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Pincodes of Moradabad

Welcome to our directory of Moradabad Pincodes, your reliable source for learning the postal index numbers (PIN codes) of different neighborhoods in the ancient city of Moradabad, which is situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in the north. Moradabad is well known for its vibrant culture, fine craftsmanship, and rich history. PIN codes are a crucial component of the postal system that guarantee timely mail and package delivery and sorting. Every Moradabad locality is given a distinct PIN code, which helps postal services deliver mail to its intended destinations precisely. To guarantee that your mail arrives on time, it is essential that you enter the correct PIN.

Moradabad Pincodes

Here is a list of Moradabad Pincodes

124 Bn pac244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
224bn Pac mbd244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
3Afjalpur Darauli202414MoradabadUttar Pradesh
4Aghwanpur So.244504MoradabadUttar Pradesh
5Akhtiarpur Thillupura244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
6Akkadilari244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
7Akrauli202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
8Aliabad244401MoradabadUttar Pradesh
9Alipur Buzurg202414MoradabadUttar Pradesh
10Alpur Maithara202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
11Amarpur Kashi202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
12Amawati Qutubpur244303MoradabadUttar Pradesh
13Ancholi202414MoradabadUttar Pradesh
14Asalatpur Jarai202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
15Azamnagar Chopra244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
16Bahadur Nagar244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
17Baheri Brahmnan244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
18Bahjoi202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
19Bahoranpur Narauli202415MoradabadUttar Pradesh
20Bahroli Taharpur244235MoradabadUttar Pradesh
21Bajhawli202414MoradabadUttar Pradesh
22Bania Khera202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
23Barahi244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
24Barauli Rustampur202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
25Baripur Bhamrowa244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
26Beejna244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
27Beerpur Than244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
28Behta Khas202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
29Berni202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
30Bhagatpur Tanda244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
31Bhaisian244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
32Bharthal Madapur244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
33Bhatola244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
34Bhawanipur244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
35Bilari So.202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
36Braham Bazar chandausi202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
37Budh Nagar khandwa202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
38Burhanpur244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
39Chamroa244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
40Chandankati244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
41Chandanpur Isapur244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
42Chandausi Bara bazar202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
43Chandausi R.s.202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
44Chandausi So.202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
45Chandpur244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
46Chandrapur Kalan202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
47Chatan202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
48Chaudhar Pur244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
49Chhajlet244224MoradabadUttar Pradesh
50Chhawara202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
51Chhitauni202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
52Darapur244602MoradabadUttar Pradesh
53Datauli244303MoradabadUttar Pradesh
54Deepa Sarai244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
55Deolari244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
56Deorhi Urf hadipur244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
57Devapur Mustkam pur244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
58Devipura244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
59Dhakia Jut244401MoradabadUttar Pradesh
60Dharampur Kalan202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
61Dharampur Ratta202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
62Dilari244401MoradabadUttar Pradesh
63Dilgaura244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
64Dingarpur244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
65Dugawar244304MoradabadUttar Pradesh
66Dulapur Urf darapur244304MoradabadUttar Pradesh
67Faij Ganj bazar244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
68Faredi244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
69Fareed Nagar mustqum244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
70Fatehpur Malakpur244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
71Fatehpur Samsoi202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
72Fatehpur Vishnoi244504MoradabadUttar Pradesh
73Firidpur Khushal202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
74Gakharpur244401MoradabadUttar Pradesh
75Galshaheed244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
76Gandhi Nagar244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
77Ganeshpur244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
78Garhi Salempur244226MoradabadUttar Pradesh
79Gataura202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
80Gauhat244303MoradabadUttar Pradesh
81Godhi244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
82Gopiwala244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
83Guarau202415MoradabadUttar Pradesh
84Gumsani244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
85Gumthal202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
86Gurer244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
87Hajaratnagar Garhi244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
88Harthala244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
89Haryana202413MoradabadUttar Pradesh
90Hasanpur Katia244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
91Hasanpur Manjapta244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
92Hathala Colony244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
93Hathipur Chandoi202413MoradabadUttar Pradesh
94Hatkipur Chittoo202413MoradabadUttar Pradesh
95Hayatnagar244303MoradabadUttar Pradesh
96Hiran Khera244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
97Husainpur Hamir244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
98Isapur Sunwari244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
99Jahangirpur244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
100Jalalpur202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
101Janeta202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
102Jarai Hayat nagar202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
103Jargaon202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
104Kafiabad244504MoradabadUttar Pradesh
105Kaithal202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
106Kalajhanda244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
107Kankar Khera244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
108Kasanpur Gaonri244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
109Kasauli244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
110Katghar244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
111Kharsol202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
112Khaspur244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
113Khawajpur244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
114Khawari Awwal202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
115Khurgh Fetehgarh202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
116Kuchawali244504MoradabadUttar Pradesh
117Kundarki202413MoradabadUttar Pradesh
118Ladawali244504MoradabadUttar Pradesh
119Lakhauri Jalalpur244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
120Lakri Fazalpur244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
121Laloowala244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
122Longi Kalan244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
123Macharria244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
124Madala Fatehpur244304MoradabadUttar Pradesh
125Madhan244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
126Mahmoodpur244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
127Mai202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
128Mainather244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
129Majhola244103MoradabadUttar Pradesh
130Majhola Khas202413MoradabadUttar Pradesh
131Malakpursemli244401MoradabadUttar Pradesh
132Mandi Naj244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
133Mangoopura202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
134Manota244304MoradabadUttar Pradesh
135Mau Ka ther202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
136Maulagarh202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
137Mian Sarai244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
138Modha244504MoradabadUttar Pradesh
139Modhpur Wabai202414MoradabadUttar Pradesh
140Mohd. ganj202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
141Mohd. pur tanda244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
142Mohd. sadikpur202414MoradabadUttar Pradesh
143Mohra Lakhupura244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
144Moradabad244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
145Moradabad City244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
146Moradabad Kutchery244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
147Moradabad R.s.244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
148Mughal Pura244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
149Mukarrabpur244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
150Mulhata202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
151Mundha244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
152Nadhos202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
153Nagla Purvi202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
154Nai Basti244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
155Nanhuwala244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
156Narainpur202415MoradabadUttar Pradesh
157Narauly202414MoradabadUttar Pradesh
158Nawabpura244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
159Nayamatpur244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
160Noorpur244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
161Nuria Sarai244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
162Obri244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
163P.A.c. moradabad244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
164P.T.c. moradabad244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
165Pachpera244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
166Padia Nagla244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
167Painti Kalan244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
168Pakbara244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
169Panwasa Edso.244304MoradabadUttar Pradesh
170Pasiapura244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
171Patai Khalsa244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
172Pathakpur202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
173Peerghaib244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
174Pipalsana244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
175Pipalsana R.s.244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
176Qasimpur244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
177Qazipura244504MoradabadUttar Pradesh
178R N . area244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
179R.N. sahaspur202415MoradabadUttar Pradesh
180R.P. niyaoli244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
181R.T.s. moradabad244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
182Raghowala244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
183Raholi202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
184Railway Colony chandausi202412MoradabadUttar Pradesh
185Raipur Kalan202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
186Raja Ka sahaspur202415MoradabadUttar Pradesh
187Rajpur Kalan244602MoradabadUttar Pradesh
188Rajpur Kesaria244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
189Rampur Urf yarpur244304MoradabadUttar Pradesh
190Rampura202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
191Ratanpura Kalan244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
192Ratupura244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
193Rehta Mafi244401MoradabadUttar Pradesh
194Rehtaul244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
195Ronda202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
196Rudayan244303MoradabadUttar Pradesh
197Ruknuddin Sarai244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
198S.P.f.244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
199S.P.f. mrd244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
200Sadatwari202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
201Sagarpur202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
202Sahaspuri244401MoradabadUttar Pradesh
203Saidpur Gangu244304MoradabadUttar Pradesh
204Salarpur244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
205Sambhal244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
206Sanai202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
207Sarai Jawalapuri202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
208Sarai Khajoor244504MoradabadUttar Pradesh
209Sarai Tarin244303MoradabadUttar Pradesh
210Sardar Nagar244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
211Sarkara Bishnoi244401MoradabadUttar Pradesh
212Sarkara Khas244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
213Sarthal202414MoradabadUttar Pradesh
214Satupura244304MoradabadUttar Pradesh
215Senjana244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
216Shahbaj Pur kalan244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
217Sharif Nagar244602MoradabadUttar Pradesh
218Sheoraj pur202410MoradabadUttar Pradesh
219Sherpur244303MoradabadUttar Pradesh
220Sherpur Patti244602MoradabadUttar Pradesh
221Sidhlau Nazarpur244402MoradabadUttar Pradesh
222Sihali Khadar244401MoradabadUttar Pradesh
223Sihali Mala202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
224Singhpur Sani244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
225Siras Khera244926MoradabadUttar Pradesh
226Sirsi244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
227Sitapuri244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
228Sonakpur244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
229Sondhan Mohdpur244303MoradabadUttar Pradesh
230Stationroad244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
231Sultanpur Dost244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
232Surjan Nagar244602MoradabadUttar Pradesh
233Syaundara202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
234Tanda Afzal244602MoradabadUttar Pradesh
235Tewar Khas202413MoradabadUttar Pradesh
236Thakurdwara244601MoradabadUttar Pradesh
237Thaonla202411MoradabadUttar Pradesh
238Tharesa Jai singh202414MoradabadUttar Pradesh
239Thati244302MoradabadUttar Pradesh
240Town Hall244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
241Tumaria Kalan244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
242Umari Sabzi pur244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh
243Umedpur244301MoradabadUttar Pradesh
244Uncha Gaon244001MoradabadUttar Pradesh
245Yusufpur Naglia244102MoradabadUttar Pradesh

About Moradabad

Moradabad, a city in Uttar Pradesh, India, lies along the Ramganga river, 167 km from New Delhi and 344 km from Lucknow. Established by Rustam Khan, governor of Katehar under Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, it was named after Emperor Shahjahan’s son, Murad Bakhsh. Initially replacing Sambhal as the governor’s seat, Moradabad joined the Kingdom of Rohilkhand in 1740 under Ali Mohammed Khan. Later, it came under Oudh State in 1774 and was ceded to the British East India Company in 1801. By the early nineteenth century, it became headquarters of the Moradabad district, part of Rohilkhand, alongside Rampur State and Bareilly district.


Moradabad, once known as Chaupala, was a bastion of the Katehria Rajputs with a weathered mud-brick fort overseeing the Ganges. The Mughal era saw Chaupala as a pargana, contributing revenue and troops to the empire. In 1624, Rustam Khan Dakhani, appointed by Shah Jahan, subdued Raja Ramsukh’s rebellion, refounding the city as Rustamnagar. He erected a fort and mosque, still present as ancient relics. These enduring structures, dating back to 1632, stand as poignant remnants of Rustam Khan’s tenure, shaping Moradabad’s architectural narrative till the present day.


As of the 2011 census, Moradabad City boasts a population of 887,871, while the larger Moradabad district hosts 4,772,006 people, akin to Singapore or Alabama. Among Uttar Pradesh districts, it stands as the second most populous, ranking 26th in India overall. The district maintains a population density of 1,284 individuals per square kilometer, with a notable growth rate of 25.25% from 2001 to 2011. Moradabad holds a sex ratio of 903 females for every 1000 males and a literacy rate of 58.67%.


Moradabad District in Uttar Pradesh graces the northwestern plains, nestled amidst the rich Ganges-Yamuna Doab region. Embraced by the Ramganga River to the north, its topography features fertile plains punctuated by sporadic hillocks. The district enjoys a subtropical climate, marked by hot summers and mild winters. Known for its agricultural prominence, it cultivates crops like wheat, sugarcane, and mangoes. The landscape boasts lush greenery and a network of rivers, contributing to its scenic allure. With a blend of fertile lands and waterways, Moradabad District thrives as a vital agricultural hub in Uttar Pradesh’s diverse geographical tapestry.


Moradabad, a key industrial center in Uttar Pradesh and a pivotal export destination in India, boasts a dominant metalcrafts sector contributing over 40% to the nation’s handicraft exports. Its export turnover surged from ₹3200 crores in 2007 to ₹15000 crores by 2020, with a noteworthy ₹10000 crores coming from exports alone. This growth positioned Moradabad among India’s top manufacturing hubs by 2018, recognized by The Economic Times. Notably, in October 2014, Livemint highlighted Moradabad among the “25 Emerging Cities To Watch Out For In 2025,” foreseeing its continued economic ascent.


What is special about Moradabad?

Moradabad shines globally for its exquisite brass work, crafting stunning jewelry, trophies, and modern artistic brassware, showcasing the mastery of skilled artisans in the handicraft industry.

What is the old name of Moradabad?

Moradabad, initially an office in Chaupala pargana under Akbar, was overtaken by Rustam Khan, Governor of Sambhal, in 1624, renaming it Rustam Nagar.

What kind of city is Moradabad?

Moradabad, UP, founded in 1600 by Prince Murad, son of Shah Jahan, thrives as a bustling commercial hub, famed for exquisite brass handicrafts in its booming industrial landscape.

What is the most famous thing in Moradabad?

Moradabad's top attractions feature diverse religious sites like Bade Hanuman Ji Mandir, Rambagh Dham, Jama Masjid, Braham Dev Ji Temple, Sita Temple, Lord Venugopal Ji Temple, and the serene Eco Herbal Park.

Is Moradabad a metro city?

Moradabad's metro area population in 2023 reached 1,302,000, up 2.76% from 2022. The prior year saw a 2.84% rise, reaching 1,267,000 residents.