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Pincodes of Panna

Panna district, located in Madhya Pradesh, is known for its natural beauty and wildlife. It’s home to Panna National Park, famous for its tigers and other wildlife. The district also has a rich cultural heritage with historical sites like the ancient Pandav Caves. Panna is renowned for its diamond mines, and the district’s economy is driven by agriculture, tourism, and diamond mining. It’s a place where nature and history come together, making it a unique and fascinating destination. Find various Panna pincodes in the table given below.

Panna Pincodes

Here is a list of Panna Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1Adhrod488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
2Ahirgawan488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
3Ajaigarh488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
4Ama488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
5Amangang488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
6Amerchhi488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
7Aramganj488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
8Badagaon488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
9Badwara488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
10Baghwar488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
11Bagrod488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
12Baharasar488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
13Banahari Kala488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
14Banoli488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
15Banuli488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
16Baragarhi Camp488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
17Baramajhaganj488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
18Bari488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
19Barkheda488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
20Barkola488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
21Barrach488051PannaMadhya Pradesh
22Barsobha488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
23Bhapatpura Kurmiyana488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
24Bhilsain488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
25Bhitrimutmuri488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
26Bilgarhi488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
27Bilha488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
28Bira488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
29Birsinghpur488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
30Birwahi488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
31Bisani488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
32Bonda488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
33Bori488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
34Brijpur488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
35Chandora488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
36Dadwaria488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
37Dalan choki488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
38Deogaon488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
39Deorabhapatpur488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
40Deori488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
41Deoriranwana488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
42Devendra Nagar488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
43Dhanwaha488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
44Dharampur488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
45Diya488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
46Dwari488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
47Gajanda488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
48Ganj488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
49Ganjabdagaon488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
50Gargipadaria488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
51Girwara488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
52Gunore488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
53Gurdinpur488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
54Hardi488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
55Harduwa Camp488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
56Hardwahi488051PannaMadhya Pradesh
57Hathkuri488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
58Hirapur488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
59Itain488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
60Itwan488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
61Itwankala488051PannaMadhya Pradesh
62Jamuniyai488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
63Janakpur488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
64Jarguwn488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
65Jaswantpura488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
66Jhaladumari488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
67Jharkuwan488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
68Jigdaha488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
69Jijgaon488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
70Kachori488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
71Kakarahti488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
72Kalda488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
73Kamtana488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
74Karhai488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
75Karya488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
76Kathbariya488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
77Khamariya488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
78Khora488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
79Kiratpur488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
80Kishangarh488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
81Kunjwan488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
82Kunwarpur488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
83Lahargawan488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
84Lamtara488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
85Laxmipur488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
86Madhvaganj488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
87Madwa488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
88Maharajganj488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
89Maheba488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
90Mahendra488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
91Mahod488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
92Majhgaon488101PannaMadhya Pradesh
93Makhanpur488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
94Mandla488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
95Manipur488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
96Mudwari488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
97Murachha488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
98N.M.d.c panna488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
99Nachnora488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
100Nanchanda488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
101Nandanpura488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
102Narayanpura488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
103Nardaha488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
104Nawasta488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
105Nayagaon488222PannaMadhya Pradesh
106Padara488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
107Padaraha488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
108Padariyakala488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
109Paderi488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
110Palli488051PannaMadhya Pradesh
111Panna488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
112Panna Bada bazar488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
113Panna Baldeo bazar488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
114Panna Coll488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
115Panna Gandhi chowk488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
116Patanakala488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
117Patankala488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
118Patatamoli488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
119Pawai488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
120Phadi Khera488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
121Pharswaha488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
122Piperwaha488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
123Pista488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
124Pondi488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
125Purena488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
126Raiguwan488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
127Raipura488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
128Ramkheria488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
129Rampur488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
130Richhora488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
131Rohaniya488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
132Sahanagar488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
133Sakariya488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
134Saleha488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
135Samana488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
136Sarangpur488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
137Sathniya488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
138Selon488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
139Sikarpura488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
140Simarakala488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
141Simari488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
142Simariya488442PannaMadhya Pradesh
143Singhpur488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
144Subdua488220PannaMadhya Pradesh
145Sudor488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
146Sugraha488448PannaMadhya Pradesh
147Sumgaraha488058PannaMadhya Pradesh
148Sundara488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
149Sunwani Kala488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
150Syameradanda488333PannaMadhya Pradesh
151Tai488441PannaMadhya Pradesh
152Tarajharukuwa488001PannaMadhya Pradesh
153Tikariya488446PannaMadhya Pradesh
154Umari488058PannaMadhya Pradesh

About Panna District

Panna district, located in central India, is part of the Sagar Division. The district’s administrative center is the town of Panna.


Panna District has a rich history. After India gained independence in 1947, it was created in 1950 by bringing together several princely states, including Panna, Jaso, parts of Ajaigarh, and a bit of Paldeo. Initially, it was a part of Vindhya Pradesh, a new Indian state. However, on November 1, 1956, it became a part of Madhya Pradesh.

One of the most famous aspects of Panna’s history is its association with diamonds. The district was once known for its diamond mines, and the world-famous Panna Diamond was discovered here in the 17th century. These diamonds were a significant part of the region’s history and trade.

Throughout its history, Panna has seen the rule of various dynasties, including the Chandelas and the Bundelas. Its rich cultural heritage includes magnificent temples like the famous Panna Temples.

Today, Panna is known for its natural beauty, wildlife, and historical significance, making it a place of interest for tourists and history enthusiasts alike.


Panna district is located in the central part of India, within the state of Madhya Pradesh. It covers an area of about 7,135 square kilometers. The district is situated on the plateau region of central India, and its terrain is characterized by a mix of hills, plateaus, and plains.

The Ken River flows through the district, and it is an important lifeline for the region, providing water for agriculture and other purposes. Panna district is known for its rich biodiversity and is home to the famous Panna Tiger Reserve, which is a vital habitat for various wildlife species, including tigers.

The district experiences a typical Indian climate with hot summers, monsoon rains during the wet season, and cool winters. The economy of Panna district is primarily based on agriculture, with farming being the main occupation of the people. The region is known for its diamond mining industry, which has contributed to its historical significance.

Overall, Panna district’s geography is diverse, ranging from forests and rivers to agricultural fields, making it an essential part of Madhya Pradesh’s landscape.


In 2006, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj designated Panna as one of India’s 250 most underdeveloped districts out of a total of 640. It is among the 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh that currently receive financial support from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). In terms of income, Panna is among the five poorest districts in the state. Additionally, it ranks 41st out of 45 districts in terms of the Human Development Index (HDI) in Madhya Pradesh.


The district of Panna is divided into nine subdivisions, each with its unique identity:
Ajaigarh, Amanganj, Gunour (or Gunnor, or Gunor in some panchayats and habitation names, or Gunaur as a village name), Panna, Pawai, Shahnagar, Raipura, Simariya, and Devendra Nagar.
These subdivisions play a vital role in the administrative framework of Panna district, ensuring efficient governance and services to the local communities.


In 2011, Panna District had about 1,016,520 people, and it was ranked 442nd in India out of 640 districts. The district is not too crowded, with about 142 people living in each square kilometer. For every 1,000 males in Panna, there were 907 females. About 66.08% of the people in Panna could read and write. Only 12.33% of the population lived in cities.

When the 2011 Census happened, about 69.08% of the folks in Panna spoke Hindi, and 29.73% spoke Bundeli as their first language. Bundeli is a language similar to Hindi, and many people in the Bagelkhand area, where Panna is located, speak it.


Why is Panna district famous?

Panna is renowned for both its diamond mines and its stunning ancient temples, earning it the nickname 'City of Temples.' Among the famous pilgrimage sites, the temples of Shri Prannath Ji and Shri Baldev Ji draw pilgrims from far and wide. Additionally, Panna boasts a National Park, home to the Panna Tiger Reserve and a diverse range of rare wildlife species.

What is the old name of Panna district?

Panna district was known as the Gaur region from the 13th to the 17th century.

Which river is Panna National Park located in?

Panna National Park is located along the banks of the Ken River in the district of Panna, Madhya Pradesh.

Which industry is famous in Panna?

Panna is famous for its diamond mines and the diamond industry.