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Mainpuri Pincodes – Your Guide to Locating Addresses Welcome to “Pincodes of My Location,” your ultimate resource for all things Mainpuri pincodes. Located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Mainpuri boasts a rich history and diverse culture. To navigate this vibrant region efficiently, you need the right postal codes at your fingertips. Our website, “Pincodes of My Location,” offers a comprehensive list of Mainpuri pincodes, ensuring you never lose your way. Whether you’re sending a parcel or finding a specific location, trust us to provide you with accurate and up-to-date Mainpuri pincodes. Simplify your Mainpuri experience with our user-friendly platform.

Here is a list of Mainpuri Pincodes

1Achalpur205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
2Agautha205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
3Aghar205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
4Ahirwa205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
5Ajitganj205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
6Alipur Kherha205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
7Allau205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
8Alupura205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
9Andani205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
10Anjani205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
11Aramsarai205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
12Arsara206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
13Atirajpur205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
14Auchha205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
15Auden Mandan205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
16Auden Padaria205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
17Aung205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
18Aunha205268MainpuriUttar Pradesh
19Aurandh205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
20Awadh Nagar205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
21Azmabad Araon205121MainpuriUttar Pradesh
22Baijua Khas205121MainpuriUttar Pradesh
23Bajhera206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
24Bajhera bujurg205121MainpuriUttar Pradesh
25Balarpur205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
26Bamtapur205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
27Banigon205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
28Baranahal205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
29Basait206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
30Belahar205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
31Beonti Khurd205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
32Bewar206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
33Bewar Bazar206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
34Bhaisrauli205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
35Bhawat205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
36Bhidaura205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
37Bhongaon205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
38Bichhawan205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
39Chandikara205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
40Chandpura205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
41Chauraipur206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
42Chetai205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
43Chhachha205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
44Chitayan206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
45Civil Court205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
46Dalippur Kailai205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
47Dalupur205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
48Darwah205119MainpuriUttar Pradesh
49Daulatpur205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
50Dharau205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
51Dharmangadpur205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
52Dihuli205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
53Elabans206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
54Farenzi206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
55Galla Mandi kurawali205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
56Gangsi205119MainpuriUttar Pradesh
57Garhia Chhinkaura206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
58Garhia Govindepur205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
59Ghiror205121MainpuriUttar Pradesh
60Ghitauli205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
61Gola Bazar205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
62Grhiya205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
63Halpura205119MainpuriUttar Pradesh
64Hathpau205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
65Hazipur Nera205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
66Himaunpur205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
67Husainpur206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
68Isai Gopalpur205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
69J.I.c. nauner205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
70Jabapur205119MainpuriUttar Pradesh
71Jagatpur B205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
72Jagir205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
73Jakhaua205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
74Jamaura205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
75Jeonti205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
76Joga206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
77Johari Nagar205121MainpuriUttar Pradesh
78Kakan205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
79Kalhor205121MainpuriUttar Pradesh
80Kapoorpur205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
81Karhal205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
82Karhal Gate mainpuri205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
83Karimganj205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
84Kaua Tanda206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
85Kharpari205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
86Kinhawar205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
87Kirthua205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
88Kishni206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
89Kosma205119MainpuriUttar Pradesh
90Kuchela205119MainpuriUttar Pradesh
91Kumhaul206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
92Kuraoli205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
93Kurhi206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
94Kurra205268MainpuriUttar Pradesh
95Kusmara206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
96Kutukpur206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
97Lahara205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
98Lakhanmau205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
99Lakhaura205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
100Lalupur205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
101Madhan205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
102Madhukarpur206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
103Madhupuri206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
104Maholi Shamserganj206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
105Mainpuri205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
106Mainpuri City205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
107Mainpuri R s205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
108Manauna205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
109Manchhana205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
110Manigaon206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
111Manpur Hari206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
112Maujepur Havelia205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
113Mohabbatpur205268MainpuriUttar Pradesh
114Mota205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
115Mudausi206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
116Musayatpur Kheriya205121MainpuriUttar Pradesh
117Nagla Dik205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
118Nagla Julla205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
119Nagla Painth206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
120Nagla Semar205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
121Naigwan -kheria206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
122Nakau205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
123Nanamau205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
124Naugaon205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
125Nauner205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
126Naviganj206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
127Nawa Terha205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
128Naya Bazar bhongaon205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
129Ninauli205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
130Pachawer205121MainpuriUttar Pradesh
131Pairar Shahpur205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
132Paronkh205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
133Paronkha206301MainpuriUttar Pradesh
134Patara205268MainpuriUttar Pradesh
135Pundari205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
136Raja Ki bajria205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
137Rajwana205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
138Rakari205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
139Ramnagar206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
140Ranipur205268MainpuriUttar Pradesh
141Ratanpur Bara205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
142Ratheh206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
143Ratibhanpur205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
144Rui Sinaura205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
145Sagauni205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
146Sahan205268MainpuriUttar Pradesh
147Sahara205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
148Sakra206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
149Salempur205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
150Saman206303MainpuriUttar Pradesh
151Sarakh205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
152Sauj205268MainpuriUttar Pradesh
153Shahjahanpur205121MainpuriUttar Pradesh
154Sharifpur205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
155Shjhajipur205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
156Sikandarpur205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh
157Simarai205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
158Sonai205265MainpuriUttar Pradesh
159Sugaon205247MainpuriUttar Pradesh
160Sukurullapur205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
161Sultanganj205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
162Takharau205268MainpuriUttar Pradesh
163Talibpur205261MainpuriUttar Pradesh
164Thorwa205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
165Tindauli205119MainpuriUttar Pradesh
166Tisauli205267MainpuriUttar Pradesh
167Town Hall205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
168Ujhaiya- Fakirpur205263MainpuriUttar Pradesh
169Uncha Islamabad206302MainpuriUttar Pradesh
170Urthan205264MainpuriUttar Pradesh
171Vinayakpur205268MainpuriUttar Pradesh
172Vinodpur205262MainpuriUttar Pradesh
173Zilla Parishad205001MainpuriUttar Pradesh

About  Mainpuri

Mainpuri district, situated in the Agra division of Uttar Pradesh, India, finds its administrative center in Mainpuri town. The district comprises six tehsils: Mainpuri, Bhongaon, Karhal, Kishni, Kurawali, and Ghiror.

It holds historical significance as part of the legendary region of Lord Krishna’s land, known as Braj. Mainpuri shares borders with Etah to the north, Farrukhabad and Kannauj to the east, Etawah to the south, and Firozabad and Etah to the west. Geographically, it lies between 26° 53′ to 27° 31′ north latitude and 78° 27′ to 79° 26′ east longitude.

According to the 2011 census, Mainpuri district had a population of 1,847,194 with a population density of 670 inhabitants per square kilometer. The sex ratio was 876 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate stood at 78.26%.


In 1837, the formation of Mainpuri district marked a significant event, as it emerged from the division of the extensive Etawah district. Prior to this, Mainpuri had served as the administrative center of Etawah district since 1801, following the British annexation of the region from the Nawab of Awadh. Another notable development occurred in 1845 when Etah district was carved out from this area.

In 2022, Ganeshpur village revealed archaeological treasures, including copper harpoons and antenna swords, shedding light on the Copper Hoard Culture. Historically, Mainpuri was once a part of the Kanauj kingdom and, following its downfall, became fragmented into various minor principalities, with Rapri and Bhongaon among the prominent ones.


According to the 2011 census, Mainpuri district boasted a population of 1,868,529, roughly on par with the nation of Kosovo or the U.S. state of West Virginia. In the hierarchy of Indian districts, it held the 255th position out of 640. The district exhibited a population density of 670 individuals per square kilometer (1,700 per square mile) and experienced a growth rate of 15.69% during the 2001-2011 decade. Mainpuri displayed a sex ratio of 876 females per 1000 males and a literacy rate of 78.26%. Notably, 15.44% of the population resided in urban areas, while Scheduled Castes constituted 19.71% of the populace. Hindi was the dominant language, spoken by 99.57% of the residents.


The district primarily presents a vast, flat landscape, occasionally interrupted by sand ridges along its western fringe, as well as the gently rolling sand hills and meandering terrain carved by the Kali and Isan rivers. To the southwest, deep ravines line the path of the Yamuna River. The northern and northeastern boundaries are defined by the Kali Nadi, while the southwestern perimeter is enclosed by the Yamuna. These rivers flow in a southeastern direction, delineating the district’s topography. Overall, the district slopes gently from northwest to southeast, traversing its expanse from north to south, creating a distinctive geographical character.


Mainpuri district is under the governance of an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer holding the position of District Magistrate (DM). The district’s administrative structure is divided into sub-divisions, or Tehsils, with each overseen by a Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM).

These Tehsils are further segmented into Blocks, each under the supervision of a Block Development Officer (BDO). This hierarchical arrangement ensures efficient and organized administration, with the DM at the top, SDMs managing Tehsils, and BDOs overseeing Blocks. Such administrative divisions facilitate the effective delivery of public services and governance within Mainpuri district, streamlining various responsibilities and functions at each level.


Why is Mainpuri famous?

Mainpuri is renowned for its historical and cultural significance, as it is part of the ancient legendary region of Lord Krishna's land, known as Braj. It holds cultural and religious importance due to its connection to Hindu mythology and traditions.

Which rivers are in Mainpuri district?

Mainpuri district is traversed by several rivers, including the Kali Nadi, Isan River, and the Yamuna River. These waterways contribute to the district's landscape and play a crucial role in its geography and agricultural activities.

Who was the royal family of Mainpuri?

Mainpuri's royal family was historically associated with the princely state of Karauli, which was ruled by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs. The Yaduvanshi Rajputs were known for their lineage tracing back to Lord Krishna and were prominent in the region's history.

What language is spoken in Mainpuri?

The predominant language spoken in Mainpuri is Hindi. It serves as the primary means of communication among the local population, facilitating day-to-day interactions, business, and cultural exchanges in the district.