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Pincodes of Mahoba

Welcome to our Mahoba Pincodes database, your reliable source for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of various localities in the Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh, India. The historical significance, ancient temples, and cultural legacy of Mahoba are well-known. PIN numbers are an important part of the postal system since they ensure the effective sorting and delivery of mail and deliveries. Each municipality in Mahoba is allocated a unique PIN code, which allows postal services to precisely route and deliver mail to its intended recipients. Using the correct PIN code is critical for ensuring that your mail is delivered on schedule.

Here is a list of Mahoba Pincodes

1Ainchana210425MahobaUttar Pradesh
2Ajnar210423MahobaUttar Pradesh
3Akona210423MahobaUttar Pradesh
4Aktaunhan210421MahobaUttar Pradesh
5Ari210423MahobaUttar Pradesh
6Atrarmaf210433MahobaUttar Pradesh
7Baghanra210423MahobaUttar Pradesh
8Bagwaha210426MahobaUttar Pradesh
9Bahadurpur Kalan210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
10Bamhauri Kalan210421MahobaUttar Pradesh
11Bamrara210421MahobaUttar Pradesh
12Basaut210425MahobaUttar Pradesh
13Bendo210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
14Bhandra210433MahobaUttar Pradesh
15Bharwara210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
16Bijaypur210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
17Bila Dakhin210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
18Bilbai210427MahobaUttar Pradesh
19Bilkhi210433MahobaUttar Pradesh
20Budhwara210423MahobaUttar Pradesh
21Chandauli210421MahobaUttar Pradesh
22Charkhari State210421MahobaUttar Pradesh
23Chhani Kalan210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
24Dharaun210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
25Dulara210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
26Gandhi Nagar mahoba210427MahobaUttar Pradesh
27Ganj210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
28Garha210421MahobaUttar Pradesh
29Gaurahari210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
30Gyondi210507MahobaUttar Pradesh
31Jaitpur210423MahobaUttar Pradesh
32Kabrai210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
33Kaithi210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
34Kankuwan210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
35Kashipur210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
36Khajuriha Pahra210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
37Khanna210504MahobaUttar Pradesh
38Kharela210425MahobaUttar Pradesh
39Kilahua210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
40Kohaniya210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
41Kulpahar210426MahobaUttar Pradesh
42Kuwan210425MahobaUttar Pradesh
43Ladpur210426MahobaUttar Pradesh
44Mahewa210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
45Maho R.s.210427MahobaUttar Pradesh
46Mahoba210427MahobaUttar Pradesh
47Mahua210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
48Makarbai210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
49Masoodpura210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
50Mudhari210426MahobaUttar Pradesh
51Nanaura210433MahobaUttar Pradesh
52Paharia210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
53Pahra Kalan210427MahobaUttar Pradesh
54Panwari210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
55Parsaha210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
56Paswara210427MahobaUttar Pradesh
57Patha210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
58Pawa210433MahobaUttar Pradesh
59Pewai Sunaicha210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
60Pewan210504MahobaUttar Pradesh
61Pipramaf210433MahobaUttar Pradesh
62Rainpura210421MahobaUttar Pradesh
63Rewai210421MahobaUttar Pradesh
64Roori Kalan210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
65Saidpur210431MahobaUttar Pradesh
66Salarpur210433MahobaUttar Pradesh
67Satari210426MahobaUttar Pradesh
68Sheohar210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
69Sijahri210427MahobaUttar Pradesh
70Sijwaha210433MahobaUttar Pradesh
71Singhaupur Baghari210424MahobaUttar Pradesh
72Sirsi Kalan210504MahobaUttar Pradesh
73Sirsi Khurd210504MahobaUttar Pradesh
74Srinagar210433MahobaUttar Pradesh
75Sugira210426MahobaUttar Pradesh
76Supa210421MahobaUttar Pradesh
77Syondhi210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
78Teiya210429MahobaUttar Pradesh
79Tikamau210427MahobaUttar Pradesh
80Tikaria210423MahobaUttar Pradesh
81Umari210429MahobaUttar Pradesh

About Mahoba 

Mahoba, situated in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh, India, is a city celebrated for its rich historical and architectural heritage. At its heart lies the ninth-century granite Sun temple, a stunning exemplar of Pratihara style craftsmanship. Additionally, Mahoba is renowned for the presence of 24 rock-cut Jain tirthankara images atop the majestic Gokhar hill, adding to its cultural significance. This city’s strategic location makes it a gateway to iconic destinations like Khajuraho, Lavkushnagar, Kulpahar, Charkhari, Kalinjar, Orchha, and Jhansi, all within easy reach. Mahoba enjoys excellent connectivity through railways and state highways, enhancing its accessibility for travelers and history enthusiasts.


Mahoba holds a significant historical legacy as the former capital of the Chandela dynasty, which once wielded authority over vast stretches of Bundelkhand. Its glory is enshrined in the valorous exploits of the 12th-century warrior duo, General Udal and his brother Alha. These courageous siblings achieved fame for their steadfast resistance against Prithviraj Chauhan while serving under the Chandel king, Paramardi. Their remarkable feats in battle remain etched in the annals of history, symbolizing the indomitable spirit and unwavering loyalty that defined an era of heroic warfare and dynastic rule in the region. Mahoba stands as a testament to this illustrious past.


According to the 2011 India census, Mahoba is home to a population of 95,216, organized into 25 wards. Impressively, Mahoba boasts an above-average literacy rate of 74.91%, surpassing the statewide average of 67.68%. The male population demonstrates a particularly high literacy rate at 82.03%, while females exhibit a respectable 66.88% literacy rate. Additionally, 12.68% of the population comprises children under the age of 6. These statistics underscore Mahoba’s commitment to education and its relatively young demographic composition.


Back in 2006, Mahoba earned recognition from the Ministry of Panchayati Raj as one of the nation’s 250 most underdeveloped districts out of a total of 640. This designation placed Mahoba among the 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh currently benefiting from financial support through the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). This program underscores the government’s commitment to addressing socio-economic disparities in these regions, aiming to uplift and empower communities within Mahoba and other similarly disadvantaged areas. Through the BRGF, Mahoba is receiving crucial assistance to foster growth, development, and progress in various facets of life for its residents.


Why is Mahoba famous?

Mahoba is famous for its historical significance, particularly for housing the stunning Chandela dynasty temples, including the iconic Khajuraho Group of Monuments, known for their intricate erotic sculptures.

Which airport is near to Mahoba?

The nearest airport to Mahoba is Khajuraho Airport (IATA: HJR), located approximately 68 kilometers (42 miles) away, providing domestic flight connections to major Indian cities.

What is the famous thing of Mahoba?

One of the most famous things in Mahoba is its historical heritage, notably the exquisite Chandela dynasty temples, such as the renowned Khajuraho Group of Monuments, known for intricate sculptures.

What is the heritage of Mahoba?

The heritage of Mahoba is deeply rooted in its historical and architectural treasures, including the Chandela dynasty temples like the renowned Khajuraho Group of Monuments, celebrated for their intricate sculptures.