the district’s diverse cultural fabric and demographic dynamism.


In Jammu and Kashmir, the Poonch district, which covers 1,674 square kilometers (646 sq mi), creates a unique geographic landscape. It is bordered to the east by the districts of Kulgam, Shopian, and Budgam, and to the south by the lively Rajouri district. It borders the scenic areas of Baramulla to the north and shares its core with the Haveli district of Pakistan-administrated Jammu and Kashmir. It meets the Poonch district’s cultural canvas in Pakistani-administered Kashmir to the west. The borders of this district indicate not just the division of boundaries but also a complex legacy and diverse beauty that exist inside its varied settings.


Poonch district, which is located far away in Jammu and Kashmir, flourishes with administrative diversity. As the District Magistrate, Mr. Ch. Mohd. Yasin leads with Poonch city at its center. The district is divided into six active tehsils, Mandi, Mendhar, and other areas, each headed by a Tehsildar. Eleven blocks, led by Block Development Officers (BDOs), further divide the area into distinct regions such as Loran, Sathra, and Buffliaz. Sub Divisions like Surankote and Mendhar were welcomed into recent expansions, which increased the district’s activity. The 179 villages that make up Poonch’s tapestry each add something special to the distinctive cultural diversity of this amazing place.


What is Poonch famous for?

Poonch is renowned for its scenic beauty, historical significance, vibrant culture, and the valorous Poonch Rebellion of 1947.

What is the Hindu population of Poonch?

The Hindu population in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir is approximately 15-20% of the total population.

How many kilometers from Jammu to Poonch?

The distance between Jammu and Poonch spans approximately 185 kilometers when traversing by road.

What is the old name of Poonch?

Poonch was historically known as "Puranchandrapura," signifying its ancient roots and cultural significance in its former nomenclature.

Is Poonch also known as mini Kashmir?

Yes, Poonch is often referred to as "mini Kashmir" for its resemblance to the scenic beauty of the Kashmir Valley.