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Pincode of Marathahalli Colony

Pincode 560037 represents Marathahalli Colony, a thriving suburb of Bengaluru, Karnataka, which is well-known for its commercial districts, educational institutions, and thriving IT industry. This vibrant neighbourhood is a popular choice for businesses and residents alike because it provides a unique blend of contemporary conveniences and cultural diversity. Marathahalli Colony continues to draw professionals, students, and families due to its advantageous location and accessibility, offering a vibrant and dynamic environment for everyone. Discover all the many sides of this city centre, which includes tech parks and parks, all inside Pincode 560037.

Marathahalli Colony Pincode

Here is a list of Marathahalli Colony Pincode

1Marathahalli Colony560037BangaloreKarnataka

About Marathahalli Colony

A suburb of Bangalore located in the Indian state of Karnataka is called Marathahalli. Marathahalli and the ISRO Headquarters are close to one another.IT professionals primarily use the Marathahalli Main Road, which links to Whitefield and ITPL.

The area denoted by the pincode 560037 has become a bustling and vibrant centre in the last several years, attracting locals, companies, and professionals in equal measure. We’ll explore the different aspects that contribute to Marathahalli Colony’s appeal as a lively and desirable environment to live and work here.

Information Technology Hub

The close proximity of Marathahalli Colony to the software and information technology (IT) sectors is one of its most notable advantages. Being home to a large number of software firms, IT parks, and tech startups, it significantly contributes to Bengaluru’s reputation as the “Silicon Valley of India.” Because of the concentration of tech-related enterprises in the area, the labour force is highly competent.

Education Hub

A number of well-known educational establishments, such as training facilities, colleges, and schools, can be found in Marathahalli Colony. Due to the fact that these establishments serve the educational requirements of both professionals and students, the area is highly desirable for families and young adults who are pursuing academic objectives.

Retail and Commercial Centres

The area has a thriving retail sector with many of supermarkets, retail stores, and malls. This neighbourhood is home to Phoenix Marketcity, one of Bengaluru’s biggest malls, which offers locals a variety of alternatives for dining, shopping, and entertainment.


A six-lane railway flyover next to Marathahalli Junction links HAL Airport Road with the Kundalahalli neighbourhood. As a significant bus station for long-distance buses from Bangalore, Marathahalli has grown in importance. Marathahalli and the international airport are 46 km apart, accessible by the Bangalore Hyderabad Highway and the Outer Ring Road. The closest train station to Marathahalli is 7.7 kilometres away at Krishnarajapuram railway station.


What is Marathahalli famous for?

Bengaluru neighbourhood Marathahalli is well-known for being a booming centre for information technology (IT), with a large number of tech enterprises and IT parks located there. In addition to being a popular destination for IT experts, it is well-known for its business districts and academic institutions.

Is there any metro to Marathahalli?

The first metro line in Bengaluru to reach Marathahalli is the PURPLE LINE. The stop is close, at 5:08 AM.

Is Marathahalli south or north Bangalore?

The colony of Marathahalli is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The Bangalore HQ region's Marathahalli colony, Bangalore North taluk, Bangalore East division, and Bangalore HQ region's Karnataka circle are home to the 560037 Pin Code office.

Is Marathahalli a good area?

Marathahalli is a nice neighbourhood. It is well-connected to the market, bank, hospital, college, and school. Marathahalli is a nice neighbourhood.

Why is it called Marathahalli?

The fighter aircraft known as "Marut," which was created and put together at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited factory nearby, is responsible for the area's name. In Kannada, a "halli" is a village.