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Explore the distinctive Mahe pincodes, essential for precise navigation across this picturesque Union Territory. With its captivating vistas and cultural diversity, Mahe offers a unique blend of history and modernity. Unravel the fabric of this region through its comprehensive pin code system, aiding in seamless deliveries and location identification. These Mahe pincodes act as a crucial guide for couriers, residents, and visitors, ensuring accurate addresses and smooth communication. Whether you’re sending a package or exploring the local gems, rely on Mahe’s pincodes to traverse its enchanting landscape effortlessly, enhancing your experiences within this charming coastal haven.
Mahe Pincodes

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About Mahe District

Mahé district, within the Puducherry Union Territory, encapsulates the entire Mahé region. As the smallest Indian district in terms of size, it nestles within Kannur and Kozhikode Districts, bordered by Kannur on three sides and Kozhikode on the other. Geographically nestled in the North Malabar region, Mahé boasts a distinct cultural tapestry. Despite its scenic allure, it stands as the sixth least populous district across the nation. With its unique positioning and rich heritage, Mahé district offers a tranquil retreat, inviting visitors to delve into its cultural richness within its modest yet enchanting confines.


Mahe, a quaint district in Puducherry, boasts a rich tapestry of history. Tracing its legacy back to colonial times, Mahe was a coveted trade hub, witness to clashes between colonial powers. Initially under French control, it became a pivotal part of India’s struggle for independence. Post-independence, Mahe merged with the Indian union. Its past is woven with tales of cultural assimilation, shaping its unique identity. Through shifting colonial dominions and evolving political landscapes, Mahe has retained its distinct heritage, resonating with echoes of a bygone era, now cherished within the vibrant fabric of modern-day Puducherry.


As per the 2011 census, Mahé district boasts a population akin to Liechtenstein, totaling 41,816 residents. Positioned at 635th among Indian districts, Mahé spans a dense 4,659 inhabitants per square kilometer. Remarkably, its population surged by 13.86% from 2001 to 2011. With a striking sex ratio of 1,176 females per 1,000 males, Mahé stands out. The district prides itself on an impressive literacy rate of 98.35%. These statistical insights offer a glimpse into Mahé’s demographic tapestry, reflecting a blend of growth, gender diversity, and commendable literacy, shaping this coastal haven’s unique identity.


Nestled along the Malabar coast, Mahe town stands at the Mayyazhi River’s estuary merging into the Arabian Sea, gracing the West Coast of India between Badagara and Thalassery. Embraced by the distinct red laterite soil of Malabar, this rain-fed region lacks forest cover. Bounded by the Arabian Sea to the southwest, the Ponniyar River to the north, and encircled by calcareous hills of moderate elevation, Mahe boasts a picturesque landscape connected to the Ghats through wooded hillocks. The town, nestled south of the Mahe River’s convergence with the sea, offers a serene coastal haven, blending riverine tranquility with seaside allure.


Mahe Municipality, rooted in a 200-year legacy since the French era, spans 9 Sq.Km. housing the Mahe Constituency. Comprising 15 distinct wards—Parakkal, Choodikotta, Valavil, Mundock, and others—Mahe embraces its vibrant urban landscape. Governed under the Puducherry Municipalities Act 1973, a 15-member Council, with a 5-year tenure, administers municipal affairs. The Council, led by an elected Chairman (currently vacant), delegates powers to the Regional Administrator, functioning as Mahe’s Special Officer. This administrative structure ensures efficient governance in Mahe, fostering community welfare and development in this historic urban enclave.


Is Mahe in Kerala or Tamilnadu?

Mahe, a minute spot in Kerala's map, is a key contributor to Pondicherry, located 630 km from Puducherry. This small French town spans 9 sq. km and houses over 36,000 residents harmoniously.

What language is spoken in Mahe?

Tamil dominates in Puducherry and Karaikal, Malayalam in Mahe, while Telugu prevails in Yanam, reflecting the linguistic diversity across different regions of the Union Territory.

Is Mahe and Pondicherry same?

Puducherry includes former French colonies: Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe, and Yanam. Puducherry and Karaikal are in Tamil Nadu, Mahe in Kerala, and Yanam in Andhra Pradesh.

What is special in Mahe?

Mahe, Seychelles' biggest island and capital hub Victoria, boasts stunning beaches, verdant mountains offering hiking adventures, and vibrant snorkelling spots teeming with colorful corals.

Which is the largest district in Mahe?

Port Glaud District, positioned in Mahe's northwestern region, holds the distinction of being the largest district, spanning across a surface area of 26.7 square kilometers.