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Pincodes of Meerut

Welcome to our Meerut Pincodes database, your dependable source for locating the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of several localities in the historic city of Meerut, located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Meerut is well-known for its extensive history, cultural richness, and economic importance. PIN codes are an essential component of the postal system, ensuring accurate sorting and delivery of mail and parcels. Each neighborhood in Meerut is allocated a unique PIN code, which allows postal services to correctly route and deliver mail to its intended recipients. Using the correct PIN code is critical for ensuring that your mail is delivered on schedule.

Meerut Pincodes

Here is a list of Meerut Pincodes

1A.P. badhla250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
2Abdullapur250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
3Abulane250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
4Agwanpur250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
5Ahmedpur250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
6Ajrara245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
7Akbarpur Sadat250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
8Alipur250221MeerutUttar Pradesh
9Alipur Morna250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
10Amanullapur250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
11Amarsinghpur250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
12Anaj Mandi250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
13Anoopnagar Fazalpur250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
14Arnawali250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
15Aseelpur250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
16Assa250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
17Atrara245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
18B. n. nanu250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
19Baghpat Gate250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
20Bahadurpur250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
21Baleni250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
22Bana250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
23Banker Street250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
24Baparsi250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
25Baram250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
26Bastora250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
27Begum Bagh250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
28Behrampur250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
29Behsuma250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
30Belvedere250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
31Bhadoli245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
32Bhainsa250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
33Bhalsona250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
34Bhatipura250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
35Bhola250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
36Bhombori250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
37Bhooni250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
38Bhoor Baral250103MeerutUttar Pradesh
39Bijauli245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
40Boundary Road250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
41Budhana Gate250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
42Budhera Zahidpur250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
43C.B.sardhana250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
44Chandori Khas250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
45Chandsara245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
46Chhabariya250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
47Chhajupur250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
48Chhipi Tank250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
49Chhur250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
50Chitwana Sherpur250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
51Dabathwa250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
52Dabka250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
53Dadri250223MeerutUttar Pradesh
54Dahadra250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
55Dahar250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
56Dalampur250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
57Darveshpur250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
58Datawali250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
59Daurala250221MeerutUttar Pradesh
60Daurala Gaon250221MeerutUttar Pradesh
61Defence Colony250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
62Dhanpura250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
63Dhaulri250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
64Dhikauli250402MeerutUttar Pradesh
65Digamber Jain mandir250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
66Dolhca250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
67Doodhli250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
68Dulhera250110MeerutUttar Pradesh
69Ekla Rasulpur250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
70Ekri250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
71Etmadpur250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
72Gadeena250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
73Gagol245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
74Gandhi Ashram250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
75Ganeshpur250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
76Gesupur250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
77Ghosipur250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
78Gotka250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
79Gurukul Dorli250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
80Harra250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
81Hasanpur Kadim250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
82Hasanpur Kalan250106MeerutUttar Pradesh
83Hastinapur250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
84I. e. partapur250103MeerutUttar Pradesh
85Incholi250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
86Jai250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
87Jai Singhpur250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
88Jangethi250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
89Jani250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
90Jani Kalan250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
91Janjokhar250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
92Jaroda250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
93Jassar Sultanpur250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
94Jatauli250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
95Jhitkari250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
96Jithauli250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
97Kabari Bazar250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
98Kaili250223MeerutUttar Pradesh
99Kaiser Ganj250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
100Kaithwari250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
101Kaland250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
102Kalandi250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
103Kalanjari250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
104Kalina250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
105Kalyanpur250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
106Kanker Khera250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
107Kanshi250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
108Kapsad250223MeerutUttar Pradesh
109Karnawal250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
110Kaseru Khera250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
111Kastla Shamshernagar250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
112Kaul245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
113Kayastha Badha250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
114Kazamabad Goon250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
115Khajuri250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
116Khanpur250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
117Kharkhuda245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
118Khaspur245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
119Khera250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
120Khirwa Jalalpur250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
121Khiwai250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
122Kina Nagar250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
123Kishanpura250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
124Kishorepur250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
125Kitholi250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
126Kithore250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
127Krishana Nagar250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
128Kulanjan250221MeerutUttar Pradesh
129Kurali250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
130Kushaoli250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
131L. l. r. m. med.college250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
132Lal Kurti bazar250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
133Lalyana250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
134Laskaarganj250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
135Latifpur250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
136Lawar250222MeerutUttar Pradesh
137Lisari250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
138Lisari Gate250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
139Lohiya250221MeerutUttar Pradesh
140M. p. sikhera250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
141Machhara250106MeerutUttar Pradesh
142Mahadev250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
143Mahalka250222MeerutUttar Pradesh
144Mahalwala250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
145Maina Poothi250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
146Mainthna Inder singh250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
147Malyana250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
148Mandora250223MeerutUttar Pradesh
149Manpur250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
150Mataur250221MeerutUttar Pradesh
151Maukhas250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
152Maur Khurd250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
153Mawana250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
154Mawana Factory250402MeerutUttar Pradesh
155Mawana Khurd250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
156Mawana Tehsil250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
157Meerpur250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
158Meerut Cantt250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
159Meerut City250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
160Meerut City r. s.250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
161Meerut Kutchery250003MeerutUttar Pradesh
162Meerut Tehsil250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
163Meerut University250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
164Meewan250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
165Mel250222MeerutUttar Pradesh
166Modipuram250110MeerutUttar Pradesh
167Mohd. pur bhoomi250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
168Mohiuddinpur250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
169Mukri250626MeerutUttar Pradesh
170Mulhera250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
171Mundali250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
172Murlipur Phool250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
173Muzaffarnagar Saini250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
174Muzaffarpur Bagarpur250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
175Muzahidpur250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
176Muzakkipur250205MeerutUttar Pradesh
177Nadir Ali & co.250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
178Nagla Hareru250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
179Nagli Badli250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
180Naidu250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
181Nangal250617MeerutUttar Pradesh
182Narangpur250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
183Navinmandi250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
184Nek250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
185Niloha250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
186P. r. c.250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
187Pabli Khas250110MeerutUttar Pradesh
188Panchi245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
189Panchli Buzurg250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
190Panchli Khurd250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
191Parikshatgarh250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
192Partapur250103MeerutUttar Pradesh
193Paswara250106MeerutUttar Pradesh
194Patelpuri250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
195Pathauli250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
196Peepla Idrishpur250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
197Phalauda250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
198Phaphunda245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
199Phitkari250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
200Pilona250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
201Pithlokar250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
202Pohli250341MeerutUttar Pradesh
203Poothi250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
204Poothkhas250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
205Prempuri250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
206R.A.bazar250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
207Rachhauti250106MeerutUttar Pradesh
208Radhana250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
209Rahaoti250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
210Rajpura250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
211Ramlilaground250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
212Ramnagar250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
213Rardhana250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
214Rasna250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
215Rasulpur Aurangabad250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
216Rasulpur Kinoni250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
217Rasulpur Rohta250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
218Rithani250103MeerutUttar Pradesh
219Rly. road meerut250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
220Ruhasa250223MeerutUttar Pradesh
221Rukanpur Morna250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
222S.G.mandi250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
223Sadar Bazar250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
224Saifpur Karamchanpur250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
225Saket250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
226Sakoti Tanda250223MeerutUttar Pradesh
227Salawa250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
228Samai Pur250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
229Samoli Khash pur250221MeerutUttar Pradesh
230Sandhan250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
231Sarawa245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
232Sardhana250342MeerutUttar Pradesh
233Sardhana Road250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
234Sarrafa Bazar250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
235Sarsawa250221MeerutUttar Pradesh
236Sarurpur Khurd250344MeerutUttar Pradesh
237Sarwani Arifpur250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
238Sathla250402MeerutUttar Pradesh
239Satwai250502MeerutUttar Pradesh
240Shafibad Loti250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
241Shahjahanpur250104MeerutUttar Pradesh
242Shastri Nagar250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
243Shivpuri250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
244Sholda250106MeerutUttar Pradesh
245Sikhera250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
246Sisoli250004MeerutUttar Pradesh
247Siwal250501MeerutUttar Pradesh
248Siwaya250110MeerutUttar Pradesh
249Siyal250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
250Sondutt250406MeerutUttar Pradesh
251Suraj Kund road250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
252Tarapur250404MeerutUttar Pradesh
253Thapar Nagar250002MeerutUttar Pradesh
254Tofapur250401MeerutUttar Pradesh
255Uldhan245206MeerutUttar Pradesh
256Victoria Park250001MeerutUttar Pradesh
257W. k. road250002MeerutUttar Pradesh

About Meerut

Meerut, nestled in Uttar Pradesh’s western district, sits 80 km northeast of New Delhi within the National Capital Region. It boasts a vibrant status—India’s 33rd most populous urban agglomeration and 26th in terms of city population as of 2011. Renowned as a key sports goods producer, it holds the title of India’s primary musical instrument manufacturer and hosts one of Asia’s largest gold markets. This bustling city doubles as a regional education hub and proudly carries the moniker “Sports City of India,” shining bright in western Uttar Pradesh’s cultural and economic landscape.


The ancient city of Hastinapur, discovered at Vidura-ka-tila, linked to the Mahabharata’s Kauravas and Pandavas, lies 37 km north-east of Meerut. This site, previously submerged by Ganges floods, unveiled remnants through 1950–52 excavations. Meerut also hosts historic treasures: the Harappan settlement Alamgirpur and a crucial Indus Valley outpost. Once a hub of Buddhism during Ashoka’s reign, the city preserves remnants of Buddhist structures near Jama Masjid. The renowned 6th Ashoka Pillar, initially from Meerut, now rests in the British Museum; Firuz Shah Tughluq transferred it to Delhi, later restored post-damage in 1867, after an explosion in 1713.


As of the 2011 census, Meerut Urban Agglomeration (Meerut UA) housed about 1.42 million people, akin to Bahrain or Trinidad and Tobago’s population. Within this, the municipality accounted for roughly 1.31 million inhabitants. The UA encompasses Meerut Municipal Corporation, Meerut Cantonment Board, and four census towns. Ranking 33rd in urban population and 28th in city populace in India, Meerut UA exhibits a sex ratio of 887 (lower than the state’s 908) and a child sex ratio of 845 (below the state’s 899). Approximately 12.99% are under 6 years old. The literacy rate stands at 76.28%, surpassing the state’s average of 69.72%. Within the Municipal Corporation, 83.78% speak Hindi, while 15.25% speak Urdu as their primary language.


Meerut, second only to Delhi in the NCR, earns its moniker as India’s sports hub. Nestled amid the Ganges and Yamuna plains, Meerut district sprawls over 2,522 km2, surpassing Delhi’s expanse. Its humid subtropical climate delivers scorching summers from April to June, peaking at 49°C, followed by a monsoon from June to September. October sees a temperature uptick, leading to a mild, dry winter till March. The city experienced its lowest at −0.4°C in January 2013. With 845mm rainfall yearly, favoring agriculture, the monsoon dominates. Humidity fluctuates between 30% to 100%, shaping Meerut’s diverse weather tapestry.


Meerut stands as the 63rd fastest-growing urban area globally and the 14th in India’s rapid development landscape. Renowned for its vibrancy, a Morgan Stanley report in June 2011 placed it 5th on the vibrancy index, surpassing Delhi and Mumbai. While job creation remains a challenge, indicators spotlight immense urbanization potential and forthcoming employment prospects. Booming infrastructure, including projects like Expressways, Metro, and Freight corridors, characterizes Meerut’s current phase. The completion of the Upper Ganga Canal Expressway signifies ongoing development. Notably, Meerut’s ascent in the India City Competitiveness Index—from 45th in 2010 to 39th in 2012—reflects its escalating competitiveness.


For what Meerut is famous?

Meerut, a leading producer of sports gear and musical instruments in India. It’s an educational hub in western Uttar Pradesh, earning the title "Sports City of India."

Is Meerut bigger than Delhi?

Meerut, spanning 2,522 km², rests amidst the Ganges and Yamuna plains, surpassing Delhi's size (1,484 km²). Its district expanses embody this geographical expanse.

Is Meerut a developing city?

Meerut, in Western Uttar Pradesh, holds a rich history from the Hastinapur Empire of Kaurvas, key figures in the Mahabharata. It's now among UP's fastest-growing cities, after Noida and Ghaziabad.

Why Meerut is called Scissor city?

Meerut boasts a robust industry with 250 small-scale scissor-making units, engaging 70,000 workers. Manufacturing aligns with gendered roles, with men crafting scissors and women handling handwork and packaging.

Is Meerut a small city?

Meerut city is small spatially, yet Meerut district spans a vast area of around 850 sq. km, showcasing a significant contrast in their respective sizes.