Solan Pincodes

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Pincodes of Solan

Solan Pincodes: Discover the key to locating addresses in Solan effortlessly. This comprehensive list showcases the diverse range of area codes in Solan district, Himachal Pradesh. Unveil the intricate web of postal indices covering urban hubs like Solan City (173212) and rural areas like Kandaghat (173215), among others. Navigate through the extensive array of pin codes to facilitate seamless mail deliveries, e-commerce orders, and location-based services. Whether for personal or business needs, Solan Pincodes presents an invaluable resource for swift and precise location identification in this vibrant district.

Solan Pincodes

Here is a list of Solan Pincodes

1Anji Brahamna173215SolanHimachal Pradesh
2Arki173208SolanHimachal Pradesh
3Baddal Goela173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
4Baddi173205SolanHimachal Pradesh
5Badhaunighat173233SolanHimachal Pradesh
6Badhokhari173218SolanHimachal Pradesh
7Badlag173218SolanHimachal Pradesh
8Baila174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
9Bakhalag173208SolanHimachal Pradesh
10Balera173221SolanHimachal Pradesh
11Bandh Bhaguri173233SolanHimachal Pradesh
12Barotiwala174103SolanHimachal Pradesh
13Baruna174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
14Basal173213SolanHimachal Pradesh
15Basha173215SolanHimachal Pradesh
16Batal173208SolanHimachal Pradesh
17Batoli Kalan173205SolanHimachal Pradesh
18Beral171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
19Bhainch Kuftoo173207SolanHimachal Pradesh
20Bhararighat171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
21Bharti173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
22Bhatian174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
23Bhiyunkhari174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
24Bhogpur174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
25Bhojnagar173229SolanHimachal Pradesh
26Bhood173205SolanHimachal Pradesh
27Bhumati173221SolanHimachal Pradesh
28Bisha173215SolanHimachal Pradesh
29Bohli173229SolanHimachal Pradesh
30Brauri173207SolanHimachal Pradesh
31Chail173217SolanHimachal Pradesh
32Chakhar Bughar171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
33Chambaghat173213SolanHimachal Pradesh
34Chamdar174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
35Chandi173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
36Chhausa173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
37Chhiachi174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
38Dabhota174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
39Dagshai173210SolanHimachal Pradesh
40Damkari173212SolanHimachal Pradesh
41Dangheel173217SolanHimachal Pradesh
42Danoghat171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
43Darla171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
44Darwa173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
45Delgi173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
46Deothi173211SolanHimachal Pradesh
47Dhakaryana173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
48Dhar Ki ber173209SolanHimachal Pradesh
49Dharampur173209SolanHimachal Pradesh
50Dharmana174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
51Dharot173213SolanHimachal Pradesh
52Dhayawala173207SolanHimachal Pradesh
53Dhundan171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
54Diggal173218SolanHimachal Pradesh
55Doli174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
56Domehar173221SolanHimachal Pradesh
57Domeharbani173215SolanHimachal Pradesh
58Dubloo173217SolanHimachal Pradesh
59Ekhoo173233SolanHimachal Pradesh
60Gaighat173229SolanHimachal Pradesh
61Galanag173212SolanHimachal Pradesh
62Galote174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
63Ganghughat171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
64Garkhal173201SolanHimachal Pradesh
65Gaura173212SolanHimachal Pradesh
66Gharsi173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
67Ghatti173211SolanHimachal Pradesh
68Goela Panner174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
69Gunahkalan174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
70Gurumajra174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
71Hanuman Barog171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
72Haripur173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
73Haripur Sandoli173205SolanHimachal Pradesh
74Hinner173217SolanHimachal Pradesh
75Jabali173209SolanHimachal Pradesh
76Jagjit Nagat173225SolanHimachal Pradesh
77Jainagar173221SolanHimachal Pradesh
78Janedghat173217SolanHimachal Pradesh
79Jaunaji173212SolanHimachal Pradesh
80Jhaja173217SolanHimachal Pradesh
81Jhajra174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
82Jobri173221SolanHimachal Pradesh
83Joghon174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
84Jubbar173225SolanHimachal Pradesh
85Jubla173207SolanHimachal Pradesh
86Kabakalan173229SolanHimachal Pradesh
87Kahala173207SolanHimachal Pradesh
88Kaitghalighat173215SolanHimachal Pradesh
89Kakkar Hatti173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
90Kalibari174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
91Kanda173209SolanHimachal Pradesh
92Kandaghat173215SolanHimachal Pradesh
93Karuana173205SolanHimachal Pradesh
94Kasauli173204SolanHimachal Pradesh
95Kashlog171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
96Katal173218SolanHimachal Pradesh
97Kawarag173215SolanHimachal Pradesh
98Khera174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
99Khillian174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
100Kiarighat173215SolanHimachal Pradesh
101Kohu174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
102Kot173225SolanHimachal Pradesh
103Kot Beja173233SolanHimachal Pradesh
104Koti173207SolanHimachal Pradesh
105Kotla173212SolanHimachal Pradesh
106Kujji173229SolanHimachal Pradesh
107Kumarhatti173229SolanHimachal Pradesh
108Kundlu174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
109Kunhar173221SolanHimachal Pradesh
110Kunihar173207SolanHimachal Pradesh
111Kuthar173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
112Lagdaghat174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
113Lodhimajra174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
114Loharghat174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
115Lunas174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
116Maan173218SolanHimachal Pradesh
117Malera173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
118Mamlig173222SolanHimachal Pradesh
119Mandhala174103SolanHimachal Pradesh
120Mandodhar173209SolanHimachal Pradesh
121Mangal171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
122Manjholi174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
123Manjiyat173208SolanHimachal Pradesh
124Manjoo173208SolanHimachal Pradesh
125Manlogkalan173218SolanHimachal Pradesh
126Manpura173205SolanHimachal Pradesh
127Masulkhana173220SolanHimachal Pradesh
128Materani173221SolanHimachal Pradesh
129Matuli174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
130Mittian174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
131Nagali173217SolanHimachal Pradesh
132Nagaon171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
133Naina Tikkar173229SolanHimachal Pradesh
134Nalagarh174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
135Nangal174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
136Nauni173230SolanHimachal Pradesh
137Nayagram173220SolanHimachal Pradesh
138Oachghat173223SolanHimachal Pradesh
139Palania173208SolanHimachal Pradesh
140Palog173208SolanHimachal Pradesh
141Panjhera174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
142Panwa173229SolanHimachal Pradesh
143Parnoo171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
144Parwanoo173220SolanHimachal Pradesh
145Patta173233SolanHimachal Pradesh
146Peeran173217SolanHimachal Pradesh
147Piplughat171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
148Plassaikalan174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
149Pole Da khala174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
150Pratha173220SolanHimachal Pradesh
151Rajpura174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
152Rampur173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
153Ramshahar174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
154Ratwari174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
155Reru174101SolanHimachal Pradesh
156Rouri173209SolanHimachal Pradesh
157Sadhupul173215SolanHimachal Pradesh
158Sai173205SolanHimachal Pradesh
159Salogra173214SolanHimachal Pradesh
160Sanawar173202SolanHimachal Pradesh
161Saproon173211SolanHimachal Pradesh
162Saryanj171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
163Sayri173207SolanHimachal Pradesh
164Sewra Chandi171102SolanHimachal Pradesh
165Shahrol173221SolanHimachal Pradesh
166Shalaghat173208SolanHimachal Pradesh
167Shamti173212SolanHimachal Pradesh
168Shardaghat173207SolanHimachal Pradesh
169Solan173212SolanHimachal Pradesh
170Solan Brewery173214SolanHimachal Pradesh
171Sour174102SolanHimachal Pradesh
172Subathu173206SolanHimachal Pradesh
173Sujhaila173208SolanHimachal Pradesh
174Sultanpur173229SolanHimachal Pradesh
175Surajpur174103SolanHimachal Pradesh
176Taksal173220SolanHimachal Pradesh
177Thana173205SolanHimachal Pradesh
178Tikkar173217SolanHimachal Pradesh
179Tundal173215SolanHimachal Pradesh

About Solan District

Solan, nestled in Himachal Pradesh serves as the district headquarters. Positioned between Chandigarh and Shimla, it’s an enclave cradled in the Shivalik hills, with an average elevation of 1,550 meters. Home to ancient temples and monasteries like Shoolini Mata and Jatoli Shiv, it reveres Shoolini Devi, celebrated through an annual fair in June. Renowned as the “Mushroom City of India,” it thrives on mushroom farming and houses the Directorate of Mushroom Research. This vibrant city is also dubbed the “City of Red Gold” for its significant tomato production. Notably, it hosts one of India’s oldest breweries and boasts a historic 300-year-old hilltop fort.


The district encompasses the former territories of princely states Baghal, Baghat, Kunihar, Kuthar, Mangal, Beja, Mahlog, Nalagarh, parts of Keonthal, Koti, and hilly areas once under Punjab State, merged with Himachal Pradesh on Nov 1, 1966. Established on Sept 1, 1972, it emerged by merging Solan and Arki tehsils from Mahasu district and Kandaghat, Nalagarh tehsils from PEPSU. Named after Mata Shoolini Devi, credited with saving Solan, both district and headquarters bear her name. This region’s rich history integrates diverse territories, forging a vibrant district within Himachal Pradesh, preserving heritage, and honoring its guardian deity.


As per the 2011 census, Solan district boasted a population of 580,320, ranking 532nd in India. The area embraced a density of 300 people per sq km, marking a 15.9% growth from 2001 to 2011. The sex ratio stood at 880 females per 1000 males, with an 85.02% literacy rate. Urban dwellers accounted for 17.60%, while Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes represented 28.35% and 4.42% respectively. The linguistic tapestry included Hindi (39.47%), Pahari (29.70%), Punjabi (8.92%), Handuri (5.61%), Baghati (2.58%), Nepali (2.35%), Bhojpuri (1.42%), and other languages (9.90%) among its diverse fabric.


Solan, positioned at 30.92°N 77.12°E, boasts an average elevation of 1502 meters (5249.34 feet) with its highest summit, Mount Karol, soaring to 2280 meters. The pinnacle hosts Pandava’s cave, a site linked to the Pandavas’ legendary meditation during their 12-year exile. Winter graces Solan with occasional snowfall. Serving as a pivotal hub, Solan acts as a launchpad for nearby attractions like Chail, Dagshai, Sabathu, Kandaghat, Kasauli, Rajgarh, Salogra, and the majestic Churdhar peak. This vibrant town not only revels in its own beauty but also serves as a gateway to a tapestry of captivating destinations in its vicinity.


Solan thrives as a horticultural hub, boasting tomatoes, plums, apricots, kiwis, apples, and seasonal vegetables as economic pillars. The bustling Saproon bypass hosts a sprawling complex, a vibrant hub for vegetables and fruits. Mushrooms cultivation significantly bolsters the town’s economy. Tourism amplifies Solan’s prosperity, drawing visitors for its robust health, education, and commercial infrastructure. Outsiders’ contributions further fortify the city’s economy, amplifying its growth through their engagement with the diverse amenities available. This symbiotic relationship between agriculture, local produce markets, tourism, and external contributions fuels Solan’s economic vibrancy, sustaining its position as a flourishing center in the region.


What is the Solan famous for?

Solan is renowned for horticulture, especially its produce markets, diverse agriculture, mushroom cultivation, and burgeoning tourism opportunities.

What is the history of Solan?

Solan's history spans ancient times, evolving through princely states, British colonial influence, and modern development in Himachal Pradesh.

What food is famous in Solan district?

Solan is renowned for its flavorful produce: tomatoes, plums, apricots, kiwis, apples, and mushrooms, enriching its culinary landscape.

What is Solan known as?

Solan is known as the "Mushroom City of India" and a prominent hub for horticulture and agriculture in Himachal Pradesh.

Is Solan a hilly area?

Yes, Solan is situated in the hilly terrain of Himachal Pradesh, offering picturesque landscapes and mountainous surroundings.