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Pincodes of North Tripura

Greetings and welcome to the North Tripura Pincodes directory, your reliable resource for precise and current pincode data in the fascinating North Tripura area. Postal Index Numbers (PINs), sometimes referred to as pincodes, are a crucial part of the postal system that enable effective letter delivery, accurate location identification, and smooth communication. Postal codes, or pincodes, are distinct codes that are linked to a particular region and make mail, shipments, and parcel delivery easier. You can quickly and easily get the pincode for any location in North Tripura using our easy-to-use search engine. Our database is made to help you find the right pincode for your needs

North Tripura Pincodes

Here is a list of North Tripura Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Agnipassa799260North TripuraTripura
2Algapur799253North TripuraTripura
3Amtilla799261North TripuraTripura
4Anandabazar799271North TripuraTripura
5Andharcherra799263North TripuraTripura
6Baburbazar799281North TripuraTripura
7Bagbassa799253North TripuraTripura
8Baithangbari799254North TripuraTripura
9Bakbaki799251North TripuraTripura
10Balehar799280North TripuraTripura
11Balicherra799262North TripuraTripura
12Balidhum799254North TripuraTripura
13Barhaldi799271North TripuraTripura
14Baruakandi799251North TripuraTripura
15Belianchief799269North TripuraTripura
16Betcherra799264North TripuraTripura
17Bhadrapally799277North TripuraTripura
18Bhagabannagar799279North TripuraTripura
19Bhagyapur799251North TripuraTripura
20Bhatisonaimuri799264North TripuraTripura
21Bilthai799260North TripuraTripura
22Bindulal Karbaripara799273North TripuraTripura
23Birchandranagar799280North TripuraTripura
24Brajendranagar799261North TripuraTripura
25Chandipur799277North TripuraTripura
26Chandrapur799251North TripuraTripura
27Chantail799279North TripuraTripura
28Chinibagan799279North TripuraTripura
29Churaibari799262North TripuraTripura
30Dalugaon799280North TripuraTripura
31Darchai799264North TripuraTripura
32Dasdabazar799271North TripuraTripura
33Dengdung799288North TripuraTripura
34Deocherra799260North TripuraTripura
35Deora Cherra799279North TripuraTripura
36Dewanpassa799254North TripuraTripura
37Dhanbilash799280North TripuraTripura
38Dhanicherra799263North TripuraTripura
39Dharmanagar799250North TripuraTripura
40Dharmanagar Bazar799253North TripuraTripura
41Dhupirbond799253North TripuraTripura
42Dighalbak799251North TripuraTripura
43Dudhpur799288North TripuraTripura
44Durgacherra799273North TripuraTripura
45East Huruah799253North TripuraTripura
46East Kamesawar799253North TripuraTripura
47East Kanchanbari799264North TripuraTripura
48Emrapassa799290North TripuraTripura
49Fatikcherra799290North TripuraTripura
50Fatikroy799290North TripuraTripura
51Fulbari799262North TripuraTripura
52Fultali799280North TripuraTripura
53Gakulnagar799290North TripuraTripura
54Ganganagar799290North TripuraTripura
55Garchirampara799271North TripuraTripura
56Gobindapur799251North TripuraTripura
57Goldharpur799279North TripuraTripura
58Gournagar799279North TripuraTripura
59Govidabari799263North TripuraTripura
60Gulakpur T.e799277North TripuraTripura
61Halflongcherra799254North TripuraTripura
62Hiracherra799281North TripuraTripura
63Hmungchuan799269North TripuraTripura
64Hmunpui799269North TripuraTripura
65Huruah799251North TripuraTripura
66Ichabpur799277North TripuraTripura
67Ichailalcherra799251North TripuraTripura
68Ichaisonapur799251North TripuraTripura
69Indurail799260North TripuraTripura
70Irani799281North TripuraTripura
71Jagannathpur799280North TripuraTripura
72Jalabazar799260North TripuraTripura
73Jalebassa799260North TripuraTripura
74Jampui799269North TripuraTripura
75Janata College799260North TripuraTripura
76Joyasree799270North TripuraTripura
77Jubarajnagar799254North TripuraTripura
78Juri R.f799260North TripuraTripura
79Kacharicherra799256North TripuraTripura
80Kadamtala799261North TripuraTripura
81Kailashahar799277North TripuraTripura
82Kailashahar Air port799279North TripuraTripura
83Kakrirpar799253North TripuraTripura
84Kalacherra799251North TripuraTripura
85Kalagangar Par799261North TripuraTripura
86Kalagong799269North TripuraTripura
87Kalapania799271North TripuraTripura
88Kalishahan799277North TripuraTripura
89Kameswargaon799253North TripuraTripura
90Kanchanbari799288North TripuraTripura
91Kanchancherra799264North TripuraTripura
92Kanchanpur799270North TripuraTripura
93Kangrai799269North TripuraTripura
94Karaicherra799263North TripuraTripura
95Karamcherra799264North TripuraTripura
96Khedacherra799256North TripuraTripura
97Kheranjuri799262North TripuraTripura
98Kirtantali799279North TripuraTripura
99Krishnapur799253North TripuraTripura
100Krishnatilla799263North TripuraTripura
101Kumarghat799264North TripuraTripura
102Kurit799261North TripuraTripura
103Lalcherra Colony799253North TripuraTripura
104Laljuri799270North TripuraTripura
105Laljuri East799288North TripuraTripura
106Latiapur799281North TripuraTripura
107Machmara799265North TripuraTripura
108Manuvelly799277North TripuraTripura
109Masauli799288North TripuraTripura
110Nabincherra799263North TripuraTripura
111Nalkata799263North TripuraTripura
112Narendranagar799256North TripuraTripura
113Nayapara N.d799251North TripuraTripura
114Nepaltilla799288North TripuraTripura
115Noagaon Bazar799290North TripuraTripura
116Noorpur799277North TripuraTripura
117North Padmabil799260North TripuraTripura
118Notting Chedrra799264North TripuraTripura
119Pabiacherra799264North TripuraTripura
120Padmabil799260North TripuraTripura
121Padmapur799253North TripuraTripura
122Paiturbazar799279North TripuraTripura
123Panichowkibazar799277North TripuraTripura
124Panisagar799260North TripuraTripura
125Paschim Radhapur799254North TripuraTripura
126Paschimchandrapur799251North TripuraTripura
127Paschimratacherra799290North TripuraTripura
128Pearacherra799261North TripuraTripura
129Pechardahar799280North TripuraTripura
130Pecharthal799263North TripuraTripura
131Pekucherr799260North TripuraTripura
132Phuldengsai799269North TripuraTripura
133Piplacherra799256North TripuraTripura
134Pratyekroy799251North TripuraTripura
135Premtala799261North TripuraTripura
136Purba Betcherra799264North TripuraTripura
137Radhapur799253North TripuraTripura
138Raghna799251North TripuraTripura
139Rahumcherra799260North TripuraTripura
140Rajbari799253North TripuraTripura
141Rajkandi799290North TripuraTripura
142Rajnagar Laxmipur799254North TripuraTripura
143Rakhalgang799261North TripuraTripura
144Ramgunapara799263North TripuraTripura
145Rangauti799281North TripuraTripura
146Rangrung799277North TripuraTripura
147Ranibari799261North TripuraTripura
148Ratacherra799290North TripuraTripura
149Rowabazar799260North TripuraTripura
150Sabual799269North TripuraTripura
151Sadhanasram799277North TripuraTripura
152Saidarpar799290North TripuraTripura
153Sailo799269North TripuraTripura
154Sakaibari799251North TripuraTripura
155Sakhan Serhmun799271North TripuraTripura
156Samrurpar799277North TripuraTripura
157Sanicherra799262North TripuraTripura
158Sarala799261North TripuraTripura
159Satnala799270North TripuraTripura
160Sayedabari799264North TripuraTripura
161Sibnagar799270North TripuraTripura
162Sonamukhi799280North TripuraTripura
163Sonarurbassa799251North TripuraTripura
164South Ganganagar799253North TripuraTripura
165South Unokoti799264North TripuraTripura
166Sreerampur799277North TripuraTripura
167Suknacherra799270North TripuraTripura
168Tachai799277North TripuraTripura
169Tapaspalli799277North TripuraTripura
170Tarakpur799261North TripuraTripura
171Taraninagar799288North TripuraTripura
172Tarapur799290North TripuraTripura
173Teghari799290North TripuraTripura
174Thana Road799251North TripuraTripura
175Tilthai799260North TripuraTripura
176Tilthai Nutanbazar799260North TripuraTripura
177Tlangsang799269North TripuraTripura
178Tripura Damcherra799256North TripuraTripura
179Tripura Ganganagar799253North TripuraTripura
180Tripura Tillabazar799281North TripuraTripura
181Tuichama799271North TripuraTripura
182Ugalcherra799263North TripuraTripura
183Ujan Dodhpur799288North TripuraTripura
184Ujan Sailenbari799260North TripuraTripura
185Uptakhali799260North TripuraTripura
186Uttar Radhanagar799290North TripuraTripura
187West Nalkata799264North TripuraTripura
188West Panisagar799260North TripuraTripura
189Zaithang799253North TripuraTripura
190Zarultali799279North TripuraTripura

About North Tripura

After the district was recognized on December 26, 2011, the North Tripura District began operations. The newly established district was formally opened on January 13, 2012. The district has a total area of 1422.19 square kilometers. The majority of North Tripura District is hilly, sharing borders with Assam (53 km) and Mizoram (109 km), as well as an international border of 96 km with Bangladesh (44 km) shared by Dharmanagar Sub-Division and Kanchanpur (52 km). Administratively, this district is divided into eight Rural Development Blocks and three Sub-Divisions: Dharmanagar, Panisagar, and Kanchanpur.


Before it was integrated with the Union of India on September 9, 1949, the area that the North Tripura district now occupies was a part of the princely state of Tripura. When the state was split up into three districts on September 1, 1970, the district officially came into being. Dhalai district was separated from this district on April 14, 1995. Four districts were created out of Tripura, but as of January 21, 2012, four additional districts were created, bringing the total number of districts in the state to eight.


The development of animal resources, fishing, and agriculture make up the bulk of North Tripura’s economy. Here, the main crops grown include paddy, oranges, pine apples, jack fruit, bananas, lemons, areca nuts, mangoes, etc. One of the primary sources of income in this district is the fishing industry. The North Tripura district has a large number of small and medium-sized fisheries, which give many people jobs. There are also tea gardens in the North Tripura district, which gives many people jobs. North Tripura’s income also comes from its rubber and bamboo plantations.


Eight (08) R.D. Blocks make up the District’s three (03) Sub-Divisions. There is just one Nagar Panchayat, called Panisagar NP, under Panisagar Sub-Division, and one Municipal Council, called Dharmanagar MC, under Dharmanagar Sub-Division. With 444579 residents, the District makes up around 12% of Tripura’s overall population. According to the Population Census of 2011, the overall literacy assessment survey (LAS) by SLMA-2016 revealed a literacy rate of 97.22% (F/M: 97.34% & Female: 96.79%) and a sex ratio of 967/1000 (F/M) (State 960/1000).


The District has 693,947 people living in it as per the 2011 census, which represents 12% of Tripura’s total population. According to the population census of 2011, the overall literacy assessment survey (LAS) by SLMA-2016 revealed a literacy rate of 97.22% (F/M: 97.34% & Female: 96.79%) and a sex ratio of 967/1000 (F/M) (State 960/1000).


In North Tripura, what are pincodes and why are they significant?

Pincodes, which are distinct number codes linked to certain geographic locations, are also referred to as Postal Index Numbers (PIN). They are essential to the smooth operation of mail delivery, location tracking, and communication in North Tripura. They guarantee that your packages and mail get to their destinations on time.

How can I locate the North Tripura pincode for a specific location?

Use the easy-to-use search function on the North Tripura Pincodes page to locate the pincode for a certain location in North Tripura. All you have to do is type in the name of the town, village, or area, and the associated pincode will appear.

Can I search for pincodes by locality or specific areas within North Tripura?

Use the easy-to-use search function on the North Tripura Pincodes page to locate the pincode for a certain location in North Tripura. All you have to do is type in the name of the town, village, or area, and the associated pincode will appear.

Do postal services and courier firms in North Tripura use the same pincodes?

Yes, all courier services and postal providers in North Tripura use the same, standardized pincodes. Regardless of the service provider, proper and timely delivery is ensured by using the correct pincode.

What are the advantages for businesses using the North Tripura Pincodes directory?

Appropriate pincodes are essential for North Tripura businesses' shipping, addressing, and logistics. For companies in the area, our directory is an invaluable tool that guarantees smooth operations and happy clients.