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Pincodes of Mathura

Mathura Pincodes – Explore Pincodes of My Location Welcome to ‘Pincodes of My Location,’ your one-stop destination for discovering Mathura’s diverse pincodes. Mathura, a culturally rich city in Uttar Pradesh, boasts a wide range of pincodes that cover its various neighborhoods, streets, and localities. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, our comprehensive list of Mathura pincodes ensures you have easy access to postal information. From the historic core to the vibrant suburbs, our database provides you with the essential pincodes needed for postal deliveries, location identification, and more. Discover Mathura like never before, and simplify your postal needs with accurate pincodes right at your fingertips!”

Here is a list of Mathura Pincodes

1Adooki281006MathuraUttar Pradesh
2Agaryala281404MathuraUttar Pradesh
3Ahamadpur281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
4Airakhera281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
5Ajhai Kurd281406MathuraUttar Pradesh
6Akbarpur281406MathuraUttar Pradesh
7Akosh281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
8Anora281308MathuraUttar Pradesh
9Anyour281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
10Aring281501MathuraUttar Pradesh
11Arrua281202MathuraUttar Pradesh
12Arya Samaj road281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
13Atasbangar281406MathuraUttar Pradesh
14Aurangabad281006MathuraUttar Pradesh
15Awakhera281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
16Bachchgaon281123MathuraUttar Pradesh
17Bad281006MathuraUttar Pradesh
18Badhauta281504MathuraUttar Pradesh
19Bajna281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
20Bakla281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
21Baldeo281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
22Baltikari281308MathuraUttar Pradesh
23Bandi281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
24Baramai281302MathuraUttar Pradesh
25Barari281005MathuraUttar Pradesh
26Barauli281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
27Barauth281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
28Barchawali281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
29Bardhaun281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
30Barsana281405MathuraUttar Pradesh
31Bathain Kalan281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
32Bati281004MathuraUttar Pradesh
33Beri281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
34Beyonhi281308MathuraUttar Pradesh
35Bhadanwara281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
36Bhaderua281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
37Bhadraban281202MathuraUttar Pradesh
38Bhagosa281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
39Bhainsa281005MathuraUttar Pradesh
40Bhalai281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
41Bharana Kalan281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
42Bharatia281302MathuraUttar Pradesh
43Bharatpur Darwaza281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
44Bhidoni281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
45Bhooreka281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
46Bisawali281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
47Bisawar281302MathuraUttar Pradesh
48Bishambhara281401MathuraUttar Pradesh
49Brij Accadamy281121MathuraUttar Pradesh
50Bukharari281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
51Chandpur281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
52Chaumuhan281406MathuraUttar Pradesh
53Chhata281401MathuraUttar Pradesh
54Chhata Bazar281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
55Chhatikara281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
56Chhinparai281203MathuraUttar Pradesh
57Civil Court281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
58Daghenta281308MathuraUttar Pradesh
59Dahgaon281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
60Dalauta281404MathuraUttar Pradesh
61Dampier Nagar281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
62Dangoli Banger281202MathuraUttar Pradesh
63Daulatpur281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
64Dautana281401MathuraUttar Pradesh
65Deeg Gate281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
66Deoseras281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
67Dhamsinga281401MathuraUttar Pradesh
68Dhanajeewana281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
69Dhangaon281005MathuraUttar Pradesh
70Edalgarhi281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
71Farah281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
72Fonder281123MathuraUttar Pradesh
73G.B. jatipura281121MathuraUttar Pradesh
74G.N. bazar281121MathuraUttar Pradesh
75Gadhya Latipur281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
76Gajoo281206MathuraUttar Pradesh
77Garhumrao281302MathuraUttar Pradesh
78Gayatri Tapo bhoomi281003MathuraUttar Pradesh
79Gidoh281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
80Gokul281303MathuraUttar Pradesh
81Goverdhan281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
82Gudera281206MathuraUttar Pradesh
83Gurkul281121MathuraUttar Pradesh
84Harnaul281202MathuraUttar Pradesh
85Hasanpur281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
86Hatana281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
87Hathia281405MathuraUttar Pradesh
88Hayatpur281305MathuraUttar Pradesh
89Jab281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
90Jabra281202MathuraUttar Pradesh
91Jait281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
92Jarara281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
93Jatwari281404MathuraUttar Pradesh
94Jhanrautha281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
95Jhudawai281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
96Jikhangaon281501MathuraUttar Pradesh
97Junsuti281501MathuraUttar Pradesh
98Kadauna281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
99Kamai281405MathuraUttar Pradesh
100Karab281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
101Karahari281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
102Karnar281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
103Khaira281401MathuraUttar Pradesh
104Khairakothi281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
105Khamani281501MathuraUttar Pradesh
106Kharauth281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
107Khirari281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
108Khonthra281123MathuraUttar Pradesh
109Kishanpur281305MathuraUttar Pradesh
110Kolahar281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
111Kosi Kalan281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
112Kosi Khurd281005MathuraUttar Pradesh
113Kotban281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
114Krishna Nagar281004MathuraUttar Pradesh
115Krishna Puri281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
116Kumhan281206MathuraUttar Pradesh
117Ladhpur281401MathuraUttar Pradesh
118Lal Darwaza281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
119Lalpur281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
120Leela Dham281121MathuraUttar Pradesh
121Lohai281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
122Lohban281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
123Loi Bazar281121MathuraUttar Pradesh
124Madaura281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
125Madem281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
126Magna281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
127Magorra281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
128Mahaban281305MathuraUttar Pradesh
129Maharana281405MathuraUttar Pradesh
130Mahmadpur Parasoli281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
131Maholi281004MathuraUttar Pradesh
132Mahrauli281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
133Mai281302MathuraUttar Pradesh
134Managarhi281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
135Manav Sew shangh281121MathuraUttar Pradesh
136Maninabalu281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
137Mant281202MathuraUttar Pradesh
138Matholi281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
139Mathura281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
140Mathura Chawk281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
141Mathura City281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
142Mathura Jn. r.s.281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
143Mathura Refinery281005MathuraUttar Pradesh
144Meerpur281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
145Midhawali281302MathuraUttar Pradesh
146Mudseras281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
147Musmuna281203MathuraUttar Pradesh
148Nagaura281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
149Nagla Bali281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
150Nainu Patti281123MathuraUttar Pradesh
151Nandgaon281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
152Nari281401MathuraUttar Pradesh
153Nasitte281202MathuraUttar Pradesh
154Naugaon281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
155Nauhjhil281203MathuraUttar Pradesh
156Nawali281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
157Neemgaon281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
158Nera281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
159Ol281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
160Pachawar281308MathuraUttar Pradesh
161Paingaon281401MathuraUttar Pradesh
162Paintha281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
163Palson281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
164Panigaon281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
165Parasoli281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
166Parkham281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
167Parkhamgujar281406MathuraUttar Pradesh
168Patlauni281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
169Pchahara281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
170Pelkhu281504MathuraUttar Pradesh
171Phalen281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
172Pilua281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
173Pingari281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
174Prem Nagar281003MathuraUttar Pradesh
175R.D. bazar281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
176Radhakund281504MathuraUttar Pradesh
177Raipur281203MathuraUttar Pradesh
178Raipura Jat281122MathuraUttar Pradesh
179Rajagarhi Khawal281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
180Ral281504MathuraUttar Pradesh
181Raman Rati281121MathuraUttar Pradesh
182Ranhera281404MathuraUttar Pradesh
183Ranwari281401MathuraUttar Pradesh
184Raya281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
185Refinery Nagar281006MathuraUttar Pradesh
186Regimental Bazar281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
187Roberts Line281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
188Roop Nagar281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
189Sadar Bazar281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
190Sahar281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
191Sahpur281403MathuraUttar Pradesh
192Sakatpur281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
193Sankat Mochan281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
194Sarai Daud281308MathuraUttar Pradesh
195Sardargarh281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
196Satoha281004MathuraUttar Pradesh
197Sehi281406MathuraUttar Pradesh
198Senwa281404MathuraUttar Pradesh
199Sersa281005MathuraUttar Pradesh
200Shall281201MathuraUttar Pradesh
201Shergarh281404MathuraUttar Pradesh
202Sihora281305MathuraUttar Pradesh
203Sikanderpur281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
204Siriya Ki nagaria281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
205Siwal281502MathuraUttar Pradesh
206Son281123MathuraUttar Pradesh
207Sonai281206MathuraUttar Pradesh
208Sonkh281123MathuraUttar Pradesh
209Sonkh Khera281308MathuraUttar Pradesh
210Sri Bankey bihari ji281121MathuraUttar Pradesh
211Sri Krishna janam sthan281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
212Sukh Sancharak281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
213Surir281205MathuraUttar Pradesh
214Tarauli281406MathuraUttar Pradesh
215Tasinga281302MathuraUttar Pradesh
216Tentigaon281202MathuraUttar Pradesh
217Udhar281204MathuraUttar Pradesh
218Usfar281004MathuraUttar Pradesh
219Vairani281301MathuraUttar Pradesh
220Veternary College281001MathuraUttar Pradesh
221Vrindaban281121MathuraUttar Pradesh

About Mathura

Mathura, a city in Uttar Pradesh, India, serves as the administrative hub of Mathura district. Positioned approximately 57.6 kilometers north of Agra and 146 kilometers southeast of Delhi, Mathura is in close proximity to Vrindavan (14.5 kilometers away) and Govardhan (22 kilometers away). In antiquity, Mathura was a thriving economic center, strategically situated at the crossroads of vital caravan routes. According to the 2011 Census of India, Mathura had an estimated population of 441,894. This historic city is renowned for its cultural heritage and religious significance, drawing pilgrims and tourists alike to its sacred sites and vibrant traditions.


Historically, the foundation of Mathura is shrouded in legend and folklore. According to one tradition, it was established by Shatrughna, who vanquished Yadava Lavana at the location of Madhuvana. The Ramayana, on the other hand, credits the city’s origin to Madhu, a member of the Yadu tribe. Later, Shatrughna overcame Madhu’s son, Lavanasura. In this context, Madhu claimed the entire expanse of Mathura as belonging to the Abhiras. These narratives weave a tapestry of ancient history, where heroic feats and dynastic struggles played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s heritage and cultural identity.


According to the 2011 Census of India, Mathura had a population of 441,894, marking a substantial decadal growth rate of 22.53 percent. Among the residents, males constituted 54 percent (268,445), while females accounted for 46 percent (173,449). The city’s sex ratio improved to 858 females per 1000 males, up from 840 in 2001, yet still lower than the national average of 940. Population density also surged, reaching 761 per square kilometer in 2011, compared to 621 per square kilometer in 2001. Mathura demonstrated an average literacy rate of 72.65 percent, a notable rise from 61.46 percent in 2001, though slightly below the national average of 74.04 percent.


Mathura is situated at geographical coordinates 27.28°N latitude and 77.41°E longitude, marking its precise location on the Earth’s surface. The city enjoys an average elevation of approximately 174 meters (570 feet) above sea level. This elevation contributes to the city’s topographical characteristics and plays a role in its climate and geographical features. Mathura’s specific coordinates and altitude provide a unique context for understanding its place in the vast landscape of India, offering both residents and visitors a perspective on its position within the region.


The economy of Mathura is primarily based on agriculture and tourism. Many people in Mathura are involved in farming, growing crops like wheat, sugarcane, and vegetables. The city’s religious significance draws tourists from all over, boosting the local economy through tourism-related businesses like hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Mathura is also known for its milk and dairy production, with many dairy farms in the area. Some industries and small businesses add to the local economy as well. Overall, agriculture and tourism are the main pillars of Mathura’s economy, with a focus on farming and serving the needs of visitors.



What is famous about Mathura?

Mathura is famous for its religious significance as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is known for vibrant festivals, temples, and cultural heritage. Additionally, it has a rich history, attracting pilgrims and tourists worldwide.

Is Mathura and Vrindavan same?

Mathura and Vrindavan are neighboring cities in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, both associated with Lord Krishna. Mathura is his birthplace, while Vrindavan is where he spent his childhood. They are distinct but closely connected in religious and cultural significance.

Which food is famous in Mathura?

Mathura is famous for its delectable sweets, especially the mouthwatering "pedas" and "mithai" (sweet treats). The city is also known for its traditional vegetarian cuisine, including dishes like "chaat," "kachori," and "paneer-based dishes," which are popular among locals and visitors.

Who is the wife of Krishna?

Lord Krishna's chief consort and wife is believed to be Rukmini. Their divine love story is celebrated in Hindu mythology and scriptures. Krishna is also associated with other consorts like Radha and Satyabhama in different traditions.