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Nadiad, Gujarat, India’s thriving metropolis, is home to Nadiad Pincode 387001. Nadiad provides a vibrant metropolitan experience and is well-known for its industrial growth, educational institutions, and diversity of cultures. The region is a popular travel destination for professionals and students due to its advantageous location close to important cities like Vadodara and Ahmedabad. With its abundance of retail outlets, educational institutions, universities, and leisure centers, Nadiad offers its citizens a well-rounded way of life. Its accessibility is improved by its proximity to roads and railroads. Gujarat’s Nadiad, Pincode 387001, is a bustling metropolis with excellent transportation that combines modern conveniences with traditional traditions.

Nadiad Pincode

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About Nadiad

Nadiad is the administrative hub of the Kheda district and a city in the Indian state of Gujarat. The Nadiad Municipality is in charge of running the city. It is well-known for the Anand and Hari Om Ashram, the Santram Mandir, the Mai Mandir, and the ancient Swaminarayan temple, which dates back to 1824. In 1895, Shrimad Rajchandra wrote the 142-verse spiritual treatise known as the Shri Atmasiddhi Shatra in Nadiad.

The distance between Nadiad and Gujarat’s capital city of Gandhinagar is 90 km (56 mi). It is an important station on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai route and features a large railway junction. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, India’s first Deputy Prime Minister, was born there. In 1866, Nadiad Municipality was established.


It is thought that the Nat tribe founded this town and that Nadiad was formerly known as Natpur or Natdra. Who would disagree, according to Indulal Yagnik’s memoirs, that Desai and Nagars engaged in an odd game of miraculous political theater on the Mahagujarat stage over the previous century? The name Natiadra appears beneath the Derasar idol of Rupa Parekh’s Pol of Nadiad, indicating that Nadiad will exist under the name of Natiadra between 9 and 129 AD.


Nadiad has excellent road and rail connections. Situated on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Main Line, Nadiad Junction railway station is a major railway station in the Kheda District and a “A” category railway station operated by Indian Railways. Nadiad is missing two lines. One travels to Petlad, while the other travels to Modasa. There are four platforms at Nadiad Junction railway station. The Modasa Line will be extended by Indian Railways to Shamlaji. There is a large bus stop in Nadiad. In the Charotar Region, Nadiad is the Zonal Division. The bus depots at Anand, Mahemdavad, Kapadvanj, Dakor, Mahudha, Borsad, and Khambhat are under the Nadiad Division. Amul Phones Nadiad Division.


Nadiad had a population of 218,095 in 2011 according to preliminary Census India figures, with 112,311 men and 105,784 women living there. Despite having a population of 218,095, Nadiad’s urban metropolitan population is 225,071, with 109,168 women and 115,903 men.


Nadiad typically experiences extremely hot summers and mild winters, with average temperatures ranging from 32 °C (90 °F) to 46 °C (115 °F) and rainfall ranging from 70 mm (28 in) to 120 mm (47 in).


What is the famous item in Nadiad?

The Nadiadi Bhusu and Shree Santram Mandir are the two main attractions of Nadiad. Over time, Nadiadi Bhusu has gained popularity both domestically and abroad as a namkeen, savory snack.

Is Nadiad rural or urban?

Despite having a population of 218,095, Nadiad City has an urban/metropolitan population of 225,071, of which 109,168 are women and 115,903 are men.

What is the population of Nadiad Gujarat?

The Indian state of Gujarat is home to the city of Nadiad. Nadiad city's population is now projected to be 299,000 in 2023, while the population of the Nadiad metro area is anticipated to be 309,000.

What is the old name of Nadiad?

Nadiad, located in Gujarat's Kheda district, is well-known for its exquisite sites of worship, particularly for Christians and Hindus. Rope dancers are thought to have been the first people to live in the area. Previously, Nadiad was also known as Nandgam, Natapadra, and Natpur.

Which river is Nadiad in?

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was born in Nadiad, which is also well-known for notable figures like Indulal Yagnik and Santram Maharaj. Two of Gujarat's principal rivers, Sabaramati on the west and Mahisagar on the east, round the district.