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Located in the peaceful town of Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India, lies Madanapalle Pincode 517325. Madanapalle, which is well-known for its natural beauty, educational facilities, and cultural legacy, provides a peaceful way of life. Nature lovers are drawn to the area by its beautiful scenery, which include the well-known Horsley Hills. Madanapalle is home to ashrams and educational institutes started by spiritual masters like as Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. The multitude of festivals and customary occasions showcase its vast cultural diversity. Access to this beautiful and spiritually dynamic town, where spirituality, education, and environment peacefully meet to offer a calm and fulfilling experience, is made possible by Madanapalle Pincode 517325.

Madanapalle Pincode

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No.LocationPincode District State
1Madanapalle517325ChittoorAndhra Pradesh

About Madanapalle

The largest city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is Madanapalle, which is located in the Rajampet Lok Sabha constituency and Annamayya district. It’s a Municipal City Council Selection Grade. The Madanapalle Mandal, Madanapalle revenue division, and PKM Urban Development Authority have their headquarters in Madanapalle.


In 1618 AD, Sri Maadanna built Madanapalle. Cuddapah was first collected by Sir Thomas Munro. He built a modest thatched cottage at the current Collector’s bungalow and spent summers in Madanapalle. at the Andhra Pradesh state of India, the town, municipality, and mandal headquarters are all located at Madanapalle, also known as Madanapalle mandal.According to legend, the town’s initial name was “Maryaada Raamanna Puram,” but it eventually changed to “Madanapalle.” The subdivision of Madanapalle began in 1850, with F.B. Manoly serving as the initial Sub Collector. Numerous natural disasters, including floods, famines, and diseases, affected the town.


At an average elevation of 695 meters (2,280 feet) above mean sea level, it is situated. The coordinates of Madanapalle are 13.55°N 78.50°E. Summers in Madanapalle are pleasant to warm, with highs often between 30 and 35 °C (86 and 95 °F). Wintertime lows of 7 to 15 °C (45 to 59 °F) are typical, with temperatures rarely rising over 40 °C (104 °F). Typically, summer lasts from March to June, and then the rainy season begins in June. Winter then arrives and lasts until the end of February.


There were 180,180 people living in the town as of the 2011 Indian Census. There are 13,448 children in the 0–6 age range, 89,480 females, and 90,700 males in the overall population. With 99,486 literate people, the average literacy rate is 81.40%, far higher than the 73.00% national average.


The primary products of the agriculture-based economy include tamarind, groundnuts, tomatoes, and mangoes. Asia’s largest tomato market is at Madanapalle. Most of India’s southern states as well as a few of its northern states receive their tomatoes from here. Silk and silk-based goods, like as saris and other casual apparel, are also well-known. A silk product’s quality is easily identifiable. Here, you may get silk sarees at cost of manufacture. These are delivered for sale to all silk product towns and major cities in South India, such as Bangalore and Chennai.


Why is Madanapalle famous?

Asia's largest tomato market is at Madanapalle. Most of India's southern states as well as a few of its northern states receive their tomatoes from here. Silk and silk-based goods, like as saris and other casual apparel, are also well-known. A silk product's quality is easily identifiable.

What is the old name of Madanapalli?

Originally named Maryada Ramanna Puram in honor of Lord Ram, it was subsequently renamed Madanapalle. Situated in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district, it has a thriving reputation as an educational center that has been bolstered by the historical presence of notable figures like Dr.

What is Madanapalli also known as?

Silk sarees are another notable product of Madanapalli, formerly known as Maryada Raamanna Pattanam. Madanapalli Silk Sarees are the name given to the sarees woven by weavers whose only source of income is weaving silk.

Is Madanapalle is rural or urban?

Madanapalle is an Urban Agglomeration that falls inside the Class I UAs/Towns classification. Madanapalle city is located in the Madanapalle Urban Region and is administered by the Municipality.

How many mandals are there in Madanapalle?

In the Andhra Pradesh state of India, the Madanapalle revenue division is an administrative division located in the Annamayya district. With 11 mandals under its management, it is the biggest and one of the district's three income divisions.