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Pulwama Pincodes​

Pulwama Pincodes  :  Discover the exact postal codes of Pulwama through our extensive catalog featured on ‘Pincodes of My Location.Each identified by a unique PIN code. Whether you’re sending mail or packages, knowing the correct PIN code ensures accurate and timely delivery. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily access Pulwama’s specific PIN codes, facilitating seamless navigation through the region. Stay connected and informed about the postal infrastructure in Pulwama, making your local interactions more efficient. Explore our Pulwama Pincodes section to simplify your postal experiences in this enchanting region.”

Pulwama Pincodes

Here is a list of Pulwama Pincodes

1Aglar192305PulwamaJammu And kashmir
2Ahagam192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
3Arihal192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
4Aripal192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
5Awantipora192122PulwamaJammu And kashmir
6Baigund192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
7Balpora192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
8Bandzoo192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
9Bargam192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
10Batagund192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
11Bathnoor192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
12Batpora192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
13Berthi Pora192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
14Bouli192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
15Buchoo192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
16Chattergam192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
17Dadsar192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
18Drabgam192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
19Haripari192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
20Hawl192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
21Herman192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
22Hirapora192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
23Inder192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
24Kachachakote192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
25Kahleel192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
26Kalampora192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
27Karimbad192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
28Keller Mastpora191112PulwamaJammu And kashmir
29Kharawara192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
30Koil192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
31Kulgam192231PulwamaJammu And kashmir
32Kund192221PulwamaJammu And kashmir
33Lajeera192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
34Lurgam192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
35Malangpora192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
36Mandoora192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
37Memendar192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
38Midroo192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
39Mitrigam192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
40Murram192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
41Nadigam192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
42Narapora192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
43Newa192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
44Obindora192211PulwamaJammu And kashmir
45Parigam Jagir192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
46Pastana192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
47Pingliana192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
48Pinglish192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
49Pinjoora192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
50Pulwama192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
51Qasbayar192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
52Rajpora192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
53Ramnagri192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
54Ratnipora192121PulwamaJammu And kashmir
55Romoh192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
56Saidpora192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
57Saimoh192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
58Satura192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
59Sedow192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
60Shopin192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
61Sindh-shirmal192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
62T Batapora192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
63Tahaba Shadipora192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
64Tankiya Sahib192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
65Tokna192124PulwamaJammu And kashmir
66Tral192123PulwamaJammu And kashmir
67Trenz192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
68Turkoo Babuar192302PulwamaJammu And kashmir
69Vaheel Chatarwatan192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir
70Waibugh192301PulwamaJammu And kashmir
71Zoora192303PulwamaJammu And kashmir

About Pulwama District

Pulwama, historically known as Panwangam and later as Pulgam, stands as a city and a notified area council nestled within the Pulwama district in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, situated amid the contested Kashmir region. Positioned about 25 kilometers (16 miles) to the south of Srinagar, the state’s summer capital, Pulwama encapsulates cultural heritage and contemporary life. Its historical names echo its rich past, while its current identity embodies a vibrant essence. Despite its proximity to the bustling capital, Pulwama retains its distinct character, offering a unique blend of history and modernity within the scenic landscape of Jammu and Kashmir.


Pulwama district, situated in Jammu and Kashmir, has a rich historical background. The district’s history can be traced back to ancient times, with evidence of human settlement dating back to the Neolithic period. In medieval times, Pulwama was under the rule of various dynasties, including the Mughals and Afghan rulers. Pulwama also played a prominent role during the struggle for independence, with the locals actively participating in the freedom movement. The district has also witnessed the impact of the Indo-Pak conflicts in 1947, 1965, and 1971. Today, Pulwama is known for its scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and agricultural significance. The district is working towards development and attracting tourists to explore its historical landmarks and natural wonders.


As per the 2011 Census of India, Pulwama housed 18,440 residents, comprising 10,070 males and 8,370 females. Children under 6 accounted for 17.17% of the population, numbering 3,167. The city’s female sex ratio stands at 831, below Jammu and Kashmir’s average of 889, with the child female sex ratio at 718, also lower than the state’s 862 average. Impressively, Pulwama boasts a literacy rate of 91.18%, well above the state’s 67.16% average. Nestled in the Kashmir Valley, Pulwama is predominantly populated by ethnic Kashmiris, reflecting the region’s cultural richness and diversity.


The city experiences an average annual rainfall of 505.3mm. Throughout the year, temperatures showcase their extremes, soaring to highs of 37°C (99°F) and plummeting to lows of -12°C (10°F). This climatic range shapes the city’s seasons, creating a diverse tapestry of weather patterns. The precipitation contributes significantly to the local ecosystem and sustains the surrounding landscape. While the scorching heat of 37°C brings warmth and vibrancy, the chilly -12°C reminds residents of the city’s adaptability to weather’s varied moods. This climatic diversity prompts a rich tapestry of experiences and necessitates a versatile approach to everyday life in this dynamic city.


The administrative landscape comprises several divisions in Pulwama. It includes one subdivision, Tral, and eight tehsils: Aripal, Tral, Awantipora, Pulwama, Pampore, Rajpora, Kakapora, and Shahoora. The region further delineates into eleven development blocks, encompassing areas like Aripral, Dadsara, Lasipora, and more. With 189 Gram Panchayats and four Assembly Constituencies—Tral, Pulwama, Pampore, Rajpora—the governance structure thrives. Additionally, it features one Zila Parishad in Pulwama and five Nagar Panchayats in Pulwama, Tral, Pampore, Khrew, and Awantipora. This comprehensive administrative framework ensures effective governance and representation across diverse areas within the Pulwama district.


Why is pulwama famous ?

Pulwama gained prominence due to its scenic beauty, saffron cultivation, and unfortunately, a tragic historical event in 2019.

How long do I get support?

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Which is the largest village in Pulwama district?

The largest village in Pulwama district is Rahmoo, known for its substantial population and extensive geographical expanse.

In which year did Pulwama became district?

Pulwama attained district status in the year 1979, expanding its administrative significance within the region.

What is the beauty of pulwama district ?

Pulwama's beauty lies in its lush landscapes, vibrant orchards, scenic vistas, and the serene charm of its natural surroundings.