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Pin Codes of Perambalur

Perambalur Pincodes: Explore the postal codes of Perambalur, Tamil Nadu, exclusively on ‘Pincodes of My Location.’ Perambalur, a picturesque district in Tamil Nadu, is home to numerous unique and vibrant localities, each with its own distinct pincode. Discover the precise postal codes for your area, making it easier to send and receive mail, parcels, and essential services. Whether you reside in the heart of the town or in the serene outskirts, ‘Pincodes of My Location’ is your go-to source for all Perambalur pincodes. Stay connected and informed about your locality’s postal identity with our user-friendly platform, ensuring efficient communication and hassle-free deliveries.”

Here is a list of Perambalur Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
1A.Mettur621103PerambalurTamil Nadu
2Adaikkampatti621118PerambalurTamil Nadu
3Adhanur621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
4Agaramsigur621108PerambalurTamil Nadu
5Alambadi621107PerambalurTamil Nadu
6Alathur Gate621109PerambalurTamil Nadu
7Allinagaram621713PerambalurTamil Nadu
8Ammapalayam621101PerambalurTamil Nadu
9Andikurumbalur621717PerambalurTamil Nadu
10Annamangalam621102PerambalurTamil Nadu
11Anukkur621219PerambalurTamil Nadu
12Aranarai621212PerambalurTamil Nadu
13Arasalur621102PerambalurTamil Nadu
14Arumbavur621103PerambalurTamil Nadu
15Asoor621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
16Athiyur621108PerambalurTamil Nadu
17Ayikudi621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
18Ayilur621113PerambalurTamil Nadu
19Bommanapadi621104PerambalurTamil Nadu
20Brammadesam621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
21C.Mavilingai621104PerambalurTamil Nadu
22Chathiramanai621104PerambalurTamil Nadu
23Chettikulam621104PerambalurTamil Nadu
24Elambalur621212PerambalurTamil Nadu
25Elumur621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
26Eraiyur621133PerambalurTamil Nadu
27Fathimapuram621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
28Garudamangalam621106PerambalurTamil Nadu
29Gudalur621713PerambalurTamil Nadu
30Ilandaikuli621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
31Iluppaikudi621713PerambalurTamil Nadu
32Kadambur621110PerambalurTamil Nadu
33Kadur621716PerambalurTamil Nadu
34Kaikalathur621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
35Kalarampatti621101PerambalurTamil Nadu
36Kalpadi621113PerambalurTamil Nadu
37Kannapadi621114PerambalurTamil Nadu
38Karai621109PerambalurTamil Nadu
39Karianur621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
40Kilakanavai621104PerambalurTamil Nadu
41Kilamathur621713PerambalurTamil Nadu
42Kilaperambalur621716PerambalurTamil Nadu
43Kilapuliyur621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
44Kilumathur621717PerambalurTamil Nadu
45Kolakkanatham621106PerambalurTamil Nadu
46Kolathur621106PerambalurTamil Nadu
47Koneripalayam621212PerambalurTamil Nadu
48Koothur621713PerambalurTamil Nadu
49Krishnapuram621116PerambalurTamil Nadu
50Kunnam621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
51Kurumbalur621107PerambalurTamil Nadu
52Kurumbapalayam621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
53Labbaikudikadu621108PerambalurTamil Nadu
54Ladapuram621121PerambalurTamil Nadu
55Madanagopalapuram621212PerambalurTamil Nadu
56Manakkal (ariyalur)621713PerambalurTamil Nadu
57Maruvathur-ariyalur621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
58Melamathur621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
59Melapuliyur621101PerambalurTamil Nadu
60Methal621653PerambalurTamil Nadu
61Moongilpadi621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
62Murukkankudi621133PerambalurTamil Nadu
63Nakkasalem621118PerambalurTamil Nadu
64Nallarikkai621716PerambalurTamil Nadu
65Namangunam621716PerambalurTamil Nadu
66Nannai621717PerambalurTamil Nadu
67Naranamangalam621126PerambalurTamil Nadu
68Nattarmangalam621104PerambalurTamil Nadu
69Neikuppai621116PerambalurTamil Nadu
70Nerkunam621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
71Nochiam621212PerambalurTamil Nadu
72Nochikulam621713PerambalurTamil Nadu
73Nuthapur621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
74Odhiyam621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
75Ogalur621108PerambalurTamil Nadu
76Olaipadi621717PerambalurTamil Nadu
77Ootathur621109PerambalurTamil Nadu
78P.Mettupalayam621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
79Padalur621109PerambalurTamil Nadu
80Palayam621107PerambalurTamil Nadu
81Panampatti621103PerambalurTamil Nadu
82Pandagapadi621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
83Paravai621717PerambalurTamil Nadu
84Pasumbalur621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
85Pennakonam621108PerambalurTamil Nadu
86Peraiyur621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
87Perali621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
88Perambalur621212PerambalurTamil Nadu
89Periyammapalayam621110PerambalurTamil Nadu
90Periyavenmani621704PerambalurTamil Nadu
91Perumathur621717PerambalurTamil Nadu
92Pilimisai621713PerambalurTamil Nadu
93Pillankulam621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
94Pimbalur621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
95Poolambadi621110PerambalurTamil Nadu
96Puduammapalayam621118PerambalurTamil Nadu
97Puduattur621101PerambalurTamil Nadu
98Pudunaduvalur621212PerambalurTamil Nadu
99Puduvettakudi621716PerambalurTamil Nadu
100Ranjankudi621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
101S.Aduthurai621108PerambalurTamil Nadu
102Sathanur621106PerambalurTamil Nadu
103Seedevimangalam621109PerambalurTamil Nadu
104Sengonam621220PerambalurTamil Nadu
105Senjeri621107PerambalurTamil Nadu
106Siruganpur621113PerambalurTamil Nadu
107Sirukudal621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
108Sirumathur621133PerambalurTamil Nadu
109Siruvachur621113PerambalurTamil Nadu
110Siruvayalur621118PerambalurTamil Nadu
111Sithali621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
112T.Kalathur621114PerambalurTamil Nadu
113Tenur621114PerambalurTamil Nadu
114Thaluthalai621103PerambalurTamil Nadu
115Therani621109PerambalurTamil Nadu
116Thevaiyur621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
117Thirumanthurai621108PerambalurTamil Nadu
118Thiruvalandurai621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
119Thondamandurai621103PerambalurTamil Nadu
120Thondapadi621116PerambalurTamil Nadu
121Thoramangalam621220PerambalurTamil Nadu
122Tirupayar621107PerambalurTamil Nadu
123Tungapuram621716PerambalurTamil Nadu
124V.Kalathur621117PerambalurTamil Nadu
125Vadakkalur621108PerambalurTamil Nadu
126Vadakkumadevi621219PerambalurTamil Nadu
127Vaithiyanathapuram621717PerambalurTamil Nadu
128Valikondapuram621115PerambalurTamil Nadu
129Varagupadi621113PerambalurTamil Nadu
130Varagur621708PerambalurTamil Nadu
131Vasistapuram621716PerambalurTamil Nadu
132Vayalapadi621716PerambalurTamil Nadu
133Vayalur621716PerambalurTamil Nadu
134Vembavur621116PerambalurTamil Nadu
135Vengalam621103PerambalurTamil Nadu
136Venganur621116PerambalurTamil Nadu
137Veppanthattai621116PerambalurTamil Nadu
138Veppur621717PerambalurTamil Nadu
139Viralipattipudur621118PerambalurTamil Nadu
140Viswagudi621102PerambalurTamil Nadu
141Yesanai621219PerambalurTamil Nadu

About Perambalur

Perambalur, situated in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, is a prominent administrative district among the 38 districts of the state. This district, with its headquarters in Perambalur town, spans across an area of 1,752 square kilometers. As of the 2011 census, it boasted a population of 565,223, characterized by a sex ratio of 1,003 females per 1,000 males.

Established on January 1, 1995, Perambalur district emerged as a distinct entity following its division from the previous composite Tiruchirappalli district. Geographically, it occupies a central position within Tamil Nadu, sharing its borders with Kallakurichi to the north, Cuddalore to the northeast, Ariyalur to the east, Tiruchirappalli to the west and south, and Salem to the northwest.


The history of Perambalur, a district in Tamil Nadu, India, is rich and diverse. It traces its roots to ancient times, with evidence of human habitation dating back to prehistoric periods. Throughout history, it has been part of various South Indian kingdoms, including the Cholas and Pallavas.

During the British colonial era, Perambalur played a significant role in the region’s administration and agriculture. After India gained independence in 1947, it became an integral part of Tamil Nadu state.

On January 1, 1995, Perambalur district was formally established, marking a new chapter in its history. Today, it stands as a thriving district with a blend of tradition and modernity, contributing to the cultural and economic landscape of Tamil Nadu.


As per the 2011 census data, Perambalur district exhibited a population of 565,223 individuals, boasting a remarkable sex ratio of 1,003 females for every 1,000 males, which significantly surpasses the national average of 929. Approximately 17.19% of the populace resided in urban areas. Among them, 59,567 were children below the age of six, comprising 31,135 boys and 28,432 girls. The district’s demographic makeup included 33.01% belonging to Scheduled Castes and 0.46% belonging to Scheduled Tribes. The district’s literacy rate averaged at 66.49%, slightly lower than the national average of 72.99%, with a total of 149,243 households in the region.


Perambalur district is situated in the southern plateau and hill zone, characterized by a semi-arid climate. It is renowned for the world-class black granite found in the Pachai Malai hills. The predominant soil types in the region are red loamy and black soil. The district typically receives an annual rainfall of 908 mm, slightly below the state’s average of 946.9 mm. This climate and geological diversity contribute to the unique agricultural and natural landscape of the area, making it an integral part of the region’s agro-climate planning and resource utilization.


At present, Perambalur district stands as the leading producer of maize and small onions in Tamil Nadu, contributing significantly to the state’s agricultural output. It commands an impressive 27% share of the total maize production, making it the foremost maize-producing region. Additionally, the district boasts an even more substantial influence in small onion production, accounting for a substantial 50% of the state’s total small onion yield. These remarkable achievements underscore Perambalur’s pivotal role in Tamil Nadu’s agriculture sector, highlighting its dedication to crop cultivation and its crucial contribution to the state’s food production and economy.


What is Perambalur famous for?

Perambalur is famous for its prominence in agricultural production, particularly as the top producer of maize and small onions in Tamil Nadu, showcasing its vital role in the state's agriculture sector.

What language is spoken in Perambalur?

The primary language spoken in Perambalur, Tamil Nadu, is Tamil. Tamil is the official language of the state and is widely used for communication, administration, and daily life.

Which is famous in Perambalur District?

Perambalur District is famous for its agricultural production, particularly as the top producer of maize and small onions in Tamil Nadu, showcasing its vital role in the state's agriculture sector.

Which rivers are in Perambalur District?

Perambalur District in Tamil Nadu, India, is not known for major rivers within its boundaries. The region primarily relies on groundwater sources and smaller water bodies for irrigation and water supply.