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Pincodes of Maharajganj

Maharajganj Pincodes – Explore the Postal Landscape of Maharajganj Welcome to “Pincodes of My Location,” your comprehensive guide to Maharajganj pincodes! Maharajganj, a vibrant district in Uttar Pradesh, boasts a diverse range of pincodes that help you navigate through its beautiful landscapes and bustling towns. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, our website is your go-to resource for all your postal needs. Discover the unique pincodes of Maharajganj and ensure smooth mail and package deliveries. From rural villages to urban centers, we’ve got you covered. Explore the pincodes of Maharajganj with ease and convenience, only on “Pincodes of My Location.”

Maharajganj Pincodes

Here is a list of Maharajganj Pincodes

1Adda Bazar273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
2Akasarawa273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
3Amwabujurg273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
4Anandnagar273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
5Ardauna273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
6Auratar273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
7Badhara Mir273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
8Badhra Mahant273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
9Bagapar273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
10Baisar273161MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
11Baithwalia273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
12Bali273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
13Balua273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
14Banarisihakhurd273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
15Bandoh273161MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
16Banjaria Sonbarsa273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
17Bankata273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
18Baratgarah273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
19Bargadwa Harriya273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
20Bariarpur273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
21Basantpur273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
22Bashia Buzurg273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
23Baspar273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
24Baspar Baijauli273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
25Basuli farm273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
26Bauliaraja273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
27Belaharriya273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
28Belouha273161MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
29Belwa Khurd273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
30Belwatikar273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
31Bhagawanpur273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
32Bhagirathpur273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
33Bhainsi273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
34Bheria273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
35Bhitauli273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
36Bhitaulibazar273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
37Biraicha273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
38Bodna273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
39Bribgemanganj273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
40Chainpur273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
41Charalaha273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
42Chargha273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
43Chauk273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
44Chaumukha273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
45Chehari273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
46Dagroopur273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
47Dandwarkhurd273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
48Darahata273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
49Devgatti273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
50Dhanewa Dhanai273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
51Dhani Bazar273161MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
52Dharmauli273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
53Dogahra273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
54Doma Khas273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
55Garaura273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
56Gaunaria273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
57Gaura Dubey273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
58Germa273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
59Ghughli R.s.273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
60Gopala273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
61Goplapur273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
62Guri Badhipurwa273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
63Hagana Mohammadpur273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
64Harakpur273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
65Harpurtiwari273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
66Indrapur273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
67Jaddupipra273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
68Jagdaur273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
69Jamie Pandit273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
70Jara273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
71Jhingti273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
72Jhulnipur273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
73Kaima273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
74Kajari273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
75Kamhariakala273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
76Karamahi273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
77Karamahwa273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
78Karialia273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
79Karimnagar273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
80Karmha273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
81Katahari273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
82Katahra273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
83Keshouli273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
84Khajuria273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
85Khesrari273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
86Khlikgarh273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
87Khoria Bazar273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
88Khutha Bazar273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
89Kolhuai Bazar273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
90Kotamukund Pur273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
91Kothibhar273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
92Lakhima273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
93Lalpur273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
94Laxmipur273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
95Laxmipurdeurwa273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
96Laxmipurektanga273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
97Laxmipurkhurd273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
98Laxmipurshiwala273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
99Ledi273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
100Lejarmahdewa273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
101Lohepar273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
102Lvp Nagar273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
103Machhaligaon273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
104Madanpura273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
105Madhubani273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
106Madhwalia273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
107Mahdewa273161MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
108Mahuawa273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
109Mahulani273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
110Manikapur273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
111Marajganj273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
112Marhatha273161MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
113Mathuranagar273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
114Mednipur273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
115Meghwali Kala273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
116Mishraulia273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
117Mishrouliya273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
118Mithaura Bazar273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
119Mujahna Buzurg273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
120Munderi273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
121Nadua273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
122Nadua Bazar273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
123Naikot273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
124Narayanpur273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
125Nausagra273161MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
126Nautanwa Bazar273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
127Nebuiya273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
128Neta Surhurwa273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
129Nichlaul273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
130Nipania273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
131Orwalia273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
132Pachrenawa273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
133Pachrukhia273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
134Pakdi Bishunpur273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
135Pakdi Dixit273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
136Pakdiar Bishunpur273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
137Pakdinauni a273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
138Panewa Panei273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
139Parsa Gidahi273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
140Parsamalik273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
141Parsauni273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
142Partawal Bazar273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
143Pharendra Khurd273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
144Piparpati Tiwari273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
145Pipra273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
146Pipra Bazar273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
147Pokharbhinda273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
148Puraniha273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
149Purena Khandi chauri273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
150Rajdhani273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
151Rajmandir Kala273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
152Ramnagar273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
153Rampur Baldiha273151MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
154Rampur Kala273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
155Ratanpur273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
156Rengahia273004MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
157Rudhaulibhawshak273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
158Rudrapura Sheonath273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
159Sabaya273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
160Sahjanwa Babu273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
161Salamat Garh273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
162Sarpataha273155MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
163Sauraha273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
164Sekhuani273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
165Semra Chandauli273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
166Semra Maharaj273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
167Senduria273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
168Sewareji273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
169Shahabad273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
170Shewatari Bzr273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
171Shikarpur273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
172Siakrgarh273157MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
173Sikandrajitpur273161MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
174Siswa Bazar273163MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
175Siswa Raja273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
176Smardhira273162MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
177Sohrauna Tiwari273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
178Sonara273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
179Sonauli Bazar273164MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
180Sonbarsa273307MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
181Tarkulwa Tiwari273302MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
182Thuthibari273305MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
183Uska273301MaharajganjUttar Pradesh

About Maharajganj

Maharajganj district, situated in northern India, is one of Uttar Pradesh’s 75 districts, with its administrative center in the town of Maharajganj. This district is a integral part of the Gorakhpur division and occupies a strategic location within the Terai region of the Himalayas, sharing its northern border with Nepal. The district is blessed with the presence of significant rivers such as the Gandak, Rapti, and Rohin, which traverse its picturesque landscapes. These waterways not only contribute to the region’s natural beauty but also play a crucial role in the livelihoods and ecosystems of the area’s residents.


On 2nd October 1989, Maharajganj district emerged as a distinct entity, separating from the former Gorakhpur district. This historical region is renowned for its Buddha relics, offering the promise of unearthing undiscovered insights about the enlightened one through meticulous excavation. The Lehra Devi temple, also known as Aadravanavaasini, nestled within the Lehra forest, holds deep religious significance. Devotees from across Eastern Uttar Pradesh flock here to pay homage to Goddess Durga, with Navratri in March–April and September–October being a particularly auspicious time. Located approximately 50 km North-West of Gorakhpur in Anandnagar, legend has it that the Pandavas sought refuge here during their 14-year forest exile.


As per the 2011 census, Maharajganj district boasted a population of 2,684,703, a figure roughly equivalent to the nation of Kuwait or the US state of Nevada. This places it at the 148th rank among India’s 640 districts. The district exhibits a population density of 909 individuals per square kilometer (2,350/sq mi) with a notable population growth rate of 23.50% during the decade from 2001 to 2011. Maharajganj maintains a sex ratio of 943 females per 1000 males and a literacy rate of 62.76%. Approximately 5.02% of the population resides in urban areas, while Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes account for 18.36% and 0.61% of the populace, respectively.


Maharajganj district, nestled in the northern region of India, is geographically defined by its boundaries. To the north, it shares borders with Nepal’s Lumbini Province, specifically Nawalparasi and Rupandehi Districts. In the east, it adjoins Kushinagar district, while to the east, it forms a border with Bihar’s West Champaran district. To the south lies Gorakhpur, and to the west, it interfaces with Siddharthnagar and Sant Kabir Nagar. As a crucial part of Gorakhpur Division, Maharajganj encompasses an expansive area spanning 2,951 square kilometers. Its population, as of the 2011 Census, stands at 2,684,703 residents, making it a dynamic and diverse district.


In 2006, Maharajganj earned recognition from the Ministry of Panchayati Raj as one of India’s 250 most disadvantaged districts, within a total of 640. Presently, it stands as one of the 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh benefiting from financial support under the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). This designation highlights the district’s developmental challenges and underscores the government’s commitment to addressing them through targeted funding and initiatives. Maharajganj’s inclusion in the BRGF program reflects a concerted effort to uplift the region and improve the quality of life for its residents by investing in infrastructure, education, and various development projects.


What is Maharajganj famous for?

Maharajganj is renowned for its historical Buddha relics and the Lehra Devi temple, attracting devotees, history enthusiasts, and pilgrims from various parts of Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

Which city is near to maharajganj?

Gorakhpur is the city closest to Maharajganj, forming a significant urban center in proximity to the district and serving as a transportation hub in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Which railway station is in Maharajganj?

Maharajganj district in Uttar Pradesh, India, is served by the "Maharajganj Railway Station," which facilitates rail transportation in the region, connecting it to various destinations across the country.

How many kilometers from Lucknow to Maharajganj?

The primary language spoken in Mizoram is MizoThe approximate distance from Lucknow to Maharajganj is about 260 kilometers by road., which belongs to the Tibeto-Burman language family. English is also widely used and serves as an official language for administration and education.