South-Goa Pincodes

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Pincodes of South-Goa

South Goa, a tranquil region in the state of Goa, India, is celebrated for its pristine beaches, like Palolem and Agonda, and its laid-back atmosphere. Known for its lush greenery, serene backwaters, and rich cultural heritage, South Goa offers a more relaxed vibe compared to its northern counterpart. It’s home to exquisite Portuguese architecture, peaceful retreats, and wildlife sanctuaries, attracting those seeking a serene getaway. The region’s economy is bolstered by tourism, fishing, and agriculture. South-Goa Pincodes play a crucial role in maintaining efficient postal services and navigation, seamlessly connecting this idyllic and culturally rich area with the rest of the country.

South-Goa Pincodes

Here is a list of South-Goa Pincodes

1A.P.dabolim403801South GoaGoa
2A.P.terminal403801South GoaGoa
3Agapur Adpoi403401South GoaGoa
4Agonda403702South GoaGoa
5Ambaulim403705South GoaGoa
6Ambelim403723South GoaGoa
7Amona403107South GoaGoa
8Aquem403601South GoaGoa
9Assolda403714South GoaGoa
10Assolna403701South GoaGoa
11Avedem403705South GoaGoa
12Baina403802South GoaGoa
13Balli403703South GoaGoa
14Banastrim403107South GoaGoa
15Bandora403401South GoaGoa
16Barcem403703South GoaGoa
17Bati403704South GoaGoa
18Benaulim403716South GoaGoa
19Betalbhatim403713South GoaGoa
20Betora403401South GoaGoa
21Betora I.e.403409South GoaGoa
22Betul403723South GoaGoa
23Bhatpal403702South GoaGoa
24Bogmalo403806South GoaGoa
25Borim403401South GoaGoa
26Cacora403706South GoaGoa
27Calem403704South GoaGoa
28Camurlim403718South GoaGoa
29Canacona403702South GoaGoa
30Cananguinim403703South GoaGoa
31Cansaulim403712South GoaGoa
32Carmona403717South GoaGoa
33Cavelossim403731South GoaGoa
34Cavorim403714South GoaGoa
35Chandor403714South GoaGoa
36Chicalim403711South GoaGoa
37Chinchinim403715South GoaGoa
38Cola403702South GoaGoa
39Collem403410South GoaGoa
40Colva403708South GoaGoa
41Cortalim403710South GoaGoa
42Cotigaon403702South GoaGoa
43Cuncolim403703South GoaGoa
44Cundaim I.e.403115South GoaGoa
45Cundiam403115South GoaGoa
46Curchorem403706South GoaGoa
47Curdi403704South GoaGoa
48Curti403401South GoaGoa
49Curtorim403709South GoaGoa
50Davorlim403707South GoaGoa
51Dramapur403725South GoaGoa
52Durbhat403401South GoaGoa
53Farmagudi403401South GoaGoa
54Fatorda403602South GoaGoa
55Fatorpa403703South GoaGoa
56Gandhi Market complex margao403601South GoaGoa
57Gaodongarim403702South GoaGoa
58Gogol403601South GoaGoa
59Guirdolim Pssk403714South GoaGoa
60Loliem403728South GoaGoa
61Loliem Polem403728South GoaGoa
62Loutolim403718South GoaGoa
63Macazana403709South GoaGoa
64Majorda403713South GoaGoa
65Mangor Hill403802South GoaGoa
66Marcela403107South GoaGoa
67Mardol403404South GoaGoa
68Margao403601South GoaGoa
69Molcarnem403704South GoaGoa
70Mollem403410South GoaGoa
71Mormugao403803South GoaGoa
72Morpirla403703South GoaGoa
73Nagao403722South GoaGoa
74Navelim403707South GoaGoa
75Navelim Camp403729South GoaGoa
76Netorlim403704South GoaGoa
77Nirankal403401South GoaGoa
78Nuvem403604South GoaGoa
79Orlim403724South GoaGoa
80Palolem403702South GoaGoa
81Panchwadi403706South GoaGoa
82Pirla403705South GoaGoa
83Poinguinim403702South GoaGoa
84Ponda Camp403401South GoaGoa
85Priol403404South GoaGoa
86Quela403401South GoaGoa
87Quepem403705South GoaGoa
88Querim403401South GoaGoa
89Quirlapale403706South GoaGoa
90Raia403720South GoaGoa
91Rivona403705South GoaGoa
92Sada403804South GoaGoa
93Sadolxem403702South GoaGoa
94Sancoale403710South GoaGoa
95Sanguem403704South GoaGoa
96Sant Estevam403106South GoaGoa
97Sem-rachol soso403719South GoaGoa
98Seraulim403708South GoaGoa
99Sigao403410South GoaGoa
100Sirvoi403705South GoaGoa
101St. jose de areal403709South GoaGoa
102Talaulim403707South GoaGoa
103Thana403710South GoaGoa
104Tisca403406South GoaGoa
105Ugvem403704South GoaGoa
106Utorda403713South GoaGoa
107Vaddem403802South GoaGoa
108Vademnagar403802South GoaGoa
109Valkini403704South GoaGoa
110Vanelim403708South GoaGoa
111Varca403721South GoaGoa
112Vasco-da-gama403802South GoaGoa
113Velguem403105South GoaGoa
114Velim403723South GoaGoa
115Velsao Pssk403712South GoaGoa
116Verem De ponda403401South GoaGoa
117Verna403722South GoaGoa
118Veroda403703South GoaGoa
119Xeldem403705South GoaGoa
120Xelvona403706South GoaGoa
121Zuarinagar403726South GoaGoa

About South Goa

One of the two districts that make up the Indian state of Goa is South Goa district. Goa is located in the Konkan area. Its boundaries are the state of Karnataka’s Uttara Kannada district to the east and south, the district of North Goa to the north, and the Arabian Sea to the west.


In 1510, the Portuguese founded a colony in Goa, which they grew to its current size in the 17th and 18th centuries. India seized Goa on December 19, 1961. Goa was merged into a single district in 1965 and joined two other former Portuguese enclaves to establish the union territory of Goa, Daman, and Diu. Goa was divided into North Goa and South Goa districts when it became a state on May 30, 1987, with Daman and Diu remaining a union territory.


The Collector and District Magistrate of South Goa are Indian Administrative Service officers, Asvin Chandru A. For every subdivision or taluka, there are mamlatdars and deputy collectors. Margao is the district headquarters. The South Goa District is divided into seven Talukas, or subdistricts, with the Mamlatdar in charge of each of the 205 revenue villages.


The district’s administrative centre is located at Margao. Situated next to the intercity bus stop on the outskirts of the city, the collectorate building known as the “Matanhy Saldanha Administrative Complex” bears the name of Mr Mathany Saldanha, a social activist and former minister.

The district is split up into seven talukas, which are Ponda, Dharbandora, Sanguem, Mormugao (Vasco), Salcete (Margao), Quepem, and Canacona (Chaudi); and five subdivisions, which are Ponda, Mormugao-Vasco, Margao, Quepem, and Dharbandora. In January 2015, the Ponda taluka was moved from the North Goa district to the South Goa district.


With 6,40,537 residents, South Goa is nearly the size of the US state of Vermont or the nation of Montenegro, according to the 2011 census. It now stands at 515th in Indi as a result. The population density of the district is 326 people per square kilometre, or 840 people per square mile. Between 2001 and 2011, the population growth rate was 8.63%. South Goa has an 85.53% literacy rate and a sex ratio of 980 females for every 1000 males. The district’s Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes comprise 14.47% and 1.22% of the total population, respectively.


What is so special about South Goa?

Soulful and calm, South Goa offers you an intoxicating combination of historical churches and temples, breathtaking seafood, pure verdant nature, glimpses into Portuguese culture, and an unmistakably romantic atmosphere.

What is called South Goa?

The entirety of Goa state's southern region is included under South Goa District. The district is located in Karnataka's Uttar Kannada district in the east and south, the Arabian Sea to the west, and North Goa district to the north.

Is South Goa more expensive?

In general, North Goa is thought to be more costly than South Goa. Certain parts of North Goa, such Baga, Calangute, and Candolim, are more expensive than other parts of the region and are popular tourist destinations. These neighbourhoods are closer to the well-liked beaches and have a higher concentration of eateries, pubs, and retail establishments.

Is South Goa peaceful or North Goa?

South Goa is known for its tranquil and less crowded beaches. Beaches like Palolem, Agonda, and Colva offer a more laid-back and peaceful atmosphere, making them ideal for relaxation and solitude.

Which beach in South Goa has best nightlife?

One of Goa's greatest beaches for nightlife is Palolem Beach. Goa is renowned for having an amazing nightlife. Travellers from all over the world come here to take part in beach parties, indulge in alcohol, and simply relax while on vacation.