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Pincodes of Mirzapur

Greetings from our directory of Mirzapur Pincodes, your trustworthy resource for learning the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of different neighborhoods in the ancient city of Mirzapur, which is located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in the north. Mirzapur is renowned for its rich cultural legacy, breathtaking scenery, and energetic locals. PIN codes are an essential component of the postal system that help with the effective delivery and sorting of letters and packages. Every locality in Mirzapur has a distinct PIN code, which helps postal services route and deliver mail to the correct locations. Ensuring that your mail arrives on time requires that you use the correct PIN code.

Mirzapur Pincodes

Here is a list of Mirzapur Pincodes

1Adalhat231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
2Adhwar231301MirzapurUttar Pradesh
3Agarsand231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
4Ahraura231301MirzapurUttar Pradesh
5Ahungi Kala231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
6Akodhi231307MirzapurUttar Pradesh
7Amaha Mafi231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
8Amoi231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
9Babura231307MirzapurUttar Pradesh
10Babura Kala231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
11Bagahan231306MirzapurUttar Pradesh
12Bagahi231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
13Baghaura231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
14Bahuar231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
15Baidand231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
16Bajta231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
17Balliparwa231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
18Bangla Devaria231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
19Baraini231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
20Baraudha Belan231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
21Barbasa Gaharwar231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
22Bardiha Kala231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
23Barkachha231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
24Bedaur231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
25Belahara231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
26Bhainsa231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
27Bhaisod Balay pahad231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
28Bharehata231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
29Bharpura231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
30Bhatauli231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
31Bhawanipur231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
32Bhudkuda231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
33Bhuelikhas231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
34Bidapur231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
35Bihsada231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
36Bijaipur231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
37Bilra Patehara231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
38Biraura231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
39Birohi231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
40Birshahpur231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
41Chaturipur231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
42Chhatahan231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
43Chhota Mirzapur231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
44Chilh231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
45Chunar231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
46Chunar Cement factory231311MirzapurUttar Pradesh
47Chunar Fort231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
48Chunar Rly station231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
49Chunar Tehsil231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
50Dadwan Pakseda231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
51Dargah Sharif231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
52Darhiram231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
53Derhauna231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
54Devaria231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
55Devpura231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
56Dewari231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
57Domanpur231306MirzapurUttar Pradesh
58Domari231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
59Dramandganj231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
60Dubarkala231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
61Dugauli231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
62Ekali231301MirzapurUttar Pradesh
63Gadauli231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
64Ganesh Ganj231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
65Gangpur231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
66Gaura231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
67Ghanshyampur231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
68Ghatampur231301MirzapurUttar Pradesh
69Gogaon231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
70Gothaura231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
71Gursandi231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
72Hallia231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
73Hansipur231306MirzapurUttar Pradesh
74Hardi Gulalpur231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
75Hargarh Bazar231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
76Hariharpur231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
77Hariharpur Bedauli231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
78Hinauta231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
79Hinauti231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
80Hussainpur231301MirzapurUttar Pradesh
81Industrial Estate231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
82Jaipatti Kala231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
83Jalalpur231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
84Jalalpur Mafi231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
85Jamalpur231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
86Jamua231314MirzapurUttar Pradesh
87Jamuhar231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
88Jamui231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
89Jigna Rs231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
90Kachhwa231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
91Kakarad231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
92Kalna231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
93Kamalpur231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
94Kamasin231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
95Kandawa231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
96Kanhaipur231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
97Kanokhar231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
98Kathinai231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
99Khaira231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
100Khajuraul231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
101Khanjadipur231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
102Khanpur231306MirzapurUttar Pradesh
103Kholua231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
104Kolna231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
105Kota Shiv pratap singh231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
106Kotwa231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
107Kubari Patehara231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
108Kushhan231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
109Kusumhi231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
110Lahangpur231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
111Laldiggi231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
112Lalganj231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
113Lalpur Naudiha231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
114Magarahan231306MirzapurUttar Pradesh
115Mahamalpur231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
116Mahuari Kala231307MirzapurUttar Pradesh
117Mahuwaria231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
118Majhawan231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
119Manaur231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
120Marihan231310MirzapurUttar Pradesh
121Matwar231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
122Meoli231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
123Mirzapur231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
124Mirzapur Chowk231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
125Mirzapur City231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
126Mirzapur Kutchery231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
127Mohanpur Bhavrakh231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
128Mowaiya231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
129Mujehara231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
130Musaffarganj231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
131Nadaulikaraundi231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
132Nadini231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
133Nakahara231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
134Nakati Mishrauli231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
135Narainpur231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
136Navgawan231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
137Neorhia Ghat231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
138Nibi Gaharwar231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
139Nigatpur231314MirzapurUttar Pradesh
140Pachegada231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
141Pachevara231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
142Padari231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
143Padaria Kala231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
144Pahadi231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
145Paidapur231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
146Patehara Khurd231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
147Patharaul231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
148Pathraura231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
149Patihata231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
150Patulki231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
151Pavari Kala231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
152Pidkhir231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
153Pipra231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
154Purusottam Pur231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
155Putlighar231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
156Raipur Pokhta231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
157Raipuria231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
158Rajapur231307MirzapurUttar Pradesh
159Rajgarh231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
160Rajpur Amghat231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
161Ramgarh Kiriyat231306MirzapurUttar Pradesh
162Rampur 38231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
163Rampur Atari231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
164Rehi231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
165Rudauli231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
166Rupaudha231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
167Samogara231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
168Sandwa231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
169Sarson Gram231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
170Semara Baraho231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
171Semari Khas231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
172Shahpur231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
173Shakteshgarh231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
174Sher Pur231305MirzapurUttar Pradesh
175Sherwa231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
176Sikhar231306MirzapurUttar Pradesh
177Sindhora231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
178Sirsi231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
179Sri Niwas dham231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
180Supantha231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
181Surahan231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
182Tendua Kala231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
183Thiresapur231304MirzapurUttar Pradesh
184Tilaon231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
185Tilaulikala231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
186Tilthi231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
187Tita231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
188Usari Khamaria231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
189Vindhyachal231307MirzapurUttar Pradesh
190Wellesly Ganj231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh

About Mirzapur

Mirzapur, nestled in Uttar Pradesh, India, sits 827 km from Delhi and 733 km from Kolkata. Only 91 km from Prayagraj and 61 km from Varanasi, it thrives on carpet and brassware industries while fostering the rich heritage of kajari and birha music. Embraced by the Maikal range’s rolling hills, this city stands as the nucleus of Mirzapur district, a testament to its cultural vibrancy and industrial prowess.


Mirzapur, dating back to ancient times, traces its history through a tapestry of dynasties including the Mughals, Marathas, and British colonial rule. Initially a strategic center for trade, it evolved into a prominent hub for carpets, brassware, and vibrant cultural expressions like kajari and birha music. Witness to historical shifts, Mirzapur’s significance grew as it became the district headquarters, nestled amidst the scenic Maikal range. Its past echoes through architectural remnants and cultural legacies, weaving a narrative of resilience and evolution through eras of conquests and cultural amalgamation.


As per the 2011 census, Mirzapur district houses 2,496,970 people, akin to Kuwait or Nevada. Ranking 174th in India, it holds a density of 561 individuals per sq. km. The population surged by 17.89% from 2001 to 2011. Gender ratio stands at 900 females per 1000 males, with a 70.38% literacy rate. Urban dwellers constitute 13.92%. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes account for 26.48% and 0.81% respectively. Female literacy stands at 54%.


Mirzapur sits at 25.15°N 82.58°E, averaging 80 meters (265 feet) in elevation. Within 23.52 to 25.32 North latitude and 82.7 to 83.33 East longitude, it’s part of Varanasi district, bordered by Varanasi to the north, Sonbhadra to the south, and Prayagraj to the northwest. The shape is largely uniform, except for a 13 km stretch northeast where the Ganga separates Chunar Tehsil. Mirzapur lacks natural boundaries save for this. Renowned Chanvar fields, among India’s most fertile, rest on the Gangetic flood plains here.


In 2006, Mirzapur was deemed one of India’s 250 most backward districts by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj. Among Uttar Pradesh’s 34 districts receiving aid from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme, Mirzapur faced economic decline despite once thriving on tourism. Neglect by authorities and locals led to the fading allure of scenic spots like Sirshe dam, Dadri dam, Vindham waterfall, and others. Past vibrant tourist gatherings during rainy Sundays now exist as nostalgic tales. The division of Sonebhadra impacted its economy, exacerbated by mill closures and a downturn in the carpet industry. Consequently, Mirzapur grappled with economic hardship.


Why Mirzapur is so famous?

Mirzapur evolved into a thriving trade hub in Central India, handling extensive cotton and silk commerce. The East India Company dubbed it 'Mirzapur' during its ascent.

What is the old name of Mirzapur?

Mirzapur was formerly known as Mirzapur-Vindyachal, embracing its historical roots within its name, reflecting its connection to the Vindyachal region.

Is Mirzapur a safe city?

Mirzapur is safe for solo female travelers, but avoid walking alone at night. Locals are friendly, but caution is advised. Use rickshaws or taxis for nighttime travel.

Who discovered Mirzapur?

The British East India Company founded Mirzapur in 1735, contrasting with a civilization dating back to 5000 BCE in this region.

What language is spoken in Mirzapur district?

In the 2011 India Census, 80.95% of the district's residents spoke Hindi, while 18.40% used Bhojpuri as their primary language, prevalent in the area.