Sirmaur Pincodes

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Siramur Pincodes

Discover Siramur Pincodes at “Pin Code of My Location,” unveiling the tapestry of Andhra Pradesh’s pin codes. In the vibrant district of Anantapur, this hub encapsulates an impressive 902 unique codes, a testament to the expansive postal framework and rich regional tapestry within southern India. Explore the diverse facets of Sirampur’s geography through its multitude of pin codes, each a gateway to understanding the cultural and geographical diversity nestled within this distinctive district

Sirmaur Pincodes

Here is a list of Sirmaur Pincodes

1Andheri173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
2Badag173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
3Badol173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
4Bagpashog173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
5Bagthan173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
6Bakras173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
7Banahki Ser173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
8Banaur173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
9Banethi173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
10Baru Sahib173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
11Bella173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
12Bhagani173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
13Bhallan173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
14Bhalona173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
15Bharog Baneri173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
16Bharoli171226SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
17Bhatgarh173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
18Bhawani173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
19Bhudhana173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
20Bhuira173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
21Bhujjal171226SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
22Bhujond173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
23Bikram Bag173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
24Birla173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
25Bogdhar173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
26Bramapapri173030SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
27Chacheti173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
28Chakli173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
29Chalana173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
30Chapand173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
31Charna173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
32Chaukar173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
33Chogtalli173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
34Churwadhar173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
35Dadahu173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
36Dahan173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
37Danda Anj173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
38Dangyar173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
39Daro Devria173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
40Deothi Manjghaon171226SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
41Devamanal173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
42Devna173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
43Dhaula Kuan173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
44Dimber173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
45Dingar Kinner173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
46Dugana173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
47Gagal Shikor173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
48Ganduri173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
49Gawali173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
50Girinagar173020SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
51Gorkhuwala173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
52Habban173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
53Hallan173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
54Haripur Khol173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
55Haripurdhar173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
56Harlog173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
57Jamna173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
58Jamniwala173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
59Jamta173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
60Jamu173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
61Janot173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
62Jarag173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
63Jarwa173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
64Jehar173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
65Jhakando173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
66Kala Amb173030SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
67Kamrau173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
68Kando Bhatnaul173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
69Kangta Failag173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
70Kansar173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
71Kantimashwa173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
72Kathali Bharan173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
73Khadkan173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
74Khodri173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
75Kodga173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
76Kolar173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
77Korag173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
78Koti Utraon173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
79Kotibhunch173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
80Kotidhiman173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
81Kotla Molar173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
82Kotribyas173021SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
83Kuffar Kiara173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
84Kw Bhood173026SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
85Kyari Gundaha173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
86Lanacheta173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
87Lanapalar173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
88Loza173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
89Majra173021SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
90Malhoti173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
91Manal173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
92Mangarh173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
93Manpur Devra173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
94Matar173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
95Mehandobag173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
96Millah173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
97Misserwala173021SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
98Moginand173030SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
99Mohipur173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
100Nagheta173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
101Nahan173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
102Nainidhar173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
103Narag173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
104Neripul171226SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
105Nihalgarh173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
106Nohra173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
107Pabiana173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
108Palio173030SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
109Panar173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
110Panjahal173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
111Panog173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
112Paonta173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
113Parada173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
114Poka173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
115Punner173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
116Puruwala173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
117Rajana173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
118Rajban173028SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
119Rajgarh173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
120Rajpur173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
121Ramadhaun173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
122Redali173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
123Redughati173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
124Ronhat173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
125Sainj173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
126Sainwala173030SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
127Sainwala Mubarakpur173021SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
128Sangana173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
129Sangrah173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
130Sanio Didag173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
131Sarahan173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
132Sarsoo173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
133Sataun173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
134Seon173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
135Ser Jegas173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
136Sertandula173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
137Shambhuwala173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
138Sharia173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
139Sharlimanpur173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
140Shawaga173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
141Shaya Chabron173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
142Shilla173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
143Shillai173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
144Shivpur173023SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
145Surla173001SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
146Tatiana173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
147Thakurdwara173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
148Thana Kashoga173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
149Thorniwar173101SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
150Tikkari Kuthar173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
151Timbi173029SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
152Trilokpur173030SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
153Udaina Kathwar173022SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
154Udyankathwad173020SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
155Upron173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
156Walikoti173027SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
157Wasni173024SirmaurHimachal Pradesh
158Watamandi173025SirmaurHimachal Pradesh

About Sirmaur District

Sirmaur district stands as Himachal Pradesh’s southern frontier in northern India, characterized by sweeping mountains and rural landscapes. Approximately 90% of its residents reside in quaint villages, defining the district’s predominantly pastoral essence. Noteworthy towns within its bounds encompass the capital Nahan, along with Paonta Sahib, Tuheri, Bhawan, Shamra, UchaTikker, and Suketi, renowned for housing the revered Shivalik Fossil Park. This region’s allure lies in its natural grandeur, a tapestry of rugged terrains, and the cultural significance held within its various towns, making it a haven where history and nature converge harmoniously.


Mian Goverdhan Singh’s account traces Sirmaur’s origins to a Rathore noble in the 7th-8th century. Soba Rawal established Nahan in 1095 AD, later renamed Raja Subans Prakash. In 1195, a Giri River flood led to Raja Ugar Chand’s demise and vulnerability, prompting Raja Salivahana’s successful attack via his son Sobha, establishing a Bhati Rajput dynasty. Raja Karam Prakash founded the new capital in 1621, renaming it Sirmur. Surrounded by Balsan, Jubbal, Dehradun, Ambala, Patiala, and Keonthal, the kingdom saw a prince of Jaisalmer invited to reign, initiating the lineage of Sirmur’s rulers under the title Subhans Parkash.


In 1941, Sirmoor State’s religious landscape showcased a predominance of Hinduism, constituting 93.7% of the population, with 146,199 followers. Islam followed with 4.73% (7,374), while Sikhism accounted for 1.5% (2,334). Christianity and other faiths constituted a minor presence, with 0.02% (31) and 0.06% (88) respectively. The total population stood at 156,026. This distribution reflected a significant Hindu majority, underscoring the religious fabric of the region during that period.


Sirmaur district spans across 224,759 hectares, with 48,682 hectares covered in forests and 75,914 hectares dedicated to cultivation. It rests at an elevation reaching 3,647 meters, situated between 77°01’12” to 77°49’40” East longitude and 30°22’30” to 31°01’20” North latitude. The district is traversed by the Yamuna and Giri rivers, defining its landscape. Seven tehsils—Nahan, Renuka, Kamrau, Shillai, Rajgarh, Pachhad, and Paonta Sahib—comprise the region. The Giri River serves as a natural divider, creating the Giripar and Giriaar sections, almost equal in size. The prominent towns within Sirmaur include Nahan, Paonta Sahib, Rajgarh, and Shillai.


Sirmaur district’s economy in Himachal Pradesh is predominantly agrarian, focusing on agriculture and horticulture. It thrives on crop cultivation like wheat, maize, and rice, along with fruit orchards producing apples and citrus fruits. Small-scale industries, especially in Paonta Sahib, contribute significantly, notably in textiles, pharmaceuticals, and light engineering. The region also benefits from tourism, owing to its scenic beauty and historical sites. Additionally, hydroelectric power generation plays a role in supporting the district’s economy, leveraging its rivers and natural resources for energy production.


What is sirmaur famous for ?

Sirmaur is renowned for its scenic beauty, lush orchards yielding delicious fruits, historical sites like Paonta Sahib, and its significant contributions to agriculture and small-scale industries.

Is sirmaur a hill station ?

Sirmaur isn't typically classified as a hill station but holds hilly terrain and pleasant weather, attracting visitors for its natural beauty and historical significance.

Which river flows through Sirmaur?

The major rivers flowing through Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh are the Yamuna and the Giri, shaping the region's landscape and contributing to its economic activities.

How far is Sirmaur from Dehradun?

Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh is approximately 100 kilometers away from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, making for a relatively short distance between the two locations.

What is Sirmaur also known as ?

Sirmaur is often referred to as the "Peach Bowl of India" due to its abundant cultivation of peaches and other fruits, symbolizing its fruit-rich agricultural landscape.