Neemuch Pincodes

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Pincodes of Neemuch

Neemuch district, located in Madhya Pradesh, is known for its simplicity and natural beauty. It covers a serene landscape with historical significance. Neemuch district offers a tranquil atmosphere for its residents and visitors, with a blend of culture and tradition. Neemuch pincodes help ensure efficient mail delivery in this peaceful region.

Neemuch Pincodes

Here is a list of Neemuch Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Aankali458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
2Aantri458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
3Alheda Jagir458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
4Amawali Jagir458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
5Athana458474NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
6Athva458226NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
7Baghana Neemuch458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
8Baisala458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
9Bangred458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
10Bardia458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
11Barlai458116NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
12Barthun458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
13Bawal Nai458330NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
14Bhadana458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
15Bhadva458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
16Bhadwamata458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
17Bhamesar458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
18Bharbhadia458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
19Bhatkheda458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
20Bhatkhedi458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
21Bisalwasa Kalan458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
22Booj458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
23Bordia Kalan458553NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
24Borkhedi Panedi458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
25Chachor458116NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
26Chaldu458339NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
27Chandrapura458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
28Chaplana458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
29Chayan458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
30Chitakheda458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
31Chokadi458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
32Chukani458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
33Dadoli458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
34Danta458116NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
35Daroo458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
36Deeken458226NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
37Denthal458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
38Devari Khawasa458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
39Devran458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
40Dhamnia458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
41Dhangaon458228NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
42Dhardi458228NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
43Dorai458226NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
44Dudhlai458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
45Garwada Alori458226NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
46Hadi Piplia458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
47Hanspur458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
48Hanumantia458116NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
49Harkia Khal458336NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
50Harwar458336NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
51Jaliner458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
52Jamunia458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
53Jamunia Kalan458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
54Janakpur458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
55Jannod458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
56Jat458226NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
57Javi458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
58Jawad458330NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
59Jeeran458336NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
60Jhantla458228NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
61Jharda458553NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
62Kadwasa458228NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
63Kanakheda458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
64Kanawati458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
65Kanjarda458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
66Kankria Talai458226NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
67Karadia Maharaj458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
68Kesharpura458468NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
69Khadali458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
70Khadawda458116NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
71Khajuri458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
72Khor458470NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
73Kojya458228NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
74Kukdeshwar458116NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
75Kunchrod458339NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
76Kundla458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
77Lasudia458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
78Lasur458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
79Loharia458226NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
80Mahagarh458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
81Majiria458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
82Malkheda458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
83Manasa458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
84Meghpura458330NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
85Modi458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
86Morwan458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
87Moya458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
88Nalkheda458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
89Nalwa458113NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
90Naya Malaheda458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
91Nayagaon C f458468NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
92Neemuch458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
93Neemuch City458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
94Neemuch Ghanta ghar458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
95Neemuch Jawahar nagar458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
96Neemuch R.s.458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
97Neemuch Victoria barracks458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
98Newad458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
99Palsoda458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
100Parda458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
101Piplia Ghota458116NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
102Piplia Raoji458110NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
103Piplone458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
104Rabdia458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
105Ramnagar458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
106Rampura458118NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
107Ratangarh458226NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
108Revali Devali458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
109Saroda458330NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
110Sarwania Maharaj458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
111Sawan458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
112Semali Chandrawat458220NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
113Singoli458228NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
114Sirkheda458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
115Suwakheda458330NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
116Tal458228NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
117Tamoti458116NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
118Tarapur458330NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
119Thdoli458441NeemuchMadhya Pradesh
120Umar458226NeemuchMadhya Pradesh

About Neemuch

Neemuch district, situated in central India, is one of Madhya Pradesh’s 51 districts. The town of Neemuch serves as its administrative center. The district is renowned for hosting Asia’s largest solar power plant, inaugurated by Narendra Modi, with a capacity of 151 megawatts. It is part of the Ujjain Division and has a growing population of around 826,067 people as of 2011. Neemuch shares its borders with Rajasthan to the west and north, and Mandsaur district to the east and south. This region is making significant strides in renewable energy production.


Neemuch district has a rich history that dates back centuries. In ancient times, it was a part of the Malwa region and witnessed the rule of various dynasties. The area saw the influence of empires like the Mauryas, Guptas, and Kushans.

During medieval times, it was under the control of the Rajputs and later the Mughals. The region played a strategic role in trade and commerce due to its location.

In the 18th century, Neemuch came under the Maratha Empire, and it remained with them until the British East India Company took control in the early 19th century. Neemuch was a prominent military and administrative center for the British.

After India gained independence in 1947, Neemuch became a part of the newly formed Madhya Pradesh state. Over the years, it has developed into a thriving district known for agriculture, trade, and its unique cultural heritage.


Neemuch district is situated in the central part of India, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is known for its diverse geography. To the west and north, it shares its border with the state of Rajasthan, while to the east and south, it is bounded by Mandsaur district.

The district’s landscape is a mix of plains and hilly terrain. It is part of the Malwa Plateau, which is known for its fertile land and agricultural activities. The region is crisscrossed by rivers and streams, providing water for farming.

One notable geographical feature is the Chambal River, which forms the western boundary of the district. The Chambal River is known for its pristine waters and diverse wildlife. It’s an important river in central India.

Overall, Neemuch district’s geography is characterized by its fertile plains, rivers, and a blend of urban and rural areas. It offers a diverse environment for agriculture, wildlife, and human settlement.


The economy of Neemuch thrives on various sectors, including agriculture, services like CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), and industries such as cement plants like Vikram Cements of Aditya Birla Group. Additionally, the town receives financial support from numerous migrants working across the country. Interestingly, Neemuch has produced many high-ranking corporate professionals, CEOs of companies like Wipro, key figures in Reliance Industries, Grasim, as well as accomplished individuals from IITs and the medical field.

Neemuch is renowned for Agarwal Classes, Mumbai, which prepared students for IITs. GD Agarwal, the owner, has also established an eye hospital called Gomabai Darbarilal Agarwal, known for its excellent eye care and the highest number of eye donations in the region.

The town is a major global opium producer and grows various agricultural products like wheat, garlic, oilseeds, and herbs such as Ashwagandha. It boasts a bustling agricultural market.


As of the 2011 census, Neemuch District had a population of 826,067, ranking 477th in India out of 640 districts. The district’s population density is 194 people per square kilometer, with a sex ratio of 959 females per 1000 males. The literacy rate stands at 71.81%, and approximately 29.69% of the population resides in urban areas.

In terms of languages spoken, during the 2011 Census, 46.29% of the district’s population spoke Malvi, 41.62% spoke Hindi, 3.61% spoke Mewari, 2.98% spoke Banjari, 1.61% spoke Rajasthani, 1.15% spoke Urdu, and 0.67% spoke Gujarati as their primary language.


Why is Neemuch famous?

Neemuch is where the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) was established in 1939, and it houses a significant army recruitment center for the CRPF. A portion of Neemuch's British Military Cantonment, the first of its kind in India, is still maintained by the CRPF.

When was Neemuch district established?

On June 30, 1998, the government of Madhya Pradesh officially designated Neemuch as a separate district. Prior to this, Neemuch was a part of the Mandsaur district. The new district included three tehsils that were previously part of the undivided Mandsaur district: Neemuch, Jawad, and Manasa.

Which tehsils are in Neemuch?

The tehsils in Neemuch include Neemuch Rural, Neemuch Urban, Jiran, Manasa, Rampura, Jawad, and Singoli.

What is the old name of Neemuch?

During the British colonial period, the district headquarters Neemuch served as a cantonment town and was known as the North India Mounted Artillery and Cavalry Headquarters (NIMACH).

Which river flows in Neemuch?

The Narmada and Gambhir rivers flow through this district, and the Narmada is regarded as the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh.