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Pincodes of Peren

Explore Peren pincodes, the essential guide for precision in this vibrant district of Nagaland. From the verdant landscapes to its bustling townships, Peren pincodes streamline your correspondence and navigation. Whether sending parcels or seeking specific locales, these codes are the key to accurate addressing and seamless connectivity. Peren’s diverse topography finds representation in these pincodes, ensuring efficient deliveries and precise location identification for residents and businesses. Embrace the convenience of these codes for enhanced local experiences, allowing your communications to reach their intended destinations effortlessly within this scenic and culturally rich district.
Peren Pincodes

Here is a list of Peren Pincodes

No.LocationPincode District State
4Jalukie 'b'797110PerenNagaland
11New Jalukie797110PerenNagaland

About Peren

Peren District, nestled in Nagaland, India, emerged in 2003 following the division of Kohima District. Centered around the town of Peren, this district stands as a testament to growth and development. Its inception marked a new chapter, catering to the region’s specific needs and fostering community progress. The district’s formation in 2003 represents a strategic move, enabling more focused governance and attention to the unique cultural and developmental facets within this serene part of Nagaland. With Peren as its nucleus, the district embodies a hub for local governance and initiatives, uplifting the lives of its inhabitants through targeted interventions and provisions.


Peren district, once a subdivision of Kohima, gained its autonomy, emerging as an independent district on 24th October 2003. Evolving from its origins as part of Kohima, this transformation marked a pivotal moment in Peren’s history. The declaration of its separate district status signified a significant milestone, empowering the region with its own administrative identity. Since then, Peren has flourished independently, embracing its unique cultural heritage and contributing distinctively to the rich tapestry of Nagaland’s diverse districts.


In the 2011 census, Peren district reported a population of 95,219, akin to Seychelles’ populace. Positioned 616th among India’s 640 districts, Peren’s sex ratio stands at 917 females per 1000 males, while boasting a commendable literacy rate of 79%. This district in Nagaland embodies a demographic diversity mirroring global comparisons. Amidst its scenic landscapes and cultural richness, Peren’s statistics highlight progress in gender balance and education. Its population aligns with a small nation, reflecting a unique blend of heritage and contemporary growth. These figures underscore Peren’s evolving socio-cultural landscape, offering insights into its demographic fabric and developmental strides.


Peren District spans a mountainous terrain with fertile valleys in its northwest and northeast corners, forming the elongated southwestern tip of the state. It hosts key rivers like Tepuiki, Mbeiki (Barak), Ntanki, and others, enhancing its rich landscape. This district revels in a monsoon climate, thanks to its elevation and lush greenery, fostering a temperate, salubrious environment. Winters bring a cold yet pleasant vibe, while summers offer warmth without overwhelming heat. Peren’s geographic diversity, from peaks to plains, cultivates a unique climate, making it an ideal haven for those seeking a blend of natural beauty and comfortable weather.


Peren district delineates into three subdivisions—Jalukie, Peren, and Tening—each weaving a unique tapestry within Nagaland’s cultural landscape. Comprising seven vibrant blocks, the district showcases diversity through its circle blocks: Jalukie, Ngwalwa, Athibung, Peren, Tening, Kebai-Khelma, and Nsong. These subdivisions and blocks serve as the administrative hubs, fostering growth and development across the region. From the dynamic energy of Jalukie to the serene allure of Peren, and the cultural richness of Tening, each subdivision encapsulates distinct characteristics and contributes to the district’s multifaceted identity. Together, they embody the spirit of Peren, enriching the social and administrative fabric of this captivating district.


What is Peren famous for?

Peren boasts enticing attractions like Mt Paona, Mt Kisa, Intanki National Park, and Puilwa village caves. It's renowned for vibrant tribal festivals like Meleinyi and Minkut, celebrating Zeliang and Kuki cultures.

Which tribe is Peren?

Peren District, centered around Peren at an elevation of 1,445m, features major towns like Jalukie and Tening. Dominated by Zeliang and Kuki tribes, it embodies their cultural heritage.

Why Peren is called a rice bowl of Nagaland?

Peren district boasts fertile land, primarily agrarian (80%), focusing on paddy cultivation as the main livelihood. The Jalukie Valley, acclaimed as Nagaland's Rice Bowl, exemplifies this agricultural richness.

What is the history of Peren district?

Christianity's profound roots in Peren stem from its establishment alongside the town. Ngimraing served as the inaugural pastor, fostering a district where 95% embrace this faith.

What are the rivers in Peren district?

Peren District is traversed by significant rivers and rivulets like Tepuiki, Mbeiki (Barak), Ntanki, Mungleu, and others, contributing to the region's diverse and thriving natural waterways.