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Pincodes of Yamuna Nagar

Yamuna Nagar Pincodes: Navigate the charming city effortlessly with our comprehensive Yamuna Nagar pincodes directory on “Pincodes of My Location” website. Unlock access to this picturesque locale, unveiling its diverse neighborhoods and administrative setup. Led by officers from Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, and Indian Forest Service, governance spans general administration, law & order, and environmental conservation. Each department, including PWD, Health, and Agriculture, boasts dedicated district officers ensuring holistic development. 

Yamuna Nagar Pincodes

Here is a list of Yamuna Nagar Pincodes

1Alhar135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
2Amadalpur135101Yamuna NagarHaryana
3Aurangabad135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
4Azizpur133206Yamuna NagarHaryana
5Bakana135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
6Bakarwala135021Yamuna NagarHaryana
7Balachaur135103Yamuna NagarHaryana
8Balchhapar135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
9Banidi135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
10Bapa135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
11Barsan135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
12Basatianwala135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
13Bhagu Majra135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
14Bhambol133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
15Bhatia Nagar135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
16Bherthal135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
17Bhudkalan135106Yamuna NagarHaryana
18Bilaspur135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
19Bilauli135103Yamuna NagarHaryana
20Binjalpur133206Yamuna NagarHaryana
21Bubka135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
22Buriya135101Yamuna NagarHaryana
23Cagnoli135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
24Chamrori135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
25Chauli135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
26Chhachrauli135103Yamuna NagarHaryana
27Chhappar133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
28Dadupur135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
29Damla135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
30Darpur135103Yamuna NagarHaryana
31Dayalgarh135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
32Deodhar135021Yamuna NagarHaryana
33Fatehgarh Tumbi133206Yamuna NagarHaryana
34Fatehpur135101Yamuna NagarHaryana
35Gadhaula133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
36Ghillaur135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
37Gudhiana133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
38Gumthala Rao135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
39Hafizpur135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
40Haibatpur133206Yamuna NagarHaryana
41Hangoli133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
42Harnaul135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
43Hartan135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
44Haveli133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
45Jagadhri135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
46Jagadhri Court135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
47Jagadhri Town135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
48Jagdhari Work shop135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
49Jagdholi133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
50Jaidhari135101Yamuna NagarHaryana
51Jathlana135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
52Jroda135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
53Jubbal135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
54Kalanaur135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
55Kalawar133105Yamuna NagarHaryana
56Kalesar135106Yamuna NagarHaryana
57Kandhari Kalan133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
58Khadri135101Yamuna NagarHaryana
59Kharwan135105Yamuna NagarHaryana
60Khera135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
61Khera Khurd135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
62Khirzrabad east135021Yamuna NagarHaryana
63Khurdban135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
64Kopal Mochan135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
65Kot Kalsia135103Yamuna NagarHaryana
66Laharpur133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
67Lalheri Kalan135103Yamuna NagarHaryana
68Ledi135103Yamuna NagarHaryana
69Machrauli135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
70Malikpur Khadar135106Yamuna NagarHaryana
71Mandhar135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
72Manglore135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
73Marwa Kalan135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
74Marwa Khurd135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
75Mehar Majra135101Yamuna NagarHaryana
76Mehlanwali135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
77Mehmoodpur133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
78Milakpur Banger135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
79Model Town135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
80Mud Hut colony135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
81Mughalwali135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
82Mussimbal135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
83Mustafabad133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
84Muzafatkalan135021Yamuna NagarHaryana
85Nachron135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
86Nagal Khajuri135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
87Nahar Pur135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
88Noshera133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
89Pabni Kalan135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
90Pansra135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
91Pipli Majra135106Yamuna NagarHaryana
92Pipliwala133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
93Radaur135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
94Ram Pura olony135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
95Rampur Khadar135101Yamuna NagarHaryana
96Rasulpur133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
97Rly Road135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
98Sabapur135101Yamuna NagarHaryana
99Sadhaura133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
100Sadiqpur133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
101Safilpur133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
102Sahela133206Yamuna NagarHaryana
103Salehpur133204Yamuna NagarHaryana
104Salimpur Banger135103Yamuna NagarHaryana
105Sankhera135102Yamuna NagarHaryana
106Sarawan133206Yamuna NagarHaryana
107Sardaheri133206Yamuna NagarHaryana
108Shadi Pur135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
109Shahpur Nurd133206Yamuna NagarHaryana
110Sherpur Sulkhani133206Yamuna NagarHaryana
111Silikalan135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
112Sugar Mill135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
113Taharpurkalan135103Yamuna NagarHaryana
114Tajewala135106Yamuna NagarHaryana
115Talakaur133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
116Topra Kalan135133Yamuna NagarHaryana
117Udhamgarh135003Yamuna NagarHaryana
118Uncha Chandna133103Yamuna NagarHaryana
119Work Shop road135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
120Yamunanagar135001Yamuna NagarHaryana
121Zaffarpur133206Yamuna NagarHaryana

About Yamuna Nagar District

Yamunanagar, nestled in Haryana, boasts a vibrant municipal corporation within its district. Renowned for its plywood clusters and paper factories, it’s a timber hub supporting various industries. Jagadhri, its older counterpart, stands steeped in history. Surprisingly, the Yamunanagar-Jagadhri railway station, despite its name, is the city’s primary rail hub, while Jagadhri Workshop serves alongside. This juxtaposition adds to the city’s charm and connectivity, emphasizing Yamunanagar’s historical significance alongside its modern industrial prowess.


Before its emergence as a distinct district in November 1989, this town was a segment of Ambala district. Previously recognized as Abdullahpur and Jamnanagar, it blossomed from a humble pre-Independence village where the majority resided near the railway station. Post-Independence, an influx of refugees from West Punjab surged its population. This migration sculpted its growth, transforming the once-small village into a thriving hub. The town’s evolution from a quaint settlement to an independent district epitomizes its historical journey, echoing the narratives of migration, settlement, and progress in the region.


The 2011 census provisional data for Yamunanagar urban agglomeration recorded a population of 383,318, comprising 205,346 males and 177,972 females. Among them, 40,950 were aged between 0 to 6 years. The total literate population counted 293,475 individuals, with 163,791 males and 129,684 females. The effective literacy rate for those aged 7 years and above stood at 85.72 percent, reflecting the commendable educational attainment within the region.


Yamunanagar district, nestled in Haryana’s northeastern corner, borders Himachal Pradesh to the north and Uttar Pradesh to the east. The landscape predominantly flaunts plains, framed by the Siwalik hills on the northern horizon. Notably, elevated cliffs accentuate parts of the northern landscape. The region experiences diverse rainfall patterns throughout the year, with January and February averaging around 28mm of rainfall. However, the monsoon months from June to August witness substantial precipitation, notably in July, registering a remarkable 372mm. Yamunanagar’s climatic nuances, from mild to heavy rainfall, paint a varied canvas across the months, shaping its natural tapestry.


Yamuna Nagar, an industrial hub, defies its remote location by emerging as a key industrial center in the state. Despite its isolation, industries continually expand, fueling the city’s geographical growth. Primarily cultivating sugarcane, wheat, and rice, it thrives on diverse productions—sugar and paper machinery, cutting-edge petrochemical equipment shipped nationwide. Plywood industries flourish due to easy access to raw materials like poplar trees. Notably, it houses India’s prominent railway repair workshops and recently saw the installation of the Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram Thermal Power Station by Reliance Infrastructure. Haryana Urban Development Authority’s strides connect the city with Jagadhri, renowned for brass and stainless steel utensils, furthering the region’s development.


What is Yamunanagar famous for?

Yamunanagar is renowned for industries like sugar, plywood, machinery, and its significant railway workshops and thermal power station.

What is the old name of Yamunanagar?

Yamunanagar was formerly known as 'Abdul Majid Khan's Place,' named after its founder, Abdul Majid Khan.

Why is Yamunanagar called twin city?

Yamunanagar is termed a twin city due to its close linkage and proximity with Jagadhri, sharing cultural and geographical ties.

When was Yamunanagar formed?

Yamuna Nagar was formed on November 1, 1989.

Which forest area is in Yamunanagar?

The Kalesar National Park is situated in Yamunanagar.