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Pin Codes of Nilgiris

Nilgiris Pincodes: Your Gateway to the Queen of Hills
Explore the picturesque Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu, India, with ease using our comprehensive list of Nilgiris pincodes. Nestled amidst lush green valleys and rolling hills, Nilgiris, also known as the ‘Queen of Hills,’ is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Whether you’re planning a visit to Ooty, Coonoor, or any other charming town in Nilgiris, our website, ‘Pincodes of My Location,’ provides you with a quick and convenient way to find accurate pincodes for hassle-free navigation. Discover the hidden gems, tea estates, and serene landscapes of Nilgiris effortlessly by using our user-friendly pincodes database.”

Nilgiris Pincodes

Here is a list of Nilgiris Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Adderly643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
2Ambalamoola643240NilgirisTamil Nadu
3Anikorai643206NilgirisTamil Nadu
4Aracode643216NilgirisTamil Nadu
5Araihatty643221NilgirisTamil Nadu
6Aravenu643201NilgirisTamil Nadu
7Aruvankadu643202NilgirisTamil Nadu
8Athigaratti643203NilgirisTamil Nadu
9Athikunna643241NilgirisTamil Nadu
10Athipalli643212NilgirisTamil Nadu
11Avilanchi Power house643209NilgirisTamil Nadu
12Balacola643203NilgirisTamil Nadu
13Bellevue643224NilgirisTamil Nadu
14Bengalmattam643204NilgirisTamil Nadu
15Berhatti643231NilgirisTamil Nadu
16Bickatti643209NilgirisTamil Nadu
17Billicombai643214NilgirisTamil Nadu
18Bitherkad643240NilgirisTamil Nadu
19Burliar643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
20Chamraj Estate643204NilgirisTamil Nadu
21Charing Cross643001NilgirisTamil Nadu
22Cherambadi643205NilgirisTamil Nadu
23Cherambadi Tea division643220NilgirisTamil Nadu
24Cherangode643220NilgirisTamil Nadu
25Cherumulli643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
26Chinna Coonoor643206NilgirisTamil Nadu
27Choondi643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
28Coonoor643101NilgirisTamil Nadu
29Coonoor Bazaar643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
30Coonoor Rs643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
31Defence Service staff college643231NilgirisTamil Nadu
32Denadudcombai643206NilgirisTamil Nadu
33Devala643270NilgirisTamil Nadu
34Devarshola643207NilgirisTamil Nadu
35Dhavani643007NilgirisTamil Nadu
36Doddabetta643002NilgirisTamil Nadu
37Doddacombai643219NilgirisTamil Nadu
38Donnington643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
39Down Hills643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
40Dr. basuviah nagar643007NilgirisTamil Nadu
41Dunsandle643005NilgirisTamil Nadu
42Ebbanad643206NilgirisTamil Nadu
43Emerald643209NilgirisTamil Nadu
44Farm Tea estate643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
45Fernhill643004NilgirisTamil Nadu
46Finger Post643006NilgirisTamil Nadu
47Glenmorgan643237NilgirisTamil Nadu
48Glenvans643226NilgirisTamil Nadu
49Gudalur Bazaar643212NilgirisTamil Nadu
50Gudalur Nilgiris643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
51Gundada643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
52Gurrency643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
53Halakkarai643104NilgirisTamil Nadu
54Hettakal643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
55Hillgrove643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
56Hubbathalai643202NilgirisTamil Nadu
57Hulical643234NilgirisTamil Nadu
58Hullathi643007NilgirisTamil Nadu
59Iduhatti643002NilgirisTamil Nadu
60Indunagar643005NilgirisTamil Nadu
61Ithalar643004NilgirisTamil Nadu
62Jegathala643202NilgirisTamil Nadu
63Kadanad643206NilgirisTamil Nadu
64Kadinamalai643216NilgirisTamil Nadu
65Kagguchi643214NilgirisTamil Nadu
66Kaikatti643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
67Kalhatti643005NilgirisTamil Nadu
68Kannerimukku643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
69Kargudi643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
70Kariashola643225NilgirisTamil Nadu
71Karumbalam643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
72Kata R.s.643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
73Katary643213NilgirisTamil Nadu
74Katary Dam643213NilgirisTamil Nadu
75Kattabettu643214NilgirisTamil Nadu
76Kayyunni643205NilgirisTamil Nadu
77Kengarai643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
78Kenthorai643002NilgirisTamil Nadu
79Ketti643215NilgirisTamil Nadu
80Ketti Palada643215NilgirisTamil Nadu
81Kil Kotagiri643216NilgirisTamil Nadu
82Kil Kotagiri bazaar643271NilgirisTamil Nadu
83Kil Kundah643219NilgirisTamil Nadu
84Kilinjada643213NilgirisTamil Nadu
85Kinnakorai643219NilgirisTamil Nadu
86Kodanad643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
87Koderi643213NilgirisTamil Nadu
88Kokkal643005NilgirisTamil Nadu
89Kolapalli643253NilgirisTamil Nadu
90Kollimalai Oranalli643215NilgirisTamil Nadu
91Konavakorai643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
92Konnachal643239NilgirisTamil Nadu
93Korakundah643219NilgirisTamil Nadu
94Kotada Estate643236NilgirisTamil Nadu
95Kotagiri643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
96Kotagiri Bazaar643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
97Kukkalthorai643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
98Kullakamby643218NilgirisTamil Nadu
99Kundah Bridge643219NilgirisTamil Nadu
100Kunjapanai643242NilgirisTamil Nadu
101Kunnalady643241NilgirisTamil Nadu
102Kuruthukuli643004NilgirisTamil Nadu
103Lauriston643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
104Lovedale643003NilgirisTamil Nadu
105M.Palada643004NilgirisTamil Nadu
106Machikolli643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
107Mangorange643220NilgirisTamil Nadu
108Manihatti643003NilgirisTamil Nadu
109Manjacombai Bazaar643221NilgirisTamil Nadu
110Manjoor643219NilgirisTamil Nadu
111Marthoma Nagar643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
112Masakkal643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
113Masinagudi643223NilgirisTamil Nadu
114Mavanahalla643223NilgirisTamil Nadu
115Mayfield643207NilgirisTamil Nadu
116Melur Nilgiris643221NilgirisTamil Nadu
117Milidane643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
118Moyarcamp643223NilgirisTamil Nadu
119Mudugula643003NilgirisTamil Nadu
120Mudumalai Sanctuary643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
121Mulligoor643209NilgirisTamil Nadu
122Mullikorai643004NilgirisTamil Nadu
123Munnanad643239NilgirisTamil Nadu
124Muthorai643004NilgirisTamil Nadu
125Nadugani643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
126Naduvattam643224NilgirisTamil Nadu
127Nandatti643212NilgirisTamil Nadu
128Nanjanad643004NilgirisTamil Nadu
129Nedugula643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
130Nellakotta643225NilgirisTamil Nadu
131Newhope643226NilgirisTamil Nadu
132Nihung643217NilgirisTamil Nadu
133Nonsuch643238NilgirisTamil Nadu
134Nunthala643003NilgirisTamil Nadu
135Ottupattarai643105NilgirisTamil Nadu
136Padanthorai643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
137Pandalur643233NilgirisTamil Nadu
138Parsons Valley643004NilgirisTamil Nadu
139Pasteur Institute643103NilgirisTamil Nadu
140Pattavayal643240NilgirisTamil Nadu
141Pegumbahalla Camp643219NilgirisTamil Nadu
142Periashola643228NilgirisTamil Nadu
143Pilloormattam643238NilgirisTamil Nadu
144Prospect643224NilgirisTamil Nadu
145Puliampara643212NilgirisTamil Nadu
146Pykaradam643237NilgirisTamil Nadu
147Rockwood Estate643225NilgirisTamil Nadu
148Sandynallah643237NilgirisTamil Nadu
149Seaforth643228NilgirisTamil Nadu
150Shanthur643215NilgirisTamil Nadu
151Sholur643005NilgirisTamil Nadu
152Singara643223NilgirisTamil Nadu
153Sogathorai643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
154Springfield643104NilgirisTamil Nadu
155Sree Madurai643212NilgirisTamil Nadu
156St Josephs college643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
157St Marys hill643001NilgirisTamil Nadu
158Stone House hill643002NilgirisTamil Nadu
159T Mynalai643002NilgirisTamil Nadu
160T R bazaar643224NilgirisTamil Nadu
161T.Manihatty643214NilgirisTamil Nadu
162Thalakundah643005NilgirisTamil Nadu
163Thangadu Oranali643003NilgirisTamil Nadu
164Thiashoa643230NilgirisTamil Nadu
165Thoraihatty643206NilgirisTamil Nadu
166Thorapalli643211NilgirisTamil Nadu
167Thummanatti643002NilgirisTamil Nadu
168Thuneri643002NilgirisTamil Nadu
169Thuthurmattam643218NilgirisTamil Nadu
170Tuttapallam643242NilgirisTamil Nadu
171Udagamandalam643001NilgirisTamil Nadu
172Udagamandalam Market643001NilgirisTamil Nadu
173Udagamandalam Race course643001NilgirisTamil Nadu
174Uppatti643241NilgirisTamil Nadu
175Vannarpet643102NilgirisTamil Nadu
176Welbeck Estate643003NilgirisTamil Nadu
177Wellington643231NilgirisTamil Nadu
178Wellington Bazaar643232NilgirisTamil Nadu
179Yedakadu643282NilgirisTamil Nadu
180Yedappalli643104NilgirisTamil Nadu
181Yellamalai643228NilgirisTamil Nadu
182Yellanhalli643243NilgirisTamil Nadu

About Nilgiris

The Nilgiris district, located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is among the 38 administrative districts. The name ‘Nilgiri,’ meaning ‘Blue Mountains’ in English, aptly describes the mountain range that spans across the borders of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala. These captivating Nilgiri Hills are an integral part of the expansive Western Ghats mountain chain. The highest pinnacle, Doddabetta, soars to a majestic height of 2,637 meters. This district primarily encompasses the magnificent Nilgiri Mountains range, inviting travelers to explore its scenic beauty, lush landscapes, and rich biodiversity.


“The settlement history of the Nilgiri Hills spans countless centuries, leaving behind a rich historical tapestry. The moniker ‘Blue Mountains’ finds its origin, possibly attributed to the profusion of the vibrant blue Strobilanthes flower that carpets the region, or the ethereal, smoky veil that often shrouds this enchanting landscape. Through the annals of time, the Nilgiri Hills have borne witness to the ebb and flow of diverse communities, each contributing to the captivating history etched into these ancient, misty peaks.


As of the 2011 census, the Nilgiris district boasted a population of 735,394, displaying a commendable sex ratio of 1,042 females per 1,000 males, surpassing the national average of 929 females. A substantial 59.24% of the population resided in urban areas, while 66,799 individuals, comprising 33,648 males and 33,151 females, were under the age of six. Scheduled Castes represented 32.08% of the population, with Scheduled Tribes at 4.46%. The district exhibited an impressive average literacy rate of 77.46%, exceeding the national average of 72.99%. These statistics reflect the district’s diverse and educated populace.


“Covering an expanse of 2,552.50 square kilometers, the Nilgiris district is predominantly characterized by its undulating terrain, nestled at elevations ranging from 1,000 to 2,600 meters above Mean Sea Level (MSL). It is geographically divided into the expansive Nilgiri plateau and the smaller Wayanad plateau. Positioned at the convergence point of the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats, the district occupies a pivotal location with latitudinal coordinates spanning 11°12′ N to 11°37′ N and longitudinal coordinates ranging from 76°30′ E to 76°55′ E, encompassing an area where the natural beauty of hills and plateaus seamlessly intertwines.


Is Nilgiris and Ooty same?

No, Nilgiris and Ooty are not the same. Nilgiris refers to the entire district, while Ooty (Ootacamund) is a famous hill station within the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu, India.

What is the Nilgiris famous for?

The Nilgiris is famous for its stunning hillscapes, lush tea gardens, cool climate, diverse flora and fauna, the hill station of Ooty, and its role as a popular tourist destination in India.

Is Coorg part of Nilgiris?

No, Coorg (Kodagu) is not part of Nilgiris. Coorg is a separate district located in the southwestern part of the Indian state of Karnataka, while Nilgiris is a district in Tamil Nadu.

What kind of mountain is Nilgiri?

The Nilgiris (Blue Mountains) are a part of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage site. They are a range of rugged and scenic hills known for their lush greenery and misty landscapes, primarily in Tamil Nadu, India.