Rajauri Pincodes

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Pincodes of Rajauri

Rajauri Pincodes is your ultimate guide to precise postal codes across Rajauri’s diverse landscape. With a significant reliance on agriculture, the district thrives on farming activities, engaging over half its population in cultivating crops like rice, maize, wheat, potatoes, cabbage, and okra. The district’s farmers embrace modern agricultural technologies, bolstering production. Navigate effortlessly through Rajauri’s regions with Rajauri Pincodes, empowering your correspondence and streamlining your address-related queries across this vibrant district.

Rajauri Pincodes

Here is a list of Rajauri Pincodes

1Agrati185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
2Androoth185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
3Azamtabad185212RajauriJammu And kashmir
4Baba Ghulam shah badshah unive185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
5Badhoon185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
6Bagla185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
7Bagnkot185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
8Bagnoti185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
9Bajnoa185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
10Bakhar185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
11Bareri185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
12Bathuni185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
13Behrote185212RajauriJammu And kashmir
14Bhajwal185153RajauriJammu And kashmir
15Bharore185156RajauriJammu And kashmir
16Bhattian185212RajauriJammu And kashmir
17Bhawani185155RajauriJammu And kashmir
18Brehvi185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
19Budhal185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
20Chak Mathani185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
21Chambitrar185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
22Chana Shikari185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
23Chani185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
24Chasote185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
25Chingas185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
26Chowki185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
27Chowkian185135RajauriJammu And kashmir
28Dabbar Potha185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
29Dalhori185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
30Dali185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
31Dalogora185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
32Dandesar185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
33Daraj185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
34Darhal Malkan185135RajauriJammu And kashmir
35Darkeri185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
36Dassal Jattan185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
37Deengmangot185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
38Dehra185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
39Dehri Ralyote185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
40Dhangri185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
41Dhani Dhar185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
42Dhar185156RajauriJammu And kashmir
43Dharamsal185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
44Dharsakri185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
45Dhok Banyar185156RajauriJammu And kashmir
46Dodaj185135RajauriJammu And kashmir
47Dodasanbala185212RajauriJammu And kashmir
48Doongi Brahmana185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
49Fatehpur185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
50Fazalabad185121RajauriJammu And kashmir
51Gagrote185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
52Gakhrote185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
53Galuthi185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
54Gambir Brahmana185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
55Gambir Mughlan185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
56Garan185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
57Ghania185155RajauriJammu And kashmir
58Gonda185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
59Gunni185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
60Hanjana Thakra185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
61Harichuma185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
62Jawaharnagar185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
63Jhanger185155RajauriJammu And kashmir
64Jignicoal185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
65Kakora185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
66Kalakas185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
67Kalakot185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
68Kalsian185155RajauriJammu And kashmir
69Kandi185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
70Kangri185156RajauriJammu And kashmir
71Kewal185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
72Khajmola185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
73Khawas185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
74Kheri185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
75Khersoo185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
76Kotdhara185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
77Kotranka185136RajauriJammu And kashmir
78Lam185155RajauriJammu And kashmir
79Lamberi185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
80Langer185155RajauriJammu And kashmir
81Laroka185155RajauriJammu And kashmir
82Mamanlot185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
83Manjakot185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
84Metka185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
85Mohgla185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
86Muradpur185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
87Nagrota185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
88Narian185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
89Natryal185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
90Naushera185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
91Nonial185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
92Palma185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
93Panihad185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
94Panjah185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
95Panjnara185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
96Patrara185153RajauriJammu And kashmir
97Peeri185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
98Potha185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
99Prat185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
100Qilla Darhal185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
101Rahsiyot185153RajauriJammu And kashmir
102Raikban185135RajauriJammu And kashmir
103Rajal185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
104Rajdhani185212RajauriJammu And kashmir
105Rajouri185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
106Rajpur Kamila185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
107Rehtal185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
108Sair185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
109Saj185212RajauriJammu And kashmir
110Same185212RajauriJammu And kashmir
111Samote185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
112Sangpur185151RajauriJammu And kashmir
113Saranu185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
114Sehar185155RajauriJammu And kashmir
115Seri185159RajauriJammu And kashmir
116Shadhra Sharif185212RajauriJammu And kashmir
117Shergarhi185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
118Shikari185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
119Sialsui185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
120Siot185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
121Solki185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
122Sunderbani185153RajauriJammu And kashmir
123Swari185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
124Tandwal185131RajauriJammu And kashmir
125Tareru185201RajauriJammu And kashmir
126Tatapani185202RajauriJammu And kashmir
127Thanamandi185212RajauriJammu And kashmir
128Thanda Pani185152RajauriJammu And kashmir
129Thichka185156RajauriJammu And kashmir
130Tilla Tanda185156RajauriJammu And kashmir
131Trala185132RajauriJammu And kashmir
132Tuli185233RajauriJammu And kashmir
133Ujjan185132RajauriJammu And kashmir

About Rajauri District

Rajouri, alternatively spelled Rajauri, stands as a city within the Rajouri district in the Jammu division of the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Positioned approximately 155 kilometres (96 mi) from Srinagar and 150 km (93 mi) from Jammu city along the Poonch Highway, it holds historical significance as the birthplace of Sikh General Banda Singh Bahadur. The city also hosts Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, enriching the cultural and educational landscape of this vibrant district in the northern region of India.


Rajouri’s rich history spans rulership by Palas and the Jarral Rajputs from the 12th to 19th century. Under Dogra Rajput Dynasty, Jarral Rajputs held significant Jagirdari and Zaildari in the region. Noted in Chinese traveler Hiuen-Tsang’s 632 A.D. travelogue, Rajouri was part of Kashmir’s dominion, later encompassed in the Darabhisanga domain from Poonch to Kashmir. Laharkote in Poonch and Rajouri emerged as dominant states. Historian F.E. Pargitor notes Aryan emigrants settling in Rajouri and Poonch. In the 4th century B.C., Rajouri was part of the federal political setup in India’s northwest, flourishing during Alexander’s invasion and thriving as a prominent trade center in the Mauryan period.


In the 2011 census, Rajouri boasted a population of 37,552, while within its municipal limits, it stood at 41,552. The male population comprised 57%, with females at 43%. Notably, Rajouri flaunted an impressive 77% literacy rate, surpassing the national average of 75.5%. Male literacy soared at 83%, while female literacy stood at 68%. Around 12% were under 6 years old. The predominant ethnic groups are Gujjars and Paharis. Hinduism prevails as the primary religion in Rajouri, embraced by 57% of the populace, followed by Islam at 37.08%. Christianity and Sikhism make up 0.51% and 5.09% of the population, respectively.


Rajouri sits at 33.38°N 74.3°E with an average elevation of 915 meters (3001 feet). Hosting the esteemed Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University (BGSBU), it offers a diverse array of Diploma, UG, and PG courses. Additionally, the district boasts the Government Medical College (GMC) Rajouri alongside several other reputable degree colleges. These educational institutions enrich the region, nurturing academic excellence and fostering a brighter future for students across various disciplines within this vibrant district.


Rajouri, 154 Kms from Jammu, houses the district headquarters and spans thirteen Tehsils and nineteen Blocks. Diverse communities—Gujjars, Bakerwals, Paharis, Punjabis, Kashmiris, and Dogras—harmoniously coexist. Gujjars, residing on mountain slopes, cultivate small plots, living in modest dwellings with cattle, many below the poverty line. Bakerwals, akin to Gujjars, are nomadic with goat herds, migrating for pastures. Paharis, dominating the population, reflect a blend of Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh cultures, united by the Pahari dialect. Dogri speakers inhabit Sunderbani, Kalakote, Nowshera; Kashmiris in Thannamandi, Behrote, Budhal’s upper reaches, assimilating into the vibrant Pahari cultural tapestry.


What is Rajouri famous for?

Rajouri is renowned for its cultural diversity, historical significance, and picturesque landscapes in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Why Rajouri is called Land of Kings?

Rajouri earned the moniker "Land of Kings" due to its historical significance and once being ruled by royal families.

Which Mughal emperor died in Rajouri?

Mughal Emperor Akbar's son, Jahangir, died in Rajouri while returning from Kashmir in 1627.

Who built Rajouri fort?

Rajouri Fort was constructed by Raja Sangram Shah, a ruler of the Rajouri region in the 16th century.

When was Rajouri captured by Gulab Singh?

Gulab Singh captured Rajouri in 1821 as part of his expansion in the Jammu and Kashmir region.