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Pincodes of Una

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Una Pincodes

Here is a list of Una Pincodes

1Ajauli174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
2Amb177203UnaHimachal Pradesh
3Ambehra Dhiraj174314UnaHimachal Pradesh
4Amboa177204UnaHimachal Pradesh
5Ambota177205UnaHimachal Pradesh
6Andora177203UnaHimachal Pradesh
7Arlu174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
8Arn Behal177109UnaHimachal Pradesh
9Babehar177204UnaHimachal Pradesh
10Badehar174306UnaHimachal Pradesh
11Badhera177209UnaHimachal Pradesh
12Badoh177201UnaHimachal Pradesh
13Badoli174302UnaHimachal Pradesh
14Badsala174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
15Balh174321UnaHimachal Pradesh
16Baliwal177220UnaHimachal Pradesh
17Bangana174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
18Barnoh174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
19Basal174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
20Basdehra174315UnaHimachal Pradesh
21Basoli174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
22Bathri174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
23Bathu174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
24Batuhi174302UnaHimachal Pradesh
25Beetan176601UnaHimachal Pradesh
26Behdala174306UnaHimachal Pradesh
27Bhadarkali177204UnaHimachal Pradesh
28Bhadauri177220UnaHimachal Pradesh
29Bhadsali174317UnaHimachal Pradesh
30Bhadwar174321UnaHimachal Pradesh
31Bhalaun174314UnaHimachal Pradesh
32Bhanjal177213UnaHimachal Pradesh
33Bharwain177109UnaHimachal Pradesh
34Bhater177110UnaHimachal Pradesh
35Bhatoli174315UnaHimachal Pradesh
36Bhera174316UnaHimachal Pradesh
37Bhindla177039UnaHimachal Pradesh
38Biderwal176601UnaHimachal Pradesh
39Budhan174308UnaHimachal Pradesh
40Chaksarai177210UnaHimachal Pradesh
41Chalet177204UnaHimachal Pradesh
42Chalola174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
43Chamiari174308UnaHimachal Pradesh
44Charara174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
45Charatghar174315UnaHimachal Pradesh
46Chatara174306UnaHimachal Pradesh
47Chhaproh174321UnaHimachal Pradesh
48Chhatarpur174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
49Chintpurni177110UnaHimachal Pradesh
50Chowar177203UnaHimachal Pradesh
51Chowki Maniar174314UnaHimachal Pradesh
52Chulhari177031UnaHimachal Pradesh
53Churru177211UnaHimachal Pradesh
54Daloh177203UnaHimachal Pradesh
55Dangohkalan177204UnaHimachal Pradesh
56Dangoli174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
57Dathwara174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
58Daulatpurchowk177204UnaHimachal Pradesh
59Dehlan174306UnaHimachal Pradesh
60Deoli177212UnaHimachal Pradesh
61Dera Baba rudra nand174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
62Dhalwari177110UnaHimachal Pradesh
63Dhamandri174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
64Dharampur177220UnaHimachal Pradesh
65Dharamsal177110UnaHimachal Pradesh
66Dhundla174308UnaHimachal Pradesh
67Dhussara174302UnaHimachal Pradesh
68Diara174316UnaHimachal Pradesh
69Distt.Court una174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
70Dohgi Upperli174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
71Dulehar176601UnaHimachal Pradesh
72Gagret177201UnaHimachal Pradesh
73Ganu174319UnaHimachal Pradesh
74Ghaloon177041UnaHimachal Pradesh
75Ghanari177212UnaHimachal Pradesh
76Ghangret177110UnaHimachal Pradesh
77Gindpur177110UnaHimachal Pradesh
78Gondpur Banera177213UnaHimachal Pradesh
79Gondpurbulla176601UnaHimachal Pradesh
80Gondpurjaichand176601UnaHimachal Pradesh
81Guglehar177208UnaHimachal Pradesh
82Hamboli174316UnaHimachal Pradesh
83Haroli177220UnaHimachal Pradesh
84Harot174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
85Hatli174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
86Hiran176601UnaHimachal Pradesh
87Ispur177207UnaHimachal Pradesh
88Jadla177208UnaHimachal Pradesh
89Jajjar177109UnaHimachal Pradesh
90Jakhera174315UnaHimachal Pradesh
91Jankaur174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
92Jassana174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
93Jatehri174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
94Jawal177110UnaHimachal Pradesh
95Jawar177210UnaHimachal Pradesh
96Jhamber174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
97Joh177204UnaHimachal Pradesh
98Kadh177213UnaHimachal Pradesh
99Kaloh177201UnaHimachal Pradesh
100Kalruhi177203UnaHimachal Pradesh
101Kanger177209UnaHimachal Pradesh
102Katauhar Kalan177211UnaHimachal Pradesh
103Kataur Khurd177203UnaHimachal Pradesh
104Kathiari177211UnaHimachal Pradesh
105Khad177207UnaHimachal Pradesh
106Khanpur174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
107Khurwain174321UnaHimachal Pradesh
108Kinoo177109UnaHimachal Pradesh
109Kohdra174308UnaHimachal Pradesh
110Kotla Kalan174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
111Kotla Khurd174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
112Kuneran177219UnaHimachal Pradesh
113Kungrat176601UnaHimachal Pradesh
114Kuriala174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
115Kuthar Beet174503UnaHimachal Pradesh
116Kuthera Jaswalan177206UnaHimachal Pradesh
117Kuthera Kherla177203UnaHimachal Pradesh
118Lalri174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
119Lamlehri174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
120Lathiani174308UnaHimachal Pradesh
121Lohara177109UnaHimachal Pradesh
122Loharli177208UnaHimachal Pradesh
123Mairi177210UnaHimachal Pradesh
124Makrer174321UnaHimachal Pradesh
125Malangar174308UnaHimachal Pradesh
126Mandli177032UnaHimachal Pradesh
127Marwari174319UnaHimachal Pradesh
128Mawa Kaholan177204UnaHimachal Pradesh
129Mawa Sindhian177206UnaHimachal Pradesh
130Mehatpur174315UnaHimachal Pradesh
131Mubarikpur177202UnaHimachal Pradesh
132Nagnoli177208UnaHimachal Pradesh
133Nakroh177213UnaHimachal Pradesh
134Nandpur177211UnaHimachal Pradesh
135Nangal Jarialan177212UnaHimachal Pradesh
136Nangal Kalan174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
137Nangal Khurd174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
138Nangal Salangri174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
139Nangran174315UnaHimachal Pradesh
140Nari177110UnaHimachal Pradesh
141Nari Devi singh174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
142Nehri Nauranga177210UnaHimachal Pradesh
143Oel177206UnaHimachal Pradesh
144Palakwah177220UnaHimachal Pradesh
145Paloh177039UnaHimachal Pradesh
146Pandogha177207UnaHimachal Pradesh
147Panjawar177208UnaHimachal Pradesh
148Panjoa Ladoli177211UnaHimachal Pradesh
149Panoh174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
150Paroian174321UnaHimachal Pradesh
151Pirthipur177204UnaHimachal Pradesh
152Polian Beet174503UnaHimachal Pradesh
153Polian Purohitan177210UnaHimachal Pradesh
154Pubowal174503UnaHimachal Pradesh
155Rainsary174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
156Raipur177031UnaHimachal Pradesh
157Raipur Sahoran174315UnaHimachal Pradesh
158Rajpur Jaswan177210UnaHimachal Pradesh
159Rakkar Colony174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
160Ripoh Misran177210UnaHimachal Pradesh
161Sagnai177212UnaHimachal Pradesh
162Sainsowal177220UnaHimachal Pradesh
163Saloh177209UnaHimachal Pradesh
164Saloh Beri174319UnaHimachal Pradesh
165Saloi177203UnaHimachal Pradesh
166Samoor Kalan174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
167Sanouli174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
168Santokhgarh174301UnaHimachal Pradesh
169Sapauri177210UnaHimachal Pradesh
170Satother174302UnaHimachal Pradesh
171Singan176601UnaHimachal Pradesh
172Sohari177039UnaHimachal Pradesh
173Suhin177109UnaHimachal Pradesh
174Sunkali177219UnaHimachal Pradesh
175Suri177210UnaHimachal Pradesh
176Tabba Behdala174306UnaHimachal Pradesh
177Takarala177211UnaHimachal Pradesh
178Takka174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
179Talmehra174320UnaHimachal Pradesh
180Tanoh174308UnaHimachal Pradesh
181Teuri174303UnaHimachal Pradesh
182Thanakalan174321UnaHimachal Pradesh
183Thathal177211UnaHimachal Pradesh
184Thathoon174307UnaHimachal Pradesh
185Una174303UnaHimachal Pradesh

About Una District

Nestled in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Una district boasts a strategic location, bordered by Hoshiarpur and Rupnagar districts of Punjab, alongside Kangra, Hamirpur, and Bilaspur districts within Himachal Pradesh. Characterized by gently undulating plains merging with semi-hilly terrains, Una offers a picturesque landscape. Comprising five tehsils—Ghanari, Haroli, Amb, Bangana, and Una itself—this district evolved from being a part of Hoshiarpur and Kangra districts to attaining district status in 1972. With a rich historical transition and diverse topography, Una is a testament to cultural amalgamation and scenic beauty in the heart of Himachal Pradesh.


Una district, once a part of Kangra State, notably the Jaswan Dun, was under the dominion of the Katoch dynasty. The fertile expanse of Jaswan, nestled in the outer hills of historical Kangra, saw its inception around A.D. 1170 by Purab Chand, a scion of the Katoch lineage. This territory emerged as the premier offshoot from the parent legacy. Initially a jagir, it burgeoned into independence amid the tumult of Muhammadan invasions. Across its history, 27 Rajas, from Purab Chand to Ummed Singh, steered the realm of Jaswan, embellishing the narrative of a region shaped by lineage, resilience, and sovereignty.


Himachal Pradesh, with a population of 6,864,602 as per the 2011 Census, exhibits a balanced sex ratio of 972 females per 1,000 males. Notably, the state recorded a commendable rise in child sex ratio, reaching 909 in 2011. Its total fertility rate stands impressively low at 1.7, reflecting modern demographic trends. Scheduled castes and tribes constitute 25.19% and 5.71% of the populace, respectively. The region hosts diverse caste groups like Rajputs, Brahmins, and the prominent Koli, representing 30% of the population. With a marginal population share in India, Himachal Pradesh showcases a unique demographic fabric, fostering inclusivity amidst its stunning landscape.


Una district, as per the 2011 census, houses a population of 521,173, ranking 543rd in India. With a density of 338 individuals per square kilometre, the region experienced a 16.24% growth rate between 2001 and 2011. The sex ratio stands at 977 females for every 1000 males, while literacy thrives at 87.23%. Urban dwellers represent 8.62% of the populace. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes constitute 22.16% and 1.65%, respectively. Local languages include Hindi, Punjabi, and Pahari, with Punjabi prevalent in Ghanari, Haroli, Una, and parts of Amb, while Pahari is spoken in Bangana and Chintpurni areas. Una mirrors diversity and cultural richness in its demographics.


Una’s economic backbone thrives on agriculture, with the majority of lands dedicated to cultivating staples like rice, maize, wheat, potato, cabbage, and ladies’ finger. Over half of the population sustains livelihoods through farming. The district’s prosperity hinges on embracing modern agricultural tech, elevating production. While agriculture remains pivotal, Una is also evolving into an industrial hub. This diversification offers promising prospects, complementing the traditional agrarian roots. The synergy between age-old farming practices and contemporary innovations fosters growth, propelling Una towards a future where agriculture and burgeoning industries harmoniously drive its dynamic economy.


What is special about Una?

Una thrives on agriculture, boasting fertile lands and a population primarily engaged in farming, now transitioning into an emerging industrial hub.

Why was Una given to Himachal Pradesh?

Una was transferred to Himachal Pradesh to facilitate administrative convenience and socio-cultural cohesion within the region.

Is Una a hill station?

No, Una is not typically considered a hill station; it's more known for its agricultural prominence and emerging industries.

Which is the largest village in Una Himachal Pradesh?

Kuthera holds the title of being the largest village in Una, Himachal Pradesh, with a substantial population and area.

What language is spoken in Una Himachal Pradesh?

In Una, Himachal Pradesh, people predominantly speak Hindi, with Punjabi being commonly used as well in the region.