Lucknow Pincodes

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Pincodes of Lucknow

The several neighborhoods of the ancient city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, are included in the Lucknow Pincodes. These codes give access to the city’s administrative significance, educational institutions, and rich cultural legacy. They range from the busy 226001 to the calm 226028. Discover the splendor of the Bara Imambara, savor the delectable Awadhi cuisine, and take part in the cultural celebrations held in the city. A gateway to the center of this ancient city, where customs, politics, and education all coexist together, is provided by Lucknow Pincodes. These pincodes provide an enriching experience in Lucknow, whether you’re touring historical landmarks or tasting regional cuisine.

Lucknow Pincodes

Here is a list of Lucknow Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
132 Bn. pac226008LucknowUttar Pradesh
2A N l colony226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
3A P sabha226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
4Adampur Janubi227308LucknowUttar Pradesh
5Adarsh Nagar226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
6Ain226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
7Aishbagh226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
8Akariakalan227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
9Alambagh226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
10Alamnagar226017LucknowUttar Pradesh
11Aliganj226024LucknowUttar Pradesh
12Aliganj Extension226024LucknowUttar Pradesh
13Amaniganj227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
14Amausi226008LucknowUttar Pradesh
15Amausi Ad226009LucknowUttar Pradesh
16Amberganj226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
17Amethi227125LucknowUttar Pradesh
18Amethia Salempur227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
19Aminabad Park226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
20Amraigaon227105LucknowUttar Pradesh
21Anandnagar226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
22Anaura Kalan227105LucknowUttar Pradesh
23Antagarhi227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
24Arjunganj226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
25Arjunpur227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
26Arya Nagar226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
27Asti227202LucknowUttar Pradesh
28Atari227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
29Ateswa227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
30Aurawan227101LucknowUttar Pradesh
31Avas Vikas colony226017LucknowUttar Pradesh
32B Hotel226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
33B R a university226025LucknowUttar Pradesh
34Badiyan227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
35Bahargaon227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
36Bahrauli227308LucknowUttar Pradesh
37Bahroo227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
38Bakkash226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
39Bakshi Ka talab227202LucknowUttar Pradesh
40Bani227101LucknowUttar Pradesh
41Banthra227101LucknowUttar Pradesh
42Baragaon227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
43Barauna226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
44Barawan Kalan227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
45Barha226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
46Barwalia227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
47Basha226026LucknowUttar Pradesh
48Batha Sabauli226021LucknowUttar Pradesh
49Baurumau227202LucknowUttar Pradesh
50Bazargaron227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
51Beerpur227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
52Begariamau227125LucknowUttar Pradesh
53Behta226026LucknowUttar Pradesh
54Benti226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
55Bhadeswa227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
56Bhadrukh226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
57Bhadwana227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
58Bhagwantpur227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
59Bharwara227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
60Bhatgaon226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
61Bhauli227202LucknowUttar Pradesh
62Bhilampur227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
63Bibipur227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
64Bijnaur226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
65Birhana226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
66Blunt Square226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
67C B lines226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
68C E school226012LucknowUttar Pradesh
69C&w work shop226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
70Canal Colony226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
71Chakganjaria226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
72Chandganj226024LucknowUttar Pradesh
73Chandrawal226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
74Charbagh226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
75Chatauni227308LucknowUttar Pradesh
76Chaupatiyan226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
77Chinhat227105LucknowUttar Pradesh
78Cimap226015LucknowUttar Pradesh
79D M road226020LucknowUttar Pradesh
80D S bazar226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
81Daliganj226020LucknowUttar Pradesh
82Darul Safa226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
83Daulatpur227116LucknowUttar Pradesh
84Dayalpur227309LucknowUttar Pradesh
85Deoti227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
86Dhendhemau227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
87Diguria226020LucknowUttar Pradesh
88Dilawarnagar227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
89Dilkusha226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
90Distt. jail226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
91Dona227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
92Fftc Indaurabagh227207LucknowUttar Pradesh
93Gahdon227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
94Ganesh Ganj226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
95Garhi Chunauti227101LucknowUttar Pradesh
96Gaunda227116LucknowUttar Pradesh
97Gayrtinagar226021LucknowUttar Pradesh
98Ghaila226020LucknowUttar Pradesh
99Ghazipur226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
100Gohramau227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
101Goila227105LucknowUttar Pradesh
102Gokhley Marg226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
103Golaganj226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
104Gomtinagar226010LucknowUttar Pradesh
105Gomtinagar Vistar226010LucknowUttar Pradesh
106Gopramau227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
107Gosainganj227125LucknowUttar Pradesh
108Guramba226026LucknowUttar Pradesh
109Gurdwara226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
110H C bench226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
111H E school226006LucknowUttar Pradesh
112Hal226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
113Harauni226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
114Hasanpur Keoli226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
115Hasnain Market226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
116Hasnapur227125LucknowUttar Pradesh
117Husainabad226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
118Iim Mubarakpur226013LucknowUttar Pradesh
119Ind.Area sarojininagar226008LucknowUttar Pradesh
120Indara227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
121Indira Nagar226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
122Industria Area chinhat227105LucknowUttar Pradesh
123Industrial Area226009LucknowUttar Pradesh
124Int Gaon226008LucknowUttar Pradesh
125Ismailganj226010LucknowUttar Pradesh
126Itaunja227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
127Jabrauli227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
128Jagdishpur227202LucknowUttar Pradesh
129Jaitikhera227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
130Jamkhanwa227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
131Jamolia227116LucknowUttar Pradesh
132Jawahar Bhawan226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
133Jindaur227116LucknowUttar Pradesh
134Juggaur227105LucknowUttar Pradesh
135Kahla227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
136Kakori227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
137Kakrabad227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
138Kalli Pacchim227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
139Kalyanpur226022LucknowUttar Pradesh
140Kamlabad Badauli227202LucknowUttar Pradesh
141Kankaha227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
142Karora227308LucknowUttar Pradesh
143Kasimpur Biruha227125LucknowUttar Pradesh
144Kasmandi Kalan227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
145Kasmandi Khurd227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
146Katauli227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
147Kathwara227207LucknowUttar Pradesh
148Keoli227308LucknowUttar Pradesh
149Khalispur227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
150Khantari227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
151Kharika226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
152Kharsara227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
153Khushalganj227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
154Kotwa227202LucknowUttar Pradesh
155Kumharawan.227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
156Kusmaura227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
157L D a colony226012LucknowUttar Pradesh
158Lalbagh226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
159Laulai226010LucknowUttar Pradesh
160Locomotive W shop226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
161Lonikatra226020LucknowUttar Pradesh
162Lucknow Chowk226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
163Lucknow.226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
164M N colony226006LucknowUttar Pradesh
165Madiyaon226021LucknowUttar Pradesh
166Mahanagar226006LucknowUttar Pradesh
167Maharishi Vidya mandir226020LucknowUttar Pradesh
168Mahigawan227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
169Mahmoodnagar227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
170Mahona227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
171Malesemau226010LucknowUttar Pradesh
172Malha227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
173Malhaur227105LucknowUttar Pradesh
174Malihabad227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
175Mall227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
176Manaknagar226011LucknowUttar Pradesh
177Manasnagar226023LucknowUttar Pradesh
178Mansoor Nagar226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
179Mati226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
180Maunda226008LucknowUttar Pradesh
181Mawai Kalan227116LucknowUttar Pradesh
182Mawai Khurd227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
183Mawai Padiyana226008LucknowUttar Pradesh
184Medical College226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
185Meeraknagar227309LucknowUttar Pradesh
186Mehmoodpur227125LucknowUttar Pradesh
187Military Hospital226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
188Mill Road226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
189Mohanlalganj227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
190Mohari Khurd227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
191Molviganj226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
192Munnu Khera227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
193Nabipanah227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
194Nadan Mahal226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
195Nadwa226007LucknowUttar Pradesh
196Nagram227308LucknowUttar Pradesh
197Narain Nagar226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
198Narosa227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
199Naubasta226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
200Navinmandi226024LucknowUttar Pradesh
201Naya Gaon226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
202Neewan227101LucknowUttar Pradesh
203New Ganeshganj226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
204New Hyderabad226007LucknowUttar Pradesh
205Niel Lines226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
206Nigohan227309LucknowUttar Pradesh
207Nilmatha226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
208Niralanagar226020LucknowUttar Pradesh
209Paharpur227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
210Pandariba226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
211Pateona227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
212Pawanpuri226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
213Piparsand226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
214Purseni227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
215R A college226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
216R B colony226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
217R G c mill226017LucknowUttar Pradesh
218R P line226007LucknowUttar Pradesh
219Raghunathpur227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
220Rahim Nagar padiana226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
221Rahimabad227116LucknowUttar Pradesh
222Raitha227207LucknowUttar Pradesh
223Raja Bazar226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
224Rajajipuram226017LucknowUttar Pradesh
225Rajauli226026LucknowUttar Pradesh
226Rajendranagar226004LucknowUttar Pradesh
227Ram Sagar mishra nagar226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
228Ranipara227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
229Rasoolpur Saadat227105LucknowUttar Pradesh
230Rasoolpur Tikaniamau227125LucknowUttar Pradesh
231Rehman Khera227107LucknowUttar Pradesh
232Roberts Line226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
233Rusena227116LucknowUttar Pradesh
234Saadatganj226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
235Sadrauna226008LucknowUttar Pradesh
236Sahijana227116LucknowUttar Pradesh
237Sairpur227202LucknowUttar Pradesh
238Salehnagar227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
239Salempur227125LucknowUttar Pradesh
240Samesi227308LucknowUttar Pradesh
241Sanatan Dharam vidya peeth226026LucknowUttar Pradesh
242Sant Market226006LucknowUttar Pradesh
243Sarai Damu227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
244Sarai Gudauli227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
245Sarai Mali khan226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
246Saraura227202LucknowUttar Pradesh
247Sarfraj226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
248Sarojini Nagar226008LucknowUttar Pradesh
249Sarvoday Nagar226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
250Sathwara227125LucknowUttar Pradesh
251Sec-14 Indiranagar226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
252Sec-18 Indiranagar226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
253Sec-21 Indiranagar226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
254Sec-c Sitapur rd226021LucknowUttar Pradesh
255Sec-d Indiranagar226016LucknowUttar Pradesh
256Sectariate226001LucknowUttar Pradesh
257Sgpgi226014LucknowUttar Pradesh
258Shia Lines226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
259Shivaji Marg226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
260Singar Nagar226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
261Singhamau227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
262Singhrawa227111LucknowUttar Pradesh
263Sisendi227305LucknowUttar Pradesh
264Sujanpura226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
265Sunderbagh226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
266Suspen227116LucknowUttar Pradesh
267T. tib226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
268Thakurganj226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
269Thari227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
270Thawar227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
271Tirwa226005LucknowUttar Pradesh
272Topkhana Bazar226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
273Triveni Nagar226020LucknowUttar Pradesh
274U I c mill226006LucknowUttar Pradesh
275U P governer camp227132LucknowUttar Pradesh
276Ujariaon226010LucknowUttar Pradesh
277Umrawal227115LucknowUttar Pradesh
278Usarana227005LucknowUttar Pradesh
279Utrathia226002LucknowUttar Pradesh
280Utrawan227309LucknowUttar Pradesh
281Victoriaganj226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
282Vikas Nagar226022LucknowUttar Pradesh
283Wazirganj226018LucknowUttar Pradesh
284Yahiaganj226003LucknowUttar Pradesh
285Zarda226003LucknowUttar Pradesh

About Lucknow

The largest and capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is also the state’s second-largest urban agglomeration, behind Kanpur. The administrative center of the district and division bearing the same name is located in Lucknow. With 2.8 million people living there as of the 2011 census, it ranks as India’s twelfth most populous urban agglomeration and eleventh most populated city. As the seat of power for the Nawabs in the 18th and 19th centuries, Lucknow has always been a heterogeneous city that has thrived as a center of North Indian culture and the arts.


From 1350 forward, the Delhi Sultanate, the Sharqi Sultanate, the Mughal Empire, the Nawabs of Awadh, the British East India Company, and the British Raj ruled over Lucknow and portions of the Awadh province. From 1394 to 1478, or roughly eighty-four years, Awadh was a part of the Sharqi Sultanate of Jaunpur. About 1555, Emperor Humayun annexed it to the Mughal Empire. Sheikh Abdul Rahim, a well-liked nobleman, received an estate in Awadh from Emperor Jahangir (1569–1627), and Machchi Bhawan was subsequently constructed on this territory. Later on, it developed into the center of power from which his dynasty, the Sheikhzadas, ruled the area.


The population of Lucknow Urban Agglomeration (LUA) surpassed one million in 1981 and soared to 2.24 million by the 2001 census, encompassing approximately 60,000 individuals in the Lucknow Cantonment and 2.18 million in Lucknow city. This represented a substantial 34.53% growth from the 1991 population. According to the provisional 2011 Census of India report, Lucknow city’s population stood at 2,815,601, comprising 1,470,133 men and 1,345,468 women. This marked a 25.36% increase compared to the 2001 figures. The demographic expansion underscores Lucknow’s status as a prominent and rapidly growing urban center in India over the years.


The main topographical feature of Lucknow is the meandering Gomti River, which splits the city into the Trans-Gomti and Cis-Gomti areas. The orchard town of Malihabad, Kakori, Mohanlalganj, Gosainganj, Chinhat, and Itaunja are among the rural towns and villages that encircle the city, which is located in the center of the Indus-Gangetic Plain. Barabanki is located to the east, Unnao is to the west, Raebareli is to the south, and Sitapur and Hardoi are to the north. The city of Lucknow is situated in seismic zone III.


Mid-November to February sees cold, dry winters in Lucknow, whereas March to mid-May sees hot, dry summers with lots of sunshine. The southwest monsoon winds bring the city an average of 827.2 millimeters of rain per year from June to October; although, on sometimes, frontal showers from the northeast monsoon arrive in January. These events account for more than nine tenths of the city’s annual rainfall. Wintertime temperatures range from 3 to 7 °C at their lowest and peak around 25 °C. From mid-December until late January, fog is frequently experienced.


The Lucknow urban agglomeration’s principal industries are Chikan embroidery, automobiles, machine tools, chemicals used in distilleries, furniture, and aircraft. According to GDP, Lucknow is one of India’s top cities. Being the location of the National Milk Grid of the National Dairy Development Board, the Central Institute of Medical and Aromatic Plants, the National Handloom Development Corporation, and the U.P. Export Corporation, it is a hub for research and development. In an index of the ten Indian cities with the quickest rate of job growth, Lucknow comes in at number six.


Why Lucknow is famous?

Uttar Pradesh's capital, Lucknow, has long been a cosmopolitan metropolis. Among Indians and scholars of South Asian culture and history, the Persian-loving Shia Nawabs of the city are well-known for their courtly manners, exquisite cuisine, poetry, music, and gardens.

What is Lucknow important for?

It still holds significant importance as a hub for politics, business, education, technology, design, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, culture, tourism, music, and poetry. The city is situated at an altitude of roughly 404 feet (123 meters) above sea level.

What was the old name of Lucknow?

Some claim that Lakshmanpur, often referred to as Lakhanpur or Lachmanpur, was Lucknow's original name.

What fruit is famous in Lucknow?

Mangoes of the world-famous Dussehri type are grown in Lucknow.

What is famous sweet in Lucknow?

Makkhan Malai is the main and tastiest reason why Lucknowites look forward to winter. There's never enough of this wintertime treat, which doubles as a snack and dessert. Made with sugar, saffron, fragrant spices, and frothy-foamy milk, this delicacy is as delicious as it gets.