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Pincodes of Mau

Welcome to our Mau Pincodes database, your trusted source for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of various localities in the district of Mau, located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Mau is well-known for its ethnic richness, historic sites, and thriving community. PIN numbers are an important aspect of the postal system since they allow for more effective sorting and delivery of mail and deliveries. Each community in Mau is allocated a unique PIN code, allowing postal services to route and deliver mail to its intended destination. Using the correct PIN code is critical for ensuring that your mail is delivered on schedule.

Mau Pincodes

Here is a list of Mau Pincodes

1Adari275102MauUttar Pradesh
2Ahamadpur Asana275304MauUttar Pradesh
3Ailakhaimilia221706MauUttar Pradesh
4Ali Nagar275305MauUttar Pradesh
5Allauddinpur276403MauUttar Pradesh
6Amarhar276403MauUttar Pradesh
7Amila275301MauUttar Pradesh
8Ardauna121705MauUttar Pradesh
9Ariyaso275105MauUttar Pradesh
10Ataraul Pandey221706MauUttar Pradesh
11Bada Gaon275101MauUttar Pradesh
12Badraon275301MauUttar Pradesh
13Badua Godam275101MauUttar Pradesh
14Bahadurpur221602MauUttar Pradesh
15Baktawar Ganj275101MauUttar Pradesh
16Bandi Ghat275306MauUttar Pradesh
17Bandikala276403MauUttar Pradesh
18Bangali Pijara275101MauUttar Pradesh
19Banpokhara221603MauUttar Pradesh
20Bara276405MauUttar Pradesh
21Bariyadih221601MauUttar Pradesh
22Baundih221603MauUttar Pradesh
23Bela Kasaila276306MauUttar Pradesh
24Bela Sultanpur275307MauUttar Pradesh
25Belaujha221706MauUttar Pradesh
26Belauli221602MauUttar Pradesh
27Bhadir276405MauUttar Pradesh
28Bharopur221603MauUttar Pradesh
29Bhatmila275301MauUttar Pradesh
30Bhawaria Sath275305MauUttar Pradesh
31Bhela Bandh275305MauUttar Pradesh
32Bhopaura275302MauUttar Pradesh
33Bhuvana Bujurga276405MauUttar Pradesh
34Bibi Pur276306MauUttar Pradesh
35Bisunpura276405MauUttar Pradesh
36Bojhi Bazar275301MauUttar Pradesh
37Bramhanpur276129MauUttar Pradesh
38Canal Head275303MauUttar Pradesh
39Chakarka121705MauUttar Pradesh
40Chhapara276129MauUttar Pradesh
41Chhichore221706MauUttar Pradesh
42Chiraia Kot276129MauUttar Pradesh
43Dagauli275306MauUttar Pradesh
44Dargah276306MauUttar Pradesh
45Daulasepur276403MauUttar Pradesh
46Dev Kali tas276403MauUttar Pradesh
47Dewal Ashram276405MauUttar Pradesh
48Dhaur Hara276405MauUttar Pradesh
49Dholana276405MauUttar Pradesh
50Dhrampur Bisnupur221601MauUttar Pradesh
51Dohari ghat275303MauUttar Pradesh
52Dubari221601MauUttar Pradesh
53Duwraon275101MauUttar Pradesh
54Faizullahpur275305MauUttar Pradesh
55Fateh Pur tal naraja275302MauUttar Pradesh
56Fatehpur276402MauUttar Pradesh
57Fatehpur Talratoy221603MauUttar Pradesh
58Gahana121705MauUttar Pradesh
59Gahani121705MauUttar Pradesh
60Gajiapur221601MauUttar Pradesh
61Gangupur221601MauUttar Pradesh
62Ghosi275304MauUttar Pradesh
63Gokulpura276402MauUttar Pradesh
64Golauri221706MauUttar Pradesh
65Gonghat276306MauUttar Pradesh
66Gotha275303MauUttar Pradesh
67Haldharpur121705MauUttar Pradesh
68Halima Bad276403MauUttar Pradesh
69Hamid Pur275302MauUttar Pradesh
70Hardas Pur275305MauUttar Pradesh
71Hathini275305MauUttar Pradesh
72Hemai275301MauUttar Pradesh
73Indara275102MauUttar Pradesh
74Iraura Chaubey pur275302MauUttar Pradesh
75Itaura Dori pur275305MauUttar Pradesh
76Jajaauli221603MauUttar Pradesh
77Jamal Mirja pur275105MauUttar Pradesh
78Jamdih275304MauUttar Pradesh
79Jogari275306MauUttar Pradesh
80Kahinaur275101MauUttar Pradesh
81Kaitholi275101MauUttar Pradesh
82Kajha276129MauUttar Pradesh
83Kalyanpur275105MauUttar Pradesh
84Kamalsagar221602MauUttar Pradesh
85Kamarawa276129MauUttar Pradesh
86Kanjhakhurd276403MauUttar Pradesh
87Kanso221706MauUttar Pradesh
88Karaha276402MauUttar Pradesh
89Karami276129MauUttar Pradesh
90Kari Sath275105MauUttar Pradesh
91Kasana275305MauUttar Pradesh
92Katghar Shankar221603MauUttar Pradesh
93Kathtaraon221602MauUttar Pradesh
94Katirahi Bugurg275301MauUttar Pradesh
95Kekai Hindola276402MauUttar Pradesh
96Khaira Bal276403MauUttar Pradesh
97Khiriya275101MauUttar Pradesh
98Khurhar276403MauUttar Pradesh
99Kirath Sarai121705MauUttar Pradesh
100Koiria Par275306MauUttar Pradesh
101Kolaura276403MauUttar Pradesh
102Kopa Ganj275305MauUttar Pradesh
103Kurthi Zafar pur275305MauUttar Pradesh
104Lakhani Mubarakpur275307MauUttar Pradesh
105Lakhnaur221602MauUttar Pradesh
106Lalanpur221603MauUttar Pradesh
107Lalitpur275307MauUttar Pradesh
108Lilari Bharauli275105MauUttar Pradesh
109Ludaipur Bholaya275101MauUttar Pradesh
110Madhu Ban221603MauUttar Pradesh
111Mahula275303MauUttar Pradesh
112Majhwara275307MauUttar Pradesh
113Makhmelpur275307MauUttar Pradesh
114Makhuni276403MauUttar Pradesh
115Manik Pur haraura275304MauUttar Pradesh
116Maryad Pur.221602MauUttar Pradesh
117Mau275101MauUttar Pradesh
118Mau Town275101MauUttar Pradesh
119Mau. r.s.275101MauUttar Pradesh
120Maur Bojh275105MauUttar Pradesh
121Mauri221706MauUttar Pradesh
122Mirjahadipura Chowk,275101MauUttar Pradesh
123Mirpur Rahima par275306MauUttar Pradesh
124Misarauli276129MauUttar Pradesh
125Mohammad Pur math275305MauUttar Pradesh
126Mohammadabad Gohna276403MauUttar Pradesh
127Mohammadabad Sipah275303MauUttar Pradesh
128Mohammadpur Hasanpur276306MauUttar Pradesh
129Mohd' Bad gohana chowk276403MauUttar Pradesh
130Molnapur221601MauUttar Pradesh
131Moongmas275307MauUttar Pradesh
132Mustafa Bad221706MauUttar Pradesh
133Nagpur276402MauUttar Pradesh
134Nai Bazar275303MauUttar Pradesh
135Narawa Sarai275302MauUttar Pradesh
136Nasira Bad kala221706MauUttar Pradesh
137Nathupur221603MauUttar Pradesh
138Nemdand221602MauUttar Pradesh
139Padari276402MauUttar Pradesh
140Pahasa121705MauUttar Pradesh
141Pakari Bujurg275304MauUttar Pradesh
142Pali Garh276403MauUttar Pradesh
143Palia276403MauUttar Pradesh
144Panail275303MauUttar Pradesh
145Parasia221601MauUttar Pradesh
146Parasupur275307MauUttar Pradesh
147Pardaha275101MauUttar Pradesh
148Pawani275307MauUttar Pradesh
149Pichari276403MauUttar Pradesh
150Pidhwal275105MauUttar Pradesh
151Pilsui275301MauUttar Pradesh
152Pindohari221706MauUttar Pradesh
153Piruth Singhpur275301MauUttar Pradesh
154Piwatal275301MauUttar Pradesh
155Pur Ranga276306MauUttar Pradesh
156Raikwardeeh275101MauUttar Pradesh
157Raini275101MauUttar Pradesh
158Rajapur276402MauUttar Pradesh
159Rampur221602MauUttar Pradesh
160Rampur Sohand275301MauUttar Pradesh
161Rani Puj276402MauUttar Pradesh
162Rasoolpur276306MauUttar Pradesh
163Ratan Pura221706MauUttar Pradesh
164Sachui276129MauUttar Pradesh
165Saharoj275305MauUttar Pradesh
166Salahabad275101MauUttar Pradesh
167Sansarava276402MauUttar Pradesh
168Sarai Ganesh275105MauUttar Pradesh
169Sarauda276129MauUttar Pradesh
170Sarvan275101MauUttar Pradesh
171Saundih221603MauUttar Pradesh
172Semari Jamal pur275307MauUttar Pradesh
173Semrajpur221706MauUttar Pradesh
174Siddha Ahilashpur221603MauUttar Pradesh
175Sikari Kot276306MauUttar Pradesh
176Singdhwal221706MauUttar Pradesh
177Sipaibrahima Bad221603MauUttar Pradesh
178Sulatanipur276402MauUttar Pradesh
179Sultan Pur275304MauUttar Pradesh
180Surahu Pur276403MauUttar Pradesh
181Suraj Pur276306MauUttar Pradesh
182Tajopur275101MauUttar Pradesh
183Taktewarampur275301MauUttar Pradesh
184Talai Pur121705MauUttar Pradesh
185Umapur275101MauUttar Pradesh
186Undaura221603MauUttar Pradesh
187Usari Khurd275301MauUttar Pradesh
188Utarizpur276403MauUttar Pradesh
189Vijra Pura275302MauUttar Pradesh
190Walid Pur276405MauUttar Pradesh
191Yakubpur276402MauUttar Pradesh

About Mau

One of the districts of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is called Mau, and its capital is Mau town, which is also home to one of the few locations in eastern Uttar Pradesh where handloom sarees with a Sadiya silk specialty are still produced. On November 19, 1988, Mau was separated from Azamgarh as a distinct district. Its headquarters are at Maunath Bhanjan, and it is located in the southeast of the state. According to Pallavi mishra, the district is bordered by the districts of Ghazipur on the south, Ballia on the east, Azamgarh on the west, and Gorakhpur and Deoria on the north.


Mau is among the oldest locations in the area when it comes to history and archaeology. Numerous locations in the region have yielded ancient cultural and archeological remnants, providing enough proof of a lengthy history of human habitation. Mau’s known archeological past dates back to a time when dense forest blanketed the whole region, some 1500 years ago. The Nats, who formerly inhabited the Tamsa River valley, are regarded as the region’s first residents and rulers.


The population of the Mau Nath Bhanjan district is 2,205,968 as of the 2011 census, with 1,114,888 men and 1,090,782 women living there, respectively. There were 1,853,997 people living in Mau in 2001; 933,523 of them were men and the remainder 920,474 were women. comparable to the US state of New Mexico or the nation of Latvia. As a result, it is ranked 206th in India. The population density of the district is 1,287 people per square kilometer, or 3,330 people per square mile. Between 2001 and 2011, the population growth rate was 80.94%.


The eastern UP town of Mau is industrial. Mau is one of the few remaining textile hubs in Uttar Pradesh, following the collapse of the industries at Banaras and Mubarakpur. 58,381 powerlooms were reported as of 1998–1999, according to a Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) survey. There are rumors that this massive business will gain if Mau receives GI funding in addition to incentives for clusters groups of powerlooms that resemble contemporary industries.


Situated in the Ganges-Ghaghra Doab’s rich plain lies Mau (Mau Nath Bhanjan). Its coordinates are 24° 47′ to 26° 17′ North and 83° 17′ to 84 52°’ East. The Ghaghra River borders it on the north, Ghazipur District borders it on the south, Ballia District borders it on the east, and Azamgarh District borders it on the west. The geographical characteristics of the middle Gangetic plain are reflected in this region. Ballia Road: The soil types “Khachari” and “Khadar” are located in the regions to the north of Azamgarh. Certain elevated areas also have “Bangar” dirt.


How do Mau Pincodes work?

The postal codes that India Post uses for the Uttar Pradesh district of Mau are known as Mau Pincodes. In order to sort and distribute mail, certain number codes are necessary.

What is the number of pincodes in Mau?

The Mau district is made up of several pincodes, each of which denotes a distinct locality or region. The precise figure may change when additional territories are established.

What makes using the proper pincode in Mau important?

The postal service may easily sort and route mail and deliveries by using the right pincode in Mau, which guarantees timely and precise delivery.

How can I locate the pincode of a certain Mau location?

The India Post website and other online pincode finder tools and directories provide pincodes for certain locations of Mau.

Are all Mau pincodes specific to the regions they are assigned?

Indeed, every pincode in Mau is distinct and associates with a certain neighborhood, street, or perhaps a single structure.