Mandla Pincodes

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Pincodes of Mandla

Mandla district, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its rich tribal culture and lush green landscapes. It’s part of the Mahakoshal region and is notable for its diverse wildlife, including the famous Kanha National Park. Agriculture is a key part of the local economy, with rice and wheat being major crops. The district is well-connected, with various pincodes facilitating easy postal services across its towns and villages. Key Mandla pincodes include 481661 for Mandla and others for nearby areas, ensuring smooth communication and navigation within the district.

Mandla Pincodes

Here is a list of Mandla Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Ahmadpur481998MandlaMadhya Pradesh
2Amgaon481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
3Anjani481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
4Anjania481998MandlaMadhya Pradesh
5Aurai481998MandlaMadhya Pradesh
6Badhar481665MandlaMadhya Pradesh
7Bakori481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
8Bamhani481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
9Bamnhi Bhawal481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
10Bamni481771MandlaMadhya Pradesh
11Bamni Deohara481664MandlaMadhya Pradesh
12Barai481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
13Barwahi481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
14Bhaishwahi481664MandlaMadhya Pradesh
15Bhartipur481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
16Bharweli481668MandlaMadhya Pradesh
17Bhimdongari481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
18Bhuabichhia481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
19Bichhia481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
20Bijadandi481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
21Bijegaon481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
22Bijegaon Colony481668MandlaMadhya Pradesh
23Bilgaon481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
24Bineka481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
25Binjhia481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
26Borgaon481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
27Chandwara481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
28Chhapartala481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
29Chhapra481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
30Chichgaon481768MandlaMadhya Pradesh
31Chirai Dongri481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
32Chiraidongri481768MandlaMadhya Pradesh
33Chubhawal481663MandlaMadhya Pradesh
34Danitola481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
35Deogaon481663MandlaMadhya Pradesh
36Deori Nainpur481668MandlaMadhya Pradesh
37Deorikala481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
38Dhadibhanpur481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
39Dhangaon481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
40Dhenko481771MandlaMadhya Pradesh
41Dithori481668MandlaMadhya Pradesh
42Gajraj481664MandlaMadhya Pradesh
43Gaurachhapar481776MandlaMadhya Pradesh
44Ghagha481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
45Ghughri481664MandlaMadhya Pradesh
46Ghutas481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
47Gokulthana481776MandlaMadhya Pradesh
48Gwara481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
49Hirdenagar481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
50I.T.i.481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
51Indri481768MandlaMadhya Pradesh
52Itka481776MandlaMadhya Pradesh
53Jaharmau481771MandlaMadhya Pradesh
54Jamgaon481776MandlaMadhya Pradesh
55Kakaiya481771MandlaMadhya Pradesh
56Kalpi481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
57Kanha National park481768MandlaMadhya Pradesh
58Kanhadgaon481668MandlaMadhya Pradesh
59Katra481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
60Kauwadongri481663MandlaMadhya Pradesh
61Keolari481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
62Khajari481664MandlaMadhya Pradesh
63Khaloundi481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
64Khari481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
65Khatola481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
66Kindari481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
67Koko481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
68Kudameli481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
69Kudela481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
70Lafra481771MandlaMadhya Pradesh
71Lawarmundia481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
72Limarua481771MandlaMadhya Pradesh
73Machhala481663MandlaMadhya Pradesh
74Madhopur481998MandlaMadhya Pradesh
75Madhupuri481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
76Maharajpur481665MandlaMadhya Pradesh
77Mainpuri481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
78Malara Bichhua481665MandlaMadhya Pradesh
79Manadehi481665MandlaMadhya Pradesh
80Mand481998MandlaMadhya Pradesh
81Mandla481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
82Mandla City481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
83Maneri481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
84Mangali481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
85Mawai481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
86Meda481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
87Mohania Patpara481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
88Mohgaon481663MandlaMadhya Pradesh
89Motinala481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
90Mugdara481771MandlaMadhya Pradesh
91Munu481663MandlaMadhya Pradesh
92Naharganj481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
93Naijhar(pondi)481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
94Nainpur481776MandlaMadhya Pradesh
95Niwas481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
96Padariyanarayan Ganj481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
97Padaw Mandla481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
98Padmi481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
99Padri Patpara481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
100Palasunder481768MandlaMadhya Pradesh
101Pandiwada481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
102Patan481664MandlaMadhya Pradesh
103Patha481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
104Pathasihora481668MandlaMadhya Pradesh
105Phoolsagar481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
106Pindrai481668MandlaMadhya Pradesh
107Piparia (b)481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
108Piparia Niwas481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
109Poninagrar481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
110Poundi Jhurki481672MandlaMadhya Pradesh
111Poundi Linga481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
112Poundibaharmunda481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
113Purwa481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
114Raiwada481668MandlaMadhya Pradesh
115Rajo481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
116Ramhepur481664MandlaMadhya Pradesh
117Ramnagar481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
118Rampuri481768MandlaMadhya Pradesh
119Rata481768MandlaMadhya Pradesh
120Sahjar481672MandlaMadhya Pradesh
121Salwah481664MandlaMadhya Pradesh
122Semarkhapa481661MandlaMadhya Pradesh
123Sijhora481996MandlaMadhya Pradesh
124Silghiti481664MandlaMadhya Pradesh
125Silgi481771MandlaMadhya Pradesh
126Singarpur481663MandlaMadhya Pradesh
127Suktara481998MandlaMadhya Pradesh
128Tabalpani481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
129Tatri481768MandlaMadhya Pradesh
130Thanamgaon481885MandlaMadhya Pradesh
131Thonda481995MandlaMadhya Pradesh
132Udaipur481662MandlaMadhya Pradesh
133Umardih481663MandlaMadhya Pradesh

About Mandla

Mandla District, situated in central India, is a part of Madhya Pradesh. The town of Mandla serves as the administrative center for the district, which falls under the Jabalpur Division. Covering an area of 8,771 square kilometers, the district has a population of 779,414. It comprises 9 development blocks, 6 tehsils, and 1,214 villages. Located in the Mahakoshal region, most of Mandla District is nestled within the basin of the Narmada River.


Mandla District, steeped in history, is situated in the heart of India, in Madhya Pradesh. This region has been a witness to rich historical and cultural developments over the centuries. It was once a part of the Gond kingdom, ruled by the Gond tribal community, known for their deep connection with nature and impressive architectural skills. The district’s history is closely intertwined with the Narmada River, which has been a cradle of civilization and a spiritual center for many. Over time, Mandla became a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions, influenced by various dynasties that ruled the region. It also played a significant role during the British colonial era in India, contributing to the freedom struggle. Today, Mandla is not only remembered for its historical significance but also for its rich tribal heritage and natural beauty, including the famous Kanha Kisli National Park, which draws tourists and history enthusiasts alike.


Mandla District, located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, is characterized by its diverse geographical features. Covering an area of about 8,771 square kilometers, the district is predominantly rural and rich in natural resources. A significant part of the district lies in the Narmada River basin, making it fertile and suitable for agriculture. The landscape of Mandla is a blend of undulating hills and flat plains, with the river flowing through its heart, shaping the region’s topography and ecosystem. The district is also known for its dense forests, which are home to a variety of flora and fauna, contributing to its biodiversity. These forests form a part of the larger Central Indian forest area and include parts of the famous Kanha Kisli National Park, known for its tiger reserve. The climate of Mandla is typical of central India, with hot summers, a monsoon season, and mild winters, further influencing its agricultural and ecological patterns.


In 2006, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj identified Mandla as one of India’s 250 most underdeveloped districts, among a total of 640. Currently, it is among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that are receiving financial assistance from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).


The 2011 census reports Mandla District’s population as 1,054,905, placing it 432nd among India’s 640 districts. With a population density of 182 people per square kilometer, Mandla has a unique sex ratio of 1005 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 68.28%. Urban residents make up 12.34% of the population. During the census, 88.67% of the district’s inhabitants reported Hindi as their primary language, while 10.22% spoke Gondi. The local dialect is a central Indo-Aryan dialect, closely akin to Chhattisgarhi.




What is Mandla district famous for?

Mandla District, nestled in Madhya Pradesh, India, is renowned for its rich tribal culture and scenic natural beauty. It's particularly famous for encompassing a significant part of the Kanha National Park, a major wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve. The district's diverse flora and fauna, along with its tribal heritage and traditions, make it a unique and culturally significant region in central India.

What is the history of Mandla in Madhya Pradesh?

Mandla used to be the center of the Garh-Mandla Gond kingdom. In the area near the Narmada River, over 30 temples were constructed from 1680 to 1858. In 1739, the Marathas, led by Peshwa Baji Rao, took over the town. They constructed a fortified wall with strongholds and gates on the side that faces the town.

What language is spoken in Mandla district?

In Mandla District, the predominant language spoken is Hindi. Additionally, Gondi is also spoken by a significant portion of the population, particularly among the Gond tribal community.

How many Tehsil are there in Mandla district?

For administrative management, Mandla District is divided into 6 Tehsils and 9 Development Blocks. The district features three primary Agricultural Markets, located in Mandla, Nainpur, and Bichhiya.

What is Mandla also known as?

Before 1500 A.D., the city of Mandla was known as Mahishmati Nagari. Since that time, it has been under the rule of various dynasties, experiencing their victories and defeats while absorbing their traditions and cultures.