Morena Pincodes

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Pincodes of Morena

Morena District, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for its historical significance and diverse culture. It is a district with a blend of urban and rural areas, offering a mix of traditional and modern lifestyles. Morena pincodes facilitate efficient postal services, connecting its various localities. With its rich heritage and postal infrastructure, Morena plays a crucial role in the state’s cultural and administrative landscape.

Morena Pincodes

Here is a list of Morena Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Adhanpur476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
2Ahroli476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
3Aisa476134MorenaMadhya Pradesh
4Alapur476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
5Ambah476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
6Ambah Ganj476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
7Ambah Road morena476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
8Amilheda476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
9Arhela476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
10Atar476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
11Badawali476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
12Badhrentha476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
13Baghchini476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
14Baghel476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
15Baghpura476134MorenaMadhya Pradesh
16Bamsoli476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
17Banmore476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
18Barbai476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
19Bareh476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
20Baretha476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
21Barrend476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
22Bhindosa476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
23Bijaigarh476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
24Bilgoun476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
25Bindwa476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
26Bisnori476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
27Budhara476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
28Chaina476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
29Chandkapura476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
30Chandpur476134MorenaMadhya Pradesh
31Chhajra476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
32Chichawali476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
33Chinnnoni Karera476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
34Chinnoni Chambal476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
35Chowki476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
36Datehara476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
37Deogarh476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
38Devpur Maphi476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
39Dhamkan476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
40Dhanela476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
41Dharmgarh476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
42Dhorera476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
43Dikhatpura476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
44Dimni476134MorenaMadhya Pradesh
45Dipera476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
46Distt. court morena476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
47Dondari476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
48Gadhia Raipur476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
49Gadhiya476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
50Galetha476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
51Ghuriya Basai476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
52Gopalpura Morena476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
53Gopi476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
54Gospur476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
55Goth476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
56Gudha Chambal476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
57Hadwansi476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
58Hathariya476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
59Hetampur476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
60Hingona476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
61Hirapura476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
62Imliya476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
63Itawali476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
64Jai Nagar476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
65Jaitpur476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
66Jakhona476134MorenaMadhya Pradesh
67Jalalgarh476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
68Jaloni476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
69Jarah476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
70Javrol476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
71Jhundpura476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
72Jigani476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
73Jonhan476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
74Jotai476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
75Joura476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
76Joura City476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
77Joura Khurd476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
78Kamtari476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
79Kanhar476228MorenaMadhya Pradesh
80Karari476134MorenaMadhya Pradesh
81Karsada476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
82Kasmada476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
83Kelaras476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
84Khadiahar476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
85Khandkapura476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
86Khandoli476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
87Khaneta476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
88Kharagpur476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
89Kheda Mevda476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
90Khitora476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
91Khutiyanihar476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
92Kichol476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
93Kirranch476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
94Kishanpur476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
95Kishorgarh476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
96Kishroli476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
97Kolua476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
98Konthar Kalan476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
99Konthar Kurd476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
100Kot Sirthara476228MorenaMadhya Pradesh
101Kotwal476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
102Kulholi476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
103Kumheri476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
104Kuretha476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
105Kurroli476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
106Kurthari476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
107Kuthiyana476134MorenaMadhya Pradesh
108Lahrra476228MorenaMadhya Pradesh
109Laljeetkapura476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
110Lalkapura Dohrota476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
111Lallu Basai476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
112Lalorkalan476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
113Ludhawali476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
114Madhogarh476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
115Mahasukhkapura476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
116Mahua476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
117Malbasai476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
118Mamchon476228MorenaMadhya Pradesh
119Mangrol476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
120Manpur Rajpooti476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
121Mata Basaiya476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
122Mirghan476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
123Mohanpur476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
124Morena476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
125Morena City476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
126Morena Goun476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
127Morena Mandi476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
128Mrigpura476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
129Mudiakheda476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
130Mundrawaja476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
131Mungaoli476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
132Nagra476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
133Nahar Donki476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
134Nand Gangoli476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
135Nandpura476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
136Narhela476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
137Navali Badagoun476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
138Nayakpura476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
139Nayapura476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
140Nepari476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
141Nirar476228MorenaMadhya Pradesh
142Nirara476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
143Nitehara476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
144Noorabad476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
145Pachokha476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
146Padhawali476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
147Pahadgarh476228MorenaMadhya Pradesh
148Panchampura476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
149Pariksha476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
150Parikshit Ka pura476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
151Paroli476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
152Parsota476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
153Pawaya476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
154Piparipooth476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
155Pipersewa476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
156Porsa476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
157Purawas Khurd476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
158Rachhed476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
159Rahu Ka gaoun476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
160Raja Ka tor476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
161Rajodha476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
162Ram Pahadi476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
163Rampurkalan476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
164Ratan Basai476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
165Rijhoni476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
166Rithona476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
167Rithorakalan476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
168Ruar476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
169Ruar Maina basai476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
170Runhera476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
171Rupahati476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
172Sabalgarh476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
173Sabalgarh Mandi476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
174Samai476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
175Sangoli476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
176Santhon476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
177Semna476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
178Senthar Badai476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
179Senthara Ahir476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
180Shivlal Ka pura476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
181Sihoniya476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
182Sihori476001MorenaMadhya Pradesh
183Sikorodi476554MorenaMadhya Pradesh
184Sikrodi476444MorenaMadhya Pradesh
185Silawali476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
186Singroli476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
187Sirmorkapura476134MorenaMadhya Pradesh
188Sujangadi476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
189Sujarma476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh
190Sukhpura476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
191Sumaoli476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
192Susani476221MorenaMadhya Pradesh
193Tareni476115MorenaMadhya Pradesh
194Tentra476229MorenaMadhya Pradesh
195Thara476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
196Tilawali476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
197Tilonjari476228MorenaMadhya Pradesh
198Uasith476111MorenaMadhya Pradesh
199Ummedgarh Bansi476219MorenaMadhya Pradesh
200Usainpur476224MorenaMadhya Pradesh

About Morena

Morena district is situated in the Chambal division of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the 48 districts in the state, known for its geographical and administrative significance.


Morena district in Madhya Pradesh has a rich and diverse history that spans centuries. In ancient times, it was part of the Chedi kingdom, an important center of the Vedic civilization. Later, it came under the rule of various dynasties, including the Mauryas and Guptas.

During medieval times, Morena witnessed the rise and fall of Rajput rulers, contributing to its cultural heritage. It was also a strategic region for Mughal rulers like Akbar, who built a fort in the area.

In the 18th century, the Marathas exerted control over Morena, followed by the British during colonial rule. 

Today, Morena is known for its historical sites, including the Gwalior Fort and Bateshwar Temples, reflecting its rich past and cultural diversity. Its history is a tapestry of various dynasties and cultures that have left an indelible mark on the region.


Morena district is located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and is known for its diverse geography. It is situated in the northern part of the state and shares its borders with Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

The district’s terrain varies from flat plains to hilly areas, with the Chambal River flowing through its northern region. The Chambal Valley is a prominent geographical feature, known for its rugged landscapes and ravines.

Morena experiences a typical central Indian climate, with hot summers and cooler winters. Agriculture is a significant part of the district’s economy, and the fertile plains are suitable for cultivating crops like wheat, soybeans, and mustard.

The district is also home to several wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas, including the National Chambal Sanctuary, which hosts a variety of wildlife species, including gharials, crocodiles, and migratory birds.

Overall, Morena’s geography encompasses a mix of fertile plains, river valleys, and natural reserves, making it a region of both agricultural and ecological importance.


Morena district is divided into four parts: Morena, Ambah, Joura, and Sabalgarh. Each part has its own areas called tehsils and blocks.

In Morena, there is one tehsil and one block called Morena. In Ambah, there are two tehsils and blocks: Ambah and Porsa. In Joura, there is a tehsil called Joura, which is divided into two blocks: Joura and Pahargarh. In Sabalgarh, there are two tehsils and blocks: Sabalgarh and Kailaras.

The district also has six areas that are part of the state’s legislative assembly: Sabalgarh, Joura, Sumawali, Morena, Dimani, and Ambah. They are all part of the Morena Lok Sabha constituency. The nearest public airport is Gwalior Airport.


Morena District has a total population of 1,965,970, making it the 236th most populous district in India out of 640 (2011 census). The district has a population density of 394 people per square kilometer. Morena has a sex ratio of 839 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate stands at 72.07%. About 23.93% of the population resides in urban areas.

Hindi is the primary language spoken by 99.81% of the people, and the local dialect is Bundeli. Hinduism is the predominant religion in the district, followed by over 95% of the population. There are numerous significant Hindu temples in the area. Islam is the second most practiced religion, with 3.9% of the population, while Jainism and Buddhism have smaller followings. There are also minority communities of Christians and Sikhs in the region.


Which district is Morena under?

Morena is both a city and a district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is administered by a municipal corporation and serves as the administrative headquarters for both Morena district and the Chambal division. It is situated 39 kilometers away from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

Why is Morena famous?

In the 20th century, the rugged terrain of Morena became a hotspot for guerrilla activities and gained notoriety for its legendary dacoits. Nowadays, Morena is renowned for its thriving business and commercial activities.

What language is spoken in Morena district?

The most widely spoken language in the region is Hindi, with 99.81% of the population using it as their primary language. The local dialect commonly used in the area is Bundeli.

Which temple is famous in Morena?

The Chausath Yogini temple is located in the village of Mitaoli, which is also spelled as Mitawali or Mitavali. It is situated near Padaoli in Morena district, approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from Gwalior. Historical records suggest that the temple was constructed by King Devapala of the Kachchhapaghata dynasty, with an inscription dating back to 1323 CE (Vikram Samvat 1383) providing evidence of its origin during his reign, which lasted from around 1055 to 1075.

Which sweet is famous in Morena?

The development of a sweet treat in Morena is attributed to certain elements found in the Chambal river water. The famous gajaks of Morena are renowned both locally and internationally. Gajak is made using sesame seeds and jaggery, and its preparation involves a time-consuming method.