Srinagar Pincodes

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Pincodes of Srinagar

Srinagar Pincodes is your comprehensive guide to precise postal codes within Srinagar’s vibrant cityscape. Nestled in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar’s beauty extends beyond its iconic Dal Lake and Mughal gardens. Our platform simplifies the location of accurate postal codes across the city’s diverse neighborhoods, ensuring efficient mail and package deliveries. With historical significance and cultural richness, Srinagar captivates with its heritage sites like Shankaracharya Temple and Hazratbal Shrine. Explore this enchanting city effortlessly with Srinagar Pincodes, streamlining your address queries and enhancing your correspondence experience in this picturesque city amid the Himalayas.
Srinagar Pincodes

Here is a list of Srinagar Pincodes

1A K pora191515SrinagarJammu And kashmir
2Abi Karlpora190003SrinagarJammu And kashmir
3Akhal191202SrinagarJammu And kashmir
4Anchar190011SrinagarJammu And kashmir
5Aripanthan193401SrinagarJammu And kashmir
6Bachpora190020SrinagarJammu And kashmir
7Badran193401SrinagarJammu And kashmir
8Badyar Balla190001SrinagarJammu And kashmir
9Bagh Mehtab190019SrinagarJammu And kashmir
10Balhama191101SrinagarJammu And kashmir
11Bashipora190017SrinagarJammu And kashmir
12Batwara190004SrinagarJammu And kashmir
13Beerwah193401SrinagarJammu And kashmir
14Bemina190018SrinagarJammu And kashmir
15Bemina Chowk190018SrinagarJammu And kashmir
16Central Market190009SrinagarJammu And kashmir
17Ganderbal191201SrinagarJammu And kashmir
18Gund191202SrinagarJammu And kashmir
19Haran191131SrinagarJammu And kashmir
20Hari Gaiwan191202SrinagarJammu And kashmir
21Jawahar Nagar190008SrinagarJammu And kashmir
22Kangan191202SrinagarJammu And kashmir
23Karan Nagar190010SrinagarJammu And kashmir
24Karhama191131SrinagarJammu And kashmir
25Kashmir University190006SrinagarJammu And kashmir
26Kathi Darwaza190003SrinagarJammu And kashmir
27Khrew191103SrinagarJammu And kashmir
28Kulan191202SrinagarJammu And kashmir
29Lal Bazaar190011SrinagarJammu And kashmir
30Lal Chowk190001SrinagarJammu And kashmir
31Lasjan191101SrinagarJammu And kashmir
32Mamer191202SrinagarJammu And kashmir
33Medical College190010SrinagarJammu And kashmir
34Nandpora190003SrinagarJammu And kashmir
35Nehru Park190001SrinagarJammu And kashmir
36New Secrate190009SrinagarJammu And kashmir
37Noushara190011SrinagarJammu And kashmir
38Paipora190017SrinagarJammu And kashmir
39Pampore192121SrinagarJammu And kashmir
40Pandrathan191101SrinagarJammu And kashmir
41Pantha Chowk191101SrinagarJammu And kashmir
42Parimpora190017SrinagarJammu And kashmir
43Qasbalar191131SrinagarJammu And kashmir
44Rainawari190003SrinagarJammu And kashmir
45Rajbagh190008SrinagarJammu And kashmir
46Rambagh190009SrinagarJammu And kashmir
47S Bala191202SrinagarJammu And kashmir
48S.K.sectrate190001SrinagarJammu And kashmir
49S.R gunj190002SrinagarJammu And kashmir
50Safukadul190002SrinagarJammu And kashmir
51Saloora191131SrinagarJammu And kashmir
52Sathu190001SrinagarJammu And kashmir
53Sehpora191131SrinagarJammu And kashmir
54Shallabugh191131SrinagarJammu And kashmir
55Shamswari190002SrinagarJammu And kashmir
56Sonamarg191203SrinagarJammu And kashmir
57Srinagar.190001SrinagarJammu And kashmir
58Tulmulla191131SrinagarJammu And kashmir
59Wangat191202SrinagarJammu And kashmir
60Wuyan191102SrinagarJammu And kashmir
61Zainakote190012SrinagarJammu And kashmir
62Zakura190006SrinagarJammu And kashmir
63Zawan191101SrinagarJammu And kashmir

About Srinagar District

Srinagar, nestled in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, amid the contested Kashmir region, stands as its largest city and the summer capital. Draped along the Jhelum River and embracing Dal and Anchar lakes, it’s adorned by Hari Parbat and Shankaracharya hills. Renowned for its natural beauty, Srinagar boasts lush gardens, serene waterfronts, and iconic houseboats. This city thrives on traditional Kashmiri crafts—exquisite shawls, papier-mâché, woodwork, carpets, and jewelry. Moreover, it’s celebrated for its dried fruits. As the second-largest metropolitan area in the Himalayas, Srinagar enchants with its cultural richness, offering a tapestry of scenic landscapes and artisanal heritage.


As per Rajatarangini by Kalhana, Srinagari, traced to modern Pandrethan, was founded by Ashoka, later established anew by King Pravarasena as Parvarapura in the 6th century CE. This vibrant capital, nestled near the Hari Parbat hill along Jhelum’s bank, evolved with markets, temples, and a protective embankment, remnants of which endure. Huein Tsang’s chronicles validate its grandeur in 631 CE. Pravarasena’s Srinagar persisted as the capital amidst successive rulers’ constructions. Adi Shankara established the Shankaracharya Temple. The city expanded across the Jhelum, relocating the royal palace in the 12th century, preserving its rich heritage, distinct districts, and revered guardian deities worshipped by Hindu Kashmiris.


In the 2011 census, Srinagar urban agglomeration housed 1,273,312 residents, boasting an average literacy rate of around 70%. Children comprised 12% of the populace in both the city and its urban agglomeration. Males accounted for 53.0%, females 47%, with a city sex ratio of 888 females per 1000 males, and 880 in the urban agglomeration. Islam prevails as the primary religion at 96%, followed by Hindus at 2.75%. Other faiths like Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism constitute the remaining populace. Notably, Kashmiri Hindus formed 21.9% in 1891 and reduced to 2.75% by the 2011 census within Srinagar’s demographic landscape.


The city straddles the Jhelum River, known as Vyath in Kashmir, with nine ancient bridges linking its two parts. Adorned by lakes like Dal, Nigeen, Anchar, and swamps like Khushal Sar, Gil Sar, and Hokersar, Srinagar epitomizes natural splendor. Hokersar, a vital wetland 14 km north, hosts Siberian migratory birds in winter, serving as a crucial stopover for thousands en route from Central Asia. Spanning 13.75 km², Hokersar, alongside Hygam, Shalibug, and Mirgund, attracts diverse bird species including brahminy ducks, greylag geese, and northern pintails. Srinagar’s enchanting blend of waterways and avian sanctuaries offers a haven for migratory and indigenous bird populations.


The City Mayors Foundation, a prominent advocacy think tank, revealed in November 2011 that Srinagar stood as the 92nd swiftest developing urban area globally concerning economic expansion. This ranking was derived from empirical data spanning 2006 to 2020, showcasing the city’s remarkable growth trajectory. Srinagar’s progression as an economic powerhouse reflects in this recognition, highlighting its dynamic evolution and potential. Such acknowledgment underscores the city’s forward momentum and underscores its position as a significant contributor to the global landscape of burgeoning urban economies.


Why is Srinagar so famous?

Srinagar is famed for its stunning Dal Lake, Mughal gardens, houseboats, vibrant culture, and scenic Himalayan backdrop.

Which is the best month to visit Srinagar?

The best time to visit Srinagar is from April to October for pleasant weather and blooming gardens.

What is famous to eat in Srinagar?

Wazwan cuisine, including dishes like Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Kashmiri Pulao, is famous to eat in Srinagar.

What attracts tourists to Srinagar?

Srinagar's allure lies in its scenic Dal Lake, Mughal gardens, houseboats, vibrant culture, and captivating handicrafts.

Which is the coldest month in Srinagar?

January typically stands as the coldest month in Srinagar, experiencing the lowest temperatures amid the winter season.