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Pincodes of Sivasagar

Sivasagar, located in Assam, India, is a district steeped in history and natural beauty. Once the seat of the Ahom Kingdom, it boasts grand historical monuments like the Sivasagar Sivadol and Rang Ghar. The district is known for its picturesque landscapes, including tea gardens and the historic Sivasagar Tank. Sivasagar’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in its vibrant festivals and traditions. This blend of historical significance and natural splendor is efficiently connected through Sivasagar pincodes, ensuring smooth postal services and easy navigation in this region, rich in history and natural beauty.

Sivasagar Pincodes

Here is a list of Sivasagar Pincodes

1Afala785663Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
2Aideopukhuri785690Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
3Ailamukh785664Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
4Akhoi Phutia785697Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
5Amguri785680Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
6Amguri Haloating785681Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
7Amkotia785697Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
8Amtoll Chintamoni785682Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
9Arjun Guri785697Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
10Athkhel785696Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
11Baghjan Grant785681Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
12Baghshumout785697Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
13Bakhor Bengena785674Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
14Baliaghat785667Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
15Bam Rajabari785671Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
16Bamunpukhuri785683Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
17Banmukh785663Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
18Barbaruakhat785692Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
19Barhoiting785697Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
20Barpatra Te785693Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
21Barua Ali785684Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
22Barua Chali785693Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
23Baruagaon785692Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
24Baruanagar785692Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
25Baruatigaon785661Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
26Bauli Maidam785685Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
27Baulipukhuri Sensua785684Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
28Bekadolong785690Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
29Bengenabari785690Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
30Betbari785640Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
31Betena785663Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
32Bhadhara785701Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
33Bhalukaguri785691Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
34Bharali Pukhuri785691Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
35Bharalua Tiniali svs785664Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
36Bhatiapar785667Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
37Bhitarual785682Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
38Bhogamukh785682Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
39Bhogbari Kanugaon785692Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
40Bhojo785691Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
41Bhuyanhat785680Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
42Bihubar785687Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
43Bihubar Te785685Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
44Bishrampur785670Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
45Bogidole785697Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
46Bokota Chand bessa785674Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
47Bonai785683Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
48Borahibari785680Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
49Borhat785693Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
50Charing785661Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
51Demow785662Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
52Disangmukh785663Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
53Gaurisagar785664Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
54Geleky785696Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
55Hahchara785701Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
56Jhanji785683Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
57Joysagar785665Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
58Kaloogaon785666Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
59Konwarpur785667Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
60Lakowah785688Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
61Lakwah R.s.785698Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
62Moranhat785670Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
63Namtidoll785684Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
64Nazira785685Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
65Nemuguri785674Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
66Nitaipukhuri785671Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
67Ongc Colony785697Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
68Phukannagar785640Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
69Rajmai785672Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
70Rongpurnagar785640Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
71Santak785687Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
72Sapekhati785692Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
73Sepon785673Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
74Simaluguri785686Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
75Sivasagar785640Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
76Sonari785690Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
77Suffry785689Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
78Tamulichiga785682Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
79Teokghat785694Sivasagar SibsagarAssam
80Towkok785695Sivasagar SibsagarAssam

About Sivasagar

Located 369 km from Guwahati lies the Indian district of Sivasagar in the state of Assam. The district can be found in the higher Brahmaputra Valley. The administrative centre for this district is situated in Sivasagar city. Additionally well-known for its abundant biodiversity is this historic location. Sixteen hundred square km make up the districts. Two sub-divisions, Sivasagar and Nazira, make up the district.

Between 26.45°N and 27.15°N in latitude and between 94.25°E and 95.25°E in longitude is the Sivasagar district. The Charaideo district to the east, the Jhanji River to the west, the Brahmaputra River to the north, and Nagaland to the south define the district’s borders. Because of the cohabitation of various racial groups, tribes, languages, and cultures, the Sivasagar district has developed its unique identity.


For over six centuries, Sivasagar—formerly known as Rangpur—served as the seat of government of the Ahom Kingdom. The district is peppered with old buildings and monuments that attest to its rich past, such as Rang Ghar and Sivasagar Sivadol. These iconic structures serve as reminders of the Ahom era’s great cultural diversity and inventive architectural design.


The district’s picturesque views and verdant surroundings define it. Situated across the Brahmaputra River, this area features a blend of plains and marshes, offering a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The natural landscape of the district is serene and alluring.


Rice is the primary crop of Sivasagar, where agriculture is the main source of income. The district’s economy also benefits greatly from oil fields and tea plantations. To diversify the economic base, the development of small-scale industries and tourism has received a lot of attention in recent years.


For those who enjoy the outdoors and history, the district is a sanctuary. Popular tourist destinations include the historic reservoir Sivasagar Tank and one of India’s largest artificial lakes, Joysagar. The monuments and temples of Ahom provide a window into the region’s illustrious past.


Why is Sivasagar famous for?

It is renowned for the Ahom monuments and palaces. These days, Sivasagar serves as a major hub for the oil and tea industries. From 1699 to 1788, Sivasagar—formerly known as Rangpur—served as the seat of government of the Ahom Kingdom.

What language is spoken in Sivasagar?

The district of Sibsagar is predominantly Assamese. 90.24% of people were speaking Assamese, 2.78% Mishing, 1.96% Hindi, 1.58% Bengali, and 1.38% Sadri as their primary language at the time of the 2011 census.

Why should we visit Sivasagar?

This historic town, which dates back to the Ahom dynasty, is home to many temples and forts with subterranean architecture. Assam's Sibsagar state offers a range of tourism destinations centred around historical landmarks, architectural wonders, and local customs.

Who built Shiva temple in Sivasagar?

Siva Doul ( Temple ) was constructed in the year 1734 A.D. by Queen Ambika alias Madambika. It is the highest/tallest temple of Assam.

What is the old name of Sivasagar?

Sivasagar, formerly known as Rangpur, was the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from 1699 to 1788. The Ahoms ruled Assam for six centuries, until their kingdom fell to the Burmese in 1819 and their ruling class was all but wiped out.