Mandsaur Pincodes

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Pincodes of Mandsaur

Mandsaur District, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its rich historical and cultural heritage. A key agricultural hub, it’s famous for its opium and garlic production. The district also has historical significance, with several ancient temples and archaeological sites. Mandsaur is well-served by a network of postal services, with various pincodes aiding in efficient communication and delivery. This blend of agriculture, history, and efficient infrastructure makes Mandsaur a unique and integral part of Madhya Pradesh. Mandsaur pincodes ensure smooth postal operations across the district.

Mandsaur Pincodes

Here is a list of Mandsaur Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Aankali Deewan458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
2Admalya458553MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
3Afzalpur458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
4Ajaypur458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
5Akodara458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
6Akya Umaheda458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
7Amlawad458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
8Angari458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
9Antralia458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
10Asawati458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
11Babulda458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
12Badwan458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
13Baghunia458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
14Bahi Parshwanath458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
15Bajkhedi458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
16Balaguda458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
17Bani458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
18Bardia Amra458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
19Bardia Istamurar458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
20Barkehda Nayak458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
21Barkheda Dangi458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
22Barkheda Dev dungari458339MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
23Barkheda Gangasa458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
24Barkheda Loya458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
25Barkheda Panth458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
26Basai458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
27Behpur458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
28Bhagor458389MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
29Bhalot458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
30Bhanpura458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
31Bhardawad458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
32Bhaugarh458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
33Bhensoda Mandi458778MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
34Bhensoda Town458778MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
35Bhundia458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
36Bilantri458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
37Billod458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
38Bolia458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
39Borda458778MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
40Borkhedi458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
41Botalganj458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
42Budha458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
43C.C. camp458771MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
44Champakhedi458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
45Chandwasa458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
46Chiknia458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
47Dalauda458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
48Dalauda Rail458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
49Dalawda458389MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
50Deepakheda458389MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
51Degaon Mali458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
52Denthali Bujurg458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
53Devari458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
54Devpura Bamni458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
55Dhabla458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
56Dhabla Bhagwan458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
57Dhabla Deval458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
58Dhabla Gujar458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
59Dhabla Madho singh458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
60Dhabla Mohan458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
61Dhalmu458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
62Dhalpat458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
63Dhamnar458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
64Dhandhora458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
65Dhariya Khedi458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
66Dhiknia458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
67Dhikola458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
68Dhodhar458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
69Dhuan Khedi458778MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
70Dhundharka458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
71Dobra458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
72Dorwada458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
73Elachi458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
74Era458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
75Fatehgarh458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
76Gandhi Sagar458771MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
77Garoda458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
78Garoth458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
79Ghasoi458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
80Gogarpura458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
81Gujar Bardia458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
82Gujarda458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
83Guradia Deda458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
84Guradia Lalmuha458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
85Guradia Vijay458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
86Hamirgarh458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
87Harsol458553MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
88Hatunia458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
89Hingoria458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
90Jaggakhedi458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
91Jawasia458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
92Jhalara458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
93Jhangria458389MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
94Jhawal458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
95Kachnara458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
96Kachnara Flag458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
97Kachria Chandrawat458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
98Kaithuli458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
99Kalakot458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
100Kanghatti458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
101Kantia458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
102Kanwla458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
103Karju458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
104Kayampur458660MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
105Khadawda458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
106Khadpalia458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
107Khajuri Goud458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
108Khajuri Nag458389MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
109Khajuri Panth458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
110Khajuri Runda458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
111Khajuria Sarang458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
112Khanderia Kachar458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
113Kharkheda458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
114Khatia Khedi458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
115Kheda458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
116Khejdia458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
117Kheta Kheda458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
118Khilchipura458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
119Kishorepura458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
120Kotda Bahadur458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
121Kotda Bujurg458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
122Kukdeshwara458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
123Kunchrod458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
124Kurlasi458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
125Kuwaran458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
126Laduna458389MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
127Ladusa458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
128Lasudia458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
129Lasudia Ila458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
130Lasudia Rathor458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
131Lawari458389MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
132Limbavas458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
133Lodh458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
134Lotkhedi458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
135Lunaheda458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
136Magrana458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
137Mahua458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
138Malhargarh458339MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
139Maliya Kherkheda458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
140Mandsaur458001MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
141Mandsaur City458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
142Mandsaur Fort458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
143Mandsaur Jankupura458001MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
144Mandsaur Nai abadi458001MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
145Manpura458389MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
146Melkheda458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
147Motipura458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
148Multanpura458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
149Munderi458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
150Nagari458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
151Nahargarh458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
152Nandawta458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
153Nandwel458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
154Naoli458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
155Narayangarh458553MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
156Nataram458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
157Nimbod458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
158Nimthur458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
159Osara458778MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
160Paheda458339MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
161Panpur458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
162Paoti458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
163Parasali Ghata458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
164Parasali Tirth458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
165Patela458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
166Patlawad458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
167Piplia458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
168Piplia Jatti458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
169Piplia Jodha458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
170Piplia Karadia458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
171Prempuria458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
172Ranayara458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
173Rathana458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
174Rawta458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
175Reenda458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
176Rewas Devra458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
177Richalal Muha458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
178Runija458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
179Sabakheda458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
180Sagoria458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
181Sagwali458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
182Saktali458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
183Sandalpur458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
184Sandhara458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
185Sandla458775MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
186Sanjeet458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
187Sarafa Mandsaur458002MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
188Sarsod458669MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
189Sarwania458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
190Satalkhedi458778MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
191Sathkheda458880MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
192Sedaramata458389MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
193Sehore458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
194Semali458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
195Semalia Heera458667MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
196Shamgarh458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
197Shamgarh Gaon458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
198Shri Ramtekri mandsaur458001MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
199Sitamau458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
200Somia458553MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
201Soni458664MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
202Sunthi458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
203Sunthod458339MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
204Suwasara Gaon458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
205Suwasara Mandi458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
206Takrawad458556MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
207Tarnod458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
208Titrod458990MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
209Tolakhedi458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
210Tonkada458888MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
211Udpura458895MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
212Umria Baloda458883MandsaurMadhya Pradesh
213Vishnia Dak bunglow458558MandsaurMadhya Pradesh

About Mandsaur

Located in central India, Mandsaur district is a part of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The district’s administrative center is the town of Mandsaur. It is known for the ancient Pashupatinath Temple, a significant historical site. Mandsaur district is also notable for its substantial production of opium.


Mandsaur District, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, has a rich and diverse history. This region was known as Dashapura in ancient times and has been an important center since then. Historically, it has seen various rulers and dynasties, each leaving their mark. The district is famous for its ancient Pashupatinath Temple, reflecting its religious and cultural significance.

In the medieval era, Mandsaur was a significant trade center, especially known for its opium and spice trade. The district has witnessed many historical events, including battles and trade developments, which shaped its identity. Over the centuries, Mandsaur has absorbed cultural influences from various rulers, including the Rajputs and Mughals, contributing to its rich heritage.

In modern times, Mandsaur has evolved into an agricultural hub, while still retaining its historical charm. Its legacy includes not just the rulers and wars but also the contributions to India’s cultural and economic tapestry, making it a district with a unique and storied past.


The district covers an area of 9,791 square kilometers and is located at the border of Mewar and Malwa regions. As a result, its culture reflects a blend of both regions. It shares its boundaries with Neemuch District to the northwest, Chittorgarh district to the northeast, Kota district and Jhalawar district to the east, and Pratapgarh District and Ratlam District to the south. This district is part of the Ujjain Division and is of average size in Madhya Pradesh, stretching approximately 142 kilometers from north to south and 124 kilometers from east to west.


The district is organized into four sub-divisions and eight tehsils, each with its administrative center. These sub-divisional headquarters are located in Mandsaur, Malhargarh, Sitamau, and Garoth. Within the district, you can find eight tehsils, namely Mandsaur, Malhargah, Garoth, Shamgarh, Dalauda, Bhanpura, Suwasra, and Sitamau, each serving specific areas and communities.



As per the 2011 census, Mandsaur District has a population of 1,340,411, ranking 361st among all Indian districts. The district’s population density is 242 people per square kilometer. In Mandsaur, there are 966 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate stands at 72.75%. About 20.71% of the population resides in urban areas. When the 2011 Census was conducted, 49.13% of the district’s population spoke Hindi, and 48.58% spoke a combination of Mewari and Malvi as their primary language.


Why is Mandsaur famous?

Mandsaur boasts a wealth of archaeological and historical treasures, but its most renowned attraction is the Pashupatinath Temple, situated on the banks of the Shivna River. The temple houses an idol of Lord Pashupatinath that is unparalleled, with a counterpart only found in Nepal. In Mandsaur, the predominant language spoken is Malvi, which is a blend of Rajasthani and Hindi. The district is also famous for its significant opium production, making it a notable contributor to global opium production.

Is Mandsaur rural or urban?

According to the 2011 census, the majority of the population in Mandsaur district, which is 79.29%, resides in rural villages. The total rural population in Mandsaur district is 1,062,807, with 540,987 males and 521,820 females.

How many Tehsil are there in Mandsaur district?

The district is segmented into four sub-divisions and eight tehsils, each with its own administrative center. These sub-divisional headquarters are situated in Mandsaur, Malhargarh, Sitamau, and Garoth. Within the district, you can find eight tehsils, namely Mandsaur, Malhargah, Garoth, Shamgarh, Dalauda, Bhanpura, Suwasra, and Sitamau, each serving specific areas and communities.

What is the name of the river in Mandsaur?

The Shivna River is the lifeline of Mandsaur town, playing a vital role in its social, religious, and cultural activities. Additionally, it serves as a source of clean drinking water for the city's residents.