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Pincodes of Samba

Samba Pincodes is your comprehensive source for precise postal codes in the vibrant Samba district. With a robust agricultural sector, the district thrives on farming, engaging a significant portion of its populace in cultivating various crops. Samba boasts a strategic location, situated close to Jammu and the international border, facilitating efficient connectivity. Its industrial growth is remarkable, attracting businesses and fostering economic development. Explore Samba’s regions effortlessly with Samba Pincodes, empowering your correspondence and easing address-related inquiries within this dynamic district.

Samba Pincodes

Here is a list of Samba Pincodes

1A.G.office180001SambaJammu And kashmir
2Abtal181141SambaJammu And kashmir
3Adlehar181131SambaJammu And kashmir
4Agra Chak181102SambaJammu And kashmir
5Aitham180017SambaJammu And kashmir
6Akalpur180002SambaJammu And kashmir
7Akhnoor181201SambaJammu And kashmir
8Allah181131SambaJammu And kashmir
9Ambaran181201SambaJammu And kashmir
10Arnia181131SambaJammu And kashmir
11Badyal Brahmna181103SambaJammu And kashmir
12Bain Bajalta180006SambaJammu And kashmir
13Bakore181202SambaJammu And kashmir
14Bakshinagar180001SambaJammu And kashmir
15Bala181201SambaJammu And kashmir
16Bamal Colony181201SambaJammu And kashmir
17Banachak181132SambaJammu And kashmir
18Bantalab181123SambaJammu And kashmir
19Baran181122SambaJammu And kashmir
20Bardoh181204SambaJammu And kashmir
21Bari Brahmna181133SambaJammu And kashmir
22Bari Brahmna i/complex181133SambaJammu And kashmir
23Barigarh184121SambaJammu And kashmir
24Batehra181206SambaJammu And kashmir
25Bhadrod180002SambaJammu And kashmir
26Bhalwal181122SambaJammu And kashmir
27Bhalwal Brahmna181202SambaJammu And kashmir
28Bhatyari181224SambaJammu And kashmir
29Bhour Camp180009SambaJammu And kashmir
30Birpur181133SambaJammu And kashmir
31Bishnah181132SambaJammu And kashmir
32Bishnah Adda181132SambaJammu And kashmir
33Brui181201SambaJammu And kashmir
34Bsf Camp paloura181124SambaJammu And kashmir
35Chak Chimna181141SambaJammu And kashmir
36Chak Kirpalpur181202SambaJammu And kashmir
37Chak Malal181203SambaJammu And kashmir
38Chak Salaria184120SambaJammu And kashmir
39Chak Shama181206SambaJammu And kashmir
40Chak Umrah181132SambaJammu And kashmir
41Chakrohi181102SambaJammu And kashmir
42Chandu Chak181102SambaJammu And kashmir
43Chani Himat180015SambaJammu And kashmir
44Chohala181102SambaJammu And kashmir
45Chowadi180011SambaJammu And kashmir
46Chowki Choura185154SambaJammu And kashmir
47Dablehar181111SambaJammu And kashmir
48Dansal181224SambaJammu And kashmir
49Danwal181203SambaJammu And kashmir
50Darap181132SambaJammu And kashmir
51Darbargarh180001SambaJammu And kashmir
52Datial181202SambaJammu And kashmir
53Deoli181132SambaJammu And kashmir
54Devipur181202SambaJammu And kashmir
55Dhana Dhanean185154SambaJammu And kashmir
56Dhiani184121SambaJammu And kashmir
57Dhoke Khalsa181202SambaJammu And kashmir
58Dhounthly Bazar180001SambaJammu And kashmir
59Doori Dugar185154SambaJammu And kashmir
60Dumana181206SambaJammu And kashmir
61Extra181206SambaJammu And kashmir
62Faloura181102SambaJammu And kashmir
63Gadigarh181101SambaJammu And kashmir
64Gajansoo181206SambaJammu And kashmir
65Gandharwan181201SambaJammu And kashmir
66Gandhinagar180004SambaJammu And kashmir
67Gangyal180010SambaJammu And kashmir
68Garkhal181206SambaJammu And kashmir
69General Bus stand180016SambaJammu And kashmir
70Ghar Majoor185154SambaJammu And kashmir
71Gharana181102SambaJammu And kashmir
72Gharatal181201SambaJammu And kashmir
73Gharota181122SambaJammu And kashmir
74Gho Manhasan181008SambaJammu And kashmir
75Gigrial181203SambaJammu And kashmir
76Gol Gujral180002SambaJammu And kashmir
77Goondla181111SambaJammu And kashmir
78Goran184121SambaJammu And kashmir
79Guo Brahmna184120SambaJammu And kashmir
80Gura Manhasan181207SambaJammu And kashmir
81Gurah Salathia181143SambaJammu And kashmir
82Gurha Brahmna181201SambaJammu And kashmir
83Guru Nanak nagar180004SambaJammu And kashmir
84Halqa181208SambaJammu And kashmir
85Hamirpur Sidhar181209SambaJammu And kashmir
86Industrial Estate180003SambaJammu And kashmir
87J.Kotli181221SambaJammu And kashmir
88J.N.v. nud184121SambaJammu And kashmir
89Jagti181221SambaJammu And kashmir
90Jakh181134SambaJammu And kashmir
91Jammu180001SambaJammu And kashmir
92Jammu Cantt180003SambaJammu And kashmir
93Jammu Market180001SambaJammu And kashmir
94Jandial181122SambaJammu And kashmir
95Janipur180007SambaJammu And kashmir
96Jassore181102SambaJammu And kashmir
97Jindrah181224SambaJammu And kashmir
98Jourian181202SambaJammu And kashmir
99Kachi Chowni180001SambaJammu And kashmir
100Kaink Jagir181201SambaJammu And kashmir
101Kakrai184121SambaJammu And kashmir
102Kaleetg181203SambaJammu And kashmir
103Kalibari184121SambaJammu And kashmir
104Kalu Chak180010SambaJammu And kashmir
105Kalyana181131SambaJammu And kashmir
106Kanachak181206SambaJammu And kashmir
107Kanachirgal180017SambaJammu And kashmir
108Kandoli Nagrota181221SambaJammu And kashmir
109Kangrial181206SambaJammu And kashmir
110Kanhal181132SambaJammu And kashmir
111Kanyala181224SambaJammu And kashmir
112Karan Nagar180005SambaJammu And kashmir
113Karloop181206SambaJammu And kashmir
114Kathar181201SambaJammu And kashmir
115Kesomanhasan181141SambaJammu And kashmir
116Khara Madana181145SambaJammu And kashmir
117Kharah181203SambaJammu And kashmir
118Kheri181132SambaJammu And kashmir
119Khour181203SambaJammu And kashmir
120Khour Devian181101SambaJammu And kashmir
121Kirpind181101SambaJammu And kashmir
122Kishanpur181224SambaJammu And kashmir
123Kool Kalan181131SambaJammu And kashmir
124Kot181122SambaJammu And kashmir
125Kot Maira181204SambaJammu And kashmir
126Kothar181224SambaJammu And kashmir
127Kotli Colony180005SambaJammu And kashmir
128Kotli Mian fateh181132SambaJammu And kashmir
129Kotlishah Daula181102SambaJammu And kashmir
130Koulpur184120SambaJammu And kashmir
131Krishna Nagar180016SambaJammu And kashmir
132Langotian181101SambaJammu And kashmir
133Lehar181201SambaJammu And kashmir
134Link Road180001SambaJammu And kashmir
135Magowali181111SambaJammu And kashmir
136Maira181202SambaJammu And kashmir
137Majeen180017SambaJammu And kashmir
138Makwal180003SambaJammu And kashmir
139Mandal180003SambaJammu And kashmir
140Mandarian181201SambaJammu And kashmir
141Mansar184121SambaJammu And kashmir
142Mawa184121SambaJammu And kashmir
143Mawa Brahmna181201SambaJammu And kashmir
144Miran Sahib181101SambaJammu And kashmir
145Misriwala181206SambaJammu And kashmir
146Muthi181205SambaJammu And kashmir
147Natc180003SambaJammu And kashmir
148Nadore181221SambaJammu And kashmir
149Nagbani181206SambaJammu And kashmir
150Nai Kali184121SambaJammu And kashmir
151Nanak Chak184121SambaJammu And kashmir
152Nandpur181141SambaJammu And kashmir
153Nanga181141SambaJammu And kashmir
154Naryana181203SambaJammu And kashmir
155Nathal181203SambaJammu And kashmir
156New Fruit market180012SambaJammu And kashmir
157New Sectt.jammu180001SambaJammu And kashmir
158New University campus180006SambaJammu And kashmir
159Nikkian181203SambaJammu And kashmir
160O.H.road180001SambaJammu And kashmir
161Pacca Danga akhnoor181201SambaJammu And kashmir
162Pallanwala181204SambaJammu And kashmir
163Palli181132SambaJammu And kashmir
164Paloura181121SambaJammu And kashmir
165Pandorian Manhasan181132SambaJammu And kashmir
166Pangdour184121SambaJammu And kashmir
167Panjgrain181221SambaJammu And kashmir
168Pargwal181207SambaJammu And kashmir
169Parlah181131SambaJammu And kashmir
170Paryal181206SambaJammu And kashmir
171Peermitha180001SambaJammu And kashmir
172Pindicharka Kalan181131SambaJammu And kashmir
173Puran Nagar180005SambaJammu And kashmir
174Purmandal181145SambaJammu And kashmir
175Qilla Bahu180006SambaJammu And kashmir
176R.N.bazar180001SambaJammu And kashmir
177R.S.pura181102SambaJammu And kashmir
178R.S.pura adda181102SambaJammu And kashmir
179Rabta181122SambaJammu And kashmir
180Rahya181143SambaJammu And kashmir
181Raika181151SambaJammu And kashmir
182Railway Station180012SambaJammu And kashmir
183Raipur181123SambaJammu And kashmir
184Rajinderpura181143SambaJammu And kashmir
185Ramgarh181141SambaJammu And kashmir
186Rangpur Malania181102SambaJammu And kashmir
187Rangpur Trewa181131SambaJammu And kashmir
188Ranjan181122SambaJammu And kashmir
189Rathana181111SambaJammu And kashmir
190Rattisn181101SambaJammu And kashmir
191Rehal181132SambaJammu And kashmir
192Rehari Mohalla180005SambaJammu And kashmir
193Rehiyan184121SambaJammu And kashmir
194Roopnagar Jammu tawi180013SambaJammu And kashmir
195Sadhoti185154SambaJammu And kashmir
196Sai Kalan181131SambaJammu And kashmir
197Sainik Colony180011SambaJammu And kashmir
198Sainth181203SambaJammu And kashmir
199Salehar181111SambaJammu And kashmir
200Samba184121SambaJammu And kashmir
201Samba Adda184121SambaJammu And kashmir
202Sangrampur180002SambaJammu And kashmir
203Sanjwan184120SambaJammu And kashmir
204Sarna184121SambaJammu And kashmir
205Sarore181133SambaJammu And kashmir
206Sarote181122SambaJammu And kashmir
207Satrayan181102SambaJammu And kashmir
208Seri Panditan181122SambaJammu And kashmir
209Shaheedi Chowk jammu180001SambaJammu And kashmir
210Shaktinagar Jammu180001SambaJammu And kashmir
211Shamka181102SambaJammu And kashmir
212Shiba181221SambaJammu And kashmir
213Sidhra Housing colony180019SambaJammu And kashmir
214Simble Camp181104SambaJammu And kashmir
215Smailpur181133SambaJammu And kashmir
216Sohanjana180003SambaJammu And kashmir
217Subash Nagar jammu180005SambaJammu And kashmir
218Suchetgarh181102SambaJammu And kashmir
219Sumb184121SambaJammu And kashmir
220Sungal181201SambaJammu And kashmir
221Sunjwan180011SambaJammu And kashmir
222Surinsar180017SambaJammu And kashmir
223Suryavihar180002SambaJammu And kashmir
224Swankha184120SambaJammu And kashmir
225Tahra181224SambaJammu And kashmir
226Talab Tillo180002SambaJammu And kashmir
227Talhar181131SambaJammu And kashmir
228Taloor184121SambaJammu And kashmir
229Tarore181133SambaJammu And kashmir
230Topsherkhania181121SambaJammu And kashmir
231Transport Yard180004SambaJammu And kashmir
232Trikuta Nagar180012SambaJammu And kashmir
233University Campus180016SambaJammu And kashmir
234Utter Behni181145SambaJammu And kashmir
235Vijaypur184120SambaJammu And kashmir
236Vinaik Bazar180016SambaJammu And kashmir

About Samba District

Established in 2006, Samba district, within the Jammu division of the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, stands as an independent administrative region. Previously nestled within Jammu and Kathua districts, this area emerged as a distinct entity. Samba, with its unique identity, contributes significantly to the region’s administrative landscape. This district, characterized by its strategic location and burgeoning economic potential, embodies progress and development within the Jammu division. The district’s establishment in 2006 marked a pivotal moment, delineating its boundaries and delineating its administrative responsibilities within the intricate framework of Jammu and Kashmir.


Samba, believed to have been founded around 1400 AD, fell under Jammu’s suzerainty in 1816 AD and was later annexed by Raja Gulab Singh in 1846 AD. Comprising 22 towns, known as Mandis, each led by distinct families, Samba held tehsil status before 1947. Its elevation to a district occurred in 2006, marking a significant milestone in its administrative evolution. This region’s historical journey, once a collection of Mandis under varied leadership, culminated in its establishment as an individual district, embodying growth and distinct governance within its rich heritage.


In the 2011 census, Samba District recorded a population of 318,898, akin to The Bahamas’ populace. Ranking 568th among India’s districts, it sustains a population density of 318 individuals per square kilometer. Notably, its growth rate from 2001 to 2011 stood at 16.9%. The district exhibits a sex ratio of 886 females for every 1,000 males alongside an 81.4% literacy rate. Moreover, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes constitute 28.8% and 5.6% of the district’s population, respectively. These statistics underscore Samba’s demographic fabric, portraying a dynamic blend of population density, literacy, and sociocultural diversity.


Samba district encompasses Samba town and adjacent tehsils: Bari Brahmana, Vijay Pur, and Ghagwal, demarcated from Jammu district by the “Purmandal Bridge.” Nestled along the Basantar River, Samba shares a border with Pakistan. Comprising eight blocks – Samba, Vijay Pur, Purmandal, Bari Brahmana, Nud, Rajpura, Sumb, and Ghagwal – each block comprises GREF panchayats. Notably, Rajpura stands as the largest village within the district. This strategic location, coupled with its riverine setting, underscores Samba’s significance, fostering connectivity and contributing to its cultural and geopolitical prominence in the region.


The administrative cadre of Samba includes Mr. Abhishek Sharma, an IAS officer serving as the Deputy Commissioner, overseeing the district’s governance. Dr. Kusum Chib, JKAS, holds the role of Assistant Commissioner Revenue, while Rakesh Dubey, JKAS, serves as the Additional Deputy Commissioner. Rajinder Singh, JKAS, functions as the Additional District Development Commissioner, contributing to developmental initiatives. Sukhleen Kaur, the Chief Planning Officer, and Sidharth Dhiman, the Additional Commissioner for Development, are integral figures overseeing strategic planning and overall development within the Samba district, collectively contributing to its administrative efficiency and progress.


What is Samba famous for?

Samba is renowned for its agricultural prowess, industrial growth, strategic location, and Basantar River's picturesque setting.

Where is Samba in Jammu and Kashmir?

Samba is a district in the Jammu division of the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Is Samba a border district?

Yes, Samba is a border district, sharing its boundary with Pakistan in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Who built Samba Fort in Jammu?

Samba Fort in Jammu was built by Raja Suchet Singh of the Dogra dynasty in the 19th century.

How many villages are there in Samba?

Samba district encompasses numerous villages, totaling around 254 villages within its administrative jurisdiction.